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Daylight (Donence) Tv Series


Original Title: Donence
English Title: Daylight
Also Known As:
Genre: Romance, youth
Episodes: 14 (each episode is 140-150 minutes)
Broadcast Network: Kanal D
Broadcast Period: July 4, 2023 – October 11, 2023
Production Company: D Media
Director: Serdar Gozelekli
Screenwriter: Ebru Hacioglu, Ibrahim Guler, Melek Ordu
Filming Locations: Izmir, Turkiye


Gece (Sumeyye Aydogan) is a young girl who plans to study music in Istanbul. However, her life changes when her parents decide to move to a small seaside town, Foca, due to her autistic sister Gulce (Ulku Hilal Ciftci).

Gulce is a special child who has some challenges communicating with people. Due to her special condition, she afraids of the crowds and noise. Her parents Verda (Didem Inselel) and Cem (Emre Kinay) make a hard decision and move to Foca so that Gulce could attend the surfing and sailing club.

Gece’s life changes all of a sudden. She has to leave her boyfriend Miro (Atakan Hosgoren) behind and postpone her dreams of music. She gets angry at her parents because she thinks that her parents do not give her enough care and attention.

Life in this small seaside town brings unexpected things. Verda and Cem start to fight more often as Cem keeps his illness secret from his family. Verda does not understand why her husband has been behaving in a strange way and thinks that her husband has an affair. On the other hand, Cem tries his best to find treatment for his illness without worrying about his family.

Gulce gets used to her new life at the surfing and sailing club. She loves her new friends and instructors. At the same time, she finds an opportunity to develop a closer relationship with her sister Gece.

Meanwhile, Gece meets Ozgur (Caner Topcu) who is an instructor at the sailing club. Ozgur is a handsome young guy who takes care of his autistic brother Ruzgar. After his parents pass away on fire, Ozgur devotes his life to his brother and gives up all his dreams.

As Gece spends more and more time with Ozgur, she gains a new perspective and looks at life from a more mature perspective. Ozgur, on the other hand, learns the importance of life and tries not to postpone his life anymore. Gece and Ozgur start to develop some feelings for each other and understand each other better over time. However, their life changes upon the arrival of Gece’s boyfriend Miro.

Daylight (Donence) tv series story is about the life of Gece whose life changes all of a sudden when her parents move to a small seaside town due to her autistic sister. Will Gece and her family get used to their new life in a small town? Will Gece continue her relationship with Miro or will she start a new relationship with Ozgur? Will Gece manage to follow her dreams of music? Will Gece stay in Foca or return to Istanbul?

Daylight (Donence) Tv Series Cast

Additional Cast Members

  • Ahmet Varli as Selman
  • Sebnem Dogruer Tacal as Fatma
  • Alara Bozbey as Ufuk
  • Edanur Gulbudak as Zarife
  • Muammer Tali as Fikret
  • Umut Kaya as Alican
  • Berfin Ant as Ceren
  • Mesut Yilmaz as Serkan
  • Can Kiziltug as Berkay


Gece Olgun (Sumeyye Aydogan)

Gece is a young girl who dreams to study music at the Conservatory. She blames her parents for not showing enough care for her. She thinks that her sister takes all the attention of her parents. She has been dating Miro for a while even though they usually fight with each other. Even though she wants to stay in Istanbul and makes music, she finds herself in a small seaside town.

Ozgur (Caner Topcu)

Ozgur is a young guy who takes care of his younger brother after his parents pass away. He gives up all his dreams to take care of his brother and lives in a small seaside town. He falls in love with Gece at first sight.

Gulce Olgun (Ulku Hilal Ciftci)

Gulce is the younger sister of Gece. She is a special child who is autistic. She has some challenges communicating properly with other people because she afraids of noise and the crowd. She is a genius with a high IQ and she is very good at drawing.

Emir / Miro (Atakan Hosgoren)

Emir is the boyfriend of Gece. He comes from a wealthy family but he has been raised without love.

Cem Olgun (Emre Kinay)

Cem is the husband of Verda and the father of Gece and Gulce. He is a successful architect. He keeps his sickness from his family.

Verda Olgun (Didem Inselel)

Verda is the wife of Cem and the mother of Gece and Gulce. She leaves her academic career behind in order to take care of Gulce. Her biggest aim is to make Gulce an independent person who does not need anyone.

Harun (Ogun Kaptanoglu)

Harun is a wealthy businessman who is the neighbor of Cem and Verda. He seems to be a philanthropist but he has a dark side. Since his son is also a special child, he owns a Surfing and Sail Club.

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