Intersection (Kordugum) Tv Series

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Intersection (Kordugum) Turkish Tv Series


Original Title: Kordugum
English Title: Intersection
Also Known As:
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 31
Broadcast Network: Fox Tv
Broadcast Period: January 7, 2016 – October 23, 2016
Production Company: Endemol Shine Turkiye
Director: Gokcen Usta
Screen Writer: Yigit Okan


Ali Nejat (Ibrahim Celikkol) is a young businessman who comes from a wealty family. Years ago, he was involved in a car accident due to his passion for high speed and caused the death of his little nephew. After this tradegy, Ali Nejat never forgives himself and cannot become close to his family ever after.

When Ali Nejat goes to Italy for a business trip, he meets a talented young doctor Naz (Belcim Bilgin) who saves the life of his close friend at the restaurant. Naz unfortunately misses her flight to Istanbul in order to take care of Ali Nejat’s friend and these two have to return to Istanbul together.

Naz is married to Umut (Alican Yucesoy) who is passionate about cars and works as a car mechanic. Umut has sacrified his life for Naz’s education and now, he deeply resents for being degraded and feels unhappy for disappointing his family. Naz’s acquaintance with Ali Nejat not only changes her life but also changes her husband’s life. Umut finally finds an opportunity to fulfill his ultimate goal of making his own automobile with Ali Nejat’s financial support.

Meanwhile, Ali Nejat learns in his birthday party that he is the father of a little child Kaan. While he tries to take care of this little child, he gets great assistance of Naz and becomes closer to her as time passes.

In intersection tv series story, you will explore a love triangle and the tragic life of a little child. Will Umut eventually manage to reach his aim of creating his own car? Will Naz continue to love her husband Umut and realize that she is so different from him?

Intersection Tv Series Cast

Ibrahim Celikkol as Ali Nejat Karasu
Belcim Bilgin as Naz Ozer
Alican Yucesoy as Umut Ozer
Rojda Demirer as Neslihan
Ege Aydan as Ayhan
Murat Daltaban as Oguz
Aybars Kartal Ozson as Kaan Karasu
Tulay Gunal as Feyza Karasu
Gozde Cigaci as Gokce
Mehmet Aslantug as Enver Eren
Saadet Isil Aksoy as Eylul Eren
Kaya Akkaya as Amir
Naz Elmas as Didem
Ferit Aktug as Genco
Ayda Aksel as Aysen Isleyen
Ali Tutal as Hasan
Sabriye Kara as Cahide
Tugrul Cetiner as Tarik Karasu
Tuncer Salman as Ibo
Serdar Yegin as Mert
Teoman Kumbaracibasi as Murat Seyhanli

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  1. I loved all 3 Seasons I was disappointed that Naz died in season 4 you should bring Naz back and scare Ali’s supposed father to his death. Murrett should be sent to prison and the real father should be found.

  2. Loved Intersection but want more. Can there be another season with Naz and Ali staying together. They had better chemistry than his first girlfriend. I was very disappointed that Naz was killed. What were the writers thinking. She brought life to the series. Also I want to at least see what happens with the other characters end. There was so much left just hanging. We need season 4. Thanks.

    • Agree: BRING back Naz and Season 4 and get the family (Ali Nejat, Naz, and Caan together) . That is what was riveting. Not the butchering that someone took to it without looking at the history. The angle it took made no sense since it happened faster than I can snap my fingers.

  3. Turkish people and actors, I would not have believed how much my wife and I could have been captivated by the acting, drama and emotion (and writing and direction) of your TV and movie dramas! Even with the language barrier and reading subtitles (and learning some Turkish) we are hooked! Never before would we watch 2 – 2.5 hour episodes, and sometimes 2 per night! We watched the whole of Winter Sun (recommended by my wife’s very conservative midwest girl friend) and now we have watched all of Intersection, and we need more. And as others have said, we loved Naz, and please resurrect her and let her meet Kaan again. Ali Nejat – well let him pursue his desires.

  4. Intersection was great until ali najet pivots off from the love of his life and betrays her in about twenty seconds
    This after spending a lot of time following the love story. His girlfriend was milk toast
    No chemistry
    He could at least had a better romance with the lawyer. The music was great.all the actors were fabulous. Loved Ibo.

  5. Heart broken! Can’t believe it! They mistreated and killed the angel? Mediocre story line from somewhere in the middle of season two. Someone wanted to break hearts and make viewers like me go for therapy. You succeeded!!! Be happy. Naz for life!

  6. I commented earlier, perhaps in the wrong place.
    This was my first time watching a movie with subtitles… While I did not understand the language, the actors were intriguing to me..
    Loved how the story was being told obviously from the view point of another culture; however in the middle of season 2 the not so good story line began…
    Someone needs to repair the butchery of season 2 and all of season 3. NAZ! NAZ! NAZ! Raise her from the dead if you have to in season 4,if there is a season 4. Everybody walks away with the gold except her… She is a lifeline to everyone in the series . Her husband, Mother, Ali,his friend, Kahn, and his Sister..
    She is the boldest of all the women(for good) She speaks truth to power, has a heart of integrity. The only mis step was to fall in love and challenge the big boy in becoming a man just by loving him.. but then the little girl returned, and the boy resurfaced.. IJS . However the story is redeemable if there is a 4th season..
    I left other comments in other places of reply, so I won’t repeat my comments… It would be wonderful to have a storyline with the return of the mother, the return of Naz w her baby whether her and Ali reunite or not… Perhaps he can become a calmer man now that all the truth is out.. Honestly I can see why he loved both women… I loved watching Ali perform all of his characters, his heart for compassion was interrupted by his nephew’s death.. Naz and Kahn bought
    Peace and restoration to it… With all the demons removed maybe we can see a better him.. But most of all Naz deserves a return..
    Whoever dropped the ball, please pick it back up…

  7. I have never been this disappointed for expecting reasonable ending.
    Season 3 is a mess and totally unfair to Naz character.

  8. Im an American viewer watching via Netflix with english subtitles. ive been trying to find a ‘behind the scenes’ account for the lack of physical intimacy between Naz and Ali – especially after the intimacy with their characters in Sadece Sen. Like did they have fight and refuse? was it becuase of the scathing review of Belcim received after Sadece? etc. Does anyone have any idea? Does this kind of back story exist somewhere that is simply not available to american audience?

  9. Agree with all the others. Ali nejat went down my Christmas list. In fact he went off it. His first live is irritating like a spoiled child. Good until the night nap died

  10. I was also disappointed and frustrated with how season 3 ended. I also gave this way too much thought as well. My take is that there will be a season 4 where it will be revealed that not everything is as it seems. I think that the secret Ali Nejat’s mother told Naz was that Ali has an evil twin brother who was given up at birth because the father didn’t want him and he has been plotting all of these years to get back at the family. I think he and Murat has been working together to replace Ali Nejat while ruining his life at the same time that’s why the Ali we see at the end of season 2 into season 3 seems like a different person. I think Murat kidnapped the “real” Ali Nejat and is pulling all of the strings. I also think that Naz is not really dead and that Murat gave her some kind of drug to make it seems like she is but she’s actually being kept abroad. After the plan is revealed, I think Naz will reappear pregnant with twins and that in the end she, Ali, and Kaan will be reunited. At least that’s what I’ve talked myself into believing.

  11. I love this series. I am south FArcan and completely hooked. Season 3 a bit of a disappointment but I think they can twist the Naz murder in a new season with her being dead at all but living abroad since Murat saved her ( by some miracle – who knows he has his ways to come up with evil plots) and in an effort to ruin Ali Nejat threaten her family and Kaan if she does not leave Istanbul. Meanwhile, she is pregnant with twins..and somehow Enver finds out and keeps it a secret since he wants to see his sister happy…clearly, I have given this way too much thought…binge-watching the series again and really hoping for a season 4.

    • Would really love to see Naz back if there is a season 4. The acting is great and absolutely love Kaan. He is super cute.

    • Bee
      I think I am Covid obsessed and in denial because I can’t accept Naz and Ali not ending happy with Kaan. I did think of a new ending. Naz gets to the hospital and breathes. They keep her dead in order to find the killer. The killer is exposed and they allow Naz to re-emerge, but she has amnesia and doesn’t remember Ali or Kaan. Kaan gets Ibo to take him to the hospital to re-establish a relationship with Naz without Ali. Ali is hurt Naz doesn’t recognize him and he realizes how much he loves her and his ex girlfriend realizes it to. They break up and he tries the rest of the season trying to get Naz to remember him and fall back in love. She is pregnant and leaves to go to Italy to have the babies and Ali finds out and he and Kaan go to find her. Just in time for her to deliver successfully and he declares his love for her and she remembers. Okay ,clearly I’m obsessed but I would love that ending. in a season 4.

      • Hi Peggy

        I love your ending and amnesia is a great idea.

        I am obsessed too. I hope they consider a season 4.

        • Peggy/Been: obsessed as well. Never watched anything like this pre-Covid but now… your storyline. Make it happen writers.

      • Love your ending, so original and creative and 100% better than what actually was portrayed. If they can resussitate Ali’s sister after she shoots herself in the chest, why not Naz.

  12. Cant believe the way this ended so rushed nothing like the first 2 seasons. And hated Ali so much in season 3 didnt care what happened to him to be honest. Poor Naz she looked after Kaan like her own son then his ex comes back and they are mooning all over each over drove me crazy found myself shouting at the TV. Was so wrong. And after Naz dies he takes her to stay at the house so disrespectful and wants to play happy families with her. Really I cried so much. So dissapointed after a great 2 seasons I really thought he was going to realise how much he loved Naz and marry her I’m furious.

  13. La serie est magnifique , bcp d’émotions , personnages très attachants , jusqu’à la mort de Naz, comment le scénariste a pu croire que cela pourrait ajouter qlq chose à la série, bien au contraire cela fait fuire les téléspectateurs, on nous fait croire que l’amour et l’acharnement d’Ali najat pour Naz n’etait que confusion de Mr, non mais allô, et il n’a même pas pleuré convenablement sa mort, ni eu des remords , et finit sa vie avec son Ex comme s’il n’a jamais été amoureux de Naz, scénariste nul , ressaisissez vous

  14. Si disappointed in Season 3. How can Ali Nejat be engayed to Naz for the second time. and wait until the night before to cancel the wedding.
    After 10 days of not seeing Naz he chooses to call his ex and spend the night at the beach instead of staying home
    The character lost my admiration. He became the same Ali Nejat portrayed before the accident. Selfish. Egocentric
    Only the child actor who plays Kaan saves the 3 seasons

    • So agree with you really hated his character when his ex came back I was so shocked at his behaviour he was supposed to be the hero in it turned out to be the rat.

  15. Worst ever possible ending, I know it’s just a movie but season3 was all wrong . Absolute terrible & upsetting – not happy at all !

  16. I loved the series until Naz dies. I wish they could have let her move aboard, as they had planned and Ali go on his discovery of Barris death. Then look at his ex girlfriend and realize their time had passed and his future was with Naz. Then he and Kaan, fly to Italy to find Naz, who is finally pregnant for him. He and Kaan love her and move to Italy, leaving his crazy family behind and the memory of Barris filled with the car built. This would have been a perfect ending and Ali would have been our Ali, Naz and Kaan, happy ending. The last session was an insult to the viewers and should not have been written. Ali, Kaan and Naz deserved to be free of their demons, to live a good life.

    • I agree with you. I invested my time until the end of Series 2. I was really annoyed at the beginning of Series 3 to find out that Naz died. This is not right. The writer was a total disappointment. Peggy, your scenario would have made us all happy about Ali, Naz and Kaan being together at the end. I also disagree with the old man surviving. Both him and Murat should have both died in the end. It is not fair for Naz to be out of the picture towards the end. There is no justice after being on the very first episode to the end of series 2. It also does not justify the Ali and ex reconciling. This would have been a good drama, but after Naz died, I sort of just skipped the other episodes and checked out what the ending was. But I was really upset after the many nights I invested on this. In the end, I hated Ali for not being able to protect Naz.

      • I looked at it again today and noticed the scenes with Naz and Ali at Alvga with Kaan and mature and heart felt conversations they had. Then again in the country after Naz’s miscarriage, the growth and maturity was so real. How could they have taken back that growth and love from Ali, he had been able to talk about the accident and help himself and Naz, and he repeatedly promised Naz he would always be by her side. Such a waste. They had something wonderful and real, even without the kissing, they were growing into something that last. Her relationship with Kaan was natural and loving. Then they take him back to the immature, insensitive guy he was before Kaan, with a girl that had no dept, violence and corruption. I just don’t get it, so I just rewind to the good parts. Thanks to Netflix you can rewind.

  17. I was actually confused at one thing. One minute Naz broke off with Ali because he became distant when the ex-gf Eylul returned and the next minute, Naz is organising the wedding with her and Ali. Did I miss something in between? Secondly, the minute the ex returns, there’s a strong French kiss between her and Ali. Yet with Naz, 2 kisses on the cheek. What the hell is thst? Don’t get me wrong, I loved the series but that was just bazaar. No passion or chemistry on the screen between those 2 but with him and Eylul they were lip to lip and the eye stares were fire! I also thought it sucked how Naz dies and Ali was going to break it off with her the night before the wedding. He proposed to her twice and then ends up losing all feeling towards her! Hmmmm!

  18. Enjoyed watching the series until Naz died. This was a real anticlimax for me. Kaan was adorable. Murat was the most hated.

  19. So disappointed! When Naz being killed of the show sucked! The Ali with the new girl was not a good plot!

  20. Agreed! How could the writers do this to the viewers who no doubt invested so much of their lives to this show? Season 3 was a different show!! I signed up for a romance….it did not deliver!

    • Like so many of the other viewers/fans.
      I am soooooo confused, disappointed, betrayed and just which I had not invested so much time to watch what I thought was going to be a sad, tragic but bittersweet love story where Ali finally finds peace, a beautiful son and happy family life with Naz and his son.
      His character in Season 3 was so strikingly difference . I also loved the father son chemistry, which blew me away. My box of tissues was never far and the tears came rolling tears than . I was devastated by Ali’s character in Season 3. So u get a kid on your birthday that u thought was dealt with years ago, the baby mama blew her brains out, this kind, compassionate girl with so much love for your son mothered him through the greatest loss of his life. Heck she even helped,encourage, directed Ali to a great relationship with his son and this
      Is how he honors her at her burial
      He stood back in some rather cute shades and allowed little Kaan by himself, crying and showing love and respect to the woman who gave him much love and kindness.
      The change in Ali’s character feelings for Naz the minute his awkward ex came back in the show was disappointing. You had already told her and others the day of the accident changed u for good. It was a new man that walked away for that great explosion. I guess that rang true until the botoxed ex came back to town.
      Ali’s character chased this woman, proposed to her twice and maybe was also a factor with her divorce from Umut. How could u not show some love, empathy and respect by mourning the girl that gave so much to you and your son.
      Instead u invited the ex to move in.
      Producers and writer u had your audience and a great fan club but u also killed us when u killed Naz.
      I am hoping there will be a season 4 and all that we saw in season 3 was a dream/ nightmare
      of the ex girlfriend who would be so desperate to call Ali the night before his wedding.

      • Max!!! OMG!! I think we are def too emotionally invested!! I share your feelings 100%. I’m sure they got new writers who didn’t spend time watching Seasons 1 & 2 …or for sure gave zeros about their audience. The blossoming love with their shy smiles, awkward glances at each other, they both pulling out something so raw but heartfelt out of each other….you wanted them to find their true love in each other. I have replayed their engagent night so many times like I was there….why didn’t they kiss?? Isn’t that how a proposal seals the deal? I was so waiting on Ali Nejat and Naz at some point to consumate their beautiful love…instead the writers saved it for us to view with his ex??Nothing towards the character Eylul….but she was terribly miscast, and their chemistry was like dead fish!! Just ruined Ali’s vulnerable character!! Naz is, was the love of his life. I’m sure it was Belcim’s idea to leave the show….I can’t believe it could be the writers idea, but couldn’t they give them some sort of happy ending??…stupidest decision ever!! Terrible terrible!!. Naz isn’t even cold in the grave, the ex following you around like fly on raw meat, and you tell her you are so glad you have her?? You never even kept your promise to Naz!! When Feyza first met Naz, and everyone was surprised…even Murat that Ali was in love and could see the change in him…no one ever mentioned an ex or another love in his life. What we understood was that he was a playboy before the accident, but meeting Naz changed him, and how obvious it was to see. Ali Nejat! I could strangle you for walking away so easily!! Naz is looking forward to her wedding day to you, and you want to speak to her to break it off, but then takes a detour to discuss something more important with your ex?? Boy those writers take us for fools!!Season 3 is a total waste of time.

        • Tongie Thomas (TN)

          I Agree with it all……..

        • We are all thinking the same thing because to follow it up to engagement night it was a gorgeous love story. You could feel it on the screen. Need a Season 4 to fix it. Towards end of Season 2 and Season 3 have nothing to do with the progress of the story. It toppled everything on its side and not in a good way. Season 4 please.

  21. Where do I start.? The most romantic lovestory and to have it end so tragically without having Ali Nejat and Naz finally happy and exploring their love as man and wife as a family???? Who came up with this crock 9f sh***t??? So so disappointed with the lack of physical interaction that great lovestories are made of.Their interaction always so awkward, yet the love was so real, the viewers were screaming for them to surrender to their feelings. It was a brutal tease!! Kaan Kaan Kaan….what can i say?. Please let me adopt you, what a standout!! Love this young actor, he tugged at my heartstrings. I wanted to give him all the love and hugs in the word. The father son chemistry blew me away, I cried more tears than I thought I had,, the threesome adding Naz is what great shows are made of. But so much sadness and tragedy for a young kid as Kaan to face, it got ridiculously unbelievable. So unrealistic the way they changed Ali’s feelings for Naz the minute his awkward ex came back in the show? The show was a train wreck out of control after that. I was so invested in Ali’s unrelenting sadness and guilt, and wanted only happiness for him. His character disappointed me, and the rest of the series fell flat. While I think Ibrahim Celikkol is the most beautiful specimen of a man alive, the show runied Ali Nejat for me going in a completely different direction. Sighhhh😪😪

  22. I am confined to home and was binge watching when it abruptly ended. The acting was excellent and I fell in love with Kaahn. This child was superb. Why end a winner leaving a sour taste.
    I also had fun learning some of the Turkish language as it is part of my heritage

  23. I agree with Stacy who said that season three started weirdly. In fact I thought that it was a new series starting because of the big hole and lack of continuity from season two. And just as the plot climaxed to new heights the show ended. What happened? Was it money problems? Infighting with producers and writers? Government meddling? We the viewers will never know. But pleeeeeease GET BACK TO WORK! We want more Murat and the new lady Attorney as the crush of Enver. There is so much to explore. If you don’t want to pay your writers, we the viewers can fill in. LOL.

  24. I agree with all the comments! A proposal as romantic as the one between Ali Nejat and
    Naz and then a kiss on the for head??? Are you kidding me? So very unrealistic. Have
    watched until the ex arrived and then said bye bye. Still loving the actor Ibrihim! GT.

    • Agreed! How could the writers do this to the viewers who no doubt invested so much of their lives to this show? Season 3 was a different show!! I signed up for a romance….it did not deliver!

  25. . Give us season 2 and 3 of Turkish Intersection. This cliffhanger left me with doubts

  26. Wird es eine 4 Staffel geben.. Das waere super..

  27. This had the making of a very good drama however the episodes were too long and dragged on. Episodes should be 45 to 50 minutes max.
    Why was there never a kiss between Ali and Naz? They were the main characters so killing off Naz did not make sense. It changed our view of Ali. This was very disappointing the lack of empathy or compassion he had towards Naz. It left us confused. I felt for Kaan I think this storyline was too brutal. I just could not warm to Elyul at all and they tried to paint Naz as something she was not. Overall some amazing actors in this series they were just let down by the writing. The boy was a stand out for me.

  28. We need a season 4 so that all the unfinished plots can be completed. I loved this show but hated how abruptly it ended. It left us hanging. Please continue what you started!

  29. I agree with all previous comments regarding loose ends at the conclusion. Will there be a Season Four?

  30. Love this series but left us in a cliff hanging situation. Unfortunately without a season 4…. What a pity to all the good work ending so abruptly.

  31. Is there going to be a season 4. Just finished and loved season 3
    I feel we were left up in the air. Obviously Murat got the same
    Injection the father had to falcify his paralysis. But let’s
    Finish the story

  32. This is the second Turkish drama I have watched and both times, I have been really frustrated by the endings.
    This is really a pity because I have seen some brilliant acting and interesting story lines.

    The first two seasons of Intersection were good but season 3 was just so weird, almost like it was a different show. It was as if a different writer was responsible for season 3. Too many questions were left unanswered and too many loose ends weren’t tied up in a satisfying manner. In fact. I wasn’t even sure what the plot was at this point.

    The ending was simply awful and made me regret wasting my time watching the first two seasons. This is definitely not the way to end a series or to build a fan base.

    • Agree Stacy, for some reason the Turkish series I have watched to date all seem to have disappointing or exaggerated endings. Makes me not want to watch these!

  33. We need a season 4 or a few concluding episodes of S3. I love the twists & turn it shouldn’t finish this way. Technically we can figure out what happened, but it was too abrupt to end this way with a longing for more. I want to see more of Ali Nejat & Eylul (Gorgeous). I liked Naz, but she’s not perfect for AN. I prefer Eylul with Ali Nejat. They are PERFECT together. Love shouldn’t change or put your true self in a bondage. Love frees you and let’s you live your best self in freedom. Make an intriguing storyline around them to conclude. PLEAAAAAAAASE!

    • Story most certainly should not give the ex and Ali another shot… They were different people than in their childhood…
      If the writers want to reconnect the dots of Ali’s childhood love I say, follow the suggested rewrite and let Has death be fake unknown to all
      Except evil Murat. Allow Naz to transport abroad pregnant, maybe amnesia or not. Resurface in a year or 2… This will give story to Ali mom discovery
      ,Fake dad and Murat die.. Naz get’s what she has always wanted, and most of all her baby has duel citizenship in case those rich folk try to take away her child.
      Writer’s need to give her that.. Don’t forget she came in the series saving lives… The best friend, Kahn, Ali , his crazy sister, and found his mother.
      Everyone else should not live happily ever after off this woman’s strength…Umut &girlfriend Ali & Ex , Mama and Ali friend
      Even if she didn’t get back with Ali. I believe she could hold her own with her baby and united love w Kahn .
      Make it happen people . You are creators so create something better than what you just did!!!

  34. When will Series 4 be out on Netflix of The Intersection? I would love to see the end of this story. I am totally intrigued. Please advise me accordingly or where I can see it.

    Thank you.

  35. Ci sarà una quarta stagione, certi che si , almeno lo spero, il telefilm non può finire con Murat su una pista, tarik non può farla franca dopo tutte le sue cattiverie, Nas è morta non doveva succedere, l’ex di ali per me non sa recitare mi sembra fuori posto ed il suo arrivo ha rovinato la serie

  36. Genco and Isot are my favorite characters! Isot is the funniest character I have seen in a turkish series. Must be the actor. He is great. Genco, the real good guy in the series.

  37. I came across this series by accident. U enjoyed it until Naz was murdered, and the Ex girlfriend entered the picture. I loved Ali Naget until he planned to dump Naz the night before their Wedding. I saw him as weak after that. And The ex as an opportunist. Kaan, was one awesome child actor. I understand you were trying to keep it interesting, but I lost interest after Naz left. Will not watch Season 4.

    • Tongie Thomas (TN)

      I absolutely loved the movie also. I was crying and everything, then they killed Naz’ and that did it. I was pissed. Ali let that girl invade Naz’s space all the time. i’m so pissed at him. He chased her then let that girl move her out the way. He never kissed her in the mouth or nothing, that makes no sense for two people suppose to be in love. He used herand didn’t even grieve for her. Naz wasn’t even cold in the ground and move old girl right on in. OOOOh I’m so mad at Ali and I had to read the subtitles. I know I’m yrs behind watching it but it started out so good i couldn’t stop until Naz died.

      • What a MAJOR disappointment! Season 3 was like watching a different series! I am sooo mad at character Ali Nejat unstable n confused attitude towards the Naz! Wasn’t she constantly chased n pursued like a cougar (AN) until he finally won her heart and loyalty? This EX had the raw nerve to chase after Ali in front of Naz! Naz had soo much CLASS! But to kill Naz off in the beginning, night before their wedding, was a disaster for a romantic series! What are these stupid writers doing in passing off their fans? The beautiful son Kaan had more maturity and sense then his confused stupid father! I regret watching this series! I cried so much over Naz death n seeing a little child weeping for his 2nd Mommy! How cruel to interject this crap into 3rd season! Naz never getting a wet kiss from AN when he promised “to always be by your side! [email protected]@

  38. I have spent all my free time watching this for the past month. I loved it, BUT, how you ended it in Seas on was terrible.
    This needs to be continued. I did not like that Naz was killed off. She and Karan made the story. She was the glue that held it all together. Eylul is a spoiled child. The suffering Kaan endured gives us a bad impression of life in Turkey.

  39. Primera y segunda temporada muy buenas, la tercera temporada no vale la pena verla, la muerte de Naz hace fracasar la novela y el romance de Ali con Eyul es indignante, ya que nos mostraron un Ali muy enamorado que hizo lo impensable para estar junto a Naz y de repente se ve involucrado con su exnovia.

  40. I loved the story not until Naz died and the twist of event are no longer entertaining. Stop watching. Sorry.

  41. Where to begin? For two seasons I adored this series I was able to forgive the la k of affection between Naz and Ali Nejat because I saw it as a cultural think, then came the ex Eylul Ali was suddenly no longer in love, he went careening off to the airport after her and suddenly her was this new girl with whom the audience/fans had no connection and we were supposed to embrace her as a replacement for Naz?? The moment they had sex on the beach – and it is implied that they did the story went sour. It felt as if the story suddenly got new writer who had not even watched the first two seasons. It was irresponsible of the writers and producers to waste our time if they already knew that the real love interest was Eylul, they should have brought her in earlier and made her believable!!! The story felt mishandled. Now I am turned off watching anymore stories from this source as I am afraid of wasting my time investing in a series that will go sour. I think that what these writers don’t understand is their audience for those of us who watch these soaps we do so expecting that after all the trials there will be a happy ending we do not appreciate having the story turned upside Dont after watching 90% of it there are enough twists and turns in the story to satisfy us we down need any surprises with the end such as a new true to or crap like that at the end. You are not doing us any favors by stirring thins up in this way. If we wanted a horror movie we know where to find them!!

    • Thanks for that! I totally agree and don’t want to watch this anymore, now that he went running to the airport. The development of strong healthy women need to be continued and not dropped. You are right that we have no connection and dislike the X – Girlfriend for stepping in. Also it really shatters the possibility of a man changing his character and a better man surfacing because of a good woman and a child. Wow, I really got invested in this story and now hearing that Naz dies in this series – I am done.

  42. What a mixture of excellence and ineptitude! Lots of the characters were brilliant, but there were too many loose ends and it finished abruptly leaving questions unanswered.

  43. aspetiamo 4 stagione per remediare tuui erori e un finale satisfacente per noi li fan

  44. Love the show until Naz dies Ali Naz and Kaan were a hope of love for all life ahead. She showed love wisdom compassion justice friendship loyalty all the time I cried a thousand times with Kaan who had two real mothers . Very talented child. They forgot to show respect to Naz after death

    • Wilma we were watching the same show. Completely agree. Ali Nejat’s lack of compassion to give himself time to grieve Naz’s untimely death,, ( not to mention Kaan’s memory of both mothers shot….really??) worse the night before they were to get married,, to hear him say he was going to talk to her about breaking up.. How cold!! A quick roll with the ex and month’s of building a relationship with Naz and all she did for you and Kaan, and that is the Ali Nejat the writers change him into?? She was the great love who came and and gave him hope after the tragic loss of Baris changed him and took him from dying inside to finally living again??. Him inviting the ex so soon to come live with them such a disrespect not only to Naz, Kaan and the viewers, but it was hard to swallow the lack of chemistry with the awkward childish character of Eylul. Spare me and don’t patronize our intelligence. I’m so mad at the writers curveball!!

  45. I love intersection ,but it upset me when they kill Naz off Iove her I really did not care for Ali first love will not watch the 4th season since Naz is off.!

    • Find a way to bring Naz back. The do it all the time in series television!!!
      Give her a life all her own, an even more successful career.
      And let all the others watch as she soars with grace….

  46. Came across this series purely by chance on YouTube. The plot, characters, music, fashionable clothes, and my ability to understand and expand my Turkish vocabulary was great. I especially fell in love with little Kaan and Alinaget Bey for their compassionate acting. I’m now searching for more movies starring Ibrahim Cellikoll the handsome debonnaire star.

  47. Watched this show on Netflix and absolutely loved it! I especially loved the chemistry between Ali Nejat and Eylul. The obvious passion between them is evident from the first scene they’re in. Heaving read your previous comments every body was disappointed that Naz died, however if you watch the series Ali nejat likes her but there’s no real passion there, he’s holding back and Naz seems to just fit in really well with his new family unit with Kaan. She’s very maternal and is enjoying her time with Kaan more then anything. When Eylul is introduced and you see Ali’s reaction to her everything fits into place he loved this girl and everything else is just insignificant. I loved the acting of the two main romantic leads Ali Nejat and Eylul the back stories bored me and I was left so disappointed when it ended on episode 31 I would love to have all of the obvious questions answered! By the way is there anymore episodes or series? Please advise also when is black and white love coming out and where can I watch it?

  48. I’m enjoying the passionate discussion! “Intersection” is the first Turkish series I’ve bingen on Netflix, after trying to watch and not having enjoyed some slow-moving Ottoman dramas. I have to admit that I’m hooked, especially by Ibrahim Celikkol’s looks and fine acting! I’ll probably be as disappointed as most posters here when Naz dies and the show goes downhill, but for now I’m just trying to enjoy the Naz/Ali Nejat slow burn and Ali discovering the joys of fatherhood. The lead actors have excellent chemistry, and it’s a pity that they have to remain so chaste, especially since they portrayed such an achingly romantic couple in “Sadece Sen”.

    Anyway, since this is my first Turkish drama in a modern setting, I have some questions for the Turkish posters/Turkish drama aficionados concerning storytelling conventions and social behavior/customs:

    1. I found the (public and private) affection that Ali Nejat displayed towards Kaan and his sister (touches, kisses, hugs, embraces etc.) a very endearing aspect of his character. Is this something in the script, or is it in the warmth/affection that Ibrahim C. projects as an actor…or is it something cultural? I’m married to a Greek guy, and Greek men are generally more prone to show outward affection (even towards their male friends/relatives) than Northern Europeans. So, it would be interesting to hear if this behavior reflects a certain Turkish/Balkan/Middle Eastern mentality or mode of behavior.

    2. Is it a general rule for Turkish soaps to build melodramatic, intense, YUGE love sagas without letting their star-crossed lovers even KISS on the mouth, let alone have sex (even if it’s just implied)? Or maybe the main romantic leads are supposed to be “good” characters, and therefore they have to conform to societal/religious norms (which I guess are violated on the daily In Real Life!)? I mean, the writers could show Umut having a one-night stand with crazy stalker girl, but the main couple is apparently too chaste to even share a liplock?

    3. Is the mix between high melodrama/intrigue and more normal family scenes/”comic relief” scenes a regular feature in Turkish soaps? I personally loved all the side stories about Umut’s family or Naz’s slightly annoying mother or Ibrahim the driver’s budding romance with the maid, because they gave a glimpse of everyday life amid all the drama. Family in general seems to be very important in these series, with all family members basically living/eating together (even though they have their own apartments). Would you say that this family-centered mode of storytelling is typical of Turkish series? Of course, American sit coms are usually centered around families, but your typical dramatic series are usually not.

    Finally, something unrelated and somewhat frivolous. What happened to Ibrahim C. after “Intersection”? He looks kind of think and almost emaciated in his most recent series (judging from videos and pics I’ve seen). Did he lose weight for his role in “Black and Whte Love”? I personally think he was more handsome when he had those extra kilos…

    I hope this thread is still alive, and that I will get some replies!

  49. Enjoyed the first season. The third se3ason had only 5 episodes and ends very abruptly without tying up the loose ends.
    – what was in medical report?
    – How does the paralysed father walk again
    – what happens to Murat ?
    – Does the car project take off?

    Too many unanswered questions??
    You need to continue the third season for all the answers.l

    • e vero cara kala un final senza fine che pecato

      • Sunt de acord cu majoritatea. Am crezut ca serialul prezinta povestea de dragoste dintre Naz si Ali dar defapt a fost bazat mai mult pe drama familiei. Sezonul 3 a fost foarte diferit, ne a lasat cu multe semne de intrebare.

  50. Wow was it ever satisfying to read the comments here.
    There is a consensus.
    Something happened to change the writing.
    If EndomolSHine reads this, and I think it should, please listen, lütfen, to what all these fans have to say….
    Take it from this forum. We like the season 1 better without that plot development that is disjointed and unsatisfying in season 2. (My reference is Netflix).
    Next time, lütfen!, EndomolShine, please invite us to a forum before the production is over and the release makes it too late. .
    In L.A. the tv/movie biz asks for feedback before they release something. You need some feedback, EndomolShine.
    On a positive note, I loved the music (çok güzel), camera angles, close ups, which add to the suspense. Casting Genco and Isot was stellar. Umut’s Mom as well.
    But you have a whininess that is old fast, then boring, then annoying, then irritating, then downright offputting, and whether that is character trait to admire (which we don’t) or was written into the script, I have to wonder…
    as for the writing…why kill Naz…no one liked that especially when Feza doesn’t die from the same thing Didem died of. What a disconnect! And, women don’t like a whiny mumbling man. It makes it tough to see why Feza liked whatshisname. It makes it very hard to see why the Eylul/Alinejat infatuation…it seems adolescent at best. Then Alinejat started doing Murat affectations, and someone should have caught that but no doubt the cameraman or director was infatuated as well with the masculine Eylul. Honestly. And her affectations were so distracting, were her hands hiding her neck, or was she hiding her hands for some reason?
    Kaan carried many scenes. I hope he was protected from the terrifying back stories going on.
    I didn’t want to rewatch this again because I think Alinejat was miscast, Murat is too creepy for words, and Umut is so unstable and the sighing (by Neslihan) was nauseating and shallow (until she got with Umut when she didn’t have to portray such a façade of duplicity).
    After a break of 2 years I came back to this show because I learned Günaydın watching this and felt I could learn more Turkish words (knowing the plot ahead of time helps to pick up more vocab, which I absolutely love). I was taken with the great music (also a strength in Subat but that show I cannot watch twice because of the whiny female lead). This show sadly lacks the use of retrospective flashbacks to enhance the motivation of certain characters, (except for those used for the amourous moments of Eylul and AliNejat), so there is little psychological depth that I find in other dramas like Hatırla Gönül and Behzat Ç.
    Therefore I came to accept that this writer wanted to paint a woman who likes cars and likes her surly boy/man; she being a girl/woman who is hyper masculine, likes violence in the hospital corridor, likes to be in gun fights, etc and that is the pivotal goal of the show. The writer liked her more than the doctor who was helping children live. Seriously. That is my conclusion.
    However, in the end I want to thank EndomolShine and this TurkishDrama page so we can extol these gems and rant about our feelings. My goal was reached. I learned more Turkish and I was taken with how many words I have already learned (like gerçekten mi) since I started watching Turk TV. I love so much about the Turk language and culture. Gerçekten mi!

    • I so agree about your assessment of the two lead female characters! I wonder if there were some women writers, and then they changed the writers- I had to stop watching after the mopey, skinny pining x came back. Naz was one of the most healthy powerful female characters- I hated to see what the writers did to her and the child-

      • I just randomly started to watch a Turk movie last night on YouTube starring our Naz character and in this one she is a strong person also and can’t have children so I thought, is she typecast or what? It is called Rüzgar or Wind (2018).

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