Sapphire (Safir) Tv Series

Sapphire (Safir) Tv Series


Original Title: Safir
English Title: Sapphire
Also Known As:
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 20+ (each episode is 140-150 minutes)
Broadcast Network: Atv
Broadcast Period: September 4, 2023 – Present
Production Company: NTC Medya
Director: Semih Bagci
Screenwriter: Burcu Over, Gul Abus Semerci, Nalan Merter Savas, Onur Kocal
Filming Locations: Cappadocia, Nevsehir


Gulsoy family is a well-known, wealthy family in Cappadocia. The head of the family is Omer who is a strong businessman. After his son’s death, he starts to take care of his daughter-in-law Gulfem and his three grandchildren Ates, Yaman, and Okan.

Ates (Ilhan Sen) is the eldest son of the Gulsoy family. He lives abroad apart from his family and tries to stand on his own feet.

Yaman (Burak Berkay Akgul) is the middle son of the Gulsoy family. After his brother Ates goes to abroad, Yaman starts to live under the authority of his grandfather and works at the family business.

Okan (Can Bartu Arslan) is the youngest son of the Gulsoy. He is funny and clever and he has a very close relationship with his brother Yaman.

Gulsoy family also becomes a house for the servants who are working for them. Feraye (Ozge Yagiz) lives in a small house on the farm of the Gulsoy family as his family works for the Gulsoy family.

Feraye and Yaman have known each other since childhood. They become good childhood friends and later on, develop a romantic relationship. They love each other to death and plan to get married when Feraye graduates from the university.

Feraye is hardworking, honest, faithful, and believes in the power of love. She is a senior student studying fashion design and sometimes gives assistance to her family while doing house chores at the Gulsoy family.

Feraye and Yaman keep their relationship secret from their families. They know that their families will not approve of their relationship easily. Thus, they want to get their independence first and then, they want to disclose their relationship to everyone.

The lives of Yaman and Feraye turn upside down with a tragic incident. Even though they love each other to death, they get through a hard time that drastically affects their love for each other.

Yaman organizes a special day to propose to Feraye. However, on that night, he finds himself fighting with an heir of a powerful family. Bora (Efe Tasdelen) is the guy who comes from a powerful family and thinks that he can solve anything with money. After this fight, he wants to get revenge from Yaman and goes to his house with a gun. While threatening him with gun, Okan tries to protect his brother and hits an object on Bora’s head, resulting in him fainting.

Yaman and Okan do not know what to do. Yaman stays at home to clean everything while Okan takes Bora to go to hospital. On his way to hospital, Okan thinks that he killed Bora and out of fear, he throws the body to a lake.

After learning that, Yaman wants to go to the police but he decides to remain silent in order to protect his family. However, he finds himself in a very difficult situation.

The servant Cemile (Nur Yazar), who is the step-mother of Feraye, eyewitnesses everything. She threatens Yaman and Okan. She wants her daughter to have a wealthy life and get rid of poverty. Therefore, she forces Yaman to get married to her own daughter Aleyna (Gizem Sevim).

In order to protect his brother, Yaman makes a huge sacrifice and does everything that Cemile wants. He leaves Feraye behind, ends his relationship, and immediately gets married to Aleyna.

Feraye cannot understand what has been happening in her life. She thinks that she has been deceived and betrayed for a long time. She wants to end her life and decides to set the house on fire after speaking with Yaman.

Meanwhile Ates returns to Cappadocia and out of pure coincidence, he saves the life of Feraye. At the hospital, they learn that Feraye is expecting a baby.

The lives of Yaman and Feraye intersect in a different way. Yaman gets married to Feraye’s step-sister Aleyna. Feraye, on the other hand, makes a deal with Yaman’s older brother Ates and pretends as if she has been dating Ates to protect her baby. Both Yaman and Feraye cannot reveal their truths.

Sapphire (Safir) tv series story is about the pure love between Yaman and Feraye who have been in love with each other since their childhood. Will Yaman manage to save the life of his brother? Will Feraye learn the truth about Yaman? Will Yaman understand why Feraye gets married to Ates? Will Yaman and Feraye forgive each other?

Sapphire (Safir) Tv Series Cast

Additional Cast Members

  • Nur Yazar as Cemile Yilmaz
  • Gizem Sevim as Aleyna Gulsoy
  • Gizem Karaca as Gunes
  • Efe Tasdelen as Bora Bakircioglu
  • Mufit Kayacan as Omer Gulsoy
  • Munir Can Cindoruk as Cetin Yilmaz
  • Serdar Bordanaci as Muhsin Yilmaz
  • Sevda Bas as Nesrin Yilmaz
  • Selin Isik as Bade Bakircioglu
  • Serkan Tastemur as Bekir
  • Aleyna Caliskan as Damla
  • Ilda Ozgurel as Hazal
  • Aycin Inci as Sermin
  • Ruhi Sari as Halit
  • Can Remzi Ergen as Melih


Ates Gulsoy (Ilhan Sen):

Ates is the eldest son of the Gulsoy family. He is well-educated, free-spirited, polite, honest and fair. He lost his father in a traffic accident at a young age and he still remembers that tragic accident in his dreams. After his father’s death, Ates actually has become a father figure for his two younger brothers. He really cares about his mother Gulfem and his brothers Yaman and Okan. He does not get along with his grandfather Omer who tries to control everything. Ates has been working abroad but returns to Cappadocia when he learns that his mother has an illness.

Feraye Yilmaz Gulsoy (Ozge Yagiz):

Feraye is a beautiful girl who is a senior student studying fashion design. Feraya lives in a small house in the farm of the Gulsoy family as his father is a veteran working for the Gulsoy family. Feraye lost her mother at a very young age. After the loss of her mother, her father gets injured while working and is confined to a wheelchair. Her father gets married to Cemile so that she could help raise the children. Since then, Feraye has been living together with her father, her step mother Cemile, her step sister Aleyna, her brother and her sister-in-law at the same house. Feraye learns how to protect herself and stand on her own feet. She is hardworking, honest, faithful, and believes in the power of love. She has been in love with Yaman since childhood and plans to get married after graduating from the university.

Yaman Gulsoy (Burak Berkay Akgul):

Yaman is the middle son of the Gulsoy family. He is free-spirited, emotional, and loyal to his loved ones. He doesn’t remember his father and he was very young when his father died. He always wants to get the attention of his mother because he knows that his older brother Ates is his mother’s most popular child. Yaman, along with his brother Okan, has always been in second place for their mother. After his brother Ates goes to abroad, Yaman starts to live under the authority of his grandfather Omer. Luckily, Yaman finds the love he could not receive from his mother. He has been in love with Feraye since childhood and wants to get married to her after she graduates. His biggest dream is to marry Feraye and have a happy family together.

Gulfem Gulsoy (Ipek Tuzcuoglu):

Gulfem is the daughter-in-law of the Gulsoy family and the mother of Ates, Yaman, and Okan. She is a charismatic, iconic, well-educated, and beautiful woman. After her husband dies in a tragic car accident, she never gets married again and starts to live together with his father-in-law Omer. She always tries to find a balance between her father-in-law and her three brothers. Gulfem dedicates her life to her children but his eldest son Ates has the most special place for her. She even tells that she has a illness in order to bring her son Ates to Cappadocia.

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