Resurrection Ertugrul (Dirilis Ertugrul) Tv Series

Resurrection Ertugrul (Dirilis Ertugrul) Tv Series


Original Title: Dirilis Ertugrul
English Title: Resurrection Ertugrul
Also Known As:
Genre: Historical, Romance, Drama, Action
Episodes: 150
Broadcast Network: TRT1
Broadcast Period: December 10, 2014 – May 29, 2019
Production Company: Tekden Film
Director: Metin Gunay
Screen Writer: Mehmet Bozdag, Atilla Engin
Filming Locations: Riva, Istanbul, Turkey; Nevsehir, Turkey


The story takes places in 13th century and tells a story of Ertugrul who is the father of the Osman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire.

400 large nomad tents are settled in Anatolia but get through a difficult time due to famine. All these nomads want to migrate to another place where they can have a better life.

Suleyman Shah who is the leader of this group (Kayi clan) wants to give a better life for his people but he does not want to make a quick decision without considering all side effects.

Because of this reason, some nomads start to blame him for not being able to be a good leader. Even his elder ambitious son Gundogdu (Kaan Tasaner) starts to question his decisions. However, his younger son Ertugrul trusts his father decisions all the time and does not want to be involved in clan issues.

Ertugrul (Engin Altan Duzyatan) is a young and brave man who often goes to hunting with his three close men Turgut (Cengiz Coskun), Bamsi Beyrek (Nurettin Sonmez), and Dogan (Cavit Cetin Guner). One of these days, he saves the life of a young girl named Halime (Esra Bilgic) and her family from Temple Knights. He brings them to his own clan without knowing their true identity.

Halime and her family belong to Seljuk Empire noble family and are to be killed by the Empire if Ertugrul has not saved them. Due to the fear of being caught, they do not reveal their true identity. However, their arrival brings new difficulties to Kayi clan: now they have to fight against Seljuk Empire if they do not let their guests go and they have to fight against Temple Knights who are looking for revenge.

Meanwhile, Ertugrul bears the burden of his clan on his shoulders. He has to find a new land for his clan.

For this reason, Ertugrul and his three men go to Halep in order to make an agreement with Halep Shah: they will want a new land in exchange for their assistance to the Halep Shah against Temple Knights and other non-Muslims.

Ertugrul wants to be successful in this journey and wants to return his clan immediately to see his first love Halime again. He makes a good impression on Halep Shah and eventually, gets a land for Kayi tribe. This new land has fertile soils but very close to templars.

In their new land, Ertugrul and Kayi tribe need to fight against templars and the crusaders. The pope and templars are preparing for the sixth crusade (that will take place during the period of 1228-1229). With the aim of recapturing the city of Jerusalem, templars try to weaken the Seljuk Empire. They try to abolish the unity in the muslim world and set Turkmens against Anatolian Seljuks.

In resurrection ertugrul (dirilis ertugrul) tv series story, you will explore how one man can change the destiny of the whole world. You will see the story of Ertugrul and his war against Temple Knights and Mongols which will lead the resurrection of Ottoman Empire. Will Ertugrul manage to gather all Turks under a single roof? Will Ertugrul and his elder brother Gundogdu start to fight for throne and become two enemies? Will Ertugrul and Halime get through all difficulties and flourish their pure love?

Resurrection Ertugrul (Dirilis Ertugrul) Tv Series Cast

Additional Cast Members

  • Levent Oktem as Ustad-i Azam / Petruccio Manzini
  • Cengiz Coskun as Turgut Alp
  • Cavit Cetin Guner as Dogan Alp
  • Nurettin Sonmez as Bamsi Alp
  • Baris Bagci as Baycu Noyan
  • Ayberk Pekcan as Artuk Bey
  • Osman Soykut as Muhyiddin Ibnu’l Arabi
  • Ugur Gunes as Tugtekin Bey
  • Burcu Kiratli as Gokce Hatun
  • Murat Garipagaoglu as Emir Sadeddin Kopek
  • Kursat Alniacik as Ural Bey
  • Cem Ucan as Aliyar Bey
  • Gulsim Ali as Aslihan Hatun
  • Gulcin Santircioglu as Colpan Hatun / Ekaterina
  • Cagdas Onur Ozturk as Tekfur Vasilius
  • Cemal Hunal as Tekfur Ares / Ahmet Alp
  • Burak Hakki as I. Alaeddin Keykubad
  • Ilker Aksum as Dragos
  • Hande Soral as Ilbilge Hatun
  • Ali Ersan Duru as Beybolat Bey / Albasti
  • Arda Anarat as Young Dundar Bey
  • Batuhan Karacakaya as Dundar Bey
  • Gokhan Karacik as Dervis Ishak
  • Celal Al as Abdurrahman Alp
  • Mehmet Cevik as Deli Demir
  • Turgut Tuncalp as Afsin
  • Tolga Sala as Hamza Alp
  • Burak Temiz as Yigit (Sehzade, prince of Seljuk Empire)
  • Huseyin Ozay as Korkut Bey
  • Hamit Demir as Akcakoca
  • Fahri Oztezcan as Ilyas Fakih
  • Sedat Erdis as Alpargu
  • Sedat Savtak as Sehzade Numan
  • Burak Cimen as Komutan Nasir
  • Zeynep Aydemir as Eftelya


Ertugrul (Engin Altan Duzyatan):

Ertugrul is the son of Suleyman Shah. Ertugrul is a brave warrior who can do anything for cause of justice and for the good of his people. Ertugrul and his warrior friends ride a horse to hunt and look for fertile lands for Kayi tribe. While he is hunting, Ertugrul comes across to Halime and saves her life from templars. After then, he becomes templars’ enemy and needs to fight against them in order to protect his people. Halime and Ertugrul fall in love with each other at first sight and endure many difficulties in order to get married.

Halime (Esra Bilgic):

Halime is a beautiful young girl who is the daughter of a fugitive Turkmen prince Numan. Halime is saved by Ertugrul while she and her family are kept as hostages by templars. Halime and Ertugrul fall in love with each other at first sight and endure many difficulties in order to get married. Halime has a strong personality and she can overcome any problem through her patience and intelligence. Since she comes from a noble family, Halime is gracious and firm.

Gundogdu (Kaan Tasaner):

Gundogdu is Suleyman Shah’s eldest son and Selcan Hatun’s husband. Gundogdu is an ambitious and clever man who wants to be the leader of the Kayi tribe after his father. He is considered as arrogant and greedy for power by his father. His biggest strength is his patience and intelligence but he is manipulated easily by other people. Gundogdu is supported by Kurdoglu.

Suleyman Shah (Serdar Gokhan):

Suleyman Shah is the leader of the Kayi tribe and father of Ertugrul, Gundogdu, Sungurtekin, and Dundar. He is a wise leader who wants justice and the wellbeing of his people. He respects for traditions and never takes steps backward when he says “it is a tradition”. Suleyman Shah is a strong leader and as well as a merciful father. He sometimes does not refrain from taking harsh measures for the good of his people. Even though he makes the ultimate decisions for his tribe, he considers the advice of his council.

Turgut Alp (Cengiz Coskun):

Turgut is a brave warrior and close friend of Ertugtul. He is engaged to Aykiz and dreams of getting married soon. He is one of Ertugrul’s loyal friends and fights against Kayi tribe’s enemies.

Bamsi Alp (Nurettin Sonmez):

Bamsi is a brave warrior and close friend of Ertugtul. He is one of Ertugrul’s loyal friends and fights against Kayi tribe’s enemies.

Dogan Alp (Cavit Cetin Guner):

Dogan is a brave warrior and close friend of Ertugtul. He is one of Ertugrul’s loyal friends and fights against Kayi tribe’s enemies.

Hayme (Hulya Dercan):

Hayme is the wife of Suleyman Shah and the mother of Ertugrul, Gundogdu, Sungurtekin, and Dundar. She is a strong woman who is well respected by the people of Kayi tribe. Hayme organizes the work of handiwork in the tribe such as carpet weaving and printed fabric.

Selcan (Didem Balcin):

Selcan is Gundogdu’s wife and Gokce’s older sister. After her father is killed by Suleyman Shah due to his treachery, Selcan wants revenge. She is ambitious, sharp-tongued, and sneaky. She does anything for her husband’s success and tries to manipulate people as her sleeves. Selcan wants her sister Gokce to get married to Ertugrul so that she and her sister can take a revenge from Suleyman Shah.

Aykiz (Hande Subasi):

Aykiz is the daughter of Deli Demir and the fiancée of Turgut. She has a good personality and wants to get married to Turgut when everything is settled. Aykiz becomes a close friend of Halime.

Gokce (Burcu Kiratli):

Gokce is Selcan’s sister. After her parents passed away, she has been raised by her sister. Gokce lives in Suleyman Shah’s tent together with her sister. She is silent, introverted, and respectful. She has been in love with Ertugrul for a long time but does not have courage to reveal her feelings. Suleyman Shah, Hayme and Selcan approve the marriage of Gokce and Ertugrul.

Kurdoglu (Hakan Vanli):

Kurdoglu is a long-time friend of Suleyman Shah. When Suleyman Shah leaves Kayi tribe for a duty, Kurdoglu becomes the leader on behalf of him. Even though Suleyman Shah saved his life, Kurdoglu starts to betray him and develops a partnership with templars in order to gain more power. He supports Gundogdu and tries to manipulate him to take over Suleyman Shah.

Titus (Serdar Deniz):

Titus is the commander of templars located in Antakya, the southern part of Anatolia. When Ertugrul kills his brother, Titus wants to take his revenge and wipe out Kayi tribe. He is a ruthless soldier and disguises in various personalities to reach his target. Titus collaborates with Kurdoglu from Kayi tribe and commander Kara Toygar from Seljuk Empire.

Numan (Sedat Savtak):

Numan is the father of Halime and Yigit. He is a prince (sehzade) of Seljuk Empire. Since he comes from a noble family, he becomes a target of Seljuk Empire’s enemies. Templars and Mogols want to use him in order to control Seljuk Empire. Numan gives up his rights and disguises his family background in order to save his family. He lives as a fugitive together with his daughter Halime and his little prince Yigit.

Resurrection Ertugrul (Dirilis Ertugrul) Turkish Drama Relationship Chart

Resurrection Ertugrul (Dirilis Ertugrul) Turkish Drama Relationship Chart

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  1. This was a Magnificent series, I felt so sad when it was removed from Netflix

  2. Muhammad Gul zeb Naeem

    An amazing historical drama, I did not know the roots of Ottoman Empire before. It’s an amazing journey. All characters well played indeed. Waiting for the next season in Netflix . I too watch with English subtitles.

    i hope our country and turky will make INSHA ALLAH all Islamic Great Stories like this, They will make imformative their people with our Great Herose

  3. How do the actors keep a straight face with Noyan’s acting?! I look at him and I don’t know whether to be angry or burst out in uncontrollable laughter. I know if I were part of the cast they would have to do whole lot more takes, because I’ll be rolling on the floor laughing!🤣🤣🤣😬

    Bamsi is a trip too! Lol.

  4. So many people here seem to think netflix is the arbiter of historical truth! Its ridicolus. Try to remember that «based on historical events» is not the same as historical accuracy. But nowadays it seem most people are too lazy to even bother reading or researching unless its on a streaming service. Will you sit there and let george soros rewrite history.? Noone is easier to manipulate than people who dont know their history and blindly believes anything. Go read go research let series like this be the push to find the real stories behind the carpet of time.

    When the mockingbird experiment was conducted the cia found out that television bypass our critical thinking system. It makes us believe even lies. Dont be fooled. Always question what we are being told

  5. I really enjoyed Resurrection Ertugrul; however, after watching some of the clips in Episode 5, I decided not to watch the entire fifth episode. I know this is a fictional film based on history, but I believe Halime should have remained as Ertugrul’s wife as she did in real life. That was supposed to be a special relationship. I do not like the fact that Ertugrual remarries in the film. If there is to be a continuation, I think the producers should consider removing Ilbilige Hatun as Ertugrul’s wife. Halime’s memory should be respected and retained in the mind of Ertugrual. It will also show respect for what Halime meant to him in real life. Also, in some of the readings there is an indication that Ertugul and Halime had 4 children. I hope there were only 3 children, because it would be so disheartening to leave a child out of the film even though it is fictional.

  6. Best series I have ever seen. Just finishing 5 and already waiting for 6

  7. where to download all seasons can any one help me ?

  8. My husband introduced me to these episodes, and I am really not a TV person, but I found myself not even wanting to go to the restroom because I wanted to keep watching the show. I love the characters, actors, and actresses, and I love that there were no sex scenes or pointless violence. Just overall a good story. I am a Christian and love the love and devotion to God. We have watched all 4 seasons, and hope and pray there will be more to come. God bless the director and the actors for giving us such enjoyment!

  9. What a magnificent serial, although a non-Muslim , and an Orthodox Christian I really appreciated the real Islamic Sharia rules which was applied to Erthugrul’s Apl and beys adventures and life events. The only thing I didn’t like and I am going to mention it was the word of “Kafar/Infidels”, that word was a bit harsh to hear over and over again in different part of serial. I did like when Ertugrul said many times that he did not make any discrimination between Muslim and non-Muslim people, and even took Khachaturyan (the gold smith) under his protection and spared his life by Evil man Ural, but everything else in this serial was played,directed and produced perfectly, can’t wait to see and watch more and more serials come on Netflix, bravo.

  10. I am now watching season 4 of Ertugrul on Netflix. I love to watch these Turkish shows, especially the historical ones. I am learning so much about the history of Turkey and the culture of the people. I could not believe the caves that they used in this show. I had to stop and look it up on the internet to see if they really did have caves like that in Turkey. WOW. I could not stop watching the show. The fight scenes were so real. I don’t know how you could tape these scenes without someone getting hurt in real life. The actors were great. The actor that played Ertugrul was outstanding. Loved Bamsi and the Axe Man. Ertugrul’s little boy (eldest) was precious. Loved Ertugrul’s sweet, little wife and the love story. I cried along with Ertugrul when she died. So sad. Did not like the mother as she whined too much. As a Non-Muslim, it was quite interesting to see the religious aspect to this story. All in all, I have enjoyed it very much.

  11. Felicidades a todo el reparto, escritores, y toda la producción, gracias a NETFLIX, por mostrarnos esta serie histórica con este super reparto de actores, todos excelentes. Todos los actores y actrices bravoooo

  12. I first watched a Turkish series named “Intersection” on Netflix, then Netflix accidently presented me with this “Ertugrul” and I immediately got attracted to it. I could not stop until I finished all 3 seasons (that are available on Netflix).

    I did not view it as a historical movie; because I do not know what the real history of that era was. But I found in it a director’s imagination of the morality of justice and the meaning of a war in the sake of God. Sometimes the director’s choices in shaping the story were provocative to the viewers; particularly by repeatedly and purposefully allowing the evil character scheme to evade exposure and continue the plot in almost irrational sequence of events. But eventually the director of that TV production delivered a good story. The director managed to artfully use the story to excite, and provoke his audience to deliver his message. This was the attraction in the series.

    The term jihad is often maligned. This TV series presented a different perspective of the application of jihad and the motivation for those who wage wars for the sake of God; not for greed or fame. It was prominent throughout the series the stress on that “wars are not for greed or fame” instead they are for justice and compassion.

  13. Just finished series three, amazing acting, the horsemanship is astounding, the fight scenes are perfection in their choreography, the stories are abundant with sadness and joy. Truly all the cast and their directors, producers have done a phenomenal job of presenting their Turkish History. I think as a Christian, we have never been told the truth of the journeys that the templars and crusaders made, we have always been taught that we were only the ones that were right and that all others were wicked and cruel.
    However, this series has done a great job of representing both sides, which must have been very hard to do. The treachery within their own tribes as well as fighting those who would throw them off their lands is heart breaking at times. Congratulations and hopefully Netflix will show us season 4 5 and 6!!! And many more such great Historical based series. God bless.

  14. I have just finished watching season 3. I am overwhelmed by the ctors actors in this series. It is so refreshing to see such professionalism. The actors, the locations, the costumes bring this story to life. Kudos to the commitment to training that brings excitement and realism to each and every episode. The writers are to be commended for their skill at integrating smaller personal storylines into the main story. This series is by far among the top 3 -4 series I have ever watched.
    Netflix, Please Add Season 4 to the the Netflix offering!!! This series is the BEST!!!!

  15. Everyone here;

    Please reply my comment and tell me which Turkish tv series you want subtitles the most. Me and my friends will work on this to provide the best service to you.

  16. Dr. Bruce Haberman

    I am a new comer to Turkish theater. I am very impressed even with the need to read subtitles. I do want to point out that in Resurrection, there are countless mis-spellings and gramma errors. I would recommend considering this when inputting subtitles. There are many “he” when it should be “her” and visa versa. Many similar errors noticed in the sub titles. . . other wise a great job as are the series.

  17. First of all my wife and I love watching this series, and have just started season 2. The combination of suspense, drama, action, settings, and romance is the draw. Also there isn’t any sexual scenes or overly gruesome violence which is refreshing. My criticism is that there were only two good Catholic Christians in season 1, and they were murdered by other Christians. The series shows traitorous Muslims, and could show a more balanced view of Christians. The name Christian is in the New Testament and was first used in Antioch, which is in Anatolia. The first crusade wasn’t called until about 500 years after Islam began; after the take over of the Holy Land, North Africa, Spain, France was invaded, the sack of St Peters in Rome, destruction of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, etc. Anyway I’m looking forward to season 3.

    • It’s not Christians per second…It’s the violent Crusaders and Templars who even murdered innocent Christians during the Crusades. I teach history.

  18. I have always enjoyed any shows that tell our history and by that I mean, our world and religious history. As an American of Mexican deseen and a lifelong Roman Catholic, I have estudiad history of different ages including that of the Crusades. I knew of some of the stories of the Knights Templar but this has been a most enlightening story that has had us intrigued since we began watching this series. Wonderfully acted, excellent actors, great production and design in dazzling retail and wonderful direction.

  19. If Turkish people want all other people to better understand Islam, they need to add English subtitles. I have really have enjoyed this series. Thanks to those that took the time to add subtitles. May God bless you.

    • You would like Magnificent Century. It is few generation after, but the Sultan, became very powerful and conquered many other country. All 4 season are in Netflix and probably in YouTube and Facebook. It is very good and great cast.. I loved it, my son and others. It is intense., jealousy, muders,, funny parts, romance, etc.

    • Interesting. My comment was “adjusted” and misspelled. I love this series. I just don’t like my words changed.

    • Where did you find the episodes?

  20. ASİ

  21. My ancestry is Italian and I am American born, Roman Catholic. I have studied the history of the Templar Knights and the cruelty they inflicted on the people of the middle east. This series has become one of my favorites because it basically gives us a much better understanding of the tribulations of the Turkish people and how they suffered. I’m not sure of the Historical accuracy of the series, but it is VERY well done. My family and I have literally become addicted to watching it on Netflix. I salute those involved in its making. Peace.

  22. Does anyone have any idea when the season 3 will be Delaware’s on Netflix?

  23. Love, Love the show. I can’t wait to finish Season 3. I’m watching it in WLEXT look it up on Facebook on the search bar. Amazing, cast and work.

  24. In Peru we are very fond of this serie. When can we see the third season on Netflix? Or where can we see it on line , what oage.

  25. I love this Turkish series very informative on the beginning of the Ottoman Empire…never knew how one man n his loyal alps cld create n empire…

  26. I watched season 1,2 and like others who did got hooked Recommended to my family and they also loved it, My hub and I come to Turkey even more enthusiastically due the show. Our guide was surprised by our love of it. Can’t wait news sessions

  27. I binged for 3 weeks and I finished all the episodes on Netflix. I hope Netflix will put the new season up when it’s available. I totally love these kind of shows, action, history…can’t get any better!!! This is the 2nd Turkish show I’ve watched on Netflix, the other one was Magnificent Century, which was also a good watch!

    • I did the same thing! Just finished the looong season 2. I think it could have been divided to create 3 seasons. If you like historicals you should check out kdramas. There are some awesome Korean historicals.

  28. best series I have watched in years.Is there a follow up in a season 3.How many episodes and how can I get to view it please.

  29. My Wife and myself watch Dirilis all episodes with english subtitles in Brisbane, Queensland, TV Netflix but we waiting for another from 61 to 91 final with English (made in December 10th, 2014) I hope to get the films soon but we are amazed all the film from Turkey, we love to watch all about history and I realized over Crusades and Mongols tried to take the country of Turkey 11 to 14th centuries, also England and Australia and New Zealand in World War 1 and final in 1918, We did know about our past family went war against Turkey that all are very wrong war because my wife’s Father’s DNA past descendants are Balkans. We hope your Great and best Film Ertugrul Gazi BRAVO

  30. Absolutely love this series, on season 3 episode 12 but waiting for more to be released with English subtitles.
    I’m getting everyone hooked on it, my kids said it gives them understanding of history and we all love the references they talk about the beloved Quran and prophet pbuh.

    • Dear Georgina,

      Resurrection Ertugrul 4th season is coming soon in Turkey. 4th season will start to air in Turkey on October 25, 2017. We also can’t wait for new episodes! I hope more episodes to be released with English subtitles soon.

  31. Best min series I have ever had the priviledge to watch. I have never watched such plausible actors who encompassed each character so brilliantly, particularly Ertugrul’s role. Ertugrul’s role is this actor’s legacy as he endevoured to project the depth of this hero named Ertugrul. BRAVO!!!

  32. When does season 3 start

  33. I am currently watching this wonderful production. Honestly, each cast member played their role with complete perfection. The small nuances of the show really show level of detail, from the way the actors interact with each other and to the customs and set designs. A masterful and moving. True to history, the Crusaders were simply not that nice a group of folks. Just a marvelous work.

  34. its on netflix with english subtitles – i watched season 1 & 2 in Canada; waiting for season 3 to come on netflix

  35. Great show and great story my first time watching a Turk Muslim show and I love it by far the best series I have ever watch. it I don’t know anything about the Muslim religion but this one make me open my eyes ha ha ha!
    I am Christian and I find myself side with Muslims because of what they teach and how dedicated they are to the cause, from the scale of 1 to 10 I give it a perfect 10

  36. I watched season 1 and 2, and became highly addicted, I learned about Islam and then learned more, learned about the history of the turkmen and the catholic church. I’m done with 1 and 2, on netflix and now here in june of 2017, I have no idea of how to find out when season 3 will play on netflix, I don’t know who to ask, I’ve fallen in love with turkish things and of course for the main character Ertugrul. Anybody know when netflix will show season 3?

    • Oh my God I was really addicted as well, and I still want to watch it more,, I learned so much from the show, I hope they’re going to make episodes …

  37. Trudi Robinson

    I really enjoyed this drama can not wait for more

  38. Joy Dumanon Tindugan - Perez

    Love this tv drama… I am not a Muslim but I love watching it. I can’t wait for the next season/s…
    Love it so much!

    All the actors/actresses are AWESOME!

  39. Waiting from 3 months for the new episode season 3 I hope it starts soon cant wait any longer going crazy never ever waited for any movie serial like this but Dirlis stands 1st as an Indian even I dont understand Turkish I have seen all the episodes till the last .

    • HI Abbas, I’ve watched Season 3 on WLEXT you can find it on facebook. It has 23 Seasons. Its not out in Netfliex yet, but all shows are there with english subtitles.

  40. Will seazon 3 be on air soon or not ?? please let me inform .

  41. Best serial of my life kindly provide english sub

  42. when dirilis ertagrual drama in new episode in Pakistan

  43. It is also very informative. Through this series I’ve come to know that there are lot of similarities between Turk and Pakhtoon(people of KPK Province, Pakistan) culture.

  44. What a great history we Muslims have….!!!
    A fabulous drama series, may Allah bless all the team of this drama series. Ameen
    Long live Turkey and Pakistan.

  45. magnificent series

  46. I really love this drama, , but seriously want to meet with Suleman Shah becoz we love him very vry much, kindly sent me his contact number please…. i m waiting for all the time

  47. this is a best serial of my life.

  48. salam,i really do not have words to say something about this drama,i watched this drama with urdu dubbing,its a great gift for muslim youth from turkish media.thanx for the writer n all team,one thing i wana say,plz let your kids watch this drama so they can see whats the real meaning of ‘jihad’.may Allah make us the same kind of true and brave muslims.
    i wana request pakistani media to add english subtitle for those who cant understand urdu and turkish plz.thank you

  49. If I was a turk, i would make english subtitles for this serial, so all can watch it.

  50. Its such a shame to let this serial without english subtitles, all this investment without making it international.

  51. Georgeus series love it

  52. Hi… I’m from indonesia and I very interested with this film but why I can’t found the next episode on the season 2…? Where I can see full episode on the season 2…? Thank you

  53. This play Dirilis is very interesting and very informative because it tells us our Muslims brothers hardships for us.This play also provide us knowledge about our brave and kind rulers.I advice my Pakistan directors, producers and writers to create historical plays instead of social plays.This will provide us mental relaxation and also will save us from social evils.Once again very nice and beautiful play.Thank u

  54. Syed Muhammad Ishrat ghazali

    Dear sir. I salute all of you. The play is marvelous and our hero ertugal is Also lovely. I want to meet him. Please give me his email I’d. Love all of you. Best regard. Long live turkey and Pakistan.

  55. Syed Muhammad Ishrat ghazali

    Our hero ertugal is very lovely.may allah blesss on him.amen.

  56. Syed Muhammad Ishrat ghazali

    Dear sir. I salute all of you. The play is marvelous and our hero ertugal is Alps lovely. I want to meet him. Please give me his email I’d. Love all of you. Best regard. Long live turkey and Pakistan.

  57. can somebody please upload English Subtitle for this interesting historic Darma…. please it will help me & my kids to know about great men and women who served Allah and Islam.


  58. Someone over
    seems to be starting to translate it to English

  59. Any Subs for the series guys?

  60. I am waiting for the subtitles of the series.

  61. Where can i find english subtitles for this series

  62. i have this series all parts but only i have the sub title for season 1 part 1. other i can try to find.

    If you want, i can share with you. please send an e-mail

  63. you can watch this series in turkish sites

  64. How can I watch the series?

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