One Child That I Loved – The Girl I Loved (Bir Cocuk Sevdim)

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The Girl I Loved (Bir Cocuk Sevdim) Tv Series
Original Title: Bir Cocuk Sevdim
English Title: One Child That I Loved
Also Known As: The Girl I Loved (U.S.), Το Κορίτσι που Αγάπησα (Greece), Момичето, което обичах (Bulgaria), Meenay – Mera Pyaar (Pakistan), Девојката која ја сакав (Macedonia), أحببت طفلة
Genre: Romance, Drama, Family Relations
Episodes: 39
Broadcast Network: Kanal D, Star Tv
Broadcast Period: September 9, 2011 – June 18, 2012
Production Company: TMC Film
Director: Cevdet Mercan
Screen Writer: , , , ,

Mine (Gulcan Arslan) is a young and beautiful girl who has a modest life. Sinan (Hakan Kurtas), on the other hand, is a handsome guy who comes from a rich family. These two young lovers do not care about their different family backgrounds and want to live together in harmony for a long time.

When Mine becomes pregnant from Sinan, their tender love story turns into a tragic love story. Both of their families disagree of their relationship. Sinan’s family does not tell Sinan that Mine is pregnant and send him to USA for his master’s degree. After her lover breaks their marriage promise, Mine becomes totally alone and tries to handle the emotional pain of her family by herself.

Mine has a conservative family who does not approve of pregnancy before marriage. Mine’s father Turan (Cetin Tekindor) devotes his life to leave good values to his wife and his three children. He tries to teach them on moral values, justice, honesty, and trustworthiness. For this reason, when he learns that his little daughter is pregnant before marriage, his life turns upside down. His sadness also affects the life of Timur (Bulent Inal) who is the boss of Mine’s father. Timur is a young and rich widow man who owns a big car store and lives happily with his 13-year old daughter. Since Timur respects for Mine’s father, he wants to do something good for him. In order to save the life of Mine, Timur accepts to get married to her and take the responsibility for the baby. Although it is an arranged marriage agreed only on paper, Mine and Timur become attracted to each other as the story develops.

In this story, you will explore a romance, family relations, hope, anger, conflict and betrayal at the same time. Will Mine and Sinan who come from different family backgrounds overcome all the obstacles in front of their ways? Will Sinan eventually learn that he has a baby from Mine? Will Mine and Timur learn to love each other in a marriage agreed only on paper?

as Timur
as Turan
as Mine
as Sinan
Onuryay Evrentan as Emine
Sefika Umit Tolun as Esmahan
Arzu Gamze Kilinc as Sureyya
Inan Ulas Torun as Erdal
Cansu Koc as Funda
Ilayda Alisan as Merve

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  1. Hey guys! I really recommend Winter Sun. Its an another lovely Turkish show on NetFlix. I finished all episodes in a month.

    • Is there a happy ending for the good guys ? I don’t think I can take another unhappy unjust ending. The people who lie,cheat, manipulate & commit crimes all pretty much get away with it . Sinan got robbed of his love, his son, his parents ,his inheritance from a controlling,wealthy manipulative selfish man who lusted after a 17 year old girl. Nothing was done out of the goodness of his heart. He had many opportunities to do the right thing before Hassan was born if he truly cared about Mine. He is suppose to be this mature man & he has no sympathy for a man who was robbed of his his rights to be a father. He used that child as a wedge and a weapon.And he was rewarded for it. I had a love/hate relationship with series.

  2. This story sure did twist and turn. All I kept thinking was “What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” I did not care for the character, Timur. Don’t get me wrong, the actor himself is handsome. I found the character controlling and manipulative. Also, his immediate lust for Mine was unseemly, icky actually. She was a 17 year old girl and I think he was more than 20 years older (going by the actor’s actual age). He locked in her in her room, took her phone, reminiscent of the punishment and control Mine’s father inflicted on her. Sinan and Mine were victims in the lies and coverups their families concocted to protect “honor” and family name. I did not like the last episode either. Not sure if it is The End though as Netflix has a bad habit of hooking me on these Turkish dramas and then withholding the subsequent episodes.

    • ….you got that one right! If you are looking for happy endings, or even for everyone to LIVE..don’t depend on Turkish Dramas! Don’t get me wrong..I’m watching all of them…all 70+ episodes and even when Netflix drops the subtitles and you are left watching them in Turkish…I struggle on! They are so interesting…I’m even going back to series that ended in 2010. Please…Netflix and Youtube….continue to put them on for us…

  3. I’m so angry with the ending! I watched every single episode on Netflix and there are so many cliff hangers which were not addressed. Netflix should have posted a season 2 as I can’t find it online!

  4. sucks i watched the girl i loved until 79 ended sucks is there season 2 what happen to sinan ?

    • I am going a little crazy here as I finished episode 79 and there are still a lot of un finished questions!!! Need to find answers to these
      How or when can I get more of this series????

      • Hii,

        This has nothing to do with your comment but I just thought of asking you since this is the latest comment here.
        Are you a regular Turkish series watcher? If so can you recommend me some good ones?
        Till now I watched Ezel, Kara Para Ask, Fatmagul Succu Ne?, Until Death and Siyah Beyaz Ask.


        • i have watched..

          love me as am
          what happened to my family
          love is in the air

          are those you mention all on netflix?

        • I just finished Kara Para Ask and now watching 20 minutes about a man trying to save is wife by breaking her out of jail when she is wrongly accused of murder. Those of you who are watching or have watched the last season of Ertugrul (which I highly recommend) will recognize in this humble and meek man, the bell ringer who is as evil and twisted as they come. Really shows the range and skill of the actor.

          By the way, Ertugrul was the father of Osman, the first ruler of the Ottoman Empire. Lots of action for the men, and plenty of intrigue, gorgeous costumes and ornate headdresses, textiles and incredible nomad tents. I binged on the first three and then waited for Season 4 and have finished 5. But, for those who loved it, weep not because a follow-up series featuring Osman (origin of Ottoman), is now playing in Turkey and we will get it…who knows when – if Netflix picks it up.

        • Love is in the air

          Kurt Seyit and Sura

  5. I loved Kurt Seyit and Sura but hated how they were kept from each other. Now I watch “The Girl I Loved” and it has AWFUL ending!! Do the Turks not believe in happy endings? I could not believe there is not another season. Why leave us all “hanging”? Not sure I want to watch anymore Turkish shows . Of course, I will watch anything with Kitvanc Tatlung in it. Can’t spell his name correct.

  6. I just finished watching Season One of this series and am astonished that Netflix does not obtain Season 2. Not sure if there is a problem with American and Turkish agreements to purchase it or what, but it is really sad that Netflix would only get one season of any series leaving all who watch it angry. To invest that many hours in just one season is one thing, but to not have a second or final season is quite another. If the problem in obtaining it lies with the Turkish producers/writers etc. and this is the norm for them, then Netflix and all other American media’s should not get them at all. So sad to leave viewers hanging with unanswered questions. For that reason, I will not watch another Turkish movie.

    • I totally agree! This is the second of several Turkish soap operas that I’ve been binge-watching, only to find out that you’re left hanging without any conclusion. The programs and acting have always been great, but I’m soooo disappointed that after watching the 79th program last night, there was no conclusion!!! NETFLIX shouldn’t sign on with any program, unless they have the rights to the other seasons.

  7. To everyone: Do not blame netflix on the shitty ending. The show endet in 2012 and there is no second season, dont waste your time waiting for it. I am so sad because its literally the worst ending that could possibly happen.

    I dont think that Mine didnt love Sinan. She loved him so much but it just wasnt meant to be. After 2 years and Hasan being used to Timur I dont know how i would decide. She also started loving Timur .. and he is a good guy, just so much older than her.

    • See , I disagree Timur is not
      a good guy. If he really cared about her he would of let her go to Sinan with her passport to find out if Sinan really left her. Again , even before Hassan was born after Sinan came back injured & found out she was married Timur led him to believe she was pregnant with his baby. Even before Hassan drew his first breath. If he really was a good guy he would know how her heart truly belonged to Sinan . Timur took advantage of her desperation and only through all the manipulation, deceit,lies & coontrol he drove a wedge between Sinan & Mine because of Hassan’s attachment to him.I don’t know if its typical of Turkish Dramas but the ones I’ve watched so far,good moral charachter & true pure love don’t seem to win the day. The old guy who lusted after a 17 year old girl did….Gross.

      • i get what you mean. of course the age gap between mine and timur is extreme and that he did some really bad things. but at the end of the day I do think that he really loved her and that she started loving him too at the end. dont get me wrong: I still think that sinan is the one for mine. he truly loved her and their love was just innocent and pure but it just wasn’t meant to be. also hassan got used to timur and I think he was a good father to him. I think it was hard for mine to go back to sinan after all this time

      • Well, I am afraid we Americans are spoiled and want happy endings all the time. That is not real life. While Timur did manipulate, he got the girl through strength of character and will. But his love in the end is more stable then Sinan’s who was just not growing up. Mine did grow up and accepted that she has moved on and that Sinan is a spoiled boy even if his love is true and constant.
        And both sets of parents did everything to keep them apart. But guys, you have to understand the culture. It is different from ours, vastly different, so you can’t judge their actions based on how we do things here. Then again, just watch American soap operas. The evil, conniving and manipulative characters, including parents, are legion.

  8. Girl I lovedis the 4th Turkish series I’ve watched on Netflix
    I have really loved all of them. Filming on location characters plots and acting are all terrific. However girl I loved has left me terribly disappointed and baffled!!! I have invested my time on 79 episodes and driving my husband crazy with every detail
    And feel totally lost after the last episode!!!
    How does merve see her mom at the wedding when all along were led to believe Timor was a widow
    What happens to Eminemwho is definitely out of her mind
    Does turan and his wife reunite
    Does sinan recover and unite with the neighbor and her child
    What about erdal and fundas baby
    And what about the physco Derin who shot Sinan
    This was a wonderful family saga story but totally left me disappointed!!!

  9. I am very upset at Netflix. How can they make us watch 79 EPISODES and leave us hanging like that. I think Derin killed Sinan or maybe he is not dead? Now Merve’s mother came back but are they divoeced? otherwise Mine’s marriage to Timur is not legal. There are so many unrelsoved issues. esmahan and Turan? Is the baby a girl or a boy? And why bring the widow with the girl to Sinan’s life and kill him?

  10. Same as many-disappointing end but music captivating and stayed in my head ongoing as i speak

  11. enjoyed watching the series. Eminem played her role very well. I do think Sinan should have a happier ending. He did nothing wrong. He was loyal to Mine but she kept pushing him away for stupid assumptions. the father acted very well. Erdal and Funda made a cute couple. did not like Timur character. the girl Merve was quite annoying. waiting for the next season.


  13. Its a story with lots of twist, Timur and Mine played Sinan’s feelings and life. Mine could have told Sinan about their son and introduce each other even though the boy is still young. He has the right to know him and not to waste time and enjoy each other. Mine and Timur are cruel. Mine is kind of young to be Timur’s wife, she is almost the same age as his daughter Merve, but Timur is selfish (for his own intention) and took advantage of Mine’s situation for his own purpose. Mine is like a sly fox , trying to give Sinan a hope but then in the other hand crushed him to death. For the writer, I hope you will give Sinan a chance to be happy, find a girl who will love him truly not like Mine (no backbone) and a chance to enjoy his son. Derin the psychotic and evil woman should be put to mental hospital. Erdal is funny and they are good together with Funda. Family is important than pride, honor and what other people say. When someone falls or made a mistake in a family – support, help, understanding and love should be given and not to worry about shame or care what other people say.

  14. I started watching Turkish tv around the same time I started listening to Dr. Jordan Peterson from Toronto. He analyzes relationships based on an OCEAN scale of 5 traits; being agreeable is one, and in this clip he talks about parenting, status, and personality. I think it goes with the discussion about Timur and Mine. I love how she parents Hasan. (“Aybars Kartal Ozson was born in Uskudar, Istanbul in 18.05.2008 and he is the son of a family which immigrated from Bulgaria to Turkey”, quoted from the IMDB page on him)

  15. This is so disappointing, I am outraged at the ending I will not watch another Turkish series again! Shame on Netflix for doing this to their viewers!

  16. Hello

    Can anyone please please help me with some info on ‘Tatli Kusuk Yalanchilar’.

    Where can I get this series with English Subtitles??

    will be ever grateful if anyone can help!

    • I watched it on Netflix with English sub titles. 79 episodes
      Are there more episodes

      • But how do you get them.
        I agree it was disappointing. Too many strange happenings and the characters were not always clear and often had no basis in reality.

        Why did Timur leave the wedding? I doubt that Timur killed Sinan. He really didnt need to.
        Did Derin or Timurs father kill him. Is he really dead???

        Sinan was really the only one who didnt do anything wrong. He deserved better.
        I thought Timurs wife died
        Timur did some pretty awful thingsl, even if he did love Mine. I am sad they got married. He tried to play God.

  17. Love all the Turkish series. Watched almost all of them on Netflix. Disappointed in Netflix for not purchasing rights to show entire series. Perhaps there is an issue obtaining rights for the other seasons. It leaves your audience frustrated because we cannot finish any of the Turkish series. I’m addicted to these series and the acting is so refreshing. Kurt Seyit ve Sura was the first one I watched and it was fantastic.

  18. I am flabberghasted to think I invested my time to watch 78 shows of The Girl I Love to end up hanging. and then come to the realization there is not a contiuation to this. That is relly crazy! What were the producers thinking? This experience was a love/hate review….loved it and HATED the end.

  19. spoiler alert but I had to pause the video and comment on Onuryay Evrentan who plays the victim really well as Emine but really it is ALL her fault…
    the texting and the letter…and really why doesn’t she show the letter and stop this insanity..I want to rat her out…and yell at her…yes, I am that much in to the story…

  20. I want to watch season 2?! Please advise where I can find it thanks

  21. When will season 2 of the girl I loved be aired on Netfliks?

  22. how could you end the series like this .where is season 2

  23. I just watched, “THE GIRL I LOVED” this can’t be the end.

    • I’m also really upset with the unfinished series from Netflix, of course that’s not the end of THE GIRL I LOVED, and I could say this is a scam!!!!

  24. Regina delos Santos

    There is a big clamor for Netflix to air Season 2 of THE GIRL I LOVED (and even the other unfinished series of other series. I hope we will be heard…

  25. Quiero ver la segunda temporada donde timur y mine sean felices

  26. Hello,

    I saw some episodes on Netflix, when I travelled to America. Now I am back to Romania and I can not find the movie. Please do you help me with a website where I can see the entire movie in english/spanish subtitles?

    Thank you,

  27. Kathleen Balderson

    I am so liking all of the Turkish movies. They are better than American shows. But I am hoping there is going to be a Season 2 of A Girl I over. You just can’t end the movies unfinished. Please make a Season 2. Thank you

  28. Please please let ne know if there is a Season 2!! I want to know if who was the lady came to their wedding??? And I want to see Mine truely love Timur, I want to see Timur became happy with Mine, this time Mine fell in love with Timur!! I want to see them have happyending… I can’t get over this drama… it keeps me going back and watching oover and over again!! Help me where to find the Season 2, am willing to rent if i have to!!!

    • I also am enjoying”turkish movies” classier, not much foul lanquage and I like the family standard’s.
      I watched 79 series, also and left with cliff hanger? so disappointing! If there is episode 2 , please netfllix purchase this. Thankyou

  29. this is absolute BS, they always has an un finished ending, grrrrrrrrrrrrrr, why the hell does it always do this,

  30. Just finished watching the last show and very disapointed as everyone else. I love Turkish shows. I seen so many, but many had unfinished ending. Very frustrating.

  31. I like seeing movie the girl I loved continue season 2 please

  32. Timur’s disappearing 1/2 hour before the wedding is unexplainable. He is very insecure and so jealous of Sinan he had to eliminate him. His having been there for Mine was not from the goodness and generosity of his heart but his obsession of this young girl right from the 1st time he laid eyes on her. He had to eliminate Sinan otherwise he’ll never be sure of Mine as long as Sinan was. around and in the life of the boy. I’ve hated Timur all along. He did evil things using that evil girl.

    • I am starting to wonder if Timur has some autism…he seems like he can’t talk in the moment. He feels like things are out of control unless he is controlling it all. His defense system shadows any compassion that others claim he has.

    • I think Derin shot Sinan, but Timor may be blamed for it as he did not tell anybody where he went. I think the lady who came to the wedding was Timor’s first wife. Just guessing.

      • Derin doesn’t have a hairy arm. Watch it again. He was shot by a male.

      • Derin does not have a hairy arm. He was shot by a male. The woman that came in at the very end was Merve’s mother. She called out to her!

      • Dern did not shoot Sinan. She does not have a hairy arm. Watch this episode again. A hairy armed man reached out with the gun. Also, the woman that walked into the wedding at the very end was Merve’s mother. She called out to her.

        • No es cierto. Una mano peluda se ve en la escena cuando Timur sale de su casa (alien lo apunta con la mano sin arma). En la escena de disparo solo se ve una parte pequeńa de los dedos, los que pueden pertenecer tanto a un hombre como a una mujer.

    • I do not like him, but do not think he did it.

      • I agree in that Derin killed Sinan. The problem is if the lady appearing at the wedding is Merve’s mother are they divorced or he made everybody think he is a widow and then his marriage to Mine is not legal. I am so mad at this ending !! My first Turkish series was Seyt & Sura and although it does not have a happy ending it is a true story and that’s ok. I hope Netflix gets the rest of this story because there are many issued UNRESOLVED. I fell betrayed by them.

  33. Does anyone know the lyrics to the theme song? it sounds very painful, I can make out some words and have an idea of what it is about.

    • I saw a boy (also: a girl, a child) far away,
      His eyes mournful, even fearful.
      Despite everything for a split second the boy smiled
      Warm, simple but a little suspicious

      I loved a boy far away,
      I supposed this was his yearning too.
      However he, with his one stare, stripped me
      Off my veils, merely merely by his feelings

      I have not seen such a heart, such a love
      Now a boy grows day by day
      He caressed all sorrows one by by,
      Coiling up to a secret hope, a little resentful.

      I saw a boy far away,
      I little boyish, a little manlike, a little nobody.
      In his hands wet* time bouquets,
      He chose a path that has not been taken before.

      I loved a boy far away,
      Tomorrow in one hand, yesterday on the other.
      Due to getting old prematurely, he seems a little sad,
      He laughes away, looking at world condition.

      I have not seen such a heart, such a love
      Now a boy grows day by day
      He caressed all sorrows one by by,
      Coiling up to a secret hope, a little resentful.

  34. Dear Carmen Gonzales
    Sorry that episode is before Sina comes from America

    There is no season 2


    I want Sina to get married with the red hair kady with a daughter and Timur to be back with his ex wife and Mine to be in an accident so Hasan can be with Sina.

  35. Carmen Gonzalez

    Netflix did not share the whole series. Just saw an awesome video od Timur and Mine cooking together!

  36. I don:t like the way it ended either. Sinan wasgood and didN;t deserve that ending. Mine wasnt fair to him

  37. I am addicted to this series and am hoping mature Mine falls in love with Timur.I feel sorry for Sinan but he needs to move on with his life and both men need to give Mine a chance to sort through her feelings. I almost found the father Turan comical with his long suffering feeling sorry for himself and the same with the mother.I Haven’t finished episode 1 and reading about the disappointing cliffhanger I’m not sure I want to subject myself to that letdown.Please Netflix show us more happy ending series, there’s enough misery in the world.I enjoyed VELVET for IT’S happy ending.

    • I do not like the way season one ended so I am hoping there will be a season 2. Sinan needs to not be dead but have a recovery from his wounds and fall in love with the red haired lady and her adorable little girl. I am happy Mine falls in love with Timur and remarries him. I find Mine’s brother so extremely annoying and downright silly. I feel great sadness for her sister Emine. She definitely needs help to think straight. She is also such a good actress. Mine’s father, Turan is so irritating and selfish and also a hypocrite. He constantly feels sorry for himself. I think Mine’s mother is wonderful and does her best to help her family. Sinan, I also feel for but he is too controlling and pushy and if he would have had some patience to understand Mine better, that would have helped her stay in love with him. This is such a good series with lots of devious spiteful people. Sinan’s father is unbearably evil and gross and so wild eyed looking, also a good match for this part. Although Timur has done some devious things, he respected Mine and loved her enough to be happy without being intimate with her. I like him and I do not think he shot Sinan. I think Sinan’s father shot him or else that crazy girl that tried to accuse Sinan of pushing her off the ledge. I think Timur is basically good. I cannot wait to see Season 2.

      • There will not be a S2. This show is from 2011. If I had known that there would no closure, I would not have watched it. Netflix should not buy a show with a story that is not finished.

      • Christine Biggers

        I also think that Sinan’s father shot him out of spite for being rejected. His father was surprised that he felt no remorse for killing Emine as he thought she was dead. He threatened that no one actually knew what he was really capable of to his wife. I don’t think Sinan’s ex did it because she was wanted by the police at that time, and she never wanted to go back to jail ever again. She was a talented chef and a clever person who almost landed a rich husband. She probably went to greener pastures. As for Timur leaving before the wedding, that was just some distraction to create mystery.

        • 9hooked on turkish filmsbut the ending of the girl i loved awnful ending left hanging dont think i willrush to watch future films from turkey their loss if they dont produce season 2

      • Thanks Christine for your thoughts on this…I wonder if Emine, who is bonkers, shot him…I am only on episode 19 on netlfix where Emine burned the pan in the kitchen and looks out of her mind, and is so evil, it must be her who would be willing to hurt Sinan even though his father is terrible there is no doubt. I love turkish tv because they know how to write complex characters that have both the good and bad in them instead of the american cartoon version where one person is good and another is bad without any depth and confusion. This is richly cast, and music is beautiful and the story is complicated. I love it.

      • Turan’s wife was the one that pushed him to get Mime to marry Tirun. Every time Mime seemed sympathetic to Sinan, she pushed her towards Tirun. None of them did anything to help Sihanouk have a relationship with his son. Tirun is controlling and calculating. Maybe a union between Sihan and Mime would not be a good thing, but as time goes on she will see that she is completely manipulatived by Tirun.

    • Timur is not nice. His is not love but an obsession he has for this girl from the first time he laid eyes on her. He used an evil person to obtain incriminating information that he thought would remove competition. That makes him evil. He is cunning but uses his wealth to obtain what he can buy.

      • I agree with you Nora. I just got to the part where he has Mine meet his old girl friend then lies saying he was gone all night…he is devious and selfish. I don’t understand how in Turkey Sinan has no parental rights…in America he would have court ordered visitation and that would be that…how can Timur block that! It makes me so mad! And he isn’t loving to his daughter…she is like an object that he wants well placed but ignored on a human level. And the conniving with Devin…it is sneaky and evil like you said…which makes me think that maybe he did try to get rid of Sinan…terrible that the writer can’t join this forum and tell us what he had in mind.

      • Forget about Timur being evil … and all the not-so-nice people with hidden evil agendas …what really bothers me is Mine making a mockery of true love … How can she fall for Timur while (supposedly) she loves Sinan so much? It doesn’t make sense to me …

    • Velvet is Spanish!

    • I agree with you would like Mine to fall in love with Timur for he put his life on hold all these years for her. A chance that he took.

  38. Where is season 2 netflix. This is a ridiculous way to treat your customers. Do not meds with people’s entertainment! I will not watch anymore of these.

    • i hope yo will get the licence to contune this story. i cant believe you are going to do tis to or csttomers.i have toled to my bridge club members. members are 400. please ave a way to in form us if you are goig to show more of the series. and how about gettng more series with gulcan arslan in it. such a fine actress.

  39. It’s ridiculous that Netflix takes on unfinished series.

    • I belive that whoever shot at the guy was her late girlfriend….

      For this reason I am dropping my suscription to NETFLIX…

  40. I absolutely loved this movie but i do not like the fact that wrong seems to triumph over good. Sinan, his child and his lady should get together and live together as a family. when will we be able to see season 2 w/eng subtitles.

  41. I just finished watching – The Girl I Loved – on Netflix. This is the third Turkish Drama that I have watched and enjoyed until the ending. I cannot figure out why these Turkish Writers leave you with all these unanswered – cliffhanging – endings to the stories. I must tell you that you are messing with our minds. I can understand if you are going to have a second series but none of them have had second series. These Dramas should have happy endings….I do not like these unanswered questions. I have decided to write my own happy ending to this story so I can have a close to this story. My Ending: Timur and Mini get married and live happily ever after. Senan dies. The girl that kept giving him so much trouble is the killer and she is caught and is hung. The mother and father gets back together. The brother and wife have a beautiful baby boy. The man that the sister keeps seeing in her imagination is real and he marries her and gets her out of her misery. The woman that shows up at the wedding it really the first wife’s twin sister and she comes to tell Timur that his first wife is dead. FINALLY: ALL IS WELL WITH THE WORLD! I like my ending to this story better.

    • ***spoiler alert***
      I agree with you on the ending of all the Turkish series – left unanswered. Makes you think its a waste of time since endings are sad and unfinished.

      I think Timur is bad and he shot Sinan to have Mine to himself without any more dramas. I loved Sinan as he never did any bad stuff so wanted the wedding not to go ahead when Timur’s wife returned and he eventually got caught for shooting Sinan and put in jail. Sinan and Mine get back together with their son Hassan and get married and have another child and live happily and Mine realises that her love for Sinan was forever.

      • I would definitely watch season 2 if there’s a season 2 just to see this ending! Thank you for posting….

      • I do not think Timur shot Sinan. Timur deserves to Marry Mine. He was there for her from the beginning. He truly loves her and her son. Why do these Russian series always have people reappear at such an exciting happening. Makes no sense. Timur has always been there for Everyone. He deserves some happiness with Mine.
        Come on Netflix bring the entire series on Netflix or don’t show Any of it. 😡😡😡😡

    • I like your ending. I agree with you with not having final series. I think Netflix for some reason does not carry them. I have watched multiple series and find there are other series and cannot figure out where to view them.

    • I like your ending also. I feel Sinan’s father should go to prison for attempting to murder Emine and being horrible to his own wife and son. He is one evil man. I also want Sinan to still be alive and recover and eventually get to know and marry the red haired girl as he seems to really get along with her child and I want him to continue to see his adorable little boy and in time have a good relationship with him.

    • OMG Judy Ellison, I love your ending….yes to it all…except I agree with Judy McClellan, send Sinan’s papa to do some jail time…
      but we need a happy rescue for the Bosnian mom and girl…maybe Sinan’s mom adopts her or sponsors her or something like that, and they run day care centers…
      oh, and Merve goes to college in Germany, becomes fluent and marries the boy (blanking on his name) and they write the story that is this story and ehvallah, full circle.

    • Judy Ellison, I love your ending. I also want Mine and Timur to live happily ever after. I think the boy, Memo, killed Sinan. He was always lurking in the shadows. The acting and music is great in these Turkish dramas. These shows are addicting. I watched The Girl I Loved twice. I also loved Burned Cocoon. I appreciate that there is no foul language.

  42. Lolita Macpherson

    This was my 2nd TurkishTV drama series I watched. I loved the story but it sucked the end of the story. It left incomplete. Poor Sinan, he was the character who I loved very much. Why the director let him suffered a lot. And who shot him? Where did Timur go before the wedding. I thought Timur was a widow. How come she showed up at the wedding. Probably she was still alive. Really this drama series made me confused. Why the producers made it with incomplete ending. Will there be another Season 2

  43. I did not like mine. Toward end I starting dis liking her. She was plying both of those men against each other. She couldn’t make her mind up I think she to had some mental illness. Poor sini
    so I never had chance. As much as she love him in younger years. And he was gone n got hurt. Stop from coming back sooner. That she would have pick Sini the father of her son. That person that show up at end was Timur. Ex wife. Mother of his daughter. Who shot sini. I think it timur or. Definitely. Or maybe his own fathers

  44. Just say yes or no will there be a season 2

  45. I enjoy a lot of Turkish series; and like a lot of their series it never ends well. I agree with most comments when the viewers plead for final episodes. Will there be any more? I liked mines son; who played this role. He looked like Kaan in Intersection; I enjoyed the story line; Mine and Sinan were lovers while she was still at college but fell pregnant and the family fell apart. She was an outcast till Timur came along and married her; but he too was in love with her, so Sinan never knew of this because his scheming father made him leave for America. I liked Timur so I think it was good they were about to marry; his spoilt daughter had changed towards Mine; her son was simply adorable. But I felt sorry for Sinan who tried to make things right when Timur made Mine leave his home which she did; but in the end she ran to Timur and asked him to marry her. Who killed Sinan? Who walked in at the wedding?

  46. I became captivated with this show. So many emotional things going on. My favorite character was Sinan. I was impressed with his moral and ethical compass. He stood up for what is right. I did not find him selfish at all. He tried to follow through with everything he said to Mine…not something alot of young men do. Timur, on the other hand was manipulative. He was use to getting his way and doing whatever it took to get his way. I don’t care for that trait. He should have told Mine the minute Sinan came back to Turkey to find her. But instead, he threatened Sinan. Sinan tried to make everything right and do the right thing. To me, he is the tragic figure in this series. I lost alot of faith in Mine. I hated how she went back and forth with these men and caused all this emotional upheaval for them. To be honest, at the end, I was hoping she would be left completely alone for jerking these guys around. I enjoyed watching Merve’s character develope. There were alot of interesting plots, twists, and moral dilemmas in this show. The ending was so heart wrenching and disappointing. How could the writers and directors leave us hanging like that. Who shot Sinan? I was so hoping that he would have some happiness with the new female character in the show, Yasmina’s mom. Anyway, I sure enjoy turkish dramas very much. Kurt ve Surya was excellent. Loved it. Have watched it twice.

    • Karen, I agree with your analysis. Sinan was the moral and ethical figure in the show; yet, he suffered more than the others.

    • i agree. i feel so incredibly sorry for sinan. his heart is so pure and he really loves mine. he was so innocent and still he is the one who got hurt the most. i loved his character.

  47. estoy x borrarme de netflix ,no me gusta q me tomen el pelo con las series turcas . No merecemos q nos dejen sin continuacion

  48. Janeth fernanda ramos

    Falta de respeto 😤!!! Lo mas triste es que se les volvió costumbre que el televidente se quede con tantas preguntas sin respuesta .es una lastima porque la novela es muy buena .dan ganas de no ver masss

  49. I was turned on to the girl I loved , and was hooked. I stayed up all night watching. I could not wait to find season 2 and reading the comments from viewers, it seems this is the norm to end the stories without any ending.
    Contrary to the comments that Timur is a pervert, I understand where they are coming from, however when you
    love someone sometimes its like a possession and not thinking straight. He loved her from the first time he saw
    her, did he do some things that was underhanded yes, but I was rooting for him all the way.

    Sinan loved her also, but he has to put all and I mean all the blame on his racist parents. I also understand just finding out about his son, but Timur went overboard to make Mine happy because he loved her.
    She however don’t seems to know what the hell she want, I feel like I could reach her shake some sense into her. Sometimes you have to make lemon into lemonade expecially if you have a man who loves you and your child as his own. For the sake of the child I would at least try the marriage and if it dose work than at least I know I tried, but Timur is a fool, no way I would be waiting so long .
    On my last note. personally I fell in love with Timur what a hot, hot, hot tomalli.

    Very disappointed the show ends like this, I was even trying to see if it comes on DVD or something. Very, very, disappointed.

  50. Totally agree with you there. I don’t like sex scenes at all and Turkish dramas are the reason why I love watching shows like Love & Punishment and the one with Biter, Nihal and Adnan, can’t remember the name. I’m so disappointed with The Girl I Loved, the ending was such a mystery. I feel so sorry for Sinan, he’s suffered too much. He’s had to put up with a crazy psychotic Derin, a dumb father and a very fickle Mine who can’t decide what she wants. I know that Timur couldn’t have shot Sinan because he was going to get keep his prize, Mine so there’s no need to keep Sinan away as he had no motive. It did look suspicious because he left his wedding party to do something but will now need an alibi.I think the person who shot him was either Derin or the guy who wanted to take Ena’s child away, Yasmina. It could also be Memo but realistically speaking, I don’t think he’d want to go through all that again because Sinan had dropped charges when he stabbed him.

    Waiting for season 2 now!

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