Love in the Sky (Yer Gok Ask)

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Love is in the Air (Yer Gok Ask) Turkish Tv Series

Original Title: Yer Gok Ask
English Title: Love in the Sky
Also Known As: Love is in the Air, Land and Sky Full of Love (English)
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 122
Broadcast Network: Fox
Broadcast Period: August 9, 2010 – May 27, 2013
Production Company: Avsar Film
Director: Aysun Akyuz, Atil Inac, Ulas Inan Inac
Screen Writer: Eylem Canpolat, Sema Ergenekon, Berfu Soner, Isil Sonmez Sarhan

A wealthy Hancioglu family owns vast estates in Cappadocia in Middle Turkey. Yusuf (Murat Unalmis) is the oldest son of this family therefore; he manages the family business and bears all the responsibility of the family on his shoulders. Yusuf is very handsome, rich and hardworking. Thus, there are lots of women who want to be his bride but, Yusuf wants to get married with a woman whom he loves.

The life of Hancioglu family changes due to Yusuf’s illegitimate child. The mother of this little boy dies and Yusuf becomes the only responsible parent who will raise him. Therefore, Yusuf’s mother Hamiyet (Isil Yucesoy) tries to find a wet nurse in order to take care of her grandson.

Toprak (Selen Soyder) whose daughter has passed away during that time becomes a valuable choice for Yusuf’s son. Although Toprak does not want to take care of another baby other than her own daughter, she eventually accepts to become a wet nurse and accepts to stay with Hancioglu family.

Toprak’s older sister Havva (Birce Akalay) also starts to stay with them in order to help her sister in this new home. However, Havva is enchanted by the wealth of Hancioglu family therefore; she tries to woo Yusuf by using her temptation. Havva starts to do everything in order to attract Yusuf and sometimes she takes advantage of her own sister. Now, Yusuf finds himself between two beautiful sisters, one of them is so innocent and one of them is so attractive.

In love is in the air tv series story, you will explore a triangle love story between Yusuf, Havva and Toprak while going to the enchanting world of Anatolia. Will Havva manage to become the bride of Hancioglu family? Will Yusuf learn the original intentions of Havva? What will happen to Toprak when she learns her sister’s aim?

Love is in the Air Cast
Murat Unalmis as Yusuf
Birce Akalay as Havva
Selen Soyder as Toprak
Kanbolat Gorkem Arslan as Mehmet
Ipek Erdem as Munevver
Isil Yucesoy as Hamiyet
Tuvana Turkay as Bade
Emir Benderlioglu as Yilmaz Hancioglu
Ulvi Alacakaptan as Remzi
Aysegul Gunay as Sultan
Yilmaz Calayir as Yigit
Ugur Aslan as Cuneyt
Erman Okay as Yilmaz

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  1. christine heinrich

    Somewhere I read that used and havva actually move out of the country and away from family!!!!

    • Not a good script at all. It’s Evil and deception..
      Yusuf love is the only real love here..
      Havva’s love is not really love, it’s obsession
      I want to see the development of the emotion of Yusuf and Bade but it’s end at episode 110. I wonder if there’s a season 2?

      • End of Episode 110 it says. Is there a continuation of this series? I take it that there is.. but when???
        Why there is no Security during the wedding?
        No body’s there to stop Cunyt firing the gun and shut Yusuf Bey on his Wedding day he is known and the wealthiest family in the area.
        Is Yusuf Bey dead?
        Is Havva dead?
        Writer, don’t you have a better scenario than killing the lead actors? I think I will stop watching Turkish Drama series this days this is another cliffhangers..

  2. Netflix ended it Harva witnessing the wedding and killing herself by driving into wall. Her ex fiancé witnessed it and went to Yusef n Bades wedding with a gun. He called Yusef a coward for not standing up to his mother and marrying Harva. He shot him dead and that was the ending. Did Netflix completely change the ending?

  3. 113 is lit. Kudos to Sultan for keeping Havva’s memory alive and wanting to restore her honor. Sevda is disappointing, thought she would have represented the spirit of Havva better. Instead, she hides behind her child’s innocence and is not Halal – so far. Mehmet and Bade – Auf. Yilmaz and Elif? Munevver and Yigit -Yes! Sevda and Ali Omer – boring. When would good win over evil?

  4. Charlotte Armstrong

    I recently discovered that the series did not end with season 1. I am watching season 2 without subtitles. I joined Turk Flix to watch this series with English. I found out that Yet Gok Ask is not included. Any help with this welcomed.

    • I watched the entire series on FunNetwork they do charge a yearly fee or you can pay monthly. They have well over a 100 different series Turkish with English subtitles.

  5. Episode 85 -dramatic ending of Season 2.
    Who is burned in the fire
    Havva looks beautiful; Pelin outs Mehmet and Bade t Hamiyet who has an aneurysm in the bathroom; Bad Bade sets the wedding hall on fire and locks the doors to the top of the hall to prevent or slow down Havva escaping the fire. Of course, Bade does not know that Yusef entered the room before she locked the door, Havva sees Yusef in the room – drama and suspense; Love continues to bloom for Sultana and Yilmaz, jr has definitely fallen for Havva and does not know that she is pregnant with Yusef;s child.

  6. I’m watching season 2 of Yer Gok Ask for second time, this time with English subtitles. Saddened by the way Yusef’s character is weakened. He dies not only from the injuries from the burn but also from the deception of the two women in his life – Hamiyet and Bade, and knowing that he treated Havva badly. She was the only one who loved him unconditionally. True love. so sad.

    • please where did you find season 2 with english subtitles.I have searched high and low and haven’t found any place that had it.Have you found season 3 with english subs?please let me know.I have been using a translator but it doesn’t always understand what their saying.please let me know where you got season 2 with English subtitles.

      • Yes, Seasons 2 and 3 are on YouTube FOX Bolum version. You must use a laptop and turn on closed captions – cc and select auto translate – English. You will get some English interpretation. Its not as thorough as Netflix translation, but it helps a lot. I used Google translate to translate the Turkish words to English and it took a very long time. But I learned some Turkish words and phrases along the way. Good luck with it. Season 2 is worth the effort. Personally, I think the series fizzled after Yusuf and Havva were permanently separated. I wanted to see them together with a child. Salaam.

  7. Noor Aini Mohd Tahir

    I love this movie so much ! But why there was no serie 2 & 3 in NETFLIX ?? I love the actor Yusuf because his acting thruthfully. So sad couldn’t get it on Netflix.

  8. I got hooked. i am only up to episode 29 but from comments i read i understand Netflix does not have all the episodes.
    should i just stop watching now? what’s the point of continuing

  9. Why did it end there…. How disappointing! I really hope Netflix show series 2 and 3. I just want to know if havva and yusuf finally get together

  10. Hi Mary
    Persevere with it … I kind of worked out what was happening .. and read the comments as people writing in tell the story too which helped me proceed with it ! Do you really want me to tell you ?might spoil it for you ! All I can say there are bad people Bade the psychopath ams too much of badness all round … it makes tv I suppose

  11. Very disappointing. Season 1 leaves you in mid air. I searched for. Additional seasons and found it on YouTube. Unfortunately to English subtitles to be had
    Don’t know why Netflix did not pick up the entire series

  12. Oh where oh where are the rest of season 1 episodes ? And while I am asking where are season 2 and 3 ? Please have English subtitles for them as well. Netflix , shame on you ! What a RIP OFF !!!

  13. Its an incredible series, story and actors. I love it all and can’t do my daily activities because I am hypnotized. Turkish films, drama and actors are the most beautiful in the world, and I watch all foreign films. Thank you for English subtitles.

    • I agree I love the Turkish dramas and Love in the Air is the best I have ever seen but to stop it where they did was terrible. I searched and searched but I did find an ending the Houisekeeper burned the house down I think is that what some of you saw.

  14. Innocencia Nameja

    The series was focusing too much on Havva and makes me lost interest at some point. Yusuf as a educated man was useless. Toprak was suppose to end up with Yusuf and not Bade.

    • shamiza ramadhar

      I agree. The last couple of episodes were very disappointing. Toprak, Munnevar, Jigit and were main players throughout the show, but they were totally dropped. It could have had a much better ending

  15. Please where is episode 111?

  16. Wow….one should acknowledge the difference in culture as well as customs. I would love to read the input of Turkish viewers have regarding this series and others

    • Disappointed in the ending — which I just read about because Netflix ended the series as episode 110 when apparently there are 2 more seasons. Loved the series but reading about the last 2 seasons that were never on Netflix, I would have been horribly disappointed to slog through the rest only to have Yusuf die at the end and Bade to become a vindictive witch and most of all, insult to injury introduce 2 new characters totally unconnected with the rest of the series as the main protagonists.

      • I managed to find the ending too the that vicious housekeeper set fire to the house, but cannot find anything else. I don’t think I’ll watch the Turkish dramas anymore as they keep doing this finishing them inappropriately. This one was unforgettable.

        • I agree. Really bad ending..
          Most of the Turkish Dramas I guess are like that. However, there are also really good with so good looking actors, brilliant acting and excellent storyline.

          • It took such a long time to hear from you. I know the ending now, very sad.
            THANK YOU.

  17. Absolutely Ridiculous!!!Two main characters gone unbelievable.It pains me to finish the series even if season 2 and 3 have no English subtitles.There is no Love Is In The Air without Yusuf and Havva! I am totally disgusted.

  18. Netflix ends Love Is in The Air at episode 110
    How do we get the other episodes ???

    • I agree withall the remarks below. This was one of the most incredible series I have ever seen. Then it stopped at No. 110 and I tried everything to get season 2 and 3. You can b uy them but they are very expensive. So, like a few of you I am watching it in Turkish on EUTube, but it’s very frustrating to know what they are all saying. I love Havva and Yusef and the Husband (Father) of Yusef. I hope they will bring it back with English subtitles in Season 2 and 3. Thank you.

  19. I realized that Yer Gok Ask was not about Yusuf and Havva, nor was it about Munnever and Yigit, nor Toprak and Sitki, nor about their families and the other people in the series. It was about Sultan, the one person who manipulated them all and was still so much around from EP 1 to the final EP. I thought she would pay for all her sinister acts and evil plans from EP 1 till the end, but no, she was still breathing till the final episode, with all the major characters not around anymore. What a disappointment… where is love in the air there? The title of the series must have been wrong…

    • Good point Ophelia. I also wondered what the backstory was regarding Sultana and her love hate relationship with the family. She seemed to feel entitled to living and owning a space in the mansion, not as a servant. There were veiled references to her husband and saving Yilmaz’s life as he lost his own, but nothing concrete up through season 2.
      I have to admit that I appreciate the cultural differences of Turkish movies, and picking up the Turkish language. I also see some emergence of equality and valuing all people- strong and confidant women like Havva standing up to everyone, including her father who is bent on running her life. The constant clashes between the old ways, exhibited by Yusef, which University trained and seemingly progressive, slapping his sister, Minnerve because she lied to him, and marrying her off as to the creepy Governor. Making decision about her future without consulting her, which is the old way. Then you see Minnerve going against her mother, working for and having an affair with Celal. That was way too creepy for me, and I liked that actor in Kara Para Ask, but did not like his role here. Wasn’t Minnerve younger than his daughter, crazy Bade? Anyway, its good to see other cultural norms in movies and have discussions about it. We live in a global society, and we must begin to better understand and appreciate each other. Love the scenery, the fields, Cappadocia is breathtaking – I want to visit the fields and caves. Those restaurants and houses seemed to be carved out of stone. I want to see them all.

      I may not like the ending of season 2, but I appreciate the cultural lessons. Salaam.

      • Nice explained observations from you. Actually, I have watched the series on Netflix where I was able to understand the story until the episode where Yusuf was shot on the day of his wedding. After that, I cannot really understand anymore what they were saying because in YouTube there was no English translation. All I know was Yusuf still loves Havva even if he was already married to Bade. I just base my understanding on their actions. Yusuf’s love for Havva though how intense it was, for me, a shallow one too. Because he always believes his mother, her words and everything she says and not even doubting her. I ended watching the series on the episode where Hamiyet met Havva face to face in the elevator. I cannot decipher anymore; it’s really hard basing your understanding of the storyline or their situation only on how you see them. I need a translator 😊. I know though that Yusuf, Havva, and Hamiyet died. It was a sad story about lies and deceits; about love, selfish love, and endless love.

        • Ok. That was Et episode 68. If you get a Fox version on You Tube with cc , see if you can get autotranalate.

          I watched all of the episodes on you tube using Google translate to get the gist of the dialogue and stopped watching Fter Havva died in jail with the baby.

          Then I figured out the auto-trandlate. Now I am re-wat hing the episodes Nd it makes a big difference. The translation is not verbatim, but it helps.

          So after they meet, Havva tells Hamiyet that she would forgive everything. All she wants is for Hamiyet to leave her and Yusef alone because they live each other. Hamiyet agrees to not interfere if Yusef wants to divorce Bade and marry Havva
          But she is still plotting against Havva.

          Meanwhile, Bade gets a gun, goes to Havva’s house and shoots her. She then shows signs of mental instability. Yusef tells her he will stay with her until the baby is born , but don’t expect anything from him. Bade has a miscarriage of the implanted embryo, but is pretending that she is still pregnant. She decides to seduce Mehmet to get pregnant, and finally tells him everything. Strange, she wants to keep Yusef, but have eyes on Mehmet. Definitely mentally unstsble.
          Meanwhile Hamiyet ha td chess a plan to throw the blame on Cuynet and gets Yilmaz to agree to go to propose it to Havva. Havva listens, but is skeptical. They tell her that they will tell Yusef, and only go forward as td if Yusef agrees.

          Of course, horrible Hamiyet, goes to Havva early the following morning g and tells her that Yimaz has spoken with Yusef. Yusef know the plan and did not object- a lie. At the same time Havva sees a news story of Bade and Yusef having dinner the night before, gets angry, and goes to the station with Hamiyer to write the complaint. While there, her cons ien e is bothering her, and she walks out. Hamiyet follows her and squeezes, telling her that if she did not complete the complaint, she will call and tell Yusef that Havva had disappointed them. Havva falls for the trap and writes the complaint ning cuynet as hmthe person who kept her locked up in fter the accident. She did not name her father or Hamiyet. Just that when she Woke she saw Cuynet, a doctor com ik g in and out and a nurse. The police picks up Cuynet, and tells him about the complaint. He is shocked and is telling the police that it wa as Hamiyet who was the mastermind. Meanwhile, the police calls Yilmaz for a for a statement and Yilmaz confronts Hamiyet. She lies again and tries to blame Havva, saying that havva told her that she had spoken with Yusef and he agrees
          Yilmaz foes not believe her. And actually tells her exactly how he thinks it happened. He was correct. Hamiyet caved, just as Yusef walks in.demanding to k ow what is going on. However, Yilmaz. Despite knowing the truth repeatedly as td the lie to Yusef to save Hamiyet. Yusef goes to Havva who has been waiting to have dinner with him and co fronts her. She is surprised to hear the version that her is relaying. She is trying to explain that they are lying on her, but Yusef believes his fster and ends it with Havva. Havva is broken.
          I’m wa td ching episode 70 & 71 tonite, hoping to get auto translate. Though I already know what happens, it will be so much better understanding the dialogue.


  20. Bringing in a new actor to play Yigit .. looked like him. Jt dusht have those amazing blue eyes… the nephew ALI just shows up the weak Yusuf when it comes to being led down the garden path by his evil treacherous mother and wife… people saying Havva was a greedy
    But it was Bade who was a cheater and killer … WHY did Havva get the blame for the fire when she could clearly not lock those doors? And didn’t anyone see Bade out there ? It was a bit over the top not realistic .. I do hope Netflix fixes the dubbed English as many people like me are new to this terrific story …. too much sadness though

    • Please where did you watch series 2 and 3, cannot find them anywhere, needs to be English subtitles Thanking You

      • Hi Mary, I googled it and found it on you tube so watched it on my Lap top .. not in English so had to work it out unfortunately.. it’s bad Netflix didn’t air it after Yusuf was shot at the wedding !
        It was good yet sometimes didn’t make sense especially Havva going to jail for burning the church ??? It should have ended when Yusuf found her alone be after her car crash …writers made it unbelievable

        • Thank you for replying, I’m really fed up we can’t get it with subtitles I must say I have never cried so much watching a series it really got to me haha, is Bade baby not yosufs? s

          • Yes it’s frustrating .. when you google it also type with English subtitles .. Bade was never pregnant his baby .. he has a car accident after finding Havva and loses a kidney . Yusuf thinks she’s donated hers but it’s a lie so he feels he owes her .. Havva is pregnant but was silly not to tell him .. The actress Bade has had a nose job as looks pretty from episode 111. Bade is mentally ill and she sleeps with Mehmet only to get pregnant … it’s far fetched in many episodes but I loved it

    • All of the Turkish shows are the same, and the actors I mean my god can’t they find someone better looking. All of the shows have rich people and they always fall in love with the poor servants. The shows are meant for the older Turkish generations and not for outside of Turkey.

    • Totally agree, Julie, Why was Havva blamed for the fire when she was clearly seated at the table with Yimaz when the fire began. And even when evil Hamyet surviving the stroke, and outing Bade, pregnrant with Mehmet’s child, she still went to the prison to manipulate Havva. It was an opportunity for the writers to show that she learned from the death of her beloved son, Yusef, and would have done everything in her power to get Havaa out of prison. Instead, she stalls, the baby is born in prison, and then she fights Havva’s family to get custody of the child. I guess the ironic twist that the child she is scheming to get is not Yusef’s son. Havva, Yusef and their son are in another place spiritually. That was beautiful Havva took their son with her to met Yusef. I’m still confused by Havva’s death, though. What was her ailment? Was it from the car injury, internal damage? She coughed a lot from the middle of Season 2, did she have lung failure? Was it poison from the vegetables in the organic garden? Did she bleed to death after giving birth and the poor prison conditions? Anyone know the real story. Salaam.

  21. No one in this show seems to have a friend.. Havva was manipulated by her scheming aunt… the wealthy family treat their staff like dirt when none of them have an ounce of morals… Haminet is the evil witch who won’t let her son live his life at 36 .. and he is dumb go listen to her.. if he had of realised Havvas family had no money for an engagement party they would have lived … as for insane Bade?? Did the actress have her nose fixed? After episode 111 totally different nose.. and Yigit now has list his blue eyes… his did Haminet hide Havva in another hospital? Why wasn’t Bade jailed for shooting Havva and stupid Yusuf forgives her? Bada and Mehmet were truly bad evil people and got away with murder? Bada burning the church locking the doors yet Havva goes to jail for that yet she’s the bride? If only Havva told Yusuf she’s pregnant … writers ruined this terrific series with a bad ending .. Poor Havva

    • It didn’t stop yusuf loving Haava, so love this series can’t find 2 & 3 series with subtitles anywhere, trying to find where I could buy it 🙈😭

      • Mary try this :-
        Love is in the air .. episode 111 with no English subtitles yet and it will come up !
        I’m sorry I have told you a few things but it’s worth the watch anyway ..
        I’m in Australia and my Turkish kebab shop men are thrilled I have learnt a few words . Yes Yusuf was too loyal and it killed him … her aunt was a manipulative bitch badly advising beautiful Havva … She should have told him they had no money fir the engagement party as it all went down hill … he loved her always .. Bade a hateful character

        • Hi, in sorry your having to tell me all this, but I cannot understand it with no subtitles😭 I watched some of it, I just need to know what happened, lol. So Haava had her baby? I think yousef new deep down it was his, and why did they send Havva to another hospital? I’m going to try to watch again no subtitles 🙄😭 tyvm xx

          • Mary, if you are able to turn on CC (closed captions) which will be on bottom of your screen., You may also get an auto-translate, which will provide some English. It’s not an exact translation, but it helps.

            Season 2 begins with the hospital scene. Scheming Hamlet and the Money grubbing father Remzi schemes to get Havva out of the hospital into a rural house with medical assistance provided by the head surgeon of the hospital and an incompetent nurse, who sneaks her creepy boyfriend in at night.

            I can tell the end of season 2 if you really want to know. But I have to say that I am disappointed with the writers ending. Yusuf and Havva’s love should have been celebrated – instead the bad people (Mehmet, Hamilyet, Bade, Ramzi), all seem to win. Poor Cynet, constantly being manipulated by Remzi, believing that he will eventually get to marry Havva. Havva has eyes for only Yusef after she sees him at the Vineyard, and the same for Yusef.

            Bade seemed to have lost her mind, nervous breakdown, and did some crazy things. She wants to hold on to Yusef, but seems to want Mehmet also.

            Season 2 is worth the watch, but I am not pleased with the ending. Let’s talk about it.

        • All true, I think the writers did could have developed Yusuf’s character emotionally. Yusuf was getting useful advise from his aunt a d seemed to be using it effectively to understand Havva, then the aunt disappeared. Very disjointed storylines. Personally, the series ended for me after Havva gave birth to Yusuf’s son then they both joined Yusuf in the afterlife. The remainder of Season 3 was pointless. How could Mehmet get away with everything, including the company since he is the only male Hamcioglu family alive. Munevver walked away from the family.

          • Agree … I think they must have employed new writers who weren’t there in the beginning because none of it made sense… havva being blamed for the fire when clearly sitting there 🤷🏾‍♀️And her dying from who knows what? Yes the evil ones like Bada and Mehmet getting away with everything … yes the good Aunt disappeared ?? They should have ended it with Yusuf and Havva …. not bringing in some random cousin .. poor writing and planning ruined a good series! The wealthy are awful to the poor too

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