The Tailor (Terzi) Tv Series

the tailor terzi tv series


Original Title: Terzi
English Title: The Tailor
Also Known As: Krawiec
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 23 episodes with 3 seasons (each episode is 40-45 minutes)
Broadcast Network: Netflix
Broadcast Period: May 2, 2023 – November 3, 2023
Production Company: OGM Pictures
Director: Cem Karci
Screenwriter: Rana Mamatlioglu, Bekir Baran Sitki
Filming Locations: Istanbul, Kirklareli


Peyami Dokumaci (Cagatay Ulusoy) is a young and famous tailor who is well-known in Istanbul. He owns a successful business which shapes the fashion world.

Peyami has a talent that nobody has. He uses his hands and mind in a clever way to design beautiful clothes. He is a strong, charismatic, and handsome tailor who takes the attention of women easily. He enjoys his wealth and youth.

Peyami lives all alone in a big mansion and enjoys his independence. However, his perfect life turns upside down with bad news from his hometown. He has nothing to do but to face his past that he escaped from years ago.

After learning that his grandfather dies, Peyami goes to his hometown. It has been the first time he returns to his hometown since he left years ago.

Peyami has a father who is mentally challenged. Due to the fact that he was ashamed of his father, Peyami left his hometown and went to Istanbul when he was a little child. He got his education apart from his family and nobody knew anything about his mentally challenged father.

Peyami never returns to his hometown since his childhood. After his grandfather passes away, Peyami has nothing to do but to become the head of the family and take care of his father Mustafa (Olgun Simsek). Peyami brings his father and his grandmother to Istanbul and starts to live together with them.

Peyami keeps his family secret and does not want to feel ashamed due to his father’s condition. Even though he is a young and successful guy right now, he still experiences his childhood trauma.

Meanwhile, Peyami bumps into a young girl, Esvet (Sifanur Gul) who starts to work as a caregiver for Peyami’s father.

Esvet, in fact, runs away from her abusive fiance Dimitri (Salih Bademci). When she comes to Istanbul in order to get married, she learns that her future-to-be husband has some psychological problems. She cannot persuade her parents and understands that she would get married if she does not do anything. For this reason, Esvet leaves everything behind and escapes from her marriage without thinking anything.

Esvet starts to work as a caregiver at Peyami’s house. She knows that she can hide there until she finds another way. Esvet does not disclose her true identity and introduces herself as Firdevs. She also does not disclose the fact that she is the fiancee of Dimitri.

Peyami and Dimitri are close friends and business partners. They have known each other since primary school. Even though they have known each other for a very long time, Dimitri does not know anything about Peyami’s father. For this reason, Peyami tries his best to keep his family secret. When he hires Esvet/Firdevs as a caregiver, he also keeps it secret from his childhood friend. Due to this fact, Esvet/Firdevs thinks that Peyami’s house is the safest place in Istanbul.

The Tailor (Terzi) tv series story is about a famous tailor Peyami Dokumaci who has a mentally challenged father. Will Peyami manage to live together with his family after so many years? Will Peyami manage to keep his family secret? Will Esvet manage to escape from her fiance Dimitri? Will Peyami learn about the true identity of Esvet?

The Tailor (Terzi) Tv Series Cast

Additional Cast Members

  • Engin Senkan as Peyami
  • Ece Sukan as Suzi
  • Vedat Erincin as Ari
  • Celile Toyon as Sulun
  • Lila Gurmen as Lia
  • Murat Kilic as Faruk
  • Zeynep Ozyurt Tarhan as Irini
  • Hivda Zizan Alp as Ozden


Peyami Dokumaci (Cagatay Ulusoy):

Peyami is a successful and well-known tailor. He owns a very successful business in the fashion industry. Peyami has a mentally challenged father and for this reason, he keeps his father secret from anyone. Due to the shame of having a mentally challenged father, Peyami spends his life in Istanbul apart from his family. He admires his grandfather and wants him to be his real father. However, he cannot escape from his destiny when his grandfather passes away. Peyami starts to live together with his mentally challenged father and tries his best to keep it secret.

Esvet (Sifanur Gul):

Esvet is a beautiful and silent girl. She tries to be a good girl and does anything to continue living with her adopted parents. In fact, she was adopted when she was a little child in order to take care of her step-brother. She has been working so hard without any complaints in order to have a family. She never rebels and even accepts to get married to a man whom she does not know just because her parents approve of. However, she easily understands that her future-to-be husband has psychological problems. Esvet does something that is against the will of her parents for the first time in her life and she escapes from her fiance.

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