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In Turkey, the market for television series has improved enormously especially after 2000. Today, they are shown in many countries in the Middle East, Balkans, and Far Eastern regions.

The main appeal of Turkish television series seems to be the modern lifestyle they present. Although Turkish and Arab cultures are predominantly patriarchal and share Islam as their religion, Turkey’s secular regime and its impact on everyday life make the difference.

In Turkish series, women enjoy a freer standing in society compared to most of their Middle Eastern counterparts, take part in professional life, and have rather liberal relations with men. Watching Turkish women act freely has really made oppressed women in these regions fight for their freedoms.

Turkish TV series help to change the views and daily lives of viewers in Middle Eastern countries. A look at life through a different perspective help countries modernize from harmful traditions such as stoning to death and wife beating. From the Arab perspective, the series create awareness about the effects of a secular regime on everyday life.

In this context, www.turkishdrama.com aims to give an understanding about Turkey’s impressive TV series and Turkish players. Basic information about TV series is supposed to help the readers decide which series are worth seeing. If this site manages to improve the interest in Turkish culture, introduce contemporary Turkey to the world, and help women realize their own rights just like Turkish women, the webmasters achieve their goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since when does this site exist?

The idea for the site came up in 2010 and turkishdrama.com has been online since August 2011.

Can I become a writer for this site?

Thanks for the interest, but nowadays, bringing in additional writers will increase the workload of the Webmaster.

How can I keep in touch with the updates?

You should visit the site every day.

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