Utku Coskun


Name: Utku Coskun
Birthdate: September 1, 1997
Birthplace: Kocaeli, Turkiye
Height: 1.9 m
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Education: Kadir Has University – Theatre (Kadir Has Universitesi Tiyatro Bolumu)
Talent Agency: Renda Guner Cast Agency
Biography: Utku Coskun was born on September 1, 1997 in Kocaeli. He is a musician as well as an actor. He is also a theater actor and actively performs at theatre plays. After completing his secondary and high school education, he studied theater at Kadir Has University. Utku Coskun works under Idil Iletisim Management Company. He first appeared in front of the camera in 2006 with the movie Sadi Adli Kisi.

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Utku Coskun

From the interview with Utku Coskun

Does fame scare you?

It’s not scary, but there are the limitations that come with being more recognizable.

What changed in your life when you became famous?

Nothing has changed at all, but if this is the case now, I have been thinking about what will happen in the future. What will it be like to walk on the road? What will it be like to use public transport? These are all very big question marks. I started wearing hats.

Are you getting negative messages? And do you get deformed after the comments?

Such things can happen. Because I think that’s where success comes from.

Was there a set memory you couldn't forget? When you laughed a lot, you had a hard time, you got very sad?

There was a pool scene at the end of Episode 3 of Hear Me (Duy Beni). Of course, I don’t think our screenwriter expected an evening in July to be so cool when he was writing. We were in Reşadiye, we were at a pool party. A few people went into the pool, I was one of them. The weather was 15 Celsius degrees. It was unbelievably cold, unbelievable. I got out of the pool and the shooting continued for 1.5 hours. I could not get out of the pool, I walked past them like the Walking Dead.

What makes you happiest in this life?

Success makes me very happy at the moment.

Have you ever experienced an event where you say, 'It was the turning point of my life'?

I really believe I’m very lucky. Hear Me (Duy Beni) is my first long-running TV job. I vividly remember the moment the script first came to me. I remember the moment I talked to my manager and said, “yes, we definitely should do that.” I still remember those sentences, the trembling of my voice, and my excitement. There was something my mentor told me in high school. I studied engineering for 3 years before moving to theater. My mentor said, “Don’t bother with you being a doctor or an engineer, you definitely have to be an actor.” When I quit engineering at the end of 3 years, he called me and said, “You have come to my word, you will be very successful”. My life had changed.

How would you define love in your own world?

I am one of those people who believe that you cannot live without love. Because it’s a very strong feeling. It is a very winding and very dangerous road with a very unpredictable ending. But I love that danger. Maybe it’s even what drives me to act.

Do you stalk? Do you have a fake account?

I use social media like a grandfather. I don’t have a fake account.


Instagram: Instagram – utkucoskun__

Body Type:
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Blood Type:
Weight: 83 kg

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