Cengiz Coskun

Cengiz Coskun - Actor


Name: Cengiz Coskun
Birthdate: April 29, 1982
Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
Height: 188 cm
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Education: Marmara University Sports Academy
Talent Agency: Hasan Gungor Talent Management

Cengiz Coskun Tv Series / Movies

2005 – Garden with Wind (Ruzgarli Bahce) (as Mercan)
2005 – River (Nehir) (as Umut)
2006 – Candan Ote (as Kaan Atalay)
2006 – Doctors (Doktorlar) (as Mert Eric)
2009 – Hicran Yarasi (as Tarik Budak)
2012 – Fetih 1453 (as Giovanni Giustiniani) (Movie)
2012 – The Mountain (Dag) (as Tugrul Tumen) (Movie)
2013 – Survivor Unluler – Gonulluler
2014 – 2019 Resurrection Ertugrul (Dirilis Ertugrul) (as Turgut Alp)
2016 – Cekmeceler (as Ali) (Movie)
2019 – Malazgirt 1071 (as Sultan Alparslan) (Movie)


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cengizcoskunnn/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cngzcskn
E-Mail: [email protected]


  1. I really enjoyed this series and did not want it to end. The cast and acting was superb. Cengiz Coskum is a heart throb, so sexy. Please consider a continuation. I could t stop watching and sayed up until the wee hours of the morning. Learned a lot of the religion and was very impressed. Words of great wisdom.

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