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Name: Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan
Birthdate: December 13, 1982
Birthplace: Sivas, Turkey
Height: 186 cm (6′ 1¼”)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Talent Agency: Oyuncu Bankasi Casting
Biography: Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan was born in 13 December 1982 in Sivas. In 2007, he was awarded as “Promising Male Model” at the competition of Best Model of Turkey. After then, he started his music career and worked with Suat Aydogan. He launched his first music single named Kaybettim (literally I Lost) in 2007. His music #KendiniBanaBirak (literally Leave Yourself to Me) has 2 million views on YouTube. Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan also writes song lyrics (has given his songs to Serdar ortac and Oguz Berkay Fidan). Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan started his acting career in 2019 after taking acting lessons.

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From Interview of Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan

How was your childhood?

I was very independent. I was born in Sivas and grown up there. I am the eldest of my 3 siblings. My father was a factory worker.

You have been good at many things. You are singer, songwriter, composer, photo model, and actor. How did you start your career?

When I was a child, I used to change song lyrics instead of playing soccer. I was mimicking the Turkish film actors after watching their movies. I was not aware of the fact that it was a job during that time.

Can you tell us yourself?

I am very conscientious. I am fond of my family. In my spare time, I usually try to work for my personal growth. I love playing with children. I do not like standard/monotone works.

How did you discover that you have a beautiful voice?

They always say that I have a beautiful voice. I started my music career through writing songs. I did not aim to become a singer. I wrote many songs to popular Turkish singers such as Suat Aydogan. Suat said to me “Why are you not singing?”. Then, it happened.

Do you prefer being a singer or actor?

Acting. You can act different characters.

You have a large fan community thanks to your tv series Legacy. Do you get along well with your acting partner Sila on the set?

We don’t have time for a discussion. It is fun and enjoyable. We sometimes do critics about the screenplay.

Do you have an unforgettable memory on the set?

We were shooting a scene at the cemetery for Yaman’s father. A woman came to me and said that “I love you so much, I want to take a photo with you. I always tell my husband about you too. He also loves you. Can we all three take a photo together?”. I said “Of course, we can. Where is your husband?”. She showed me a grave where her husband stays. This is an interesting memory for me. She loved our tv series so much and mentioned it to her husband just beside his grave.

Each actor gives something to each character that he plays. Do you have that kind of contribution to Yaman Kirimli?

Yaman uses body language a lot, that does not resemble to any character in Turkey. I took “wing chun” lessons and I may have contributed a lot to action scenes of Yaman.

Do you have a goal concerning your acting career?

I want to be much more international. Legacy (Emanet) tv series have been shown in 18 countries. We have been watched in overseas. That makes me so happy.

What is love for you?

It is a passion. Going after the one who cannot be abandoned. It is a place where you feel good.

How is your friendship?

Faithful. I never hold a grudge. I am open to anyone who is open to me. I even disregard a situation where they do something behind my back.

What makes you so angry?


Are you romantic?

It depends on a person, occasion, and place. I am usually controlled, I control my emotions.

Do you have a strong memory?

Yes, absolutely. Everything is an experience for us. If we forget something, we can do same mistakes.

What things do you pay much money?

Watch, shoe, and cars..


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Body Type:
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type:
Weight: 76 kg

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  • My first Turkish series was Fatmagul then another don't remember the name after that saw Ishk Mamnu it was extremely engrossing drama but LEGACY was outstanding awesome cause of brilliance Of Sila ma'am & Halil Sir others but this show started with a bang ended up in a circus such a beautiful love story beautiful chemistry between Yamaan Seher is seen to be believed never seen such kind of pure love just like Romeo Juliet but unfortunately ended so badly we didn't see after Seher's killing stopped watching how can yamaan forget love of Seher so fast Halil Sir too should have left this it would have been fitting the other girl doesn't suit him at all the classic acting of Seher cannot be matched at all this writer messed it all up Yamaan getting married to Seher:s killers sister is that fair?? This writer thought she can get away with anything but audience is not foolish sad it ended this way.

  • Halil is an amazing talent. I love everything about him. He became a true imternational superstar in a short period of time. Millions of us across the globe are so excited for his new series, Kirli Sepeti to start this fall. We are always with him

  • Sueño con que seher no está muerta y va a regresar todo se puede si el escritor así lo hace ..puede escribir que seher se salvó y está en una clínica y regresa a emanet ❤️❤️😍 con yaman ..que está más perdido con la bailarina que no sabe de actuación .😭..imposible que ella sea el remplazo de seher a quien se le ocurrió semejante error...

  • The writer can write season 4 with everything that happened in the previous season being a nightmare. Legacy should be thd love of seher and yaman and they should fulfill their dream raising yusuf and the twins. Please please write another season. I am from South Africa but enjoy Turkish dramas.

  • Hello Mr Halil İbrahim Ceyhan!
    I love Emanet part 1&2 with you and Sila Turkoglu Berat Ruzgar only you was like a good Family with true feelings between Seher and Yaman
    God bless you always we hope can see you and Sila again soon both of you wasn't super actor's together we loved so much we love acting you was anyone else but not Nanuka you will lose with her, please she doesn't have any feelings to actng
    Wish you all my best wishes. Go bless you always welove you so much 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞👍👍

  • Myself sudha from India.Emanet is the best series i have ever watched in my life and Ibrahim' s acting iam mad of it.Sila also matches her acting with him.All the very best to both of u.Keep rocking.

    With loads and loads of love
    Sudha from Karnataka

  • Don’t like series 3
    Much much much love for halil. Speechless
    Want sila back in the serious
    With happy ending her and halil

  • Emanet is very interesting to watch. Halil and sila had done a great job. It's sad that Sila is not there in the series now. Halil's acting is too good, as an angry man he is frightening and he melts down in romance. Hope the writer give a come back to Sila in the series. Love from Tamil Nadu, India.

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