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One Child That I Loved – The Girl I Loved (Bir Cocuk Sevdim)

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bir cocuk sevdim - The Girl I Loved Turkish Tv Series

Original Title: Bir Cocuk Sevdim
English Title: One Child That I Loved
Also Known As: The Girl I Loved (U.S.), Το Κορίτσι που Αγάπησα (Greece), Момичето, което обичах (Bulgaria), Meenay – Mera Pyaar (Pakistan), Девојката која ја сакав (Macedonia), أحببت طفلة
Genre: Romance, Drama, Family Relations
Episodes: 39
Broadcast Network: Kanal D, Star Tv
Broadcast Period: September 9, 2011 – June 18, 2012
Production Company: TMC Film
Director: Cevdet Mercan
Screen Writer: Gaye Boralioglu, Sema Ali Erol, Figen Sakaci, Emine Algan, Umit Kivanc

Mine (Gulcan Arslan) is a young and beautiful girl who has a modest life. Sinan (Hakan Kurtas), on the other hand, is a handsome guy who comes from a rich family. These two young lovers do not care about their different family backgrounds and want to live together in harmony for a long time.

When Mine becomes pregnant from Sinan, their tender love story turns into a tragic love story. Both of their families disagree of their relationship. Sinan’s family does not tell Sinan that Mine is pregnant and send him to USA for his master’s degree. After her lover breaks their marriage promise, Mine becomes totally alone and tries to handle the emotional pain of her family by herself.

Mine has a conservative family who does not approve of pregnancy before marriage. Mine’s father Turan (Cetin Tekindor) devotes his life to leave good values to his wife and his three children. He tries to teach them on moral values, justice, honesty, and trustworthiness. For this reason, when he learns that his little daughter is pregnant before marriage, his life turns upside down. His sadness also affects the life of Timur (Bulent Inal) who is the boss of Mine’s father. Timur is a young and rich widow man who owns a big car store and lives happily with his 13-year old daughter. Since Timur respects for Mine’s father, he wants to do something good for him. In order to save the life of Mine, Timur accepts to get married to her and take the responsibility for the baby. Although it is an arranged marriage agreed only on paper, Mine and Timur become attracted to each other as the story develops.

In this story, you will explore a romance, family relations, hope, anger, conflict and betrayal at the same time. Will Mine and Sinan who come from different family backgrounds overcome all the obstacles in front of their ways? Will Sinan eventually learn that he has a baby from Mine? Will Mine and Timur learn to love each other in a marriage agreed only on paper?

Bulent Inal as Timur
Cetin Tekindor as Turan
Gulcan Arslan as Mine
Hakan Kurtas as Sinan

External Links
Imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3241162/
Official Site: http://www.tmc.com.tr/diziler.php?diziadi=Bir%20%C3%87ocuk%20Sevdim
Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bir_Çocuk_Sevdim

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  • fiza

    Bir cocuk sevdim all episode

  • yasmin

    could not understand why the story is left incomplete ? so many unanswered questions eg: where did Taimur go just before the wedding; who shot Sinan? what happens with the return of Timur’s wife ? Wasn’t she supposed to be dead? Over here in Pakistan they are calling the 96th episode as the last episode but surely it is not?

    • Jivitesh

      Dizide aşk değil aşk acısı,aşk ızdırabı,insan ruhunu nasıl yıpratıp,hayatı cemennehe e7evirdiği işleniyor.sakın aşık olmayın mesajı veriyor.Gidişata bakılırsa yani senaristlerin ne yapacağı hakkında tahminim.Feriha yı f6ldfcrecekler 2.bf6lfcmde Feriha ile Emirin ilk yakınlaştıkları hastane bahe7esindeki bankta Emir oturacak f6yle bitecek.Umarım yine bankta biter ama Feriha f6lmez.

  • Nola

    How and where can i watch the episodes

  • Veronique Kamba

    Do they not believe in happy endings in Turkey? Every single TV show I’ve watched has ended badly. How did Merve’s mom come back from the dead? I’m assuming either Derin or Bekir shot Sinan? On Netflix, episode 79 was the last one.

  • Adrienne50

    Not happy with the ending. Why did Sinah have to suffer so much? Temir did a lot of bad things to keep Sinah and Mine apart but is somehow still portrayed as being a good guy. Why was it so hard for them to understand Sinah’s point of view? He had 2.5 years stolen from him when it comes to his son yet no one seems to have sympathy for him. Don’t get it.

  • Gorana

    So stupid, my 3rd Turkish show that i am watching and has a very negative ending.. what he hell? I think i am done watching this crap…

  • tara pavelescu

    How we can find out you write all this it’s non-certain

  • Maureen

    Is the 79 episode the last one of The girl I loved very disappointed at ending really enjoy the show. Please reply.

  • lulu

    I am disappointed … I don’t know if Sinan died and whether Timur killed him . Timur has a wife, didn’t trust him throughout the movie, he was the bad guy and he wins at the end??? crap

  • pat

    This show had me captivated I couldn’t wait to get home and watch it. There were parts that just had me irritated that I skipped through but all in all very good, I think Derin shot Sinah and I loved that Mine and Turah finally got together because Sinah was too hot headed but did not like that it ended with uncertainty not knowing if there will be a continuation.

  • Vmt

    I was completely captivated by this show. A lot of the drama could have been avoided or cut short. I skipped a lot towards the end.. Was disappointed with the ending and wanted more… Also did not feel the chemistry between Timur and Mine. Although Timur is such a fantastic actor and so were a lot of the others. I started watching Turkish serials on Netlifx starting with Calikusu with the help of subtitles. Seems they like such endings.. sad and complicated endings. Will watch more of Bulent Inal, am such a fan!!

  • sybilla12

    So disappointed with the very untidy ending. Thought perhaps there might be a follow up? Cliffhangers are not good unless you know everything will be resolved. We all like a good ending. Thought the themes explored in the show handled really compassionately, especially that of the character Emine and her mental illness. Believable characters. Scenes of Istanbul brilliant.

  • Linda Lenggu

    I watched this on Netflix – all 79 episodes – and like so many others was really disappointed with the inconclusive ending. I spent a couple of days searching the internet for a second series and finally came across a review which said that unfortunately the show had been axed in Turkey. The reviewer stated that this would have been due to either the show not being popular enough there (the market is very competitive or because it was too political with the character of Mine’s auntie. Just wish Netflix would accompany programs discontinued mid story with a warning!

  • Daria Greer

    I just finished to watch this beautiful drama on Netflix . I was very upset with the ending. I did not know that they censured Tv show and Movies that are politically incorrect according to them.

  • Hannah2010

    I’ve lost a lot of sleep and tears over The Girl I Loved and to think that is the way the show ended is crazy. I’m captivated by Turkish soaps, hopefully Netflix will continue showing them. Season 2?
    And I loved the wedding gown, and Mine’s wardrobe….

  • Ninette Simpson

    I cant believe it ended like this! Where is season 2?

  • Ninette Simpson

    I agree with you Gorana 🙂 I cant believe it. Have you watch Seyit ve Sura one? That is the same but true story at least

  • Ninette Simpson

    Yes Lulu I’m with you it seems why would he leave the wedding to go out suddenly? Also that other orphaned kid might have done it but why? OR that lady that wanted revenge on him. How will we ever know?

  • Ninette Simpson

    How do you know it was the last one? Thats really stupid isnt it. Yes I agree the killers could have been them even Temir

  • Ninette Simpson

    Yasim so there is a Season 2? I wrote to Netflix and they said they are going to look into it

  • Ninette Simpson

    Someone in the comments said there is a 96th episode

  • Marta Albizu

    It’s too bad this series ended on it’s 79th episode. I am sure the producer/s didn’t plan for it to end where it did.Surely something is detaining the continuation or conflict happened that brought everything to a halt. But I do agree with everyone…I got hooked and want to see ‘The Girl I loved’ to the end! BRAVO to the amazing Turkish actors! I love that there are no explicit sexual scenes, barely kissing….proving that a show can be captivatingly powerful without it.

  • Gorana

    Hello Ninette, yes i did and read book as well 🙂

  • Sjabvon Sass Venter

    Is that it?! Surely ep 79 cant be how it ends… Really disappointed with the ending. Really good series though, with phenomenal acting.

  • Sheridan Robinson

    oh, I was trying to see if episode 79 (I watched on Netflix) was the end and it seems that it is, so disappointed. They should do another season!!! It did not seem like a good ending at all, too many questions left unanswered!

  • Vicki Green

    Is there a second season for the Girl I Loved?

  • jolyn52

    have you seen Kurt Seyit and Sura … true story…I think it was the best love story ….

  • jolyn52

    I so totally agree with you about Mine and Timur…and Sinan was too hot headed. Timur gave Mine such peace and true love. So glad his daughter turned around.

  • jolyn52

    I went on a website and bought the book to finish out there life. Unbelievable that Seyit committed suicide.. He was such a strong man.

  • Ardis

    Hopefully there is a season 2 so that we will know who shot Sinah.. The Girl I Loved has great actors and writers.

  • Ardis

    Hopefully The Girl I Loved has a second season on Netflix. I must know who shot Sinan

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