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Uprightness (Iffet)

İffet - Uprightness Turkish Series

Original Title: Iffet
English Title: Uprightness
Also Known As:
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 35
Broadcast Network: Star TV
Broadcast Period: September 17, 2011 –
Production Company: Goldfilm
Director: Faruk Teber
Screen Writer: Can Sinan, Mujgan Kayserli, Zulkuf Yucel

Iffet (Deniz Cakir) is a beautiful and innocent girl who lives in a poor neighborhood with her father Ahmet (Mehmet Celik) and her sister. Her father is so mean and tough towards Iffet. He does not want her to go out, speak with boys, wear chic clothes and so on. Despite these strict rules within the family, Iffet secretly meets her boy friend Cemil (Ibrahim Celikkol). Cemil is a young and handsome taxi driver who loves Iffet so much and wants to be together with her all the time. One day, Iffet attends to a wedding ceremony in her neighborhood. Almost everyone in the same nighborhood including Cemil come to this wedding. While Iffet’s father is hanging out with his friends, Iffet and Cemil secretly leave the ceremony and go inside the forest in order to speak for a while. There, Cemil looses his control and rape Iffet. This tragedy not only transforms the life of Iffet but also that of other people. After this tragedy, Iffet tries to forgive Cemil and wants to get married to him as soon as possible. However, nothing happens as expected. Cemil cruelly leaves Iffet and gets married to another woman just for money. Meanwhile, Iffet’s father learns her daughter’s relationship with Cemil and sends her away. Now, Iffet only wants one thing in this world: revenge.       

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Deniz Cakir

Deniz Çakır Turkish Actress

Name: Deniz Cakir
Birthdate: December 31, 1982
Height: 175 cm

Notable Works
2004-2006 If a Woman Wants (Kadin Isterse) (as Alev)
2006-2010 The Fall of Leaves (Yaprak Dokumu) (as Ferhunde)
2009 Kako Si? (as Lidya) (the movie)
2009 40 (as Sevda) (the movie)
2011 What about Next (Ya Sonra) (as Didem) (the movie)
2011 Uprightness (Iffet) (as Iffet)
2013 Magnificent Century (Muhtesem Yuzyil) (as Sah Sultan)
2014 Forbidden (Yasak) (as Calibe)
2015-2016 Bandits (Eskiya Dunyaya Hukumdar Olmaz) (as Meryem)

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