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Ruthless City (Zalim Istanbul)

Ruthless City (Zalim Istanbul) Tv Series Featured

Original Title: Zalim Istanbul
English Title: Ruthless City
Also Known As:
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 12+
Broadcast Network: Kanal D
Broadcast Period: April 1, 2019 –
Production Company: Avsar Film
Director: Cevdet Mercan
Screen Writer: Sirma Yanik

Agah Karacay (Fikret Kuskan) is a successful businessman who has a wealthy life. He lives in a big mansion together with his beautiful and ambitious wife Seniz (Mine Tugay), irresponsible son Cenk (Ozan Dolunay), carefree daughter Damla (Simay Barlas), and his disabled nephew Nedim (Berker Guven).

When Agah’s elder brother is killed years ago, he not only is inherited by a huge fortune but also is taken over the responsibility of his 8-year old nephew. After then, Agah starts to raise his nephew. But something unexpected happens and Nedim becomes disabled because of an unexpected tragedy.

Even though Agah loves his nephew and tries to do his best to take care of his nephew properly, his wife Seniz wants to send this young boy away. Seniz keeps a secret related to her past and she does whatever is needed to continue to keep it secret. Seniz considers Nedim as her enemy since he is the only witness whatever has happened years ago. For this reason, Seniz wants to deteriorate Nedim’s situation by giving him drugs in a secret way.

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Fikret Kuskan

Fikret Kuskan - Actor

Name: Mehmet Fikret Kuskan
Birthdate: April 22, 1965
Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
Height: 170 cm
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Education: Istanbul University State Conservatory – Theatre (Istanbul Universitesi Devlet Konservatuvari Tiyatro); Berlin Goethe University
Talent Agency:
Spouse: Bahar Kerimoglu (m. 2005–2009), Arsevi Ozkara (m. 2014-present)
Biography: Mehmet Fikret Kuskan was born in 22 April 1965 in Istanbul. His father migrated from Albania and his mother migrated from Bulgaria. His childhood passed in Istinye, Istanbul. While he was 4 years old, his father became paralyzed and when he was 13 years old, his father passed away. After then, he quit the school and started to work at plumbery. After working for 1 year, he went to Tokat together with his uncle-in law and started to have a village-life. He lived in Tokat for 3 years and then came back to Istanbul to study high school. He studied at Haskoy High School. While going to high school, Fikret Kuskan also started to be interested in theatre. After graduating from high school, Fikret Kuskan founded a photography studio together with his friends. However, he wanted to do theatre and for this reason, he applied for Mimar Sinan State Conservatory but he did not manage to succeed it. The next year, Fikret Kuskan manage to get acceptence from Istanbul University State Conservatory.

Fikret Kuskan Tv Series / Movies
1988 – The Fog (Sis) (as Murat) (Movie)
1989 – Young People (Gencler) (as Sinan)
1990 – Iki Basli Dev (as Hakan Ozkan) (Movie)
1991 – Middle of Loneliness (Issizligin Ortasi) (as Ayhan)
1991 – The Secret Face (Gizli Yuz) (Movie)
1992 – Whistle if You Return (Donersen Islik Cal) (Movie)
1993 – Block-C (C-Blok) (as Haled) (Movie)
1996 – Black Angel (Kara Melek) (as Selcuk)

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