Merve Bolugur

Name: Merve Bolugur
Birthdate: September 16, 1987
Height: cm

Notable Works
2006-2007 Inexperienced Witch (Acemi Cadi) (as Aysegul)
2009 Ash and Fire (Kul ve Ates) (as Hayal)
2010-2011 Little Secrets (Kucuk Sirlar) (as Aysegul)
2011-2013 North South (Kuzey Guney) (as Zeynep)
2013-2014 Magnificent Century (Muhtesem Yuzyil) (as Nurbanu Sultan)

Pretty Little Liars (Tatli Kucuk Yalancilar)

Original Title: Tatli Kucuk Yalancilar
English Title:  Pretty Little Liars
Also Known As: 
Romance, Youth, Mystery
Episodes: 8+
Broadcast Network: Star Tv
Broadcast Period:  July 6, 2015 –
Production Company: O3 Medya
Director:  Ecem Karci
Screen Writer: Elif Usman Ergüden


This tv series is based on the story of Pretty Little Liars (American tv series).

Asli (Bensu Soral), Selin (Busra Develi), Ebru (Dilan Cicek Deniz), Hande (Melisa Senolsun) and Acelya (Beste Kokdemir) are five close friends who live in the same neighborhood and go to same school. They want to spend a night and watch a movie together at a big country house. However, the group leader Acelya disappears there without leaving anything behind and nobody hears back anything about her. After Acelya’s disappearance, they fall apart in order to forget what they have experienced.

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Busra Develi

Name: Busra Develi
Birthdate: August 25, 1993
Height: 180 cm
Eye Color: Brown

Notable Works
2015 Pretty Little Liars (Tatli Kucuk Yalancilar) (as Selin)
2016 Sweet Revenge (Tatli Intikam) (as Ruzgar)

Bensu Soral

Name: Bensu Soral
Birthdate: 1991
Height: cm

Notable Works
2013 Conscience (Vicdan) (as Muge)
2014 Boynu Bukukler (as Miray)
2015 Pretty Little Liars (Tatli Kucuk Yalancilar) (as Asli)

Its Name Is Happiness (Adi Mutluluk)


Kumsal (Ezgi Eyuboglu) is a young girl who has everything but is not happy. She does whatever her father says and she does not feel like she has freedom. In order to get her freedom, she wants to go to university in Istanbul. However, her father wants her to go to university in Izmir where they live and wants her to become a successful architect just like him. Despite her father’s will, Kumsal secretly applies for a university in Istanbul and gets acceptance.

When her father does not approve her decision, Kumsal finds herself in a desperate situation. Meanwhile, she bumps into Batu (Kaan Yildirim) who is a handsome and carefree guy. Batu also gets acceptance from a university in Istanbul but he says that he would not be able to go to Istanbul due to lack of money. These two young persons decide to find happiness no matter how hard it is and they decide to run away to Istanbul together. On their way, Batu has to leave Kumsal behind without saying anything because he has to get rid of the men who follow him. Since Kumsal does not know what is going on, she just assumes that she has been swindled by Batu.
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Kaan Yildirim

Name: Kaan Yildirim
Birthdate: December 24, 1986
Height: cm

Notable Works
2013 Missing (Kayip) (as Kadir)
2014 Buddy Istanbul (Ulan Istanbul) (as Ferdi)
2015 Its Name Is Happiness (Adi Mutluluk) (as Batu)

Matter of Respect (Seref Meselesi)

Original Title: Seref Meselesi
English Title:  Matter of Respect
Also Known As: Matter of Honor
Romance, Drama
Episodes: 26
Broadcast Network: Kanal D
Broadcast Period:  November 23, 2014 – May 17, 2015
Production Company: D Productions
Director:  Altan Donmez
Screen Writer:


This tv series is based on the story of L’onore e il rispetto (Italian tv series, 2006-2015).

Yigit (Kerem Bursin) and Emir (Sukru Ozyildiz) are two brothers with totally different characters. Yigit is a smart and impetuous guy, and a handsome womanizer who has courage even though he has no education. Emir is the opposite of his brother: he is a shy and introverted guy who has recently finished the law school. They live happily with their family in Ayvalik which is a very small county in Turkey.

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Yasemin Allen

Name: Yasemin Allen
Birthdate: July 10, 1989
Height: cm

Notable Works
2008 Elif (as Elif)
2010 Daydreaming (Kavak Yelleri) (as Elena)
2010-2011 Yerden Yuksek (as Juliette/Juju)
2011-2012 Life Goes On (Hayat Devam Ediyor) (as Pelin)
2013-2014 Mercy (Merhamet) (as Irmak)

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Black Bread (Kara Ekmek)

Original Title: Kara Ekmek
English Title:  Black Bread
Also Known As: 
Romance, Drama, Mistery
Episodes: 22+
Broadcast Network: Atv
Broadcast Period:  January 23, 2015 –
Production Company: Limon Film
Director:  Taner Akvardar
Screen Writer: Gul Abus Semerci, Yelda Eroglu


Asiye (Ozlem Yilmaz) is young and beautiful girl who works as a manicurist in a small beauty salon. She lives in a poor neighborhood with her family and wants to get married as soon as possible in order to get rid of her step mother’s evil tongue. When she learns that she is pregnant, she immediately talks to her boyfriend and wants him to come and ask her family’s approval for marriage. However, her boyfriend wants her to have an abortion and mentions clearly that he has no intention for marriage.

Asiye fears about honour killing. That’s why, she wants to have a final talk with her boyfriend in order to persuade him for marriage. However, her talk does not go well and she injures her boyfriend with a knife. She thinks that she has killed him and for this reason, she runs away from her house. Her sister Mine (Elifcan Ongurlar) does not want to leave Asiye alone and accompany her. They together leave everything behind and decide to go to another city.

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Ushan Cakir

Name: Ushan Cakir
Birthdate: May 23, 1984
Height: cm

Notable Works
2005 Troublesome Sister-in-Law (Belali Baldiz) (as Baris)
2006 Children of Another Place (Baska Semtin Cocuklari)
2008-2009 Night and Daytime (Gece Gunduz) (Yavuz/Damat Ferit)
2011 Celal Tan and His Family’s Tragic Story (Celal Tan ve Ailesinin Acili Acikli Hikayesi) – the movie
2011 My Grandfather’s People (Dedemin Insanlari) (as Mustafa) – the movie

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