Kurt Seyit and Shura

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Kurt Seyit and Shura (Kurt seyit ve sura) Turkish Tv Series

Original Title: Kurt Seyit ve Sura
English Title: Kurt Seyit and Shura
Also Known As: Kurt Seyit and Sura, Amor En Guerra
Genre: Drama, Romance, History
Episodes: 21
Broadcast Network: Star TV
Broadcast Period: March 4, 2014 – November 20, 2014
Production Company: Ay Yapim
Director: Hilal Saral
Screen Writer: Ece Yorenc


Kurt Seyit (Kivanc Tatlitug) is a womanizing lieutenant who is the first son of a rich Crimean landowner of Turkish origin. He is so handsome and successful. Shura (Farah Zeynep Abdullah), on the other hand, is the beautiful daughter of a noble Russian family. She is so naïve and beautiful.

These two young persons meet at a ball in St. Petersburg. Before Shura comes to the ball, Kurt Seyit makes a bet with his friends and tells them he will manage to kiss the first girl who enters the room. And then Shura joins the ball. When Kurt Seyit sees Shura, he develops a crush on her. At the same time, Shura falls in love with him at first sight and can’t get him out of her mind.

Although Kurt Seyit and Shura start to love each other to death, they have to endure obstacles in front of their ways. Kurt Seyit has to prove his fidelity while Shura has to learn to trust him. Also, they have to act against the wishes of their families. This is because; Kurt Seyit’s father wants him to get married to a Turkish girl whereas Shura’s family wants her to get married to a noble man.

For this reason, they must fight for their love against the forces of family, the expectations of society and the events of history in 1920s during revolutions in Russia and Ottoman Empire.

In Kurt Seyit and Shura tv series story, you will explore the adventures of two lovers who have broken away from their magnificent lives in Russia and have been dragged to Istanbul. Will Shura believe in Kurt Seyit’s fidelity? Will Kurt Seyit convince his family? Will the love between Kurt Seyit ans Shura manage to stand for all the obstacles?

Kivanc Tatlitug as Kurt Seyit
Farah Zeynep Abdullah as Sura
Ushan Cakir as Celil Kamilof
Birkan Sokullu as Petro
Elcin Sangu as Guzide
Demet Ozdemir as Alya
Seda Guven as Valentina
Asli Orcan as Barones Lola
Caglar Ertugrul as Yusuf
Berk Ercer as Misa
Dogu Alpan as Vladimir
Baris Alpaykut as Osman
Serdar Gokhan as Mirza
Sefika Umit Tolun as Zahide Eminofa
Sumeyra Koc as Havva
Tugce Karabacak as Nina
Engin Senkan as Riza
Tijen Par as Valentina

External Links
Imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3467380/
Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kurt_Seyit_ve_Şura
Official Site: http://ayyapim.com/kurt-seyit-ve-sura

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April 3, 2020 4:47 pm

Hermosísima serie, la he visto online en seriesturcas.gratis y he quedado fascinada con Kivanc Tatlitug. Me gustaría me informaran si hará una nueva serie próximamente.

May 26, 2019 1:53 pm

I was enthralled by the Seyit and Shura TV serial. It broke my heart when they did not get together. It appeared to me such a senseless waste when Seyit refuses to discuss the issues he has with Shura for her to get a better understanding of what is important to him. The fact that in real life Shura cannot see through the machinations of Petro is unbelievable. Are Petro’s machinations real? He is so evil and successful. Is there a sequel? I am so hooked on it.

March 4, 2019 8:14 pm

Una gran novela, yo la pude ver completa en español en https://seriesturcas.org Me encantó, Kivanc y Farah geniales!

Tara Stuart
October 9, 2017 6:33 pm

Somehow on Oct 1, 2017 I stumbled through Netflix for something I was unlikely to watch and somehow I clicked and out of curiosity began watching Kurt Seyit and Sura. Like most all 236 comments was immersed in its beauty and grandeur. As a history buff, and having read Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, and the tragic times of Russians during the Revolution, this series, in Turkish with English subtitles, was mesmerizing. THEN, what should I find online but that this story is based on a true story written by Seyit’s own granddaughter!

So most of the comments and fan’s reviews express my feelings. Reading these 230-odd comments and still watching up to episode 17, I guess one would want to stop watching, knowing the fate of them as a couple, and on another website discovering the spoilers, I am still curious about what leads to an end. Oddly, nothing “spoils” me because of a natural curiosity.

It was while Seyit was burying his father and hearing his threats about Seyit and “that woman” that in a stinking I began to have a foreboding a twi (this was before I got on the website and found out more) .Turkish and Mid-East tradition dictates that the father’s word is law. It was so deeply rooted in Seyit’s culture that his father, even after death, was his master. A few subsequent scenes later proved that out and to Sura, it was becoming more obvious. Eventually it came to fruition. That young man Kivanc’s emotional acting especially during Seyit’s burying the parents he tried to save greatly affected me. Even knowing the fates of the two lovers, it is his and Sura”s and the maddeningly traitorous Petro’s strong acting that makes him the one you love to hate.

Needless to say, there must be a calculating woman, cheaply dubbed Baroness Lola, who (at least at this portion of the series, has has no redeeming qualities. All of these ingredients make for a great feast. It is only in a screen version of a true story that such coincidental meetings occur so predictably. I am one-third of the way through, as of this post.

I also love Celid and especially Tatya, his sweet ballerina fiancee, because of her generosity and hospitality toward a beautiful Turkish girl who had secretly loved him and thought his name was Seyit, was one of my favorite parts. This kind of screenwriting keeps one interested, in fact enthralled.

Ivetta Williams
July 21, 2017 3:28 am

Based on the television drama, I believe a second season is necessary… too many unanswered questions about whether their love for each other continues despite their different paths? If not another season, then I will watch Season one over and over and …

Ivetta Williams
July 21, 2017 2:50 am

Based on the television drama, I believe a second season is necessary… too many unanswered questions about whether their love for each other continues despite their different paths? If not another season, then I will watch Season one over and over and …

You Belong To Me You Are Mine
July 15, 2017 8:40 pm

After reading the comments and knowing the leads didn’t end up together I will not be watching this-.- I’m still depressed over Scarlet Heart Ryeo kdrama,I refuse to watch something with a bad ending-.-

June 6, 2017 2:59 pm

I just thought it was odd how she was basically living at the shop, but when he asked her to move in she says no…a bunch of your stuff is already here! It was frustrating that she kept doubting him, and maybe that is what took on a toll on their relationship, but after finding out, and I believe she found out first, (and then her sister had the audacity to rub in Seyit’s face that her departure was for his safety; she really does irk me) how does she not say anything to him? Was it because they damage had already been done? I feel like they both got to a point where they both just stopped fighting.

June 6, 2017 2:54 pm

I think she might have been jealous of her sister; maybe she was more reserved, and didn’t want to openly express how she felt about Constantin, but I think she loved him. I think she was jealous of Sura in the sense that she was more open about how she felt about Seyit, she didn’t hold back. How many people jump out of a moving train to go be with the person they love in the middle of all that chaos?

May 20, 2017 1:46 pm

Why should Hollywood remake this serie ?! İt is beautiful in this way, portraying Turkish culture with Turkish values and traditions. And it is based on a real story ! Stop remaking good films in ‘hollywood’ ways because it just destroys the beauty of the series/movies. İ’m sure everyone here are more satisfied this way because as I said earlier this is not a science-fic/drama/action film that you can refilm, it reflects our history,our culture! You are free to do whatever you like with your own history but please stay away from ours!