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My Husband’s Family (Kocamin Ailesi) Tv Series

My Husband's Family (Kocamin Ailesi) Tv Series

Original Title: Kocamin Ailesi
English Title: My Husband’s Family
Also Known As:
Genre: Codemy, Romance, Family
Episodes: 57
Broadcast Network: Fox Tv
Broadcast Period: July 3, 2014 – November 11, 2015
Production Company: Mia Yapim
Director: Kemal Uzun
Screen Writer: Nuray Uslu, Veda Pars

Yonca (Selen Seyven) is a young and beautiful woman who is married to her perfect man, Tarik (Gokhan Alkan). Yonca has been affraid of having in-laws and because of this reason, she has always wanted to get marry with a guy who is not closely connected to his family. Tarik is a perfect guy for her, because he is a doctor with sensitive personality and most importantly, he does not have a family. Tarik was adopted by a couple living in Germany when he was a little child and he does not know anything about his real family.

Meanwhile, Mukadder (Aysenil Samlioglu) is the mother of a classic turkish family who lost her son at a traditional market 25 years ago. Because of that traumatic incident, both Mukadder and her family have suffered from a pain but never given up hope on finding their lost family member one day. They live happily in a big family apartment alltogether consisting of mother, father, grandmother, 3 girls, one granddaughter, and uncle.

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