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love is in the air yer gok ask


Original Title: Yer Gok Ask
English Title: Love Is in the Air
Also Known As: Love in the Sky, Land and Sky Full of Love (English)
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 122
Broadcast Network: Fox
Broadcast Period: August 9, 2010 – May 27, 2013
Production Company: Avsar Film
Director: Aysun Akyuz, Atil Inac, Ulas Inan Inac
Screen Writer: Eylem Canpolat, Sema Ergenekon, Berfu Soner, Isil Sonmez Sarhan
Filming Locations: Nevsehir, Turkiye


A wealthy Hancioglu family owns vast estates in Cappadocia in Middle Turkey. Yusuf (Murat Unalmis) is the oldest son of this family therefore; he manages the family business and bears all the responsibility of the family on his shoulders. Yusuf is very handsome, rich and hardworking. Thus, there are lots of women who want to be his bride but, Yusuf wants to get married with a woman whom he loves.

The life of Hancioglu family changes due to Yusuf’s illegitimate child. The mother of this little boy dies and Yusuf becomes the only responsible parent who will raise him. Therefore, Yusuf’s mother Hamiyet (Isil Yucesoy) tries to find a wet nurse in order to take care of her grandson.

Toprak (Selen Soyder) whose daughter has passed away during that time becomes a valuable choice for Yusuf’s son. Although Toprak does not want to take care of another baby other than her own daughter, she eventually accepts to become a wet nurse and accepts to stay with Hancioglu family.

Toprak’s older sister Havva (Birce Akalay) also starts to stay with them in order to help her sister in this new home. However, Havva is enchanted by the wealth of Hancioglu family therefore; she tries to woo Yusuf by using her temptation. Havva starts to do everything in order to attract Yusuf and sometimes she takes advantage of her own sister. Now, Yusuf finds himself between two beautiful sisters, one of them is so innocent and one of them is so attractive.

In love is in the air (yer gok ask) tv series story, you will explore a triangle love story between Yusuf Hancioglu, Havva Karagul and Toprak Karagul while going to the enchanting world of Anatolia. Will Havva manage to become the bride of Hancioglu family? Will Yusuf learn the original intentions of Havva? What will happen to Toprak when she learns her sister’s aim?

Love is in the Air Tv Series Cast

Additional Cast Members

  • Selen Soyder as Toprak Karagul Ilgaz
  • Ipek Erdem as Munevver Hancioglu
  • Emir Benderlioglu as Yilmaz Hancioglu
  • Ulvi Alacakaptan as Remzi Karagul
  • Yilmaz Calayir as Yigit
  • Ugur Aslan as Cuneyt
  • Erman Okay as Yilmaz Hancioglu
  • Burak Hakki as Ali Omer Narli
  • Melisa Asli Pamuk as Sevda Narli
  • Tugra Kaftancioglu as Uygar
  • Korhan Soydan as Mumtaz
  • Ozlem Ulukan as Selma
  • Pervin Unalp as Sabriye
  • Cansin Ozyosun as Pelin
  • Ceyda Ates as Betul
  • Levent Yilmaz as Hasan Hancioglu
  • Remzi Evren as Resit
  • Sevinc Gediktas as Sezer Palali
  • Sahin Erguney as Celal Palali
  • Tolga Sala as Yigit Yesilyurt
  • Firdevs Vudul as Pinar
  • Erhan Duran as Murat
  • Tolgahan Sayisman as Cinar Ilgaz
  • Serenay Sarikaya as Yesim Ilgaz
  • Kivanc Kilinc as Sitki Engin
  • Selma Kutlug as Seref Karagul

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Imdb: Imdb – Love Is in the Air
Youtube Channel: @yergokaskdizi

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  1. I was watching love is in the air it is very nice on Netflix but they stopped it

  2. where can i watch the next episodes of “love is in the air”? I got up to yusuf realising havva was lying to him & he was about to go to tho other nice sister. I was disappointed i couldnt see the next series. can i view it on computer? I was viewing it on netflix.

  3. I was watching love is in the air it is very nice on Netflix but they stopped it 28/02/22 pls Netflix put it again its too ii need to continue it pls .

  4. Did not like ending. Yusuf seems weak when it comes to women. Why is he still living at home at his age. He seems to be dominated by mother. Also the biggest villain is the aunt who hates the family even though they supported her with a job. I couldn’t stand her character.

  5. Where can I see Love is in the Air? Netflix just dropped it from their programmng on 2/28/2022 and I only got to episode 80! Does anyone kniw?

  6. If you want Netflix to add Seasons 2 and 3 you need to contact them and let them know you want those Seasons added.

  7. I am really really disappointed that they let Yusuf die in the fire set by Bade. Unnecessary!!! He and Navva deserves to be happy.

  8. I just have an answer to all of the people in here hating on Havva and even worse defending that psychotic murderer Bade 👎
    Havva maybe started off as wanting Yusuf’s money but that was all because of her aunt’s manipulation and over the time, she really grew to madly love Yusuf and not just that, she showed a complete selfless side as well when she realized Toprak also loves him. she left Yusuf and broke his heart which was not only loosing her true love but also the chance of having the money and mansion(and this is for the information of dumb people who in this comment section said she only wanted money until the end and was obsessed) it was Yusuf that came after her and it was Toprak that encouraged him to while Havva was ready to let go of everything and start a new path(which at least could keep her alive) but after returning with Yusuf it was obvious that she’s no longer the same person and unlike your pathetic words of her evilness and selfishness, she never wanted bad for anyone, she was guilt-driven because of the things she did because of her aunt’s manipulation and all of this never allowed her to feel happiness around Yusuf. and after the secret was revealed and Hamiyet literally and identifyinglly removed her from existence, that was the time she no longer had any secret or lie to be afraid off. Once again after realising Yusuf’s relationship with Bade, she decided to leave and never even show herself alive cause she no longer could see a way back, she didn’t want to rebuild anything with Yusuf who was with Bade, but Yusuf found her and then couldn’t just let go of her and wasn’t strong enough to fight for her either, he should’ve had punished his mother for what she did to Havva and her family but no, he just kept feeling sorry for that bitch Bade and never once considering his own family are now the bad guys, he wasn’t strong enough to fight for Havva but couldn’t let go of her either, like she has to dance to what ever tone he sang. although directing and writing gave both of them an awful ending but still doesn’t make it any less epic cause he died while thinking about her and she died by thinking about him and before that, they always had all kinds of Romeo and Juliet parallels. but still, not even a year after Havva’s death, Yusuf’s worthless family were punished for what they did and even the survivors met their demise in Lake Devri and that psychotic murderer Bade also could never be happy with Mehmet and eventually had to surrender herself(after a lot of bland apologies ti Havva’s grave, which is a good thing cause at least unlike dumb people in here, she was able to see what a sátán she was)

  9. Where can i watch this- besides netflix?

  10. christine heinrich

    Somewhere I read that used and havva actually move out of the country and away from family!!!!

    • Not a good script at all. It’s Evil and deception..
      Yusuf love is the only real love here..
      Havva’s love is not really love, it’s obsession
      I want to see the development of the emotion of Yusuf and Bade but it’s end at episode 110. I wonder if there’s a season 2?

      • End of Episode 110 it says. Is there a continuation of this series? I take it that there is.. but when???
        Why there is no Security during the wedding?
        No body’s there to stop Cunyt firing the gun and shut Yusuf Bey on his Wedding day he is known and the wealthiest family in the area.
        Is Yusuf Bey dead?
        Is Havva dead?
        Writer, don’t you have a better scenario than killing the lead actors? I think I will stop watching Turkish Drama series this days this is another cliffhangers..

  11. Netflix ended it Harva witnessing the wedding and killing herself by driving into wall. Her ex fiancé witnessed it and went to Yusef n Bades wedding with a gun. He called Yusef a coward for not standing up to his mother and marrying Harva. He shot him dead and that was the ending. Did Netflix completely change the ending?

  12. 113 is lit. Kudos to Sultan for keeping Havva’s memory alive and wanting to restore her honor. Sevda is disappointing, thought she would have represented the spirit of Havva better. Instead, she hides behind her child’s innocence and is not Halal – so far. Mehmet and Bade – Auf. Yilmaz and Elif? Munevver and Yigit -Yes! Sevda and Ali Omer – boring. When would good win over evil?

  13. Charlotte Armstrong

    I recently discovered that the series did not end with season 1. I am watching season 2 without subtitles. I joined Turk Flix to watch this series with English. I found out that Yet Gok Ask is not included. Any help with this welcomed.

    • I watched the entire series on FunNetwork they do charge a yearly fee or you can pay monthly. They have well over a 100 different series Turkish with English subtitles.

  14. Episode 85 -dramatic ending of Season 2.
    Who is burned in the fire
    Havva looks beautiful; Pelin outs Mehmet and Bade t Hamiyet who has an aneurysm in the bathroom; Bad Bade sets the wedding hall on fire and locks the doors to the top of the hall to prevent or slow down Havva escaping the fire. Of course, Bade does not know that Yusef entered the room before she locked the door, Havva sees Yusef in the room – drama and suspense; Love continues to bloom for Sultana and Yilmaz, jr has definitely fallen for Havva and does not know that she is pregnant with Yusef;s child.

  15. I’m watching season 2 of Yer Gok Ask for second time, this time with English subtitles. Saddened by the way Yusef’s character is weakened. He dies not only from the injuries from the burn but also from the deception of the two women in his life – Hamiyet and Bade, and knowing that he treated Havva badly. She was the only one who loved him unconditionally. True love. so sad.

    • please where did you find season 2 with english subtitles.I have searched high and low and haven’t found any place that had it.Have you found season 3 with english subs?please let me know.I have been using a translator but it doesn’t always understand what their saying.please let me know where you got season 2 with English subtitles.

      • Yes, Seasons 2 and 3 are on YouTube FOX Bolum version. You must use a laptop and turn on closed captions – cc and select auto translate – English. You will get some English interpretation. Its not as thorough as Netflix translation, but it helps a lot. I used Google translate to translate the Turkish words to English and it took a very long time. But I learned some Turkish words and phrases along the way. Good luck with it. Season 2 is worth the effort. Personally, I think the series fizzled after Yusuf and Havva were permanently separated. I wanted to see them together with a child. Salaam.

  16. Noor Aini Mohd Tahir

    I love this movie so much ! But why there was no serie 2 & 3 in NETFLIX ?? I love the actor Yusuf because his acting thruthfully. So sad couldn’t get it on Netflix.

  17. I got hooked. i am only up to episode 29 but from comments i read i understand Netflix does not have all the episodes.
    should i just stop watching now? what’s the point of continuing

  18. Why did it end there…. How disappointing! I really hope Netflix show series 2 and 3. I just want to know if havva and yusuf finally get together

  19. Hi Mary
    Persevere with it … I kind of worked out what was happening .. and read the comments as people writing in tell the story too which helped me proceed with it ! Do you really want me to tell you ?might spoil it for you ! All I can say there are bad people Bade the psychopath ams too much of badness all round … it makes tv I suppose

  20. Very disappointing. Season 1 leaves you in mid air. I searched for. Additional seasons and found it on YouTube. Unfortunately to English subtitles to be had
    Don’t know why Netflix did not pick up the entire series

  21. Oh where oh where are the rest of season 1 episodes ? And while I am asking where are season 2 and 3 ? Please have English subtitles for them as well. Netflix , shame on you ! What a RIP OFF !!!

  22. Its an incredible series, story and actors. I love it all and can’t do my daily activities because I am hypnotized. Turkish films, drama and actors are the most beautiful in the world, and I watch all foreign films. Thank you for English subtitles.

    • I agree I love the Turkish dramas and Love in the Air is the best I have ever seen but to stop it where they did was terrible. I searched and searched but I did find an ending the Houisekeeper burned the house down I think is that what some of you saw.

  23. Innocencia Nameja

    The series was focusing too much on Havva and makes me lost interest at some point. Yusuf as a educated man was useless. Toprak was suppose to end up with Yusuf and not Bade.

    • shamiza ramadhar

      I agree. The last couple of episodes were very disappointing. Toprak, Munnevar, Jigit and were main players throughout the show, but they were totally dropped. It could have had a much better ending

  24. Please where is episode 111?

  25. Wow….one should acknowledge the difference in culture as well as customs. I would love to read the input of Turkish viewers have regarding this series and others

    • Disappointed in the ending — which I just read about because Netflix ended the series as episode 110 when apparently there are 2 more seasons. Loved the series but reading about the last 2 seasons that were never on Netflix, I would have been horribly disappointed to slog through the rest only to have Yusuf die at the end and Bade to become a vindictive witch and most of all, insult to injury introduce 2 new characters totally unconnected with the rest of the series as the main protagonists.

      • I managed to find the ending too the that vicious housekeeper set fire to the house, but cannot find anything else. I don’t think I’ll watch the Turkish dramas anymore as they keep doing this finishing them inappropriately. This one was unforgettable.

        • I agree. Really bad ending..
          Most of the Turkish Dramas I guess are like that. However, there are also really good with so good looking actors, brilliant acting and excellent storyline.

          • It took such a long time to hear from you. I know the ending now, very sad.
            THANK YOU.

  26. Absolutely Ridiculous!!!Two main characters gone unbelievable.It pains me to finish the series even if season 2 and 3 have no English subtitles.There is no Love Is In The Air without Yusuf and Havva! I am totally disgusted.

  27. Netflix ends Love Is in The Air at episode 110
    How do we get the other episodes ???

    • I agree withall the remarks below. This was one of the most incredible series I have ever seen. Then it stopped at No. 110 and I tried everything to get season 2 and 3. You can b uy them but they are very expensive. So, like a few of you I am watching it in Turkish on EUTube, but it’s very frustrating to know what they are all saying. I love Havva and Yusef and the Husband (Father) of Yusef. I hope they will bring it back with English subtitles in Season 2 and 3. Thank you.

  28. I realized that Yer Gok Ask was not about Yusuf and Havva, nor was it about Munnever and Yigit, nor Toprak and Sitki, nor about their families and the other people in the series. It was about Sultan, the one person who manipulated them all and was still so much around from EP 1 to the final EP. I thought she would pay for all her sinister acts and evil plans from EP 1 till the end, but no, she was still breathing till the final episode, with all the major characters not around anymore. What a disappointment… where is love in the air there? The title of the series must have been wrong…

    • Good point Ophelia. I also wondered what the backstory was regarding Sultana and her love hate relationship with the family. She seemed to feel entitled to living and owning a space in the mansion, not as a servant. There were veiled references to her husband and saving Yilmaz’s life as he lost his own, but nothing concrete up through season 2.
      I have to admit that I appreciate the cultural differences of Turkish movies, and picking up the Turkish language. I also see some emergence of equality and valuing all people- strong and confidant women like Havva standing up to everyone, including her father who is bent on running her life. The constant clashes between the old ways, exhibited by Yusef, which University trained and seemingly progressive, slapping his sister, Minnerve because she lied to him, and marrying her off as to the creepy Governor. Making decision about her future without consulting her, which is the old way. Then you see Minnerve going against her mother, working for and having an affair with Celal. That was way too creepy for me, and I liked that actor in Kara Para Ask, but did not like his role here. Wasn’t Minnerve younger than his daughter, crazy Bade? Anyway, its good to see other cultural norms in movies and have discussions about it. We live in a global society, and we must begin to better understand and appreciate each other. Love the scenery, the fields, Cappadocia is breathtaking – I want to visit the fields and caves. Those restaurants and houses seemed to be carved out of stone. I want to see them all.

      I may not like the ending of season 2, but I appreciate the cultural lessons. Salaam.

      • Nice explained observations from you. Actually, I have watched the series on Netflix where I was able to understand the story until the episode where Yusuf was shot on the day of his wedding. After that, I cannot really understand anymore what they were saying because in YouTube there was no English translation. All I know was Yusuf still loves Havva even if he was already married to Bade. I just base my understanding on their actions. Yusuf’s love for Havva though how intense it was, for me, a shallow one too. Because he always believes his mother, her words and everything she says and not even doubting her. I ended watching the series on the episode where Hamiyet met Havva face to face in the elevator. I cannot decipher anymore; it’s really hard basing your understanding of the storyline or their situation only on how you see them. I need a translator 😊. I know though that Yusuf, Havva, and Hamiyet died. It was a sad story about lies and deceits; about love, selfish love, and endless love.

        • Ok. That was Et episode 68. If you get a Fox version on You Tube with cc , see if you can get autotranalate.

          I watched all of the episodes on you tube using Google translate to get the gist of the dialogue and stopped watching Fter Havva died in jail with the baby.

          Then I figured out the auto-trandlate. Now I am re-wat hing the episodes Nd it makes a big difference. The translation is not verbatim, but it helps.

          So after they meet, Havva tells Hamiyet that she would forgive everything. All she wants is for Hamiyet to leave her and Yusef alone because they live each other. Hamiyet agrees to not interfere if Yusef wants to divorce Bade and marry Havva
          But she is still plotting against Havva.

          Meanwhile, Bade gets a gun, goes to Havva’s house and shoots her. She then shows signs of mental instability. Yusef tells her he will stay with her until the baby is born , but don’t expect anything from him. Bade has a miscarriage of the implanted embryo, but is pretending that she is still pregnant. She decides to seduce Mehmet to get pregnant, and finally tells him everything. Strange, she wants to keep Yusef, but have eyes on Mehmet. Definitely mentally unstsble.
          Meanwhile Hamiyet ha td chess a plan to throw the blame on Cuynet and gets Yilmaz to agree to go to propose it to Havva. Havva listens, but is skeptical. They tell her that they will tell Yusef, and only go forward as td if Yusef agrees.

          Of course, horrible Hamiyet, goes to Havva early the following morning g and tells her that Yimaz has spoken with Yusef. Yusef know the plan and did not object- a lie. At the same time Havva sees a news story of Bade and Yusef having dinner the night before, gets angry, and goes to the station with Hamiyer to write the complaint. While there, her cons ien e is bothering her, and she walks out. Hamiyet follows her and squeezes, telling her that if she did not complete the complaint, she will call and tell Yusef that Havva had disappointed them. Havva falls for the trap and writes the complaint ning cuynet as hmthe person who kept her locked up in fter the accident. She did not name her father or Hamiyet. Just that when she Woke she saw Cuynet, a doctor com ik g in and out and a nurse. The police picks up Cuynet, and tells him about the complaint. He is shocked and is telling the police that it wa as Hamiyet who was the mastermind. Meanwhile, the police calls Yilmaz for a for a statement and Yilmaz confronts Hamiyet. She lies again and tries to blame Havva, saying that havva told her that she had spoken with Yusef and he agrees
          Yilmaz foes not believe her. And actually tells her exactly how he thinks it happened. He was correct. Hamiyet caved, just as Yusef walks in.demanding to k ow what is going on. However, Yilmaz. Despite knowing the truth repeatedly as td the lie to Yusef to save Hamiyet. Yusef goes to Havva who has been waiting to have dinner with him and co fronts her. She is surprised to hear the version that her is relaying. She is trying to explain that they are lying on her, but Yusef believes his fster and ends it with Havva. Havva is broken.
          I’m wa td ching episode 70 & 71 tonite, hoping to get auto translate. Though I already know what happens, it will be so much better understanding the dialogue.


        • Hamiyet hid Havaa making everyone believe Havaa died because she knew Yusuf was still madly in love with Havaa while he was married to Bade. When Yusuf learned Havaa was dead he went into a deep depression.

  29. Bringing in a new actor to play Yigit .. looked like him. Jt dusht have those amazing blue eyes… the nephew ALI just shows up the weak Yusuf when it comes to being led down the garden path by his evil treacherous mother and wife… people saying Havva was a greedy
    But it was Bade who was a cheater and killer … WHY did Havva get the blame for the fire when she could clearly not lock those doors? And didn’t anyone see Bade out there ? It was a bit over the top not realistic .. I do hope Netflix fixes the dubbed English as many people like me are new to this terrific story …. too much sadness though

    • Please where did you watch series 2 and 3, cannot find them anywhere, needs to be English subtitles Thanking You

      • Hi Mary, I googled it and found it on you tube so watched it on my Lap top .. not in English so had to work it out unfortunately.. it’s bad Netflix didn’t air it after Yusuf was shot at the wedding !
        It was good yet sometimes didn’t make sense especially Havva going to jail for burning the church ??? It should have ended when Yusuf found her alone be after her car crash …writers made it unbelievable

        • Thank you for replying, I’m really fed up we can’t get it with subtitles I must say I have never cried so much watching a series it really got to me haha, is Bade baby not yosufs? s

          • Yes it’s frustrating .. when you google it also type with English subtitles .. Bade was never pregnant his baby .. he has a car accident after finding Havva and loses a kidney . Yusuf thinks she’s donated hers but it’s a lie so he feels he owes her .. Havva is pregnant but was silly not to tell him .. The actress Bade has had a nose job as looks pretty from episode 111. Bade is mentally ill and she sleeps with Mehmet only to get pregnant … it’s far fetched in many episodes but I loved it

    • All of the Turkish shows are the same, and the actors I mean my god can’t they find someone better looking. All of the shows have rich people and they always fall in love with the poor servants. The shows are meant for the older Turkish generations and not for outside of Turkey.

    • Totally agree, Julie, Why was Havva blamed for the fire when she was clearly seated at the table with Yimaz when the fire began. And even when evil Hamyet surviving the stroke, and outing Bade, pregnrant with Mehmet’s child, she still went to the prison to manipulate Havva. It was an opportunity for the writers to show that she learned from the death of her beloved son, Yusef, and would have done everything in her power to get Havaa out of prison. Instead, she stalls, the baby is born in prison, and then she fights Havva’s family to get custody of the child. I guess the ironic twist that the child she is scheming to get is not Yusef’s son. Havva, Yusef and their son are in another place spiritually. That was beautiful Havva took their son with her to met Yusef. I’m still confused by Havva’s death, though. What was her ailment? Was it from the car injury, internal damage? She coughed a lot from the middle of Season 2, did she have lung failure? Was it poison from the vegetables in the organic garden? Did she bleed to death after giving birth and the poor prison conditions? Anyone know the real story. Salaam.

  30. No one in this show seems to have a friend.. Havva was manipulated by her scheming aunt… the wealthy family treat their staff like dirt when none of them have an ounce of morals… Haminet is the evil witch who won’t let her son live his life at 36 .. and he is dumb go listen to her.. if he had of realised Havvas family had no money for an engagement party they would have lived … as for insane Bade?? Did the actress have her nose fixed? After episode 111 totally different nose.. and Yigit now has list his blue eyes… his did Haminet hide Havva in another hospital? Why wasn’t Bade jailed for shooting Havva and stupid Yusuf forgives her? Bada and Mehmet were truly bad evil people and got away with murder? Bada burning the church locking the doors yet Havva goes to jail for that yet she’s the bride? If only Havva told Yusuf she’s pregnant … writers ruined this terrific series with a bad ending .. Poor Havva

    • It didn’t stop yusuf loving Haava, so love this series can’t find 2 & 3 series with subtitles anywhere, trying to find where I could buy it 🙈😭

      • Mary try this :-
        Love is in the air .. episode 111 with no English subtitles yet and it will come up !
        I’m sorry I have told you a few things but it’s worth the watch anyway ..
        I’m in Australia and my Turkish kebab shop men are thrilled I have learnt a few words . Yes Yusuf was too loyal and it killed him … her aunt was a manipulative bitch badly advising beautiful Havva … She should have told him they had no money fir the engagement party as it all went down hill … he loved her always .. Bade a hateful character

        • Hi, in sorry your having to tell me all this, but I cannot understand it with no subtitles😭 I watched some of it, I just need to know what happened, lol. So Haava had her baby? I think yousef new deep down it was his, and why did they send Havva to another hospital? I’m going to try to watch again no subtitles 🙄😭 tyvm xx

          • Mary, if you are able to turn on CC (closed captions) which will be on bottom of your screen., You may also get an auto-translate, which will provide some English. It’s not an exact translation, but it helps.

            Season 2 begins with the hospital scene. Scheming Hamlet and the Money grubbing father Remzi schemes to get Havva out of the hospital into a rural house with medical assistance provided by the head surgeon of the hospital and an incompetent nurse, who sneaks her creepy boyfriend in at night.

            I can tell the end of season 2 if you really want to know. But I have to say that I am disappointed with the writers ending. Yusuf and Havva’s love should have been celebrated – instead the bad people (Mehmet, Hamilyet, Bade, Ramzi), all seem to win. Poor Cynet, constantly being manipulated by Remzi, believing that he will eventually get to marry Havva. Havva has eyes for only Yusef after she sees him at the Vineyard, and the same for Yusef.

            Bade seemed to have lost her mind, nervous breakdown, and did some crazy things. She wants to hold on to Yusef, but seems to want Mehmet also.

            Season 2 is worth the watch, but I am not pleased with the ending. Let’s talk about it.

        • All true, I think the writers did could have developed Yusuf’s character emotionally. Yusuf was getting useful advise from his aunt a d seemed to be using it effectively to understand Havva, then the aunt disappeared. Very disjointed storylines. Personally, the series ended for me after Havva gave birth to Yusuf’s son then they both joined Yusuf in the afterlife. The remainder of Season 3 was pointless. How could Mehmet get away with everything, including the company since he is the only male Hamcioglu family alive. Munevver walked away from the family.

          • Agree … I think they must have employed new writers who weren’t there in the beginning because none of it made sense… havva being blamed for the fire when clearly sitting there 🤷🏾‍♀️And her dying from who knows what? Yes the evil ones like Bada and Mehmet getting away with everything … yes the good Aunt disappeared ?? They should have ended it with Yusuf and Havva …. not bringing in some random cousin .. poor writing and planning ruined a good series! The wealthy are awful to the poor too

  31. I think it is stupid, ghetto show. The love between Yusuf and Havva is unrelatable. Yusuf is really that stupid that he could not detect the malicious and selfish intentions of Havva. He is educated and successful businessman who owns his own company. Havva kept saying love is blind. Really? She dumped his former fiancée once he knew Yusuf. Her motivation started with greed and the dream of grandeur. Havva as Himayet said, ‘So heavy so handle.’ Havva even threatened her, her future mother-in-law as if her, Havva, us the lady of the mansion. She had become arrogant when the engagement become official. It was right fir Himayet to reveal Havva’s true intentions. I was cheering.

    The ending again is stupid. Did Yusuf really died? With all their money, they never thought if hiring security during the wedding knowing that Havva has become a stalker to the point of being a crazy woman. She had proven it when she rammed the car into the concrete. I was relieved that her character ended that way. Not only her character was heavy to handle according to Himayet. Havva was making the show a drag with her spite and crazy jealousy and to top it off Yusuf seemed to tolerate it. During these scenes I have saying enough already if Havva.

    I hope the second season would make sense and close the gaps in the first season like Toprak coming back to Urgup. If Yusuf really died. I hope he didn’t because I wish the second season would tell the story of Bade and Yusuf, if trust and respect should first be founded in marriage. But I would like to add, faithfulness if not to the wife but to the marriage. Love should bloom from there.

    • Havva exhibited manipulative behavior in the beginning. I do not agree that she only wanted Yusef for his money. Yes, she saw her life getting better if she were to marry Yusef, but isn’t she entitled to see a bigger future for herself. Her games to attract Yusef were childish, initially, but she stopped when she realized that she was hurting others – like the two innocent men she accused of assaulting her. She only identified them because Hamiyet pressed her to do it, and she was eager to get in the good graces of Haniyet.. She fell for the trap. She should have been honest with Yusef, he would have worked with her to clean it up. She was young, and did stupid things, having been coached by her scheming father.

      I think that Yusef was naive – he held Havva accountable for her dishonesty, yet refused to believe that his mother could be so manipulative. Even when he saw his mother’s actions, he excused it away. grew a spine too late. As he said to Sultan in the hospital, he is always late. He was correct.

      Why didn’t he tell Havva that Bade was pregnant. He was also holding back information. Havva was not the only person keeping secrets. Yusef kept trying to find a solution where everyone would come out happy – no such thing. Someone(s) is going to be disappointed, but the truth is always the best way to go. The sooner people know the truth, the quicker it would be to find a solution. I guess that was one of the morals of the story.

      I still loved Yusef and Havva together. Bade clearly had mental issues, and had eyes on Mehmet. So she wanted to stay married to Yusef, while keeping Mehmet pining over her. Is that not worse than Havva? Havva only had eyes for Yusef.

      Yusef and Havva could have a trusting marriage if others (like his mother and her father) would stay out of their relationship and stop scheming.

      Season 2 was interesting. You get to see how bad Bade really is. All the folks who thought Bade was innocent and right for Yusef. Turns out, she’s worse than Hamiyet.

      • Havva’s Love to Yusuf is obssession. She is so blinded to become rich, and a woman of the Mansion if Yusuf Love her and marry her. I do not see real Love, honesty and trust from her, her jelousy also is destroying her relationship with Yusuf she’s becoming stalker every time Yusuf were having a company meeting. She is full of herself..

    • Havva’s love for Yusuf was true and once she fell for him, she changed and no longer wanted anything to do with mansiom crap! You call her jealous? Bade was a psychotic murderer who got both of them killed

  32. Can’t believe Netflix left this on 110! The rest of the series is on You Tube but only in Turkish which isn’t any help!! Please put the rest of the series on Netflix.

  33. I’m loving this series. Now watching season 2 on turkseries. co. I love Havva and Yusuf. Havva is no different than an ambitious woman who wants that man. Yusuf shows that status doesn’t matter when you are in love. I can’t believe that she got blamed for everything when Sultan was to blame. And, she made her father sell the jewelry to pay Cygnet when she found out, nut she got blamed. Engaged to him to saver her miserable father, but no mention. Sultan made her change the results

  34. Where can I watch love is in the air season 2& 3
    Episode 111-122 in english subtitles
    Thank you

    • I thought this series were from Episode 1- 122. It end at Episodes 110. Where is 12 episodes. Is Yusuf and Havva dead?
      Sad ending, why they killed the Lead Actors?

  35. I am so surprised and shocked that so many people have loved Havva’s acting! I mean the kind of character that Havva portrays, do you think in reality such kind of a character has any sustainability and integrity?

    All the time scheming against your own sibling..throwing dust in the eyes of everyone, getting away with everything…

    I know it’s a drama and fiction..but I’m sure there are people like Havva and believe me,no one likes them..

    Which intelligent girl throws stupid kiddish tantrums like this,and which intelligent, successful man keeps leaving his work and running after a woman like Havva…

    But ofcourse Karma doesn’t leave anybody… probably the lying, conniving Havva has taken exactly after her father,mad Remzi.

    • She is an actress. She was following the script, and the director. You obviously were not “with” the plot!

      • I know very well that it’s a drama and I was very much with the plot that is why Havva’s( not Bircey) character was an evil one ..and I will stand by my conviction.

        • True love should not turn a person into evil, Havva’s love for Yusuf was greed and selfishness . She cannot truly comprehend how lucky she was. But greed has no limits nor selfishness. She can never be satisfied and the sad thing is she’s doing it under the cover of true love with her doe eyes when she was with Yusuf. She was evil. Good riddance. She was manipulative. Manipulating Yusuf with her tears when was cornered. Yusuf on the other hand is stupid. Unbelievable that he could detect those.
          I hope the second season if he did not die would show a different Yusuf enlightened and happy with the woman who truly loves him and married him knowing he was still in love with Havva. Because true love is sacrifice and taking risks which Havva never had. Yusuf to Havva is possession.

    • Maybe we watched sufferer shows. Havva played games in the beginning to got Yuauf’s attention. She was convinces that she could make him fall in love with her. She did – And she also fell in love with Yusuf. Not his money or his name. Remember when he followed her to Istanbul, she suggests they not return. Just live somewhere quietly.Together. Havva was naive and loved her family – she was not evil.

    • People are not stupid like you to ignore someone’s development and that’s exactly what Havva’s character gone through, she maybe wanted Yusuf all for money at the beginning but that changed over time and hell even before making a relationship with him, she showed a kind of selflessness by breaking his heart and deciding to leave the city so Toprak can be happy. and that was even before Yusuf asking for her hand, which means she was already a good person. and she never asked pain for anyone and until Yusuf finding out about her secrets, she was dealing with extreme guilt and after Hamiyet did that awful thing to her whi h a stupid like you probably is gonna justify, Havva developed and changed her path for real. she even didn’t want Yusuf to find out she’s alive. Yusuf came after her and wanted to rebuild everything but too weak to fight for her. that was the turning point of Yusuf’s ass writing not Havva’s, cause Havva did pay the price and wasn’t coming back to his life. he was the one who was mommy’s weak ass boy who isn’t strong enough to fight for his love and can’t let go of her either. and if you try to justify the things Bade and Hamiyet did to Havva, you actually showed you’re the terrible person in here

  36. Can I purchase the disks from love is in rhe air

  37. How can I watch Part2 2 and 3 of the turkish series Love is in the Air

  38. I am willing to donate money to get seasons 2 and 3 of Love is in the Air How do I do this

  39. When can we get season 2 on netflix with english subtitles, left us hanging with end of season one.

  40. Loved this series please Netflix bring us season 2&3. I’m at the edge of my seat. I love all the scenery and cultural scenes in this show and. All the fairy chimneys are so beautiful. The language the acting the intrigue was really good. When can we watch the rest why did you only put season 1 on?

  41. I Love Haava and Yuself acting was so good and very professional. I would love for them to do another series together .Please write a Happy ever after movie for Haava and Yusuf. I Love them so much!! They are so beautiful together and so real.Birce and Murat I would Love for you and Birce Alakay to remarry. You guys worked long hours and were always at your best on screen. Birce you are so beautiful and Murat she is your soul mate!! Love Love Love you two together!!!!!!

  42. I watched on Netflix and there were only 110 episodes! Which series has 122?….

  43. I am a senior, senior citizen and I loved this series. All the acting was superb. I loved the scenes of cappadocia. My husband of 54 years was Greek and many of Yusuf’s mannerisms remind me of him. I definitely wanted a better ending. Somehow Havva should have explained her problems. Her father was a scoundrel but really a good actor. My mother in law was such a kind and soft spoken woman. Too bad Yusuf ‘s mother was so nasty and devious. If Yusuf died that is the end. The two of them were great in their scenes and during this pandemic we needed that love. Of course this is a series from 2010 I think. Too bad their marriage did not last.

  44. Need season 2&3 with English subtitles

  45. I dont like the ending, havva and yusuf should leave happily at the end. I’m very disappointed with the writer 😕

  46. The writers and the directors were great up until the killed off the two main characters that caused you to watch the show. I didn’t want to watch it anymore after Havva and Yusuf. The series should have been called Havva. She was one of the best characters ever for this series and her acting was outstanding. Havva also was absolutely gorgeous. It seems the camera totally justify her flawless beauty. I think her and Yusuf was perfect for each other. I love how the writers made you watch more of them struggling to stay together. The writers should have let Havva tell Yusuf and blame aunt for many of the things she did like changing the DNA test and several other things. She never threw her aunt under the bus. Bade character and Mehmets was irritating because they didn’t get caught much and they had Yusuf suddenly not paying attention when he was in the beginning. He figured out things. Bade sleeping with his cousin in his house was a good write but writers should have let Yusuf find that out before his mother did. Havva could have had Bade in jail for or shooting her but Havva had a big heart. My ending would have been Bade and Mehmet in prison and Yusuf and Havva moving to ISTANBUL with their son.

  47. Love love this mini series how can I get season 2 and 3 in English sub titles please I’ve searched and searched best mini series I’ve ever watched I stayed up on night watching on Netflix the actors/ actresses are fantastic best ever but going nuts how to get English sub titles I watched you tube the first one on season 2 cause I couldn’t stand not knowing of what’s happened to yusuf or Haava , can anyone shed any light . Come on Netflix don’t let us hang to no what happens . I’ve also looked on eBay to see if I could buy cd’s but no help

    • Yes, where is Season 2 and 3 on Netflix with English subtitles? Come on, we’re paying our money. Bring it on. It’s been a while now since the series was recorded. What’s the hold up?? And gee, I missed that Mehmet and Bade slept together. When did that happen?? I knew that she stayed at the mansion as a guest, but I didn’t see where anything happened between her and Mehmet. Birce Akalay is a very talented actress, and the others are talented actors too. I did see a few holes in the plot that could have been closed up, however. For example why didn’t we see Hamiyet tell Yilmaz about Hava’s offense and see his immediate reaction? How come Haava never drove her car after being taught how to drive and how come many times we didn’t see it parked outside her house. She was always taking a cab. After Toprak came back to Urgup and said she couldn’t live with her husband, how come we didn’t see her in scenes. I could go on, but Netflix, please make Seasons 2 and 3 available to us with English subtitles!

  48. Started this series in the US. Now in Mexico and the series does not show up on Netflix. Can someone share some insight on this?

  49. Can Netflix please put season 2 and 3 on there with English subtitles!
    I am obsessed with this show and need to know what happens next..
    I’ve only watched season 1 which had 110 episodes.

    • Would like to know why so many of these lovely shows are not availabe on Netflix I’m going crazy haven’t watched a turkesh series for ever so long. Turkesh team can you explain please. Thanks.

    • Yea I’m hanging to watch it too

    • Me too one my favorite parts was when Yusuf mother found out about BADE and her nephew i just wished Yusuf would have found out about them. Come on writers I had faith in you. Also when she apologized to Havva. There were too many unresolved issues with BADE she was the one thing keeping HAVVA AND YUSUF from their perfect love story. I think the writers should make series 2 or 3 a dream and bring back HAVVA and Yusuf

  50. Am so glad Yusuf didn’t end up with Havva, though I don’t know what’s going on in other seasons cuz only watched season 1 till last episode 110. Would love to know whether Yusuf dies or lives happily ever after with Bade. I hope so cuz Havva was a mistake

    • He loved her and she loved him their love was so strong you can’t unbind it. Such a beautiful story

    • No bade knew he never loved her and should never have married him
      Lies to him and sleeps with Mehmet in the mansion only to get pregnant again… after losing Yusuf baby
      Lies again about kidney donation to him
      Tried to kill Havva by gun
      Burns rye church down to kill Havva but kills Yusuf instead

      Writers got it wrong so unbelievable ..

  51. Hi what happens in the last episodes as Netflix finishes at episode 110. Does yusuf leave haava? What happens with yusuf sister .

  52. I’m watching on YouTube with no subtitles. I would love someone to explain to me what is actually going on

  53. I love this series so much, I watched season 2 and 3 on you tube but I couldn’t understand what they were saying. I couldn’t stop thinking about it so I ended up paying 99 euros and subscribed to I am watching now again and I love it but I wish Havva and Yusuf ended up marrying and a couple of kids or maybe twins.

  54. Netflix. Please download season 2 and 3! And I was hoping Yusuf marries Toprak

  55. Can we get season 2 and 3 on Netflix with English translation. The best I have seen from Turkey. Watched a bit of season 2 on YouTube but frustrating That I can’t understand.

  56. One of the best so far havva and yusuf should have got back together true portrayal of Turkish family’s and rich and poor and how family’s dictate to there children it happens everywhere but time have changed it kept you on the edge of your seat all the way through.

  57. My wife really did not want the show to end. The acting the writing the scenery was all very beautiful. I would give it five stars plus plus. Too bad it ended so abruptly with all
    The loose ends with Toprak, Yusuf, Muenuever, and all.

  58. Hi All. Yer Gok Ask throws light on social and financial divide and how the wealthy manipulates, deceive and control the underprivileged and in return deserves to be dealt in the same way, aptly done by Havva and Sultan. I watched Season 1 on Netflix and watching Season 2 on youtube without titles. I speak Urdu which has connections to Turkish through Persian so I can understand some words. Would be great if Netflix uploads Season 2 though. I wont be watching Season 3 as my favorite actor, the charming Birce Akalay (Havva) not there. Her character is admirable that she suffered the most but came every time strong. Personally, I would have liked her to tell Yousuf about lies (these lies by the way were understandable even though not agreeable), when he visited Istanbul chasing her in first season and let him decide, also that when she knew that Toprak was lying about her love for Yousuf then she should have stuck to her decision and stayed in Istanbul for her sister’s sake, studied and reach a good position to slap on Hameyet and others who looked down on her, this would have made her even more stronger and sulf-sufficient though, anyways script didn’t work that way.
    So far writers are spot on for her and other characters. Kudos to great acting specially by Aycegul Guney (Sultan), Isil Yücesoy (Hemeyet), Selma Kutlug (Seref), Birce Akalay (Havva) and others.
    I would suggest readers to watch my favorites Ertugrul, Karadayi and Kuzey Guney, later two not on netflix though :). Thanks

    • You mean I am watching all this on Season 1, I am up to 89 and it will not have a Season 2 or 3? All this for nothing? Anyway to get Season 2,3 with English subtitles? What’s the point of watching it on utube in Turkish? That’s ridiculous! The best Turkish Mimi series, I think, is Midnight Sun. Fabulous!!!

      • I can understand your pain, but now I realize Netflix did it right to only upload season 1 as it gets dragged in season 2 and its get harder to watch. Other than this, good source for other series is although ‘love is in the air’ is not there. Yes, I watched Midnight sun (Kiş Gunesh) on Netflix.

  59. I watched season 1 on netflix and watched 2 and 3 on YouTube without subtitles.
    I know most people did not like the character Havva because of her scheming ways but I couldn’t help but like the character. A rewrite of season 2 of yusuf dying would be a dream, the character Bade would end in the nuthouse and divorced by yusuf forget his dragon of a mother. In season 3 Havva would have twins boy and girl they would get their fairytale wedding in the valley of love. Something along those lines…….

  60. I felt that yosef should have demonstrated love, loss and sadness when he was told of havas accident and death..more emotion was vital….and do we know if yosef definitely died or, maybe a miracle, survives. We would have liked the grieve at the funerals. Also it would be powerful to have them both buried side by side.

  61. Season 2 on Netflix should come. Yusuf should marry toprak awaah should die what she has with yusuf is lust and obsession not real love. Toprak loves yusuf genuinely. awaah is manner less spiteful lack respect . Lacks content cant hold a discussion. It’s all about love .No she should die.

    • You are totally wrong. Havva was a decent person until her wicked aunt and disgraceful father urged her to do bad things. Toprak was too boring for Yusuf. That was about the most romantic storyline I have ever seen. I only watched it 4 times, each time saying to myself that my life was flying by, but I’m a sickening romantic!

  62. Netflix Australia!!! When will you air Love is in the Air
    Season 2&3 ??????????? With English subtitles ???

  63. Netflix, give us Season 2 and Season 3.

  64. Turkishdramas have beautiful scenery BUT can we get a happy ending?? You kill off everyone..
    Yusif should not have been murdered… wasn’t murdered h his heart enough??
    Let him go on to be happy with Bade and his beautiful son!!

    Geesh !! Are all your scripts filled with sad endings!!

  65. A Terrible ending, why should he die with her, a scheming horrible person, who did so much wrong, who cares if she loved him, it was selfish love, she did not grow one ounce, and not one character really grew, which would have been nice. I think Toprak should have married him in the end. Guess the ex-boyfriend-fiance had no idea about all the nasty things she did. Also, a Scheming Mother so selfish, shows doesn’t matter what class you are you can be a not so nice person too. I absolutely think they should hire an English speaking person ( like myself) to fix the translation, much of it was terrible, saying he when its a she, calling a niece a nephew, bad grammar. Please hire someone English to do the final edit on the subtitles. I loved the mountain scenery and architecture.

    • This is the 3rd Turkish drama we’ve watched during the pandemic. We started with Winter Sun, Dark Money and Love is in the Air. We are practically speaking Turkish! The political control of the erdogan government from 2010 to 2017 is obvious by the lack of physical contact. No kissing, the erasure of car logos, etc. as the years progress, gives us a small window as to what is going on in Turkey politically and culturally.
      Of the three, Love is In the Air had the worst translation into English. It was laughable. The acting was good, although the editing was weird. Poisoning the fields? Toprak returns from Istanbul with no explanation, etc. So much should have been cut out. The “Ending” at episode 110 was a surprise because I read that there were 122 segments.
      Kudos to the depictions of Yusuf, Havva, Mehmet, Hamyet & cygnet. They drew you into their characters with my personal disgust totally towards the controlling mother.
      OK, now I am leaving Turkish dramas. I will miss watching the beautiful scenery,handsome actors & beautiful actresses, but will not miss the sappy music & sad endings.

      • yes I totally agree, and now I know quite a few Turkish words, and I happen to have a Turkish friend so I get to try out a few words which he corrects haha, yes I think Toprak came back because of her relationship did not work out she said, I didn’t fall asleep during that part so got it hahaha, yes the disgusting characters, you love to hate them haha, I am watching another one now, its like 200 episodes, what did I get myself into???? Its black money love, ( is this the same as dark money?) more despicable characters. Good observation about the political stuff, yes Black money love has a few scenes showing couples in bed, yes they are cautious with that stuff, the Turks don’t want to have a complete Hollywood reputation, thanks for listing the other movies will watch

    • I totally agree. They definitely need to have an English speaking person redo the subtitles. Between the her for him and him for her and widow for divorcee’ unless you have a few brains, you will never be able to decipher the various sexes!!!

    • Appreciate the cultural differences and messages. We live in a global society. Learn more – complain less.

  66. Please please! . Give us season 2 and 3 of Turkish love is in the air..

    • where are the remaining episodes. I was really tired o fHavva crying – she should get an award for that alone!I was hooked on this soap opera which was excellent acting. thee were a lot of holes in the stoylines. I hated Havva’s father, he was too greedy.

      • I read somewhere that Brice Alakay and Murat Unalmis married and divorced during the making of this series. Did this ,if true cause the slightly difunctional script.
        Havva character gave a portrayal of someone in complete emotional turmoil and breakdown was very convincing.

  67. Hi. I would like to know what happened to Yusef and Havaa after he was shot? Did he die is it a happy ending?

    • Hi,

      I finished the series or season, because on Netflix it doesn’t break it down but I saw 122 episodes. I’m not sure if they plan to continue but basically ended with the guy getting shot.

      Personally loved « Winter in the Sun » but not so much this series. After a while I got tired by the
      70 episode of Havana (sp?) with tears and

      He was in infatuation with her, not love. He would have figured out who she really was. I was disappointed. Unless, they come out with a new season but to end it like that, I felt I wasted my time.

      • Mary, I only saw 110 episodes of Love is in the Air on Netflix. Where did you watch the rest? I can’t find anywhere with subtitles…. HELP! Thank you!

    • They both died. He died from injuries received in a fire deliberately set by his crazy, scheming wife, Bade, who is pregnant with hid cousin Mehmet’s child. Ugh.

      Havva died in jail serving a sentence for Yusuf’s death. She waa framed by Mehmet as he saved Bade.

      Havva gave birth to Yusuf’s son in prison, and moth mother and son joined Yusuf in the afterlife.

      Disappointing ending – no love, only lies, scheming and stupigity

  68. Hi hope u well…
    Where or which link do I use to watch yer gok ask? Aka love is in the air Turkish drama with subtitles of English plz

  69. Cynthia Montavon

    Netflix your unfair. Give us season 2 and 3 of Turkish love is in the air..I’m going to cancel Netflix. Only showing season 1 of most series. Especially this show..

  70. Does it end with havvva and yousef both dying?

  71. I just finished the series of Love is in the air,. I would really like to see season two and three please. I sure enjoyed this series and scenery was beautiful and I also learned got educated in their culture. Once again I need to see season two please

  72. YUSUF took 3 bullets in the name of love for the three women in his life the first one used him the 2nd one was obsessed and would stoop so low to get what she wanted and the third didn’t get a chance to blossom.
    Great series, was a bit long though a great build up. Let’s have season 2 and 3, well I think we had season 2 and 3 with 110 episodes.

    • When is season 2 and3 of Love Is In The Air going to be on Netflix
      You can’t leave us hanging to find out what happens

  73. I love this series but not sure I want to continue watching since there is no Season 2 airing on Netflix. This is a problem with Netflix.

  74. I’m watching Love in the Sky and I love Turkish drama. Don’t get me wrong. But in this particular series, the flaws are so apparent, it’s hilarious. The Havva character is unbelievable. So is the aunt. I have zero respect for them. I fast forward the scenes involving those two witches & Yusuf. Really cringy. Ugh! We need better storytelling & script writers. I’d love to help. Maybe the Turks can learn from Western dramas. They move faster. Havva would already have been bedded by Yusuf aeons ago. Ha ha!

    • haha me too all those loooong crying scenes got so tired of those and their interaction, I also fast-forwarded those, too much too long, we didn’t care about those 2 evil woman by the time it got to the 80th episode. The end was predictable , I knew Mehmet would tell Havva, and that ex-fiance would shoot Yustuv, the end should never be predictable, get better writers


    • Rosemary Mintchwarner

      Go to turkishseries. com. There is a subscription fee but for me it was worth it. Season #2 was great.
      Season #3 was good.

      It looks like our cry for more of their series with English subtitles have been heard. If you do go with this let me know what you think. I would love to discuss it further.

      • hello Rosemary

        may i ask where did you watch the english subs of season 2 & 3 for Love is in the air/Yer Gok Ask?

        • Rosemary Mintchwarner

          Hi Nadia,

          I went to for 2 & 3. There is a fee but like I said; to me it was worth it. Maybe you might have better luck and find it at a different site for free. Whatever way you choose let me know, I don’t think you will be disappointed.


          • Can someone pls tell me how Ali Omer is related to the family in the mansion … Mr Yilmaz and family

          • Exactly how do I get there cos I went to but not sure tries what ever but not getting to what I want season two please help how to get there just finished season 1 as in 5/01/2021

  76. All your Story’s are So So Good this love is in the air, and Black money had been my favorite once and now l don’t watch any more but Turkey Story’s thank you’ll to all of you’ll artists from Turkey you’ll are wonderful and good actors and actresses !

    • maria rodrigeuz

      I agree! I love both ,Please give us more of these movies as a continuation on netflix if possible.. There are no movies that can catch my interest after watching these two turkish movies,

  77. We need season 2 and 3!! Come on Netflix. Geez, would I buy a third of a car?

  78. Just finished the first season on Netflix, and wow what a series! Havva is one of the most compelling, exasperating female characters I’ve ever seen — so brilliantly played by Birce. But oh my gawd, she drove me NUTS. I started off rooting for her (she has a lot of charm). But as the show went on, I couldn’t support her anymore. No, these weren’t just “mistakes,” and no, she wasn’t just being manipulated by her aunt and father. She consciously made these horrific decisions. She knew what she was doing. But what got me was when she told Yusuf she would do it again if she had to — and then she went and did it again (to Bade this time). Even though her character is compelling, she’s not somebody I would want to know in real life. I was also stunned that after she left Yusuf that last time she still refused to tell him the whole truth. She preferred for him to blame himself for the breakup or not know what even caused it instead of coming clean with him. She watched him suffering on that bed and said nothing. What kind of love is that? I really felt for Yusuf. I mean, how much can one person take? There were so many times when he told her to tell him if there was anything else and yet she still kept lying. She was a compulsive liar and could not be trusted. She nearly destroyed Yusuf all in the name of “love.” She just needs to go be with Cuneyt who’s built for that crap. All that being said, the show was magnificently written and directed. Full of suspense and exquisitely acted. All the actors brought their “A” game. Loved it.

  79. I was so disappointed that I couldn’t watch any episodes of “Love is in the Air” after episode 110.
    Although Havva made some mistakes, I wanted so much to see her get back together with Yusuf. She is a great actress! She is not a bad person, but took some bad advice from her aunt and her father. Yusef’s mother was cruel to Havva.

    I regret reading all of the above comments, as I now don’t care to see the ending. I love the Turkish acting and emotion, but like everyone else, I am tired of the tragic, unhappy endings. We all have enough sadness in our lives. We need happy endings in our programs.

    The Turkish scenery is breathtaking!

  80. Netflix come on. We want Season 2 & 3 of Love Is InThe Air. Don’t leave us dangling.

  81. Please please Netflix show season 2 and 3. I so loved this series. PLEASE!! PLEASE!

  82. Where i cab find season 2&3 of love is in the air please, hope to recieve an answer.

  83. You can get english translation of season 2 by emailing [email protected]. It is 2 euros per episode which run almost 2 hrs long.

    • Black Money was most enjoyable. Omer & Elif are my favourite couple and extremely believable characters. Great storyline & subplots although the main villain should have been given life imprisonme. Two more good series: Winter Sun & Filinta. Wish Magnificent Century would be shown on Netflix. I watched the Kosem part of it on YouTube although English subtitles ran out towards the end. Not good.

      • You must watch also Ressurection of Ertugrul historical based drama on Netflex best Turkish drama, excellent acting and good looking actors.

  84. Love the show but can’t find anywhere I can watch series 2 and 3 in English subtitles. Can someone tell me where I can watch it. Did Havva And yolusa get married in real life?it was very good loved the show so much .please Netflix or YouTube don’t keep us hanging

  85. I agree with most posts above I want to watch season 2 and 3 what’s up Netflix why even put the first season on if we can’t get the rest of the seasons???? This show was really good

  86. Netflix I hope you are bringing season 2 of love is in the air soon and not keep us dangling like majestic century which you have not brought back

    • Netflix we need season 2 and 3 of love is in the air series please //// at least tell us if you will or not ? it is very wrong when you show one season then you do not put season 2 and season 3 very annoying after we get hooked to the show you stop the continuation . we need season 2 and season 3 please// when you start a series if you do not have all the seasons lease do not show nit at all.

    • Hi Sharon,
      I agree with you 100%.
      It’s so frustrating to watch many episodes & miss out on the endings of the series. I, too watched Magnificent Century, hoping Netflix would bring it back for its conclusion, but was disappointed.
      I wish Netflix would air the concluding episodes to Love is in the Air. I might not have spent so much time watching it, had I known there was no real conclusion.

      • Am really disappointed with this love is in the air and majestic century were superb and cannot understand why the discontinuation .

  87. Netflix needs to stop this nonsense with not continuing Turkish movies. Love & Punishment & more. Do something! You get over $200.00 a year from me! I’m tired of it! Haven’t seen any other offers I like, but soon you will have competition & bye bye Netflix

  88. As I stated, best love story I have ever seen but so tragic. I would have loved to rewrite this script. I do have some questions for the readers as there were some customs I did not understand. What is the significance of holding hands as Yusuf was coming for Havva in season two but backed off when he saw the other guy holding her hand, and what difference does it make if one was engaged previously.
    To clarify my previous statement, Yusuf was not surgically emasculated by his wife and mother but rather had a liver transplant I think.
    What is the white drink.
    I would like to know what Havvas letter to Yusuf said and why he left her in Season two. Was he ever aware that she was carrying his child.

  89. What is the storyline of Havana living in the mansion?

  90. This is one of the best tragic love stories I have ever seen. I had trouble letting the characters go so watched part of the remaining series in Turkish. Couldn’t understand a word but at least was able to see what happened to Yusuf and Havva but would love to know what Havvas letter to Yusuf said.
    The story: I loved Havva. Granted she could be somewhat less than ideal at times but look at her role models. Her Aunt was a barracuda and her father was a snake. Her mother was extremely fragile, unable to resolve her own issues from the past and emotionally unavailable. THe only real positive relationship Havva had was with her sister and her aunt destroyed that. The aunt hated Yusuf family and used others to manipulate to get what she wanted. Havva pursuing Yusuf in the beginning was orchestrated by her aunt as was the changing of the DNA report. Once Havva realized she was in love with Yusuf she tried to move away from her aunt and reject her suggestions. The aunt made Havva pay dearly for that. Havva was a beautiful young woman and had more courage in her little finger than all the rest combined. She saved the family from Mehmet schemes on more than one occasion with cost to herself. Here was a young woman able to stare down a gun pointed in her face.
    Yusuf mother was another barracuda. Her need to control her children lives had disastrous consequences. How any mother could surgically emasculate her son to maintain control of her sons life is unimaginable to me. Babe turned out to have severe mental illness and also played a role in the emasculation of Yusuf. She killed people and daddy covered it up. Sent Havva to prison for his daughters crimes. Great series but pretty dark. A bit too tragic. Even Yusuf and Havva son is killed. I found myself crying about this story but would still love to see the remaining series in English sub titles. Are DVD’s available?
    The actor that played Yusuf is a dream. All 6 foot 4 inches of him. He had the most beautiful eyes which revealed his emotions. I would take him home anyday.

    • We need season 2 and season 3 of love is in the air English subtitles or arabic subtitles and how soon will that be. Thank you

  91. Loved this TVSeries. I have a strong desire to head for Turkey! WOW! Georgious people. This movie kept me on edge. I hope we will be able to see all episodes here in America… Loved it.

    • I agree with you! After watching these wonderful Turkish series, I want to go there and see the beautiful sights, meet the people and eat the food!!

  92. The evil aunt and yusufs mother were frustrating me thruout series. What a downer! Horrible ending with no closer. Luv haava & yusuf!! Will not watch future seasons!

  93. I agree with all the negatives that have been said about the series “Love in the Air.” I especially disliked the careless removal of Hava and Yusef from the series to what I feel makes room for a future story to be shown later with or without the same characters. I can’t help but feel that the killing of Hava and Yusef is a huge error on the part of the writers of the series, especially so for leaving the audience with such a negative attitude for the entire series for this error alone. Had I known that this would happen in the end, I would have jerked myself away from viewing the story to begin with. In the end it is a great disappointment as was the ending of Kurt Seyit and Shura. I probably will not return to another Turkish movie for the disappointing endings of these fantastic stories and acting.

  94. I loved the series but hated the ending of season 1. Even though I believe they Havva needed up falling n live in Yusuf, it doesn’t justify all the caniving things that she did and continued doing (she contacted Beda’s father with a lie). She is the kind of person that the end justify the means and the whole series portrait Yusuf as someone who would never accept those loes. Also, give me a break, we are not on Romeo and Juliet tines. Yes, they loved each other but please, give me a break!!!!

  95. Netflix sucks. You are hooked watching the series and you think you the think the best part is in the end only to be disappointed as Netflix hardly ever brings back the other Turkish series. I have watched so many Turkish series and was always disappointed because you cannot see the end. A few episodes are on YouTube but not always in English. Wish ther was another provider of these shows. I would join them in a heartbeat and leave Netflix.

    • The showrunners call the shots. Netflix does deals; if the Turkish hard business heads charge a fortune per episode and will only sell one Season whose fault is that? I do love the very professional subtitling that Netflix bring to the projects. AND they also divide up the looooong episodes into hr-long – much better for a viewer also I think.

      • the subtitling is generally quite good but is very, very frustrating because most of the subtitlers mix up the gender references by using “his” when it should be “her” and vice versa. It really screwed up the story for me until I realized what was happening and went back and re-watched.

        YES! if anyone knows of a decent provider who will provide the ENTIRE SERIES and not just part of it, please let me know. I will switch from Netflix as well.

  96. Christine bechtold

    Netflix bring all the episodes of Love is in the Air.

  97. Christina bechtold

    Turkish series are really the best. I have had to search you tube for more episodes , since Netflix stopped at 110. You tube doesn’t have english subtitles. Thanks to my watching so many turkish series, I can actually speak and understand some. Please Netflix bring the rest of the episodes of ” Love is in the Air”. Also watch ” Lovebird” thats another good one. Why is it that the United States can’t make any decent television. Seriously. I mean The walking Dead?? is for people with no brains. I have been watching a ton of foreign series and movies on Netflix and I now realize how amazing these countries are. I’m not sure how to get Netflix to give us more seasons of Love is in the Air , but after watching it mettling with two people in love brings sorrow and tragedy.

  98. I’m watching season 2 on YouTube…no English, but after a year of watching Turkish television with captions, I can follow the story. Netflix needs to finish the series they start..

  99. I’m not sure if it was mentioned but why was Yusuf’s aunt disowned by her brothers?

  100. I watched the series up to the death of Yusef. and learned from the comments here that Haava, who suffered a lot during most of the series, had gone to prison and later died. I don’t mind sad endings at times, especially if they are organic. But the deaths of Yusef and Haava are not. Moreover, too many issues related to Bade were overlooked and unresolved. Why did the writers fail to address the flaws in Bade’s character–her instability, insecurity and mentally illness. In regard to Haava, I felt that the writers displayed their tinge of misogyny. I could go on and on but won’t. This is my last Turkish series; they start off great and lose their direction from midway to the end.

    • I have been watching season 2 on YouTube. I cannot believe Yusuf died. That is it for me. I stop here.!! Just from reading from the posted comments and knowing that Havva dies make me sick. The writers took a beautiful love story that endured so many obstacles by family members and turned it into a huge web of lies and deceit all to keep these two apart!!!! The writers gave Hamyet too much power. She is a mother who watched her son suffer for so long. What caring mother does that to their child? The most beautiful scene for me was when Yusuf realized that Havva was alive. The emotions and tears got to me. Writers could have given this series a happy ending. I was hopeful that these lovers would come together but no!!!! They spinned it another way. Horrible, so all I can say is I stop here with this series.

    • Bada was the stupidest bitch on the planet. She was so business savvy and turned into a complete wimpess (female of wimp). The storyline was brilliant, but this baloney of having to buy the other seasons on PayPal did not interest me as I dont trust PayPal. .Netflix should be ashamed of themselves for not airing the other seasons. From what I could ascertain from u tube, both Yusuf and Havva live for awhile and she gives birth to a child who is later murdered. Bada being the wimpess she became, was obsessed with Yusuf and Mehmet’s tongue kept hanging out for Bada. I guess the writers ran out of ideas, so she succumbed to Mehmet’s rotten charm! All the actors did an absolutely fantastic job,many of whom I grew to despise. Birce is absolutely gorgeous and a great actress. Murat has become my image of a strong,Turkish man. I now refer to him as ‘the turk.’ The aunt was about the most evil and vile person on the face of the earth. I laughed my ass off many, many times watching all the facial expressions,,, and I have to say, this blog is priceless. I have read the comments and enjoyed everyone of them. These comments would make a great comedy routine. Priceless is all I can say. .

  101. Watching now and on episode 98 on Netflix. Finding out that it doesn’t end at episode 110 is so frustrating! I love Turkish dramas, but can’t stand that Netflix doesn’t add the entire series—-UGH!!!

    FYI: if you speak Spanish, you can find Karadeyi and 1001 Nights in Spanish on YouTube.
    Also, if you love the actress that plays Havva, then you MUST check out Sayaz Beyaz (Black & White)…It is soooo GOOD!! I love her in it. You can find a Facebook page dedicated to this series and they have ALL the episodes to this series with English subtitles.

  102. Please bring the 2nd & 3rd series of “Love is in the Air” on Netflix
    I have enjoyed all the Turkish series on Netflix but so sad when they are not continued to the ending. Please don’t disappoint us who continue watching the Turkish programming with English sub titles .

  103. I like Havva and Yusuf, they are made for each other, and I was so tickled that they were married in real life (although for a short while only) for me they are so perfect hopefully they will get back together again.
    The ending is so depressing, hopefully there will be a continuation and for the Author or writer please be kind to Havva, you portray her so bad, give her a chance to be happy and a change of heart. A lesson to be learn from the story is that parents should not meddle in the life or love life of their children and whatever happens nobody’s perfect we always makes mistakes, there is always forgiveness and hope in this world that we leave in.

  104. I actually like Havva and feel sorry that she is so easily manipulated. Her heart is in the right place but to help others she creates a mess for herself. I do hope she shares everything, is forgiven and ends up with Yusuf. Her sister Toprak is actually so annoying. Hopefully, the evil Sultan and her father are exposed. But I agree too much unbelievable drama.

  105. I vowed not to watch another Turkish movie if the ending sucked and so help me it did , and FYI you directors need to edit a little more,wayyy too drawn out ,it’s 2 O clock in the morning and I’m pissed

  106. You can find love is on youtube but no caption in english.i dont get why youd do cc on 1 or 2 seasons and not the these turkish dramas,they really draw you in.but i think this will be my last.the frustration isnt worth the effort.till they d l in englush cc im not going to watch anymore.may be the reason netflix doesnt carry whole series cause its all in turkey

  107. Katherine Hathcock

    please make this tv series accessabile for English translation……. loved all that I truly can understand..awesome…. I have been trying every avenue to get it where I can follow… I love the Family ties…. but concern for all the lies……..

  108. No me gusta Neflix porque siempre deja al televidente con una sola estación y se demora en sacar la segunda,así me ha pasado con varios seriales.En la novela turca Yer Gok ask tuve que seguir por online y no había subtítulos ni en inglés ni espanol,sólo turcos,así y todo la vi por el deseo de ver como acababa,desanimada por completo ya que los dos personajes principales mueren en el.serial,después de tanto amor y tristeza. Por que las novelas turcas casi siempre tienen esos finales pocos felices?Trabajan muy bien los actores y son buenas,pero lo finales desencantan al espectador,estoy por no verlas mas.

  109. I like Turkish stories, I just don’t know why Netflix don’t show that whole episodes.

  110. I like Turkish love stories too however they will overdo the emotions. Too extreme. Sad endings, unfulfilled promises. Just ridiculous. They catch you at the beginning, a blossoming romance and kill it for you at the end.

    • well Turkish people and men are not afraid to show their emotions. I kinda like that, perhaps because i have a European ancestry.

  111. I have watched 110 episodes of Love is in the air. I’m very disappointed that it ended leaving us hanging. Turkish tv series do that too often . I’m about ready to cancel my subscription. Please wait until you have all series before putting on Netflix !

    • We need the complete continuing series of the Turkish dramas “love is in the air”, Karadayi, 1001 nights and others where you left us hanging,
      Really NETFLIX, be fair if you want to keep your customers.

    • My sentiments exactly. Very disappointing that Netflix stopped at episode 110..

  112. I am so disappointed and Netflix because they do not continue the the seasons of the Turkish movies they are Dynamic movies and we would love to see the ending of them it’s so disappointing to see the first season and not be able to see the second. I’ve been watched a hundred and ten episodes of Love Is in the Air only to see Yousef shot and have a in an accident and not know what else is happening that is very very cruel to leave us hanging like that please Netflix continue with the next season and stop the spoiler alerts no one wants to hear what this happened we want to see

  113. Can anyone tell the name of the songs played in this show?can not find a listing anywhere..and they play in my mind all day..its not the Sevince song by Erkin Koray I saw listed in the comments went on I tunes its not the song. they should have a credit somewhere

  114. I hated Haava. I really didn’t mind Hamiyet except for her meddling and the fact that she never caught on to Sultan’s manipulation even though she was supposed to be wise. She made me laugh out loud with some of the things she said, ex. “she’s like a boomerang” when Haava came in to her hospital room. Haava was an evil snake. Theirs was not love, but obsession whitch is somewhat perverted and sick. Toprak was so weak that she wouldn’t even raise her head. What was up with her leaving her husband in the end? It seemed she had a good life in Istanbul and where did she go after she showed up at home? We never saw her again. Even though Haava was supposed to have turned her life around after Yusuf left her, she immediately started plotting against Bada. Evil snake, untrustworthy. Horrible person. I know love can cross class barriers, but who in the world could stand that Ramiz in their family?

  115. Like many I do find the endings quite bad in all turkish soaps. The plots are too many, much to evil and the venom spewed out wayyyyy too much. i would like to see all seasons from Netflix, better endings – such a let down to watch 60, 80 or more than 100 episodes and then have a lousy ending. This is entertainment and should leave the viewer feeling good and happy. I dont think I will be watching more turkish soaps for those reasons

  116. I agree with many of the comments made about Netflix not including all the episodes. I have now watched 8 Turkish dramas & 5 of them left the ending inconclusive because there were additional episodes not made available. Many of my friends are equally frustrated & are considering cancelling their subscriptions to Netflix. Can someone tell me why Netflix do this.

  117. I’m in nyc. I’m watching on nextflix. CANNOT STAND THE SPOILER PLOT YOU GUYS POSTED. I’m sure I’m left hanging. and the way it ends I’ll make up my own ending . NOTE TO NETFLIX: IF YOU ARE GOING TO AIR FOREIGN DRAMAS DO IT IN ITS ENTIRETY!!! THis is like the 5th Turkish series that left us hanging. And I agree with the others WRITE HAPPY ENDINGS.

  118. ***spoiler alert***
    Lord have mercy!!! Iam so depressed after watching love is in the air. Josef was a dreamboat. I hated the things Havva did but their romance was beautiful. I felt sorry for Havva because she was manipulated by her sleezeball father and greedy evil Aunt. I wish the ending was Havva and Josef running away and starting over with a beautiful love scene of them consummating their love, with children and a prosperous life. I read the comments about the 2nd season and I don’t want to see it. Turkish dramas are not trashy and they are captivating in their story lines but they are depressing and have no redeeming or happy endings. If they change that then I would watch them exclusively because I abhor the trashy American dramas .

    • Never felt sorry for her, because every time a sliver of humanity tried to peer from her she did something awful to show her true personality. The romance was beautiful because of Yusuf. He romanced her as a wealthy man can romance his love, she did not respond in kind, she had an agenda, she sort of loved him in her own selfish way, there is a lot of her father and her aunt in her. Giver power and watch the evil come out in bucket loads. I wanted to feel sorry for her but could not manage it much to my “chagrin” she had no qualms in hurting other to get what she wants, I don’t like that, life is give and take and good interaction with others.

    • I also enjoy Turkish dramas but they are not perfect. I notice lots of flaws, particularly in time frames. How long does it take for a human being to recover from gun shots, particularly those close to the heart? How about organ transplants? I know it’s tv but do inject a bit of realism. Intersection was good in the beginning but kind of fell apart towards the end, as several storylines were unresolved. I thought Black Heart had promise but I guess the series makers ran out of money. Love is in the sky drags on with the rich vs poor story. I think the male antagonist needs to be stronger and the female counterpart less conniving. Really unreal. This is not a fantasy. Enough soap opera stuff. How about Upstairs and Downstairs stuff, like on the BBC. We need real people not cartoons.

  119. Can’t find season 2 with English subtitle ? Netflix only have one season and that’s all Netflix is really annoying with its series if you want to put a series on then do it completely seasons not only one season and then leave us hanging there

    Can anyone please help me find season 2 with English subtitle?? Anyone ?

    • well Turkish people and men are not afraid to show their emotions. I kinda like that, perhaps because i have a European ancestry.
      I have posted some comments before but never this one.

  120. Love this show. Waiting to see if Netflix loads the rest of the episodes. I would love to visit cappadoicia some day

    • I still wanted the 2 stars to be together.The evil mother should not win.I hate bad endings.

      • I’m just upset with Netflix for only letting us watch season 1 and not putting the rest of the series for us to watch we loved the series and would love to be able to watch the rest of it on Netflix since we already pay to watch Netflix. Have a wonderful rest of your day.

  121. I am glad I read this. I was looking for season two but know since I know they both die I do not want to see. I will make up my own ending

  122. ***spoiler alert***
    Havva tried to kill herself they day Yusuf marries Bade,
    Yusuf survives, and Havva got in a coma, but Hamiyet made everybody think she had died in an agreement with her father, in time Havva recovers and had an encounter with Yusuf thats when they had intimacy and got pregnant, but Bade got pregnant too with yusufs baby but lost it, jealous Bade tried to killed Havva and shoot her. And when Havva was going to marry the son of Yelmes Bade turns the chapel into fire, but before she looks all the exit doors without knowing Yusuf is inside, Mehmet lover told Hemiyet that Bade and Mehmet are lovers and she suffered a stroke and got paralysed, Yusuf dies of the body burns
    And for some reazon Havva is arrested for his death already pregnant and sentenced to life in prision where she had the baby and later died of hemorrage.
    There is an inmate with her also pregnant who had a baby, but poor and switches her baby with the real Yusuf Ziya baby, Hamiyet implores Havva before she dies to give the baby for a well raising and gives recognizes the baby as Yusufs. What I dont understand is why Hamiyet and Bade never received any jail time for what they did, Bade is the one who killed Yusuf and blame it on Havva.
    Now the story focus on finding out who is the real baby of Yusuf and Havva. Havvas aunt is the with of the story who manipulates everything to her goodness because all she wants is to be the lady of the Mansion.
    Yes, I agree is too much suffering and too long, I did not like that Yusuf and Havva died. Also Havva was shot and I dont k ow what other things happened to her and nothing happensd to the baby. SERIOSLUSLY

    • I would like to know why Turkish TV makes such beautiful stories that end so absolutely terrible or just bluntly. Love Is In The Air ended terrible and I just watched Ezel and it ended just plain stupid. What a downer! Seyit and Shura the same…..the love affair just kind of blew away and he follow his fathers orders to marry a nice Turkish girl. I have to say beautiful people, beautiful country and some very good acting BUT stupid endings and big let downs! I thought Ezel would have ended differently.

    • Bade did not get pregnant by Yusuf but by his cousin, Mehmet. I believe Yusufs and Havvas son is murdered by Havvas cell mate and she replaces her son as the heir.

    • Thanks for telling the rest of the story. I’ve watched the seires till episode 111 on Netflix, and was desperately trying to find where I can watch the rest of this series with English subtitles. I would have preferred it had been about love, and some more positivity injected in the lives of Yusuf and Havva. But if this is how it ends, turning focus on Bade, and killing the main characters, then the story makes no sense to me.

      I have been reading through the comments, and I agree with many of you that Turkish dramas are compelling, however, from midway to the end, the makers seem to lose the plot. What happened to Toprak? What about Yigit and Munevver?

  123. Beatriz D de Socarraz

    I just finish watching this series and although the scrips was good, done with many flaws, I JUST CANNOT TAKE ANOTHER TURKISH ENDING: UNHAPPY, SAD AND TRAGIC. For the viewers sake please have better endings. These shows are full of love stories. i will not watch another Turkish show as they all end sadly. For tragedy and sadness I have life every day……..

  124. ***spoiler alert***
    Bade was the right choice for Yusuf. A better ending could have been Havva coming back in the scene and a struggle between both women for Yusuf. Yusuf is forced to make a choice, really investigate Havva and her allies to find out the truth of her deception. Finally fall in love with Bade and they ride off into the sunset to build a global business

  125. I love Yusuf and Havva and they fell for each other in real life…so sad they break up during the filming of the show…what was the real reason of the break up?….

  126. ***spoiler alert***
    All I can say is, Stay away from lowlifes like Havva and Cutney … all they and their kinds bring to you and those you love and care about are miseries stemming from their greed, deceits, lack of self-respect and moral principles. For a character such as Yusuf to die so senselessly in the end is an act of complete injustice; it leaves you wondering if there is even a god. I am in complete agreement w/ Hamiyet regarding her comment about marriage between Bade and Yusuf–there is more to a marriage of a lifetime than just “blinding love”–there has to be respect, trust, and shared values and interest; given those as fertile ground, love will grow and deepen. I am also in agreement w/ Yusuf’s aunt in her philosophy that one must fight for the loved one … I just hate the fact that she gave that advice against the betterment of her niece … Yigit is barely on-half of one-fourth of a man; he is also the son of a servant in her niece’s mansion … Some things cannot be allowed to cross the class line.

    • ***spoiler alert***

      • Bade’s mother is not CRAZY. She suffers from Alzheimers, a disease that comes with age. Bade is sane, in control and has empathy. Hawa is the mentally disturbed person, due to childhood upbringing she has mental issues, uses suicide as a manipulative tool to get what she wants. Hers is not love, but obsession, not is not healthy, she is jealous, ruthless is getting rid of anyone in her way, she would make a very bad wife specially for a business man with ambitions. The marriage would end because of her insecurities, greed, jealousy and manipulations, men and women work and socialise together these days at all levels. There needs to be trust and respect between partners if one is the rich, powerful and ambitions and the other one lacks these qualities but was chosen for love. Bade is Yusuf’s equal. Hawa would be better off with Cuynit. Yusuf loves her, she is obsessed with him, that is not love, it is not healthy and is dangerous. Shades of Fatal Attraction.

    • Tell it like it is Nina. Laughing my ass off at your and other comments. I’m watching season 2 on u tube. Cannot understand a damn thing but this friggin series is like a drug, especially with covid and no touching or feeling people in the U S. For months. I’m totally stressed out and this series does not help. Ruthless friggin people. They keep saying you can buy the other seasons but to watch it on a computer? No thanks..

  127. Preferred the series “winter sun”. Hate all the lies, manipulations, and greed. Yusuf is so smart but never caught on to their veil dealings. Not sure I can watch all the episodes.

    • Will have to watch “Winter Sun”; could not endure another Love is in the Air. Deeply affected me for almost two weeks, even though I kept telling myself it is only a story…..too much sadness.

    • Have just started watching Winter’s Sun and LOVE it, so thank you for recommending this to me. Love is in the Air was SO SAD between Havva no Yousuf that I swore off Turkish dramas but your suggestion has made me happy, so far……thank you !!! Just love episodic dramas. Have you ever watched POLDARK on PBS ?? You would see a stunningly handsome Aidan Turner, who is Irish and bears an amazing resemblance to Sukru Ozyildz!!!

  128. Oh my god I cannot stop thinking of Yusuf He is absolutely breath taking. I refuse to watch any American garbage movies. I lock the Turkish movies but the ending are so depressing and really not realistic. .haava started the fire ???? Please rewrite this movie and let have and Yusuf come together. Maybe in true life that will happen. I’ve watch all the Turkish movies we have in Canada but I only want Murat analmis .. nobody else better . Please reply with the new series of Yusuf and haava. Thank you. I hope that Murat reads these and haava. I’ve seen some episodes on u tube but there is no English. Hard to follow.

    • Altho I agree Murat Unalmis is a dreamboat, not the only one, see Karadayi, Love and Punishment, Filinta and a few others
      Turkey has a lot of ‘dreamboats’ in the series and movies.
      look a little further.
      I will watch all of them despite sad endings, i just tell myself its just a story.
      The acting is excellent (above Hollywood) the people beautiful and real, what more do you want of an entertaining evening better than this. doesn’t get better, so go for it, all of them.
      Only drawback, patiently waiting of all continuations on NETFLIX, easier than on the computer.
      This a new comment from me so please post, i keep doing them
      Have a nice Turkish day

  129. ***spoiler alert***
    I found this show on Netflix but it’s only series one not complete series, episode ends 110 (full episodes in this season are through 122). I found it interesting, I love the way the Turkish series are written. However, warning these series are so heartbreaking, it’s doom and gloom over and over. I got through season 1 episode 41 and skipped ahead…it was emotionally draining. I researched the show and found there is still season 2 and 3. The two main characters do die. However, the show continued due to popularity. I like many were bummed that the direction of the show ended in their deaths and no happy ending. I did find that in real life the two main actors (Yusuf — Murat Unalmis and Havva – Birce Akalay) were married 2010-2011 (divorced 2011)…this may be the reason I am guessing the writers killed off the characters. That is my guess why Havva (Birce Akalay) remained into season 2 and Yusuf – Murat Unalmis no longer appeared. I would advise, save your emotions and stress. I did like this show but it’s too much…life is hard but NOT THIS HARD. There are happy endings!

  130. ANOTHER heartbreaking ending for yet another Turkish drama !!!! I have “binge-watched all episodes to 103 of Love is in the Air and skipped to the end to see this HORRILE ending. Kurt Seyit and Sura, a true story so the reason for sad ending but are they’re ANY happy endings in Turkish dramas… sick of being heartbroken????????

    • ***spoiler alert***
      Wow, I’m so glad I checked in here to see that this series will bring nothing but more heartache and misery. I don’t understand the Turkish directors predilections for unnaturally miserable endings. Do they lack the imagination to or willingness to leave an audience feeling happy and satisfied?

      Seriously, what is UP with this??? Kurt Seyit & Sura was truly miserable. Sura turns into a character that I loathed after awhile. And Calikusu was extremely disappointing as well. I ended up hating the Love Bird for bailing on Kamuran. And what’s with all the passive-aggressive communication styles. Nobody ever says what they mean, no one defends themselves. Sheesh. It just seems a waste of the beautiful stars, acting talent, music, and cinematography.

      The real star of Love in the Air for me having watched about 24 episodes is the scenery of Cappadoccia. It makes me eager to travel there, stay for awhile and experience this unique environment. I also love the character of Yusuf, and if he’s going to be killed off or not end up with Havva, I don’t want to watch any more of it.

      • I hated Haava. Every time she pulled Yusuf back into their love drama, she put her head in the air and was mean to everyone in the mansion. I, too, hate the fact that no one communicates! I do love Turkish series dramas and hate all the endings, especially Calikusu. WTH was the last scene about?

        I only watched the 110 episodes of Love Is In the Air that was on Netflix. I made up my own ending that Haava was in bad shape and Chunet visited her everyday and they became closer. Yousuf and Bade had a trusting, respectiful relationship and grew to love each other. Like someone else posted, they moved on to building a global industry and Yousuf forgot Haave in time. That kind of burning passion never lasts and everyone knows that. It was not love but obsession.

        • I too did not like Hawa, she lacked empathy and was besotted with being Yusuf’s wife with the prestige that comes with it. She did not love him but stalked him, I don’t think she ever loved anyone. There was very little humanity in her. My ending would be Hawa dies – she did not suicide but lost control of the car, loves herself too much to suicide, threatens it like, uses it as a weapon to manipulate others, a personality disorder, Yusuf survives and his marriage with Bade succeeds. Love is one aspect of marriage and not the only aspect, otherwise when it simmers down the problems start. All you need is love is a Hollywood charade, you also need respect, compassion, friendship, shared goals, aspirations and hopes, trust etc.. Hawa would never make a good corporate wife and partner. She is too self centred, she was jealous, possessive. Sultan should be found out and kicked out with her stalking son. Self serving people. Coming from Middle Eastern backgrounds I understand the Turkish endings, you cannot control who you fall in love with but you can fall in love with the right partner. Not everyone you love is marriage material. Marriage is a lifelong partnership, it involves children, their welfare, it is lot of work. Love alone will not do. All famous love stories are for people who never married the loved one, had they married their love would fizzled over time if it was the only thing binding them. The more you have in common with your partner the more chances you have of a good marriage.

  131. ***spoiler alert***
    Omg, I love Yusuf but hate Hava that lying fraud along with her side kick the damn maid. I wish Yusuf could have married Toprak. She should have been the ideal wide and mother for Ruzgar. Havva was well paired with Yusuf ‘ s killer. Why did Yusuf have to die? I’m at this moment suffering such a let down. I want my Yusuf back. I didn’t mind Bade. Anyone is better than that wicked liar Havva. I liked Yusuf ‘ s Mom and Dad but didn’t really like his dad’s way of dealing with problems and his undercover love for that lying wretch ‘ s Mom. I couldn’t stand the evil Mehmet. I liked Pilar and Cemile who both took too long to develop backbones. Turkish films, stop killing off the stats iof the shows or you’ll lose your English viewers.

    • Do ALL Turkish dramas end like THIS??? I am broken-hearted. I watched .The Girl that he Loved and AGAIN, another HORRIBLE ending !!!! Does Yusuf really die!! I read further along that Havana lives but goes to prison and has Yusuf’s baby… can that be ??? They NEVER had sex !! Havva was manipulated by other people and she DID really fall in real love with Yusuf. His mother Hamiyet is just as much a DEMON as anyone, she ruined Maneuvvers chance to be happy with Yighit and threw her at a man she did NOT love and abused her too!! Why did nobody ever blame HER for all her overbearing manipulation of her son and daughters’ lives???? I hate HER!!!

      • ***spoiler alert***
        I agree completely. I loathed Hamiyet. She’s a selfish pig, showing no real interest in her children for who they are. So far, at Episode 24, i’m convinced that Havva is really in love with Yusuf, and that’s why she has played various games to attract him, but naturally, she won’t present this vulnerable side of herself to Sultan or her loathesome father, since she knows they won’t care or understand. She hides the soft part of her nature as a protection. One thing I don’t get is how so many of the men in this show appear to be essentially just unemployed bums. How can they afford to have roofs over their heads, or the tea and raki they drink, etc.? And why do mothers like Sitki’s aid and abet such total wastes of space sons?

    • Constantine Santas

      ***spoiler alert***
      I agree with almost all the above–more or less. Havva was beautiful but a snaky liar. She did not deserve Jusuf, who was well matched with Bade. For what’s worth, this show has too many strands to expect some kind of bearable ending. Killing Jusuf is pointless. Either Toprak or Bade would have been good choices for him. Yet, the show was so magnetic neither my wife or I could get away from it; only to be terribly disappointed to see the good guy die, for what? Yet, some good points. Honestly, the Turks reveal their patriarchal societies that do not allow women to have may choices to live normal lives. But the soap operas they makes are much superior to anything Hollywood can match.

  132. I’ve tried tried looking for Season 2 with subtitles and I cant find it anywhere. Please put Season 2 on Netflix with subtitles. Please! My husband and I were both hooked on Yer Gok Ask.

  133. Where can I watch season 2 ? I loved this show

    • Read farther down and don’t bother breaking your heart ANYMORE!!! It only gets worse and I know my heart and feelings can’t take ANYMORE horribly sad endings!!!!

  134. Aré there more episodes than 110?

  135. yusuf is a mama’s boy. He made promises that he did not keep. Unforgiving and stupid doing what his mother wanted him to.
    What happened to Toprak? Lots of loose ends with her life in Instambul
    Mehmet let that family do him wrong for too long. Him and Havva should get married.
    Big dissapointment with this END.

    • Hi Olga,

      Toprak moved to Istanbul in Turkish drama Love in the Sky (Yer Gok Ask). But her story did not end. Interestingly, Toprak (Selen Soyder) took part in another Turkish drama The Tulip Age (Lale Devri) as the same character. In Turkey, Love in the Sky (Yer Gok Ask) and The Tulip Age (Lale Devri) were broadcasted in the same period and Toprak character transfered from one tv series to another.

      If you want to learn the story of Toprak, you can watch The Tulip Age (Lale Devri). Toprak was involved in Turkish drama The Tulip Age (Lale Devri) after 16th episode.

    • ***spoiler alert***
      ABSOLUTELY!! Hamiyet, the mother has done as many dirty tricks as Havva. She nearly got her daughter, Manuevver killed by forcing her engagement to that vile Governor!!! Havva never explained to Yousuf, nor did ANYONE else why she became engaged to Cuneyt…. to keep her jerk of a father out of prison; nor did Yusuf ever know that Havva’s father spent the money he got for the necklace to pay Cuneyt back for the engagement party money. Granted Havva did lie too many times but changing the DNA report is what her Aunt wanted her to do or she would have left it in the mail for them to read. Also, Hamiyet was already bonded with the baby, as her grandson, Toprak was healed emotionally by caring for Rutzgar so the report made everyone happy and Yusuf finally allowed himself to love that precious baby. Havva got a “raw deal” from a lot of people and WHY did Yusuf marry so soon, just to please his Momma !!! He ended up being a Momma’s boy after all!!!!

  136. Have found the beautiful love song everyone is looking for!
    Erkin Koray “Sevince” enjoy ????

  137. I didn’t like harva, i hate lies. She got what she deserved and more, yousef let her play him for a fool. She wad obsessed with him, following him like a bad leach. Im glad he married bada. Hava her dad n her aunt were all evil devils. How can any decent people think her lies are justified because of how much she n yousef love one another. Shame

    • This isn’t love but an obsession. I, too, disliked Havva for her manipulations and he was stupid enough to fall for her. Now I’m seeing, Netflix is not showing all episodes and reading the spoilers tells me I wasted too much time on this series. I like to watch all episodes and happy ending. I actually wanted him to fall for Toprak at the end as she was one of the few decent ones in the series.

  138. i watched this on netflix, totally hooked. What happened after yusuf got shot??????????????????

  139. I have enjoyed all the Turkish movies I have watched. Have got others hooked on them. However I’m up to episode 46 & my Netflix has crashed. I’m livered.

  140. Please make another series that Yusuf and havva are together I didn’t realize that Havva was pregnant with Yusuf’s child. I love Yusuf . The best looking actor around. I love the Turkish movies naturally with Murat staring In them. Don’t watch any American movies . I appreciate the strong love scenes but always a sad ending..oh my god I watched this movie all day and night and was so disappinted with the ending.. they just have to get together. I hated the mother .. I skipped everything except Yusuf and halva scenes . Please rewrite it. And let us know the next season as here I Canada it’s hard to get.

    • Where can I get episodes 111 through 122 of the series. Netflix stops “love is in the air” with episode 110. Really getting anoyed with Nerflix for not finishing the series.

      • Just MORE heartbreak and sadness according to one viewer who has seen further episodes, I refuse to put myself emotionally thru this kind of drama ever again !!!

      • ***spoiler alert***
        Does anyone know where to find episodes 111 to 122 of Love is In the Air? Also, some comments indicate Havva has Yusuf’s baby in prison. When Havva dies, who takes the baby? Also, as Yusuf is killed in episode 110, what becomes of his “son”?
        Thanks, Nancy

      • Me too Ruth

      • You can get Episode 111 to 122 on YTube. Unfortunately it only has Romanian subtitles. (search Yer Gok Ask Insfrsa Filme 111) or without subs but just talking Turkish it converts to BOLUM 44. (SEARCH YER GOK ASK 44. BOLUM/FULL HD (TEK PARCA etc. (sometimes they are available as a nearly 2 hour episode in which it can be found as YGA …(number) and sometimes as INSFRSA FILME ….(Number). My friend and I used Google Translator to type in intense conversations where we couldnt guess what was being said in Turkish, but was subtitled in Romanian and it translated it pretty well (as least you get the gist of what is being said). It was a struggle, but when you are desperate, you have no choice. Netflix is pathetic in that they only buy half a series and leave viewers floundering without subs for the rest. But go on You Tube and you will find it.

    • ***spoiler alert***
      Victoria, I totally agree with EVERYTHING you said!! That Mother, Hamiyet and Aunt are responsible for this whole mess. The Mother totally controls that entire family, husband and Yusuf and Maneuvver and has helped to ruin their lives. The aunt, Sultan was always encouraging Havva to do bad things and the girl just followed her every suggestion to become corrupt but Hamiyet NEVER paid the price for meddling in her children’s lives and conveniently gets sick when Yusuf finally tells her off, just didn’t last long before she had her claws around his life again!! Got him to marry Bade, after all, KNOWING that Yusuf did bot love her but he “fell in line” yet again to please his Mother. When he got shot by Cuneyt, It was tragic but Cuneyt calling him a COWARD for not backing Havva, even tho she was wrong, was right on target. If he REALLY loved her so much, why didn’t he get her some mental help and save her from herself ???

    • Winter sun is better

  141. Oh god, i was bored one night and started watching series on Netflix. Like every other Turkish series. Terrible ending. Don’t waist your time and your emotions.

    • I’m with YOU!!’ This series has been KILLING me!!! Why can’t they show us the other 11episodes ??? Skipped 103 to get to the end to see who was in the wedding dress and just KNEW that the Mother would have her way!! Why can’t Usuf and the sister SEE how manipulative their Mother is !!! She’s just as EVIL as some of the things Havana did to try to cover up for her Father’s mistakes and the Aunt who WANTED the .DNA report changed. Look at what Hamiyet did to nearly destroy Manuuver and her love for Yigit??? She shoved her toward that abusive Governor but she NEVER gets blamed for HER dastardly deeds!!! Oh !! Allah, somebody finish this series without all of us crying!!!

  142. Yer Gok ASK!!! Love is in the Air
    Love the series
    I need to know the song that the two lovers were listening to
    in the car!!!
    I want to know the artist and the name of the song!!!
    I switched to Turkish TV Series this year
    Man I am crazy about everything Turkish
    the language
    the cuisine
    the culture
    Thank you

  143. Sida Rzechowicz

    This is one of the best shows I have ever seen. I cried for half an hour at the end of season one. The show is not real I know that. You live with these people, you want the best for them. The ending was awful. Wonderful writing. Can’t wait for Season two.

  144. what about yusuf’s wife bade?

  145. where i can wathch this online?? please

  146. I Don’t like Havva,I am glad if she dies because she is bad persn in series, I hoped from the begining that Jusuf will choose her sister and when that didn’t happened I’m glad that they both die because what is the message in this story? You can do everything for love even to lie so much and be the worst person just because you are in love???

  147. I read everyone saying it’s not fair that Havva and Yusuf die,in life is also like that. So it’s more realistic like this instead of happy ending because just think about it,whole life is not fair or having a happy ending. And bad people always win and good people always suffer. Lies always win 🙁 that’s life people

  148. the series yer gok ask it’s really to be continued season 4 or not?

  149. It was sevda’s baby,she wants him to be hancioglu

  150. hi!
    we are debating about the baby in season 2. is it havvas baby or her cellmates?

  151. Even though havva and youssef died,the story of sevda and omer is also nice. Pls i’ll like someone to brief me on whether sevda and omer eventually get married and about their love story with hemilye the devil.I watch it in arabic and i just pic some words. Please reply

  152. It was amazing…its was very sad and romantic one…please we want yousuf & havva again together in a new series

  153. Can anyone tell me what’s the name of song that was played when yusuf dies in the hospital?

  154. OMG! Dis is realy d worst ending I eva seen. How could bade and mohd escape their mistakes??? Director dis is not fair. You beta change dis 2 a dream.

  155. I am sorry to say this the story is stupid cause how can you ask who was on the wedding setting in front of the gusts can any one tall me that havve truly will die plz

  156. What was the end of Bade and Mehmet?

  157. What was the end of Bade?

  158. whats the game that havva played on yousef?

  159. There is a possibilty they can make a new sezon.
    With a new scenario it wil bring them allot of viewers. How about, Youssef didnt die but faket his death. And went to a place to get better. When he recovers, he wil send hava a letter in prison. Telling he what to do to fake her death. Then they can write a new scenario pffff i would love a new sezon with hava and Yusuf

  160. Possible ending I would have liked. Badea get killed by Mahmoud or suicide because Yusuf divorce her and she can’t take it.hamida get paralyzed and her husband lives and his other son find someone and get married. Havva get pregnant with twins and Yusuf decide to leave his family and leave to an other country with havva while Badea fall in love with Mahmoud and both dies in an accident…

    • how yusuf and badea get married?yusuf marry to hava?is badea cheating to yusuf?at the end badea marry to muhammad?what happen to them?

    • I’m so frustrated – trying to watch season 2 on You Tube in Turkish. Really hard. Tried everywhere to get English subtitles but useless. Really bad Netflix didn’t renew this. Trying to get the gist of it. Please let Havva and Yuaef have some time together.

  161. I really don’t like the end. The story is very beautiful but the end is too much sad they killed the main characters and the father and the mother and the other brother too what is that ???!!! Why killing everyone?! They should have punished Badea and mahmoud somehow and bring havva and Yusuf together as t they are the heros. I am watching this serial on mbc 4 in Arabic and saw the rest on YouTube but the moment I came to know about the stupid ending I stopped watching it….

  162. I don’t think it is very logical to lose the two main caracters yusuf and havva in this way. Their love is the beauty of this series.

  163. i really appreciate if someone respond to my comment … I am pregnant and started watching this series i am so hooked but now that yusuf died in fire all i want to see is Bade to suffer. Is she gonna get what she deserves? when everyone going to find out she is a psycho and set everyone on fire?
    please please if anybody knows please let me know so i can continue watching it … i am so upset right now

    • ***spoiler alert****

      Bade got married to Mehmet and gave birth to his baby. At the end, she confessed to the police that she caused the death of Yusuf.

    • Me too! I watched some on u tube but could not decipher everything.

    • Samisam, Your child must be 7 or 8 by now! If you watched this series while pregnant, you must have had an easy birth because of all the stomach turning things that went on. Tell me, did you name your child Havva or Yusuf. Hopefully not Sultan. What a bitch!



  166. could you please tell me where I can find season 2 and 3????????? just finished watching season 1 and want to continue the series? thank you!

  167. please tell me the end of the story


    • —synopsis—
      yousef dead on fire and they blame havva and she sent to prison and dead in prison.

      • Fernando cardenas

        ***spoiler alert***
        Very sad because Hava and jussef die very dessapointed the show is only tragedy and evil parts, the show make me sad I don’t understand why the writers kill Hava and Jussef this is the worst final I know so is coming more new episodic

  168. Havva and yussef won’t die, they will meet again and yussef will regret why he did leave her. They will get married in secret and will give a birth of a child.
    The story by later will be sad again..

    • Are you sure, THE serie yer gok ask wil be continued? Because its Seems like a real bad ending everyone died almost

    • —synopsis—
      what happens after yusef dies in fire

      • —synopsis—

        At the end of season 2, Yusuf (murat unalmis) dies in fire. Havva (Birce Akalay) is blamed for this fire and she is put in prison. Although Havva is innocent, she cannot prove that. In the prison, she meets a young and beautiful girl whose name is Sevda (Melisa Asli Pamuk). Havva and Sevda become a close friend in the prison. By the way, Sevda has a baby boy just like Havva. They raise their babies together and share everything. However, Havva dies at the prison after 4-5 episodes of season 3. Then the story focuses on Sevda and Omer (Burak Hakki). Omer is the nephew of Hamiyet (Isil Yucesoy). He comes to Turkey from US after Yusuf dies. In season 3, we watch the love between Sevda and Omer.

        • Thank you for your information
          now,I deside not to watch this serial,because I think this ending for havva & yosuf’love is not fare
          but maybe I watch sevda’ story later
          &finaly I reccomend you to watch,karadayi,ezel,ask i memnu & fatmagulun such ne
          I think these are better choices to watch between turkish dramas
          thank you again

  169. Where i can watch love in the sky sezon 2 and 3?i need an answer please…

  170. gok ilove you birce khoshkelam دوستم ئارم باتو خواهر خوشگلم فاميل شوم به ايميلم در ارتباط باش اگه تونستي تو خواهر نداشته خودمي خيلي دوست دارم عاشقتمممممممممممممممممممممم عزيزم

  171. the worst series i have ever seen,i do not know why such series is making in turkey,i didnt like it at all,it is only showing th evil side of people s personality!!

  172. i hate selen soyder and dont watch it

  173. Ilike to birce akalay or hava ilive in iran

  174. I love havva

  175. Its true it was very nice love story n very good dram but when yousef n hawa died the drama became so borring n rabich so sad

  176. Can someone please tell me what happens at the end? Thanks

  177. do not watch it, it will be better!!! bad series, with worse ending!!! worst series ever

    • what happens in the end?

    • I. was glued to the Tv till episode 110 on netflix.After that followed some episodes on Youtube but couldn’t understand a word without English subtitles.In episode 86 Yusuf was killed senselessly & then Havva dies after a few episodes.I think the writers lost direction & they introduced a no of characters afterwards but nothing makes sense ! So stopped watching now.On the whole a beautiful love story turned into a tragic tale & streched unnecessarily & pointlessly .loved the lead pair Havva & Yusuf

    • I’m gutted that we can’t get anymore with subtitles on YouTube is just Turkish nothing to carry on about the shooting a lot of new faces so I can’t watch it in Turkish if I can’t understand and a lot of old cast not in it I’m really disappointed

  178. I’d like to watch this with english subtitles.

  179. I too have asked for the series links with English subtitles. Why not appeal to a wider audience???

  180. hiiii where can i watch theis drama with englidh subtitled

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