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Ahsen Eroglu

Ahsen Eroglu - Actress

Name: Ahsen Eroglu
Birthdate: October 27, 1994
Birthplace: Corlu, Turkey
Height: 165 cm
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Education: Ege University Sports Academy – Volleyball (Ege Universitesi Spor Bilimleri Fakultesi Voleybol Antrenorlugu)
Talent Agency: Persona Sanat
Biography: Ahsen Eroglu was born in 27 October 1994 in Corlu. She studied at Ege University Sports Academy and then took acting lessons from Sahne 3MOTA. She made her debut in 2015 with her role in Turkish series Modern Story of Cain and Abel (Bir Modern Habil Kabil Hikayesi).

Ahsen Eroglu Tv Series / Movies
2015 – Modern Story of Cain and Abel (Modern Habil Kabil) (as Zehra)
2016 – Magnificent Century Kosem (Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem) (as Meleki Hatun)
2016 – 2017 Mother (Anne) (as Duru Gunes)

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Meral Okay

Meral Okay - Screenwriter, Actress

Name: Meral Okay
Birthdate: September 20, 1959 – April 9, 2012
Birthplace: Ankara, Turkey
Education: Public Administration
Spouse: Yaman Okay (m. 1984 – 1993)
Biography: Meral Okay was born on 20 September 1959 in Ankara. Her name before marriage was Meral Kati. She was a second child of her family. Due to her father’s job, she spent her childhood in different cities. She started her education in Balikesir, and continued her education in Agri, Corlu, Iskenderun, and Ankara. After high school, she studied political science at the university. Before starting her career at entertainment sector, Meral Okay worked as a public servant for 5 years. While working for the government, Meral Okay moved to Istanbul in 1983 to work at Gunaydin Newspaper. During 12 September period of Turkish history, Meral Okay was the member of Turkish Workers’ Party. She wrote the screenplay of Beynelminel movie based on her experiences during that period. Meral Okay got married to actor Yaman Okay in 1984. After then, she started to closely follow cinema and television sector. Meral Okay’s husband Yaman Okay passed away in 19 February 1993 when he was 41 years old due to pancreas cancer. Meral Okay worked at Gunaydin Newspaper, she also worked as journalist, producer, and restaurant manager after coming to Istanbul. She started her acting career in 1992 with her role in movie Seni Seviyorum Rosa. Meral Okay wrote the screenplays of popular Turkish series including Vine Mansion (Asmali Konak) which was a milestone in Turkish television dramas. She wrote the screenplay of Magnificent Century (Muhtesem Yuzyil) which was the first period drama in Turkey. Meral Okay passed away on 9 April 2012 due to lung cancer.

1997 – Yasemince
2002 – Vine Mansion (Asmali Konak)

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Ilhan Sen

Ilhan Sen - Actor

Name: Ilhan Sen
Birthdate: December 19, 1987
Birthplace: Shumen, Bulgaria
Height: 189 cm
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Education: Yildiz Technical University Civil Engineering School (Yildiz Teknik Universitesi Insaat Muhendisligi Bolumu)
Talent Agency: Icon Talent Management
Biography: Ilhan Sen (read as eelhan shan) was born in 19 December 1987 in Bulgaria. When he was 2 years old, his family moved to Istanbul. He went to primary and secondary school in Istanbul and then studied civil engineering at Yildiz Technical University. He became one of the finalists at 2008 Best Model of Turkey and was awarded with Best Swimsuit Model. In 2009, he participated to Best Model of Turkey Competition again and this time, he was awarded with 2009 Best Model of Turkey. After then, he represented Turkey at Best Model of the World competition organized in Bulgaria. Ilhan Sen became Best Model of Europe in 2010. He worked as a model for a while and then, started his acting career with his role at Turkish series Falcon Crest.

Ilhan Sen Tv Series / Movies
2018 – Mehmed: The Conqueror (Mehmed: Bir Cihan Fatihi) (as Sehzade Alaaddin)
2018 – Falcon Crest (Sahin Tepesi) (as Mete)

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Caner Sahin

Caner Sahin - Actor

Name: Caner Sahin
Birthdate: May 26, 1992
Birthplace: Eskisehir, Turkey
Height: 184 cm
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Education: Istanbul University State Conservatory – Theatre (Istanbul Universitesi Devlet Konservatuvari Tiyatro Bolumu)
Talent Agency: Yasemin Ozbudun Talent Management
Biography: Caner Sahin was born in 26 May 1992 in Eskisehir. His parents are both teachers. He started to study Mechanical Engineering at Istanbul Technical University but then decided to change his career path. He dropped out mechanical engineering school and started to study theatre at Istanbul University State Conservatory. He made his debut in 2016 with his role Kadir at Turkish Series Family Secrets (Babam ve Ailesi).

Caner Sahin Tv Series / Movies
2016 – Family Secrets (Babam ve Ailesi) (as Kadir Kayalar)
2017 – Captive (Tutsak) (as Bahadir Akinci)
2018 – Brothers (Kardesler) (as Ramazan) (Movie)

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Cem Yigit Uzumoglu

Cem Yigit Uzumoglu - Actor

Name: Cem Yigit Uzumoglu
Birthdate: March 1, 1994
Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
Height: 179 cm
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Education: Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory – Acting (2012-2016), Istanbul Uni Criticism and Dramaturgy
Talent Agency: Id Iletisim
Biography: Cem Yigit Uzumoglu was born in 1 March 1994 in Istanbul. While he was going to high school, he joined to Fenerbahce swimming. He studied at Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory during the period of 2012-2016. He travelled all around the Europe for 3 years.

Cem Yigit Uzumoglu Tv Series / Movies
2017 – A.K.A. The Legend (Adi Efsane) (as Hakan Sahin)
2018 – The Protector (Hakan: Muhafiz) (as Emir)
2020 – Rise of Empires: Ottoman (as Fatih Sultan Mehmet)

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Tolga Tekin

Tolga Tekin - Actor

Name: Tolga Tekin
Birthdate: March 19, 1973
Birthplace: Ankara, Turkey
Height: 185 cm
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown (Bald)
Education: Hacettepe University State Conservatory – Theatre (Hacettepe Universitesi Devlet Konservatuvari Tiyatro Bolumu)
Talent Agency: Renda Guner Cast Agency
Spouse: Zeynep Koltuk (m. 2013–2014)
Biography: Tolga Tekin was born in 19 March 1973 in Ankara. He graduated from Hacettepe University State Conservatory in 1996. After graduation, he started working at Adana State Theatre. He worked at Adana State Theatre during the period of 1996-2004. After then, he worked at Ankara State Theatre. Tolga Tekin started his television acting career with his role at Turkish series named Bizim Evin Halleri. He took part in this tv series together with Beyhan Saran, Meral Niron, Emel Goksu, Aysenil Samlioglu and Zeynep Koltuk during the period of 2000-2008. While shooting this tv series, Tolga Tekin met Zeynep Koltuk. The couple got married in 20 July 2013 and got divorced in 2014.

Tolga Tekin Tv Series / Movies
2008 – Bizim Evin Halleri (as Safa)
2009 – Starfish (Deniz Yildizi) (as Tayfun)
2010 – Grand Bazaar (Kapali Carsi) (as Mustafa Kurtoglu)
2010 – Kardelen (Movie)

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Kursat Alniacik

Kursat Alniacik - Actor

Name: Kursat Alniacik
Birthdate: December 7, 1962
Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
Height: 178 cm
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Education: Mimar Sinan University – Theatre (Mimar Sinan Universitesi Tiyatro Bolumu)
Talent Agency: Gokce Altan Ajans
Spouse: Banu Alniacik, Gercek Saglar (m. 2013-present)
Biography: Kursat Alniacik was born in 7 December 1962 in Istanbul. He is the son of theatre professor Raik Alniacik. In 1981, he started to study at Istanbul State Conservatory, theatre concentration. He graduated in 1985 and went to the UK with a scholarship given by UK government. When he went to the UK and studied modern dance at London Content Dance School for one year. Kursat Alniacik returned to Turkey in 1986 and started to work as an intern at Bursa State Theatre. While tooking part in theatre plays, he also continued his interest in modern dance as a hobby. For 9 years, he gave dance lessons at Eyuboglu Egitim Kurumlari. Kursat Alniacik became very popular with his role as Savas in popular Turkish series Crazy Heart (Deli Yurek). After then, he became very well known in the television sector.

Kursat Alniacik Tv Series / Movies
1970 – Hope (Umut) (Movie)
1989 – Silent Storm (Sessiz Firtina)
1991 – Yildizlar Gece Buyur (as Aykut)

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Firat Dogruloglu

Firat Dogruloglu - Actor

Name: Firat Dogruloglu
Birthdate: July 6, 1974
Birthplace: Hatay, Turkey
Height: 190 cm
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Education: Istanbul Bilgi University Economics (Istanbul Bilgi Universitesi Iktisat Bolumu)
Talent Agency: Gaye Sokmen Cast Agency
Biography: Firat Dogruloglu was born in 6 July 1974 in Hatay. He has 4 siblings. His father is a worker retiree and his mother is a housewife. In National University Exam, Firat Dogruloglu won Istanbul University Physics but then decided that this study are was not appropriate for him. After then, he won Istanbul Bilgi University Economics with full scholarship. Firat Dogruoglu started to be interested in theatre while he was going to high school. He took part in various theatres such as Tiyatro Cisenti and Bogazici University Graduates’ Association. He also took part in various commercial. Through these commercials, Firat Dogruloglu met famous producer Tomris Giritlioglu.

Firat Dogruloglu Tv Series / Movies
1994 – Sehnaz Tango
1995 – Our Family (Bizim Aile)
2002 – Half of Apple (Yarim Elma) (as Kuzey)

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Emre Bey

Emre Bey - Actor

Name: Emre Bey
Birthdate: May 9, 1997
Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
Height: 178 cm
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blond
Education: Acting Training at Craft Oyunculuk Atolyesi (Craft Oyunculuk Atolyesi Oyunculuk Egitimi)
Talent Agency: Unit Talent Management
Biography: Emre Bey was born in 9 May 1997 in Istanbul. He took acting lessons from Devrim Yalcin at Craft Oyunculuk Atolyesi. He made his debut with his role as Can in Turkish series Time of Love (Ask Zamani). He became popular with his role as Kivanc at Turkish series A.K.A. The Legend (Adi Efsane). After then, He took part in various tv series.

Emre Bey Tv Series / Movies
2015 – Time of Love (Ask Zamani) (as Ask)
2017 – A.K.A. The Legend (Adi Efsane) (as Kivanc)
2018 – Hold My Hand (Elimi Birakma) (as Arda)

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Ozge Yagiz

Ozge Yagiz - Actress

Name: Ozge Yagiz
Birthdate: September 26, 1997
Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
Height: 169 cm
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Education: Baskent University Communications Academia (Baskent Universitesi Iletisim Bilimleri Akademisi)
Talent Agency: Icon Talent Management
Biography: Ozge Yagiz was born in 26 September 1997 in Istanbul. She is the smallest at 4-member family. She studied communications at Baskent University and took acting lessons at No10Studies. She made her debut with her role at tv series You Name It (Adini Sen Koy) in 2017. After then, she took part in soap opera The Promise (Yemin) which was broadcasted at tv channel Kanal 7.

Ozge Yagiz Tv Series / Movies
2018 – You Name It (Adini Sen Koy) (as Zeliha)
2019 – 2020 The Promise (Yemin) (as Reyhan Tarhun)
2020 – My Left Side (Sol Yanim) (as Serra)

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