Resurrection Ertugrul (Dirilis Ertugrul) Tv Series

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Resurrection Ertugrul (Dirilis Ertugrul) Tv Series


Original Title: Dirilis Ertugrul
English Title: Resurrection Ertugrul
Also Known As:
Genre: Historical, Romance, Drama
Episodes: 150
Broadcast Network: TRT1
Broadcast Period: December 10, 2014 – May 29, 2019
Production Company: Tekden Film
Director: Metin Gunay
Screen Writer: ,


The story takes places in 13th century and tells a story of Ertugrul who is the father of the Osman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire.

400 large nomad tents are settled in Anatolia but get through a difficult time due to famine. All these nomads want to migrate to another place where they can have a better life.

Suleyman Shah who is the leader of this group (Kayi clan) wants to give a better life for his people but he does not want to make a quick decision without considering all side effects.

Because of this reason, some nomads start to blame him for not being able to be a good leader. Even his elder ambitious son Gundogdu (Kaan Tasaner) starts to question his decisions. However, his younger son Ertugrul trusts his father decisions all the time and does not want to be involved in clan issues.

Ertugrul (Engin Altan Duzyatan) is a young and brave man who often goes to hunting with his three close men. One of these days, he saves the life of a young girl named Halime (Esra Bilgic) and her family from Temple Knights. He brings them to his own clan without knowing their true identity.

Halime and her family belong to Seljuk Empire noble family and are to be killed by the Empire if Ertugrul has not saved them. Due to the fear of being caught, they do not reveal their true identity. However, their arrival brings new difficulties to Kayi clan: now they have to fight against Seljuk Empire if they do not let their guests go and they have to fight against Temple Knights who are looking for revenge.

Meanwhile, Ertugrul bears the burden of his clan on his shoulders. He has to find a new land for his clan.

For this reason, Ertugrul and his three men go to Halep in order to make an agreement with Halep Shah: they will want a new land in exchange for their assistance to the Halep Shah against Temple Knights and other non-Muslims.

Ertugrul wants to be successful in this journey and wants to return his clan immediately to see his first love Halime again.

In resurrection ertugrul (dirilis ertugrul) tv series story, you will explore how one man can change the destiny of the whole world. You will see the story of Ertugrul and his war against Temple Knights and Mongols which will lead the resurrection of Ottomon Empire. Will Ertugrul manage to gather all Turks under a single roof? Will Ertugrul and his elder brother Gundogdu start to fight for throne and become two enemies? Will Ertugrul and Halime get through all difficulties and flourish their pure love?

Resurrection Ertugrul (Dirilis Ertugrul) Tv Series Cast

as Ertugrul
as Halime
as Gundogdu
as Turgut
as Aykiz
Serdar Gokhan as Suleyman Shah
Hulya Darcan as Hayme Ana
Didem Balcin as Selcan
Burcu Kiratli as Gokce
Cavit Cetin Guner as Dogan
Nurettin Sonmez as Bamsi Beyrek
Osman Soykut as Ibn-i Arabi
Mehmet Cevik as Deli Demir

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  1. Muhammad Gul zeb Naeem

    An amazing historical drama, I did not know the roots of Ottoman Empire before. It’s an amazing journey. All characters well played indeed. Waiting for the next season in Netflix . I too watch with English subtitles.

    i hope our country and turky will make INSHA ALLAH all Islamic Great Stories like this, They will make imformative their people with our Great Herose

  2. How do the actors keep a straight face with Noyan’s acting?! I look at him and I don’t know whether to be angry or burst out in uncontrollable laughter. I know if I were part of the cast they would have to do whole lot more takes, because I’ll be rolling on the floor laughing!🤣🤣🤣😬

    Bamsi is a trip too! Lol.

  3. So many people here seem to think netflix is the arbiter of historical truth! Its ridicolus. Try to remember that «based on historical events» is not the same as historical accuracy. But nowadays it seem most people are too lazy to even bother reading or researching unless its on a streaming service. Will you sit there and let george soros rewrite history.? Noone is easier to manipulate than people who dont know their history and blindly believes anything. Go read go research let series like this be the push to find the real stories behind the carpet of time.

    When the mockingbird experiment was conducted the cia found out that television bypass our critical thinking system. It makes us believe even lies. Dont be fooled. Always question what we are being told

  4. I really enjoyed Resurrection Ertugrul; however, after watching some of the clips in Episode 5, I decided not to watch the entire fifth episode. I know this is a fictional film based on history, but I believe Halime should have remained as Ertugrul’s wife as she did in real life. That was supposed to be a special relationship. I do not like the fact that Ertugrual remarries in the film. If there is to be a continuation, I think the producers should consider removing Ilbilige Hatun as Ertugrul’s wife. Halime’s memory should be respected and retained in the mind of Ertugrual. It will also show respect for what Halime meant to him in real life. Also, in some of the readings there is an indication that Ertugul and Halime had 4 children. I hope there were only 3 children, because it would be so disheartening to leave a child out of the film even though it is fictional.

  5. Best series I have ever seen. Just finishing 5 and already waiting for 6

  6. where to download all seasons can any one help me ?

  7. My husband introduced me to these episodes, and I am really not a TV person, but I found myself not even wanting to go to the restroom because I wanted to keep watching the show. I love the characters, actors, and actresses, and I love that there were no sex scenes or pointless violence. Just overall a good story. I am a Christian and love the love and devotion to God. We have watched all 4 seasons, and hope and pray there will be more to come. God bless the director and the actors for giving us such enjoyment!

  8. What a magnificent serial, although a non-Muslim , and an Orthodox Christian I really appreciated the real Islamic Sharia rules which was applied to Erthugrul’s Apl and beys adventures and life events. The only thing I didn’t like and I am going to mention it was the word of “Kafar/Infidels”, that word was a bit harsh to hear over and over again in different part of serial. I did like when Ertugrul said many times that he did not make any discrimination between Muslim and non-Muslim people, and even took Khachaturyan (the gold smith) under his protection and spared his life by Evil man Ural, but everything else in this serial was played,directed and produced perfectly, can’t wait to see and watch more and more serials come on Netflix, bravo.

  9. I am now watching season 4 of Ertugrul on Netflix. I love to watch these Turkish shows, especially the historical ones. I am learning so much about the history of Turkey and the culture of the people. I could not believe the caves that they used in this show. I had to stop and look it up on the internet to see if they really did have caves like that in Turkey. WOW. I could not stop watching the show. The fight scenes were so real. I don’t know how you could tape these scenes without someone getting hurt in real life. The actors were great. The actor that played Ertugrul was outstanding. Loved Bamsi and the Axe Man. Ertugrul’s little boy (eldest) was precious. Loved Ertugrul’s sweet, little wife and the love story. I cried along with Ertugrul when she died. So sad. Did not like the mother as she whined too much. As a Non-Muslim, it was quite interesting to see the religious aspect to this story. All in all, I have enjoyed it very much.

  10. Felicidades a todo el reparto, escritores, y toda la producción, gracias a NETFLIX, por mostrarnos esta serie histórica con este super reparto de actores, todos excelentes. Todos los actores y actrices bravoooo

  11. I first watched a Turkish series named “Intersection” on Netflix, then Netflix accidently presented me with this “Ertugrul” and I immediately got attracted to it. I could not stop until I finished all 3 seasons (that are available on Netflix).

    I did not view it as a historical movie; because I do not know what the real history of that era was. But I found in it a director’s imagination of the morality of justice and the meaning of a war in the sake of God. Sometimes the director’s choices in shaping the story were provocative to the viewers; particularly by repeatedly and purposefully allowing the evil character scheme to evade exposure and continue the plot in almost irrational sequence of events. But eventually the director of that TV production delivered a good story. The director managed to artfully use the story to excite, and provoke his audience to deliver his message. This was the attraction in the series.

    The term jihad is often maligned. This TV series presented a different perspective of the application of jihad and the motivation for those who wage wars for the sake of God; not for greed or fame. It was prominent throughout the series the stress on that “wars are not for greed or fame” instead they are for justice and compassion.

  12. Just finished series three, amazing acting, the horsemanship is astounding, the fight scenes are perfection in their choreography, the stories are abundant with sadness and joy. Truly all the cast and their directors, producers have done a phenomenal job of presenting their Turkish History. I think as a Christian, we have never been told the truth of the journeys that the templars and crusaders made, we have always been taught that we were only the ones that were right and that all others were wicked and cruel.
    However, this series has done a great job of representing both sides, which must have been very hard to do. The treachery within their own tribes as well as fighting those who would throw them off their lands is heart breaking at times. Congratulations and hopefully Netflix will show us season 4 5 and 6!!! And many more such great Historical based series. God bless.

  13. I have just finished watching season 3. I am overwhelmed by the ctors actors in this series. It is so refreshing to see such professionalism. The actors, the locations, the costumes bring this story to life. Kudos to the commitment to training that brings excitement and realism to each and every episode. The writers are to be commended for their skill at integrating smaller personal storylines into the main story. This series is by far among the top 3 -4 series I have ever watched.
    Netflix, Please Add Season 4 to the the Netflix offering!!! This series is the BEST!!!!

  14. Everyone here;

    Please reply my comment and tell me which Turkish tv series you want subtitles the most. Me and my friends will work on this to provide the best service to you.

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