Love in the Sky (Yer Gok Ask)

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Love is in the Air (Yer Gok Ask) Turkish Tv Series

Original Title: Yer Gok Ask
English Title: Love in the Sky
Also Known As: Love is in the Air, Land and Sky Full of Love (English)
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 122
Broadcast Network: Fox
Broadcast Period: August 9, 2010 – May 27, 2013
Production Company: Avsar Film
Director: Aysun Akyuz, Atil Inac, Ulas Inan Inac
Screen Writer: Eylem Canpolat, Sema Ergenekon, Berfu Soner, Isil Sonmez Sarhan

A wealthy Hancioglu family owns vast estates in Cappadocia in Middle Turkey. Yusuf (Murat Unalmis) is the oldest son of this family therefore; he manages the family business and bears all the responsibility of the family on his shoulders. Yusuf is very handsome, rich and hardworking. Thus, there are lots of women who want to be his bride but, Yusuf wants to get married with a woman whom he loves.

The life of Hancioglu family changes due to Yusuf’s illegitimate child. The mother of this little boy dies and Yusuf becomes the only responsible parent who will raise him. Therefore, Yusuf’s mother Hamiyet (Isil Yucesoy) tries to find a wet nurse in order to take care of her grandson.

Toprak (Selen Soyder) whose daughter has passed away during that time becomes a valuable choice for Yusuf’s son. Although Toprak does not want to take care of another baby other than her own daughter, she eventually accepts to become a wet nurse and accepts to stay with Hancioglu family.

Toprak’s older sister Havva (Birce Akalay) also starts to stay with them in order to help her sister in this new home. However, Havva is enchanted by the wealth of Hancioglu family therefore; she tries to woo Yusuf by using her temptation. Havva starts to do everything in order to attract Yusuf and sometimes she takes advantage of her own sister. Now, Yusuf finds himself between two beautiful sisters, one of them is so innocent and one of them is so attractive.

In love is in the air tv series story, you will explore a triangle love story between Yusuf, Havva and Toprak while going to the enchanting world of Anatolia. Will Havva manage to become the bride of Hancioglu family? Will Yusuf learn the original intentions of Havva? What will happen to Toprak when she learns her sister’s aim?

Love is in the Air Cast
Murat Unalmis as Yusuf
Birce Akalay as Havva
Selen Soyder as Toprak
Kanbolat Gorkem Arslan as Mehmet
Ipek Erdem as Munevver
Isil Yucesoy as Hamiyet
Tuvana Turkay as Bade
Emir Benderlioglu as Yilmaz Hancioglu
Ulvi Alacakaptan as Remzi
Aysegul Gunay as Sultan
Yilmaz Calayir as Yigit
Ugur Aslan as Cuneyt
Erman Okay as Yilmaz

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  1. Please where is episode 111?

  2. Wow….one should acknowledge the difference in culture as well as customs. I would love to read the input of Turkish viewers have regarding this series and others

  3. Absolutely Ridiculous!!!Two main characters gone unbelievable.It pains me to finish the series even if season 2 and 3 have no English subtitles.There is no Love Is In The Air without Yusuf and Havva! I am totally disgusted.

  4. Netflix ends Love Is in The Air at episode 110
    How do we get the other episodes ???

  5. I realized that Yer Gok Ask was not about Yusuf and Havva, nor was it about Munnever and Yigit, nor Toprak and Sitki, nor about their families and the other people in the series. It was about Sultan, the one person who manipulated them all and was still so much around from EP 1 to the final EP. I thought she would pay for all her sinister acts and evil plans from EP 1 till the end, but no, she was still breathing till the final episode, with all the major characters not around anymore. What a disappointment… where is love in the air there? The title of the series must have been wrong…

  6. Bringing in a new actor to play Yigit .. looked like him. Jt dusht have those amazing blue eyes… the nephew ALI just shows up the weak Yusuf when it comes to being led down the garden path by his evil treacherous mother and wife… people saying Havva was a greedy
    But it was Bade who was a cheater and killer … WHY did Havva get the blame for the fire when she could clearly not lock those doors? And didn’t anyone see Bade out there ? It was a bit over the top not realistic .. I do hope Netflix fixes the dubbed English as many people like me are new to this terrific story …. too much sadness though

  7. No one in this show seems to have a friend.. Havva was manipulated by her scheming aunt… the wealthy family treat their staff like dirt when none of them have an ounce of morals… Haminet is the evil witch who won’t let her son live his life at 36 .. and he is dumb go listen to her.. if he had of realised Havvas family had no money for an engagement party they would have lived … as for insane Bade?? Did the actress have her nose fixed? After episode 111 totally different nose.. and Yigit now has list his blue eyes… his did Haminet hide Havva in another hospital? Why wasn’t Bade jailed for shooting Havva and stupid Yusuf forgives her? Bada and Mehmet were truly bad evil people and got away with murder? Bada burning the church locking the doors yet Havva goes to jail for that yet she’s the bride? If only Havva told Yusuf she’s pregnant … writers ruined this terrific series with a bad ending .. Poor Havva

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