Nihal Koldas

Nihal Koldas Turkish actress featured

Name: Nihal Geyran Koldas
Birthdate: 1956
Height: cm

Notable Works
1989 Cahide
1997 Innocence (Masumiyet) (the movie)
2007 Knife Edge (Bicak Sirti) (as Gonul)
2009 Guldunya (as Safiye Guclu)
2009 Envy (Kiskanmak) (as Nuriye)(the movie)
2009 Game of Justice (Adalet Oyunu) (as Gulcan) (the movie)
2010 Majority (Cogunluk) (as Nazan) (the movie)
2010 Intersection (Kavsak) (the movie)
2012 Co-wife (Kuma) (as Fatma) (the movie)

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Sweet Revenge (Tatli Intikam)

Original Title: Tatli Intikam
English Title: Sweet Revenge
Also Known As:
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Episodes: 18+
Broadcast Network: Kanal D
Broadcast Period: March 26, 2016 –
Production Company: D Productions
Director: Baris Ercetin
Screen Writer: Pinar Ordu, Ilker Aslan

Pelin (Leyla Lydia Tugutlu) is a young and beautiful girl but she never finds happiness in love. She eventually manages to change this fact. She persuades to get married to her prince charming, Tolga (Can Nergis). However, she is dumped at their wedding day.

Being under severe depression, she learns that all these bad fortune derives from the fact that she has hurt somebody in the past. She has to find that person in order to get his/her forgiveness so that she can have a happy life in the future. She questions her past and figures out that she needs to get forgiveness from Tankut (Furkan Andic) who was in love with Pelin when they were at college and was humiliated by Pelin in front of so many students.

Tankut is a successful cook and has a good restaurant. He is not the same person whom Pelin knows. After being humiliated, he leaves college and changes his life. He goes to abroad and becomes a successful cook. He returns to Turkey as a different guy (with a name Sinan) who is totally confident and handsome. Pelin thinks that she would easily get forgiveness from Tankut/Sinan. However, Tankut/Sinan wants to take his revenge.

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Leyla Lydia Tugutlu

Name: Leyla Lydia Tugutlu
Birthdate: October 29, 1989
Height:  175 cm
Eye Color: Brown

Notable Works
2008-2009 Es-Es (as Irem)
2010-2011 Dirty White (Kirli Beyaz) (as Melis)
2013 Diary (Gunce) (as Asli) (the movie)
2014 Voice Inside Me (Icimdeki Ses) (as Aysil) (the movie)
2015-2016 Black Uncle (Karadayi) (as Songul)
2015-2016 Rental Love (Kiralik Ask) (as Iz)
2015 Mad Honey (Delibal) (as Fusun) (the movie)
2016 Sweet Revenge (Tatli Intikam) (as Pelin)

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Furkan Andic

Name: Furkan Andic
Birthdate: April 4, 1990
Height:  190 cm
Eye Color: Hazel

Notable Works
2011 College Diary (Kolej Gunlugu) (as Mert)
2012 A Cookie Fairytale (Bir Kurabiye Masali) (short movie)
2011 Desperate Housewives (Umutsuz Ev Kadinlari) (as Levent)
2013 Love Effort Dreams (Ask Emek Hayaller) (as Mert) (the movie)
2013 While Running Away From Rain (Yagmurdan Kacarken) (as Harun) (the movie)
2014 Brides Runaway (Kaçak Gelinler) (as Selim)
2015 Hurt Flowers (Kırgın Çiçekler) (as Gokhan)
2016 Sweet Revenge (Tatli Intikam) (as Sinan/Tankut)

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Smile You (Gulumse Yeter)

Original Title: Gulumse Yeter
English Title: Smile You
Also Known As: Just Smile
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Episodes: 5+
Broadcast Network: Show Tv
Broadcast Period: July 8, 2016 –
Production Company: MF Yapim
Screen Writer:


Yasemin (Asli Bekiroglu) is the second daughter of a wealthy family. She is spoiled but manages to become happy at all occasions. When her family has gone bankrupt, she gets dumped by her groom Cem (Ugur Kural) on their wedding day. While she is dreaming to go to their honeymoon, Yasemin finds herself stranded in the middle of the highway. She stops a taxi and goes to their longtime chauffer Hasan (Erdal Ozyagcilar) whom she considers as a grandfather.

Meanwhile, Sarp (Yilmaz Kunt) returns to Turkey after studying in the United States. He has been in love with Gul (Seray Kaya) who also studied in the U.S. Even though he has a degree in engineering, he wants to work at the university as an instructor instead of working at big companies. He just wants to have a quiet life with the girl whom she loves.

Out of pure coincidence, Yasemin and Sarp meet at the bus and find themselves with a simple misunderstanding. Later, Yasemin finds out that Sarp is the grandson of her longtime chauffer. Sarp, on the other hand, learns that his love Gul is the older sister of Yasemin.

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Erdal Ozyagcilar

Name: Erdal Ozyagcilar
Birthdate: 1948
Height:  175 cm
Eye Color: Black

Notable Works
1977 King of Garbagemen (Çöpçüler Kralı) (the movie)
1978 Sultan (as Cevat) (the movie)
1978 Kind Feyzo (Kibar Feyzo) (as Zulfo) (the movie)
1984 Sabaniye (the movie)
1984 Postman (Postaci) (the movie)
1984 Upright (Namuslu) (the movie)
1985 Revenge of Snakes (Yilanlarin Ocu) (as Haci Ali) (the movie)
1985 Broke Landlord (Zugurt Aga) (as Salman) (the movie)
1989 Ours (Bizimkiler) (as Şükrü)
1994 Şehnaz Tango (as Muhsin)
2002 While Abdulhamid is Falling (Abdülhamid Düşerken) (as Ismail Kemal) (the movie)
2003 People of Captive City (Esir Sehrin Insanlari)
2004 Golden Cage (Altın Kafes) (as Cevher Kehribar)
2004 Foreign Groom (Yabancı Damat) (as Kahraman)
2007 Farewell Rumalia (Elveda Rumeli) (as Ramiz)
2010 Karadağlar (as Halit Karadağ)
2012 Ismail Two Sides (İki Yaka Bir İsmail) (as Ismail)
2013 Love Struck (Sevdaluk) (as Ali İhsan)
2016 Smile You (Gulumse Yeter) (as Hasan)

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