Aziz Tv Series


Original Title: Aziz
English Title: Aziz
Also Known As:
Genre: Historical, Romance, Drama
Episodes: 28
Broadcast Network: Show TV
Broadcast Period: November 5, 2021 – June 3, 2022
Production Company: O3 Medya
Director: Recai Karagoz
Screen Writer: Eda Tezcan (1-22), Ali Onur Sutsataner (23-25), Volkan Yazici (26-28)
Filming Locations: Istanbul, Sakarya


The story takes place in Antakya in 1934. During that time, Antakya was under the French occupation.

Aziz Payidar (Murat Yildirim) is a young man who comes from a wealthy Payidar family. His family owns the only and the biggest carpet store in Antakya.

Aziz is a strong, persuasive and stubborn man who is a promising carpet seller. He works happily together with his father and his uncle in their carpet store.

Aziz has a happy life even though many local people suffer from poverty and oppression under the French occupation. He dreams to get married to his lover Dilruba (Damla Sonmez) whom he has been in love with since he was 10 years old. However, the life of Aziz turns upside down in one day.

Aziz kills a French lieutenant while he is trying to protect an innocent young girl from his assault. Upon this tragedy, He has nothing to do but to leave everything behind and escape from Antakya. If he stays there, he knows that he would be killed in return by French forces.

Aziz runs away without looking back and never returns to his hometown for two years. Everyone believes that he has passed away. However, all of a sudden, he returns to his hometown.

When Aziz returns to Antakya after 2 years of exile, he realizes that everything has changed dramatically. He learns that his father has passed away, his house has become empty due to huge amounts of debt and all his belongings have been sold out. However, he cannot believe that his father committed suicide because of debt.

Additionally, Aziz learns that his lover Dilruba is engaged with his nephew Adem (Guven Murat Akpinar) and is getting married soon. He feels that he is betrayed by his loved ones. Aziz still loves Dilruba and cannot understand why Dilruba has accepted to get married to another man even though she promised to wait him until death.

Meanwhile, Aziz’s uncle Galip Payidar (Ahmet Mumtaz Taylan) has become wealthier and stronger. He owns the only and the biggest carpet store in Antakya and aims to increase his profitability through cooperating with French forces. Galip Payidar even decreases the wage rate of carper weavers by using his monopolistic power.

The return of Aziz affects the lives of many people in Antakya. Dilruba starts to question her upcoming marriage. Galip Payidar tries his best to maintain his power. Local people start to believe that Aziz would be their hope against French occupation.

Aziz tv series story is about a young man who becomes a powerful man fighting against cruelty and unfairness after losing everything in life. Will Aziz forgive Dilruba? Will Aziz learn the truth about his father’s death? Will Galip Payidar continue to be a ruthless man? Will Aziz cooperate with French forces or will he fight against French occupation?

Aziz Tv Series Cast


Aziz Payidar (Murat Yildirim):

Aziz is a young man who is strong, successful, persuasive, rebellious and stubborn. He follows her heart while making decisions. Since his childhood, he has been in love with Dilruba. However, his perfect life turns upside down when he kills a French lieutenant so as to protect an innocent young girl Efnan.

Dilruba Pasazadeoglu (Damla Sonmez):

Dilruba is a beautiful young woman who comes from a wealthy family. She has everything in life but she is not independent. She has been in love with Aziz since her childhood and has dreamed getting married to him. However, her family starts to suffer from some financial difficulties after Aziz escapes from Antakya. Dilruba has nothing to do but to get engaged with Adem even though she still loves Aziz.

Efnan Payidar (Simay Barlas):

Efnan is a beautiful local girl who never accepts the cruelty and unfairness. She has grown up in poverty. She is rebellious and stubborn. She weaves carpets and is determined to receive what she deserves. After Aziz saves her life and kills the French lieutenant, she falls in love with him at first sight. She promises herself that she would never love any man other than Aziz.

Galip Payidar (Ahmet Mumtaz Taylan):

Galip is Aziz’s uncle. He is rational and makes decisions without considering his feelings. He is cruel, strong, and angry. He does not forgive infidelity. He is keen on his children, particularly his son Adem.

Delege Pierre Martin (Firat Tanis):

Delege Pierre is a French representative who is responsible for ruling Antakya. His son was killed by Aziz but he does not know the murderer of his son. In order to find the murderer of his son, Pierre decides to be around a local girl, Efnan. However, he does not know that he would soon develop some feelings towards Efnan.

Adem Payidar (Guven Murat Akpinar):

Adem is Aziz’s nephew. While Aziz becomes the strong man in Payidar family, Adem becomes a coward. He loves Dilruba to death and decides to get married to her after Aziz goes far away. In order to win Dilruba’s heart, Adem does anything.

Kenan Payidar (Eren Hacisalihoglu):

Kenan becomes the biggest enemy of Payidar family. He is determined to do everything in order to get forgiveness from Payidar family and in order to end this family.

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  • In war times of occupation, manipulation and control of one country by another with powerful grab the process of imposing their religion, language, economics, and other cultural practices its obviously present in this drama. That creates vastly social and political effects in countries and its citizens, like this drama tell us. It would be wrong to focus in one character in this political and romantic drama; we need all of them to understand the plot. All is well cover in this drama that shows power struggles, ambition, greed, and strata. That fella, the French Mr Pierre, and all his objections can be perceived as contravening to independence and sovereignty of a country, as equally seeing on each of the other characters. They are not free but bound through out hard times -in times of war- by family ties, hard feelings, love and freedoms. I believe it’s a good way of people to remember or learn a bit of history and discuss such events with family and friends.

  • this drama has been very disappointing from many angles. This drama is bizarre and truly irrational as it can get, for a psychotherapist, this is a nightmare to watch because Efnam is a very manipulative, vindictive and narcissistic personality to consider her as an innocent girl, she is anything but that. If her character continues to be glorified then this is very wrong message to give to your young vulnerable audience that manipulation, vindictiveness, self serving acts will be rewarded just stay persistent. I am not impressed with the Murat Yildrim's role in this drama either. This is as insane as it can get. My job is to help people not do the things Efnam is doing, I understand this is a drama but people often learn certain behaviors from TV, Movie characters because they suffer from many of the same characteristics as Efnam does. Turkish Dramas should present dramas that build character and integrity.