Little Women (Kucuk Kadinlar)

Original Title: Kucuk Kadinlar
English Title: Little Women
Also Known As: Micutele domnisoare (Romania)
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 120
Broadcast Network: Kanal D, Star TV
Broadcast Period: June 10, 2008 – March 13, 2011
Production Company: D Production
Director: Hakan Arslan
Screen Writer: Deniz Akcay
Elif (Ekin Turkmen), Armagan (Hande Soral), Yeliz (Fulya Zenginer), Bilge (Elit Iscan) and Cansu (Selin Ilgar) are five sisters with different characters. The biggest sister Elif is 20 years old and goes to Law College. Rebellious Armagan is 17 years old and goes to high school. Thoughless and fancyful Yeliz is 15, responsible and hardworking Bilge is 12, and sensitive Cansu is 6 years old. They live happily in a small house with their parents but soon the shattering revelation changes these people forever. One day, they lose both their mother and their father. After losing their parents, they encounter the hardship of this world and experience the most difficult test of life. At first, they receive assistance from their neighbors but later they try to struggle to fend for themselves. They start to fight to avoid falling down while growing up together.
In this story, you will explore the resistance of five sisters to social and economic conditions. Will Elif manage to keep her sisters together despite all the hardships? Will five sisters completely fall apart?
Ekin Turkmen as Elif
Hande Soral as Armagan
Fulya Zenginer as Yeliz
Elit Iscan as Bilge
Selin Ilgar as Cansu
Ozge Borak as Eylul
Ali Il as Ali
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  • walid

    let me c your site, then will comment

  • unknown

    You have a vast knowledge about a ton of topics. Wonderful work!

  • yalda

    i love this drama, there is this guy that works, not ali but the business man who sells cars and he is also known as the bad guy in a way . OMG, i would ask him to marry me but i dont know how to contact him in order to know if he is the right man for me lol

    • huda

      lol i would marry him without even knowing him 😛 just kidding.

  • yalda

    his name is Ayaz Armi 😀

  • pashang wahab

    I like this drama its very nice drama

  • nargis

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this drama elif army all are good …

  • Farid Qudossi

    Hi this is me Farid Ahmad Qudossi from Afghanistan Kandahar provine, I watch this drama five sisters every night on in Afghanistan, by dari and pashto language. this is the best drama in Turkey and also in Afghanistan, this drama is very sad , sometimes I cry when I am watching this five sisters…

    Farid Ahmad Qudossi

    • Noman

      Hi how are you can you tell me how to watch five sisters online

    • meena

      hello farid brother

      i read ur msg and wanted to ask u tat how can u watch this drama cuz i tried alot to find it but i did not find to watch it . if u have any links please send me. i was watching it in afg but wen i came bk to UK i cant find any site to watch this. please let me no, waiting for ur reply. tc bye.

      • Safa

        Hello i can help watch this drama online, you just need to type KUCUK KADINLAR

      • Muhammad Haider

        I here from Afghanistan a great fan of Armaghan…

        I am sending you many wishes. I would like to be your friend in Facebook if you don’t mind.

        If you feel any time lone with out Utko I am here waiting for you Dear.

        I wish you won’t hesitate my words.

        These are just words of Love,

        Believe me that, it is my first time to watch a Drama That is Kucuk Kadinlar. before I haven’t watch any serial yet.

        I will be in touch with you.

        It may be little unfamiliar to talk you that much closely words in the first time. But love couldn’t make any time or distance..

        In last present my Salam, Wishes and Regard to your Jansoo Jan, and Bilgaa the writer and your Dead sister (just in Drama).


        Mohammad Haider

  • Amanullah


    can anyone tell that from where I can download this Drama???

    If possible please answer me…

    I love this Drama…

    I want to download it with englsih subtitles…
    I don’t understand turkish…

    thank you…

    • Safa

      Hello again i could help you too. You should go to and type you should download this first then type kucuk kadinlar, then you could download as much as video’s you need. HOPE IT WAS A LITTLE HELPFUL

  • shafiqullah

    this is very nice Drama Because this is a kind of real picture of life in most of the country in the world.It show if some one have money without education and humanity they are grid and people respect them.but those which dont have money also they are educated and honest people dont respect them because they are poor.

    this is my opion

  • muzhgan

    Hi dears I love all of u ur these story is such my real life story we are five sister

  • Arian Ashraf

    I Love this drama very much..i would like to thank the director, producer and all actors and actresses of this drama..i am from Afghanistan and live in Pakistan we all family watch it in Tolo tv..I love all the character’s of it not only me but my all family loves it..but the point which makes it bad in the end is the point from which Elif dies..atleast the director should have made it like at the end all should have got united and used to live happy life..then it would be more interesting..:-)

  • yelda

    dear five sisters

    it is a very nice real stroy my all family members love this it is very nice but one thing when elf dies so it is not looking nice all story is own her she have to play again then it she dies so the story doesn,t mean they have to be successful in their life .


  • Mubeen Tanha Nabizada

    I Love All the characters but the most special character whom i love is Hande Soral (Armaghan

  • Zabihullah Azizi

    we like all characters specially Army playing good

  • qais ahmad

    Honde soral is the best one in this drama i like she soooooooooooo mach

  • haida

    all of my family love this drama we watch it in tolo tv i love all the characters specially hande soral

  • Sadat

    Salam to all,

    The five sister drama is really painful story, and it’s touch in our life, me and my family are watching this drama every night in Afghanistan with Persian translation. i like the ARMAGAN role.


  • vida

    i love this drama its makes me really sad but i watch it every day in tolo

  • khushyar rahin

    I like in this drama Ekin turkmen [elif]

  • Zabi

    I want a photo of armaghan.

  • Massoud Afghan

    This is a good drama serial but I like Kurtlar Vadisi….

  • kawe bassam

    i love this drama very much, and i also like the songs of this drama and i think this drama must broadcast to all televisions,,,,

  • atiq

    armaghan is my gf i love her ……….. im trying to get turkya visa to visit armghan …

  • jahanzib masjidi


    this is one of those drama that it showed the real life of five sister and it is reality that these things should happen in the real life of humans i am from Afghanistan i follow this drama every night because i like it very much and i want to know that will you make that after this time that u say in this time it is finished if you will do that so tell me thanks you very much .

  • Hamid Joshan

    This one of the most papular dramas in Afghanistan, I love it 😀

  • sham&Baset From Afghanistan

    We all love this lovely Littel sisters stories and we thankful from the drictor of this Drama and we wish once we came to Turkiy and take a photo togther .

  • shigufa tawana

    i love this drama veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    • nilofar

      i and my family members like this drama very much , specially i like the song of this drama , please tell me that how can i download the song of this drama.

  • Farooq

    this drama can be watch on youtube under five sisters

    good luck

  • tamim

    i love this drama i love army

  • love this

    aslam alikum Ilove this serial and in afghanistan all people wach it love this …and i love Arzoo ,elez

  • Jawed

    Very Very Very nice drama in afghanistan , this drama has many eager .
    every one like this drama

  • huda

    LOL i see every house in afghanistan is busy watching this drama every evening. and so all the afghans living even in other countries. i live in dubai. this is a very heart touching drama. everybody’s fav. are armaghan (hande soral) and ayaz (birkan sokullu). it’s funny that all the people who commented here have afghan names :P. i bet this drama is more famous in afg than in turkey itself.. wish u all the best 🙂

  • Khan

    hi guys, which character do you like in the drama?

  • Meena

    Yes everyone in Afghanistan watching this drama (five sisters), because it shows the realities of life specially those who are fatherless and motherless,
    In fact the story of this drama is written from the public grief, difficulty and troubles.
    I just want to thanking from Turkish director who produced and directed five sisters drama as it is really liked from Afghans people, Afghans people faced and faces; lots problems more than of story of five sisters drama.

  • Jane Ford

    Dear all,

    This is an interesthing and excellent drama as I have seen before in all my life,dear all if any one who has seen this drama before up to the end I will be thanksfull to tell us that what is happen at the end I mean what is the end result.

    Thanks All.

  • asef

    oh i dont like this drama just i like ali and armaghan

  • maiwand ahmadi

    i love this drama more then other people in the world.

  • Niamat

    Hello all, this drama is very nice, I need someone to tell me about the result what will be happen ??? and say the end of the result of 5 Sisters??? appreicated if send email to me .here .

  • result of 5 sisters drama

    hey, plz urgently someone to say about the result of 5 sisters
    i need help??? niamat

  • Riazullah

    hi wish to be fine and healthy every one of you
    i really love wiht your drama it very intersting
    and hande soral is very brave girl
    have a Goot time every one

  • sameer ahmad sayeedi

    pretty nice Drama I have ever watched in my lifetime, I loved it so much watching of that drama series with miserable story and tough time for the sisters. I liked all characters particularly Ali, eelf, khuloosi.Let me thank Tolo TV for broadcasting and translation of it,

  • hadia morowat

    it’s verey nice and lovely drama.i hope lucky times4 all characters of this drama. and i like so much soooomuch this.

  • Farhad temory


  • Shah

    You are the prettiest girls, I have ever seen, I am so entrust to be in contact with you.
    I have watched all of your drama which is broadcasting from one of the Private TV in Kabul, Afghanistan.
    That will be your kindness to send me some of your Serious Pictures.
    Take Care. I am looking forward.
    Yours Sincerely
    Shah Mohammad (Kohdamani)
    The resident of Kabul city, Afghanistan.

  • kashaf zehra


  • This was very informative. Thanks

  • Hameed rehman

    how can i watch these episodes on the internet?

  • zaheer

    I loveeeeeee this dramaaaa special armagan she is doing veryyyy nice action

  • I LUVvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv dis Drama plz any one can send me any website dat I can watch this drama plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Sahil Safi

    IT is so great drama serail.
    I like Otlo and Crazy Army.

  • naqibullah sohail

    dear actresses !
    i want to speak allot with your
    i like all the actresses in this serial
    i mean in five sister please give me your email address
    thanks allot

  • Maroof khan

    Five sister turkish drama which is broadcasting by Lemar TV in afghanistan, i am from Paktia all people in paktia have a great interest and have almost keen to watch this serial.
    i especially like the actions especially Hande soral (Armaghan) and Elez.

  • Ghulam naqshband

    Elif (Ekin Turkmen) acting are vary fantastic , becouse she play such as a leader character…
    Befor that drama i don’t liked the serial but when i see this one , i really liked the drama and specially elif , ali,temochen,and other sister of elif such as army and belga whic is the unique role

    • tom villan

      yeah im agre wth u mr.Naqshband!!!

  • Jams

    If anyone plz hve Elif contact nmbr r email addrss plz send me or reply me i will wait?


    i am frm pakistan. I and my all family watch it with very intrest.we watch it on lemar tv of Afghanistan in pashto.please some one tel me how many episode it has.THANKS


    plz brothers tell the emil or num of armagan plz me waiting

  • ishaq qurishi

    i very like those five sister and specially elit iscan and l ove with her if you sent more picture to me i will so glad thanks

  • Munawar khan

    I very like five sister serial specially Armghan I love so much hope to call me
    0093 795 68 996 7

    • hameed

      i love too with armaghan….. hope u can’t miss her again.

  • Asmat Shinwari

    This is my best turkish Drama. i love Armaghan

    • Matiullah Mudassar

      Dear Friends. Please do not think about Turkish girls. they are above then 80 years.

  • hikmat

    i really love

  • boahen paul

    i want to join u guys . i hope you will receive me with kind heart n mind.i need more site for series downloading .

  • boahen paul

    from Ghana , is the any turkey love drama call mended hearts? please help me out .thanks

  • Munawar khan Munawar

    Munawar khan from Khost Province Afghanistan
    This is very good serila I love with this serial specially with Armagha in my life yet this is a good serial for i have love it and I also I got news that Armahgan is came to Afghaistan if this is true hope to give me some info about heer to get it
    +93 795 68 99 67

  • Munawar khan Munawar

    Munawar khan Munawar form Khost-Afghanistan
    this is vert good serial I have really love with it and all night I watch this serial from Lmar TV in Pashto language I most like the act Ms.Armaghan

  • abdul mandozai

    plz accept and stay message to me

  • wali mohammad

    my name is wali mohammad from Afghanistan
    i really this drama every night i see this drama in my country and i really enjoy it i really like the five sisters which work in this drama and i like all of them too much i really to meet them and in turky and i like to get visa for turkey and see them in turky but i do not know where they living and how i will meet them ,,,,i want to see them from near ,,,plz reply me and tell me how to meet them thanks

  • Mateen

    Don’t waste your time. Please they are not going to wait for you in turkey that our fan is here to visit us. They don’t even know you exist. Take my advice and don’t waste your time. I believe that Turkish writers are the worst writers in the world. Their stories does not make sense. Their stories are based on adultery, nonsense, bullshit stuff. All their stories are the same. A girl and a boy falls in love they get marry, than both cheat on each other than they break up, than they get back together, than they live happy. Teaching the viewer how to cheat on your partner. Teaching women it is okay to have more than one love. Women is okay to have ten husband. Showing people drink alcohol it is okay. They way British and European poison them with alcohol and women and change their alphabet from Arabic to English. Same thing they want to do to Afghanistan any one who watch these shows are doing nothing but harming themself and their family.

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