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Bread and Butter (Ekmek Teknesi) Tv Series

Bread and Butter (Ekmek Teknesi) Tv Series

Original Title: Ekmek Teknesi
English Title: Bread and Butter
Also Known As: Boat of Bread
Genre: Family, Comedy
Episodes: 106
Broadcast Network: ATV (2002-2004), Show Tv (2004-2005)
Broadcast Period: November 16, 2002 – June 13, 2005
Production Company: Sinegraf (2002-2004), Pana Film (2004-2005)
Director: Metin Gunay
Screen Writer: Raci Sasmaz, Mehmet Turgut, Hasan Kacan, Elif Aktug, Bahadir Ozdener, Omer Lutfi Mete
Filming Locations: Istanbul, Turkey

Nusret (Savas Dincel) is a baker who owns a bakery shop named as Boat of Bread (Ekmek Teknesi) in a small neighborhood. He gets up too early each day to cook bread. The locals in the neighborhood have been buying bread from this bakery shop for 100 years.

Nusret lives happily with her wife and five daughters. Each girl has her own problem.

Mehbare (Mehtap Bayri) is the biggest daughter who wants to get married soon. She is good at domestic responsibilities and wants to have her own family as soon as possible.

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