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Married and Angry (Evli ve Ofkeli)


Details Original Title: Evli ve Ofkeli English Title:  Married and Angry Also Known As:  Genre: Comedy, Romance Episodes: 13+ Broadcast Network: A TV Broadcast Period:  September 20, 2015 – Production Company:  Surec Film Director:  Nisa Akman Screen Writer: Deniz Dargi Synopsis Dilek (Ayca Erturan), Mine (Yildiz Cagri Atiksoy), Esra (Birce Akalay), and Seray (Ebru Cundubeyoglu) are four childhood friends. They […]

Blind Love (Kara Sevda)


Details Original Title: Kara Sevda English Title:  Blind Love Also Known As:  Genre: Romance Episodes: 13+ Broadcast Network: Star TV Broadcast Period:  September 23, 2015 – Production Company:  Ay Yapım Director:  Hilal Saral Screen Writer: Anil Eke – Ozlem Yilmaz – Burcu Gorgun Synopsis Kemal (Burak Ozcivit) is a young guy who is a fourth year college student studying mine […]

Buddy Istanbul (Ulan Istanbul)


Details Original Title: Ulan Istanbul English Title:  Buddy Istanbul Also Known As:  Genre: Action, Comedy Episodes: 39 Broadcast Network: Kanal D Broadcast Period:  June 23, 2014 – March 23, 2015 Production Company:  D Productions Director:  Murat Onbul Screen Writer: Ugras Gunes Synopsis Derya (Sevtap Ozaltun) is young girl who comes to Istanbul to study acting. However, she cannot continue her […]

Strawberry Smell (Cilek Kokusu)


Details Original Title: Cilek Kokusu English Title:  Strawberry Smell Also Known As:  Genre: Romance, Comedy, Youth Episodes: 10+ Broadcast Network: Star Tv Broadcast Period:  June 24, 2015 – Production Company: Gold Film Director:  Filiz Gulmez Pakman Screen Writer: Asli engin Synopsis Asli (Demet Ozdemir) is a young and beautiful girl who works at a pastry shop and loves making delicious cakes. […]

Little Secrets (Kucuk Sirlar)


Details Original Title: Kucuk Sirlar English Title:  Little Secrets Also Known As:  Genre: Romance, Youth Episodes: 55 Broadcast Network: Kanal D, Star Tv Broadcast Period:  July 14, 2010 – September 2, 2011 Production Company: Tims Production Director:  Kerem Cakiroglu, Cevriye Demir Screen Writer: Nukret Bicakci, Aylin Aliveren Synopsis Su (Sinem Kobal) is a beautiful, intelligent and sportive girl who belongs to […]

Pretty Little Liars (Tatli Kucuk Yalancilar)


Details Original Title: Tatli Kucuk Yalancilar English Title:  Pretty Little Liars Also Known As:  Genre: Romance, Youth, Mystery Episodes: 8+ Broadcast Network: Star Tv Broadcast Period:  July 6, 2015 – Production Company: O3 Medya Director:  Ecem Karci Screen Writer: Elif Usman Ergüden Synopsis This tv series is based on the story of Pretty Little Liars (American tv series). Asli (Bensu Soral), […]

Its Name Is Happiness (Adi Mutluluk)


Details Original Title: Adi Mutluluk English Title:  Its Name is Happiness Also Known As:  Genre: Romance, Youth Episodes: 9+ Broadcast Network: Fox Tv Broadcast Period:  June 23, 2015 – Production Company: Surec Film Director:  Ersoy Ozlevi Screen Writer: Aksel Bonfin, Hakan Bonomo Synopsis Kumsal (Ezgi Eyuboglu) is a young girl who has everything but is not happy. She does whatever her […]

Matter of Respect (Seref Meselesi)


Details Original Title: Seref Meselesi English Title:  Matter of Respect Also Known As: Matter of Honor Genre: Romance, Drama Episodes: 26 Broadcast Network: Kanal D Broadcast Period:  November 23, 2014 – May 17, 2015 Production Company: D Productions Director:  Altan Donmez Screen Writer: Synopsis This tv series is based on the story of L’onore e il rispetto (Italian tv series, 2006-2015). […]

Black Bread (Kara Ekmek)


Details Original Title: Kara Ekmek English Title:  Black Bread Also Known As:  Genre: Romance, Drama, Mistery Episodes: 22+ Broadcast Network: Atv Broadcast Period:  January 23, 2015 – Production Company: Limon Film Director:  Taner Akvardar Screen Writer: Gul Abus Semerci, Yelda Eroglu Synopsis Asiye (Ozlem Yilmaz) is young and beautiful girl who works as a manicurist in a small beauty salon. She […]

I Never Give Up (Asla Vazgecmem)


Original Title: Asla Vazgecmem English Title:  I Never Give Up Also Known As:  Genre: Romance, Drama Episodes: 18+ Broadcast Network: Show TV Broadcast Period:  February 12, 2015 – Production Company: Gold Film Director:  Aysun Akyüz Screen Writer: Sirma Yanik, Melis Civelek Synopsis Yigit (Tolgahan Sayisman) is a young and rich business man who had nothing in the past but manages to […]

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