Waves (Bodrum Masali) Tv Series

Waves (Bodrum Masali) Tv Series

Original Title: Bodrum Masali
English Title: Waves
Also Known As: Crossroads, A Bodrum Fairytale
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 42
Broadcast Network: Kanal D
Broadcast Period: August 18, 2016 – June 18, 2017
Production Company: TMC
Director: Mehmet Ada Oztekin
Screen Writer: Basar Basaran, Emre Ozdur
Filming Locations: Bodrum, Mugla

Evren Erguven (Murat Aygen) is an ambitious man who has so many hotels. He has a wealthy life in Istanbul with his wife Yildiz (Sevval Sam), his son Ates (Alperen Duymaz), and his daughter Su (Dilan Cicek Deniz). However, he has a secret life with another woman in Bodrum (a touristic place in the southern part of Turkey) where most of his hotels are located. His life changes immediately due to his wrong decisions and he cannot restrain his bankruptcy.

After the bankruptcy, they lose everything except a small house and 50% shares of a small hotel in Bodrum, which are inhered to Yildiz from her father. The family decides to move into to Bodrum, start to live in that small house, and sustain their life with that small hotel again. However, nothing is easy for the family who is accustomed to have a wealthy life before.

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Dilan Cicek Deniz

Dilan Cicek Deniz - Actress

Name: Dilan Cicek Deniz
Birthdate: February 28, 1995
Birthplace: Sivas, Turkey
Height: 177 cm
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Education: Ege University Comparative Literature (Ege Universitesi Karsilastirmali Edebiyat Bolumu)
Talent Agency: Icon Talent Management
Biography: Dilan Cicek Deniz was born in Sivas and her parents are teacher. She published a poetry book named I Assumed the Sun As My Mother (Gunesi Annem Sandim) when she was 15 years old. While she was going to high school, she took acting classes for three years. She became the 2nd ranking at 2017 Elidor Miss Turkey and she represented Turkey in Miami World Beauty Contest.

Dilan Cicek Deniz Tv Series / Movies
2013 – Honeymoon (Balayi) (Movie)
2015 – Pretty Little Liars (Tatli Kucuk Yalancilar) (as Ebru)
2015 – 2016 Daughters of Sun (Gunesin Kizlari) (as Elif)
2016 – 2017 A Bodrum Fairytale (Bodrum Masali) (as Su Erguven)
2017 – 2021 The Pit (Cukur) (as Sena Kocovali)

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Hilmi Cem Intepe

Hilmi Cem Intepe - Actor

Name: Hilmi Cem Intepe
Birthdate: May 19, 1992
Birthplace: Mugla, Turkey
Height: 178 cm
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Black
Education: Mugla Sitki Kocman Universitesi
Talent Agency: Artistanbul Menajerlik
Biography: Hilmi Cem Intepe, who is a Turkish actor, was born in 19 May 1992 in Mentese town in Mugla. Until he was 18 years old, he lived in Bodrum Guvercinlik. When he was 17 years old, he started to be interested in Latin dances. He became Turkish Youth Champion for salsa. He became popular when after attending to Turkey Got Talent reality show. After then, he attended to Turkish Survivor reality show in 2013 and ranked 1st. Hilmi Cem Intepe started his acting career with his role as Yavuz in popular Turkish drama Magnificent Century (Muhtesem Yuzyil). After then, he took part in various tv projects and series.

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Murat Aygen

Murat Aygen - Actor

Name: Murat Aygen
Birthdate: October 29, 1971
Birthplace: Diyarbakir, Turkey
Height: 183 cm
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Education: Istanbul University – Biology (Istanbul Universitesi Biyoloji) (1992), Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory – Musical and Theatre (Mimar Sinan Universitesi Devlet Konservatuari Muzikal- Tiyatro Oyunculugu) (1998), Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory – Masters Degree in Opera (Mimar Sinan Universitesi Devlet Konservatuari Opera Yuksek Lisans) (2002)
Talent Agency: Selin Kok Management
Spouse: Nihan Asli Elmas (m. 2010-present)
Biography: Murat Aygen was born in 29 September 1971 in Diyarbakır. He has worked at advertising agency as actor, screenwriter, art director, supervisor, assistant director since 1985. Murat Aygen also has worked as actor at cinema and television sector since 1998.

Murat Aygen Tv Series / Movies
1998 – Spider (Orumcek) (as Kemal)
2000 – Enemy at the House (Evdeki Yabanci)
2005 – Ankara Express (Ankara Ekspresi) (as Binbasi Seyfi) (Movie)
2008 – Love in Broken Pieces (Paramparca Asklar) (as Cem)
2009 – Ash and Fire (Kul ve Ates) (as Doktor Hakan)
2010 – Hunting Season (Av Mevsimi) (as Sevket Altun) (Movie)

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Brave and Beautiful (Cesur ve Guzel) Tv Series

Brave and Beautiful (Cesur ve Guzel) Tv Series

Original Title: Cesur ve Guzel
English Title: Brave and Beautiful
Also Known As: Ek Haseena Ek Deewana, جسور والجميلة, Xhesuri dhe e bukura, Bosszú vagy szerelem, Cesur, Jasoor, Die Vreemdeling
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 32
Broadcast Network: Star Tv
Broadcast Period: November 10, 2016 – June 22, 2017
Production Company: Ay Yapim
Director: Ali Bilgin
Screen Writer: Ece Yorenc

Cesur (Kivanc Tatlitug) is a young man who comes back to Korludag, a small city outside of Istanbul in order to take revenge from Tahsin Korludag (Tamer Levent). When he was a little child, his father and his grandparents were killed by Tahsin Korludag and then, his mother got into depression due to sorrow. Cesur has been raised under difficult conditions and has always aimed to plot his revenge when the correct time comes.

On his way to Korludag, Cesur unexpectedly bumps into Suhan Korludag (Tuba Buyukustun) and saves her life without knowing that she is the daughter of his enemy. He decides to take over his enemy’s most weak spot in order to reach his target. He settles into a territory that is close to the big ranch house of Korludag family and starts to plot his plan so as to get everything that Tahsin Korludag owns.

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Tamer Levent

Tamer Levent - Actor

Name: Tamer Levent
Birthdate: October 13, 1950
Birthplace: Izmir, Turkey
Height: 178 cm
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Grizzle
Education: Ankara State Conservatory – Theatre (Ankara Universitesi Devlet Konservatuari Tiyatro Bolumu)
Talent Agency:
Spouse: Seynan Levent (m. 1982-present)
Children: Efe Levent, Hazel Levent
Biography: Tamer Levent, who is a Turkish actor, director, art director and writer, was born in 13 October 1950 in Izmir. After graduating from Ankara State Conservatory in 1977, he started to work at state theaters. He is also the founder and first President of TOMEB and the president of TOBAV (the Association of Theater, Opera and Ballet Employees). In 1982, Tamer Levent got married to Seynan Sezgin who was a producer and presenter at Turkish tv channel TRT2. The couple has a son and daughter.

Tamer Levent Tv Series / Movies
1998 – Yazilar Filmatik (the movie)
2006 – Gulpare (as Hasan Cevdet)
2007 – Wounded Heart (Yarali Yurek) (as Tahir Aga)
2007 – Give Up My Heart (Vazgec Gonlum) (as Fikret)
2009 – Seperation 2 (Ayrilik 2) (as Besir)
2010 – Day of Sword (Kilic Gunu) (as Celal Kiziltan)

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Erkan Avci

Erkan Avci - Actor

Name: Erkan Avci
Birthdate: January 1, 1982
Birthplace: Diyarbakir, Turkey
Height: 174 cm
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color:
Education: Mimar Sinan University
Talent Agency: Talento Cast Agency

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Love Me Or Not (Seviyor Sevmiyor)

She Was Pretty - Love Me Or Not (Seviyor Sevmiyor Dizisi) Tv Series Poster

Original Title: Seviyor Sevmiyor
English Title: Love Me Or Not
Also Known As: She Was Pretty
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Episodes: 28
Broadcast Network: Atv
Broadcast Period: June 15, 2016 – February 12, 2017
Production Company: MF Yapim
Director: Yusuf Pirhasan
Screen Writer: Cho Sung – Hee (original screen writer), S. Cenk Bogatur (adapter), Meric Demiray (adapter), M. Cem Gorgeç (adapter)

Deniz (Zeynep Camci) was a very pretty and smart girl from a rich family but lost her beauty when she grew up. Yigit (Gokhan Alkan), on the other hand, was an unattractive and shy boy with low self-esteem, but became a handsome and successful editor. When Yigit went to New York with his family, these two started to exchange letters but never met face to face. Both of them were each other’s best friend when they were younger.

Years later, Deniz and Yigit decide to meet again in Istanbul. They both go to their meeting place. However, Yigit cannot recognize Deniz and assumes that his childhood friend and first love has not come to their date. Deniz, on the other hand, feels too humiliated when Yigit does not recognize her. Ashamed to introduce herself and ruin his perception of her, Deniz asks her best friend, Irem (Gonca Sariyildiz), to meet her first love, Yigit, using her name. She thinks that that would be the end of her fate with Yigit but things get complicated.

Deniz starts to work at a magazine publishing office as an intern. Yigit becomes the chief editor of that magazine publishing office where Deniz works. He mistreats her without knowing that she is his real childhood friend. Irem, on the other hand, continues to meet Yigit by using Deniz’s name and starts to develop some feelings for him.

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Yigit Kirazci

Yigit Kirazci - Actor

Name: Yigit Kirazci
Birthdate: August 17, 1983
Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
Height: 186 cm
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
Education: Bilgi University Communications Faculty – Advertising Department (Bilgi Universitesi Iletisim Fakultesi Reklam Bolumu)
Talent Agency: Tuba Tacan Casting
Biography: Yigit Kirazci was born in 17 August 1983. He studied at Koc High School and graduated from Bilgi University in 2005. While he was going to college, he also worked as model and took part in various tv commercials. After graduation, he took acting lessons and then made his debut in 2007 with his role as Teoman in Last Choice (Son Tercih).

Yigit Kirazci Tv Series / Movies
2007 – Last Choice (Son Tercih) (as Teoman)
2008 – Gin Gateway (Cin Gecidi) (1. boy) (Movie)
2011 – Blue Butterflies (Mavi Kelebekler) (as Kosta Nikolic)

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Gonca Sariyildiz

Gonca Sariyildiz - Actress

Name: Gonca Sariyildiz
Birthdate: October 28, 1987
Birthplace: Ankara, Turkey
Height: 173 cm
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Education: Yeditepe University – Theatre (Yeditepe Universitesi Tiyatro Bolumu), Mujdat Gezen Art Center – Theatre (Mujdat Gezen Sanat Merkezi Tiyatro)
Talent Agency:
Biography: Gonca Sariyildiz was born in 10 February 1986 in Ankara. After graduating from Yeditepe University, she took part in various theatre plays. Gonca Sariyildiz started her tv career with her role in popular Turkish drama Magnificent Century as the cariye of Sehzade Mustafa. After then, she took part in various tv projects.

Gonca Sariyildiz Tv Series / Movies
2011 – Magnificent Century (Muhtesem Yuzyil) (as Fatma Hatun)
2013 – Inadina Yasamak (as Deniz)
2014 – My Other Half (Diger Yarim) (as Esma / Zeynep)
2015 – Price (Bedel) (as Nazan)
2016 – She Was Pretty (Seviyor Sevmiyor) (as Irem Gundogan)
2017 –Where Are You Bro? (Nerdesin Birader?) (as Asli Korkmaz)
2019 – My Sweet Lie (Benim Tatli Yalanim) (as Hande Eymen)
2019 – Verda (as Funda)

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