Ramo Tv Series


Original Title: Ramo
English Title: Ramo
Also Known As:
Genre: Action, Drama
Episodes: 11+
Broadcast Network: Show Tv
Broadcast Period: January 14, 2020 –
Production Company: BKM
Director: Yagiz Alp Akaydin
Screen Writer:
Filming Locations: Adana, Istanbul, Turkey


Ramo (Murat Yildirim) is a young and ambitious guy who lives in Adana. He is the leader of his family and the neighborhood known as Pumpers. They do the illegal works on behalf of Cengiz who is the boss of the underground world in Adana.

Ramo and his family smuggle gasoline oil and work under the rule of Cengiz. They live in a neighborhood which is governed by its own rules and traditions.

The family is connected to each other and does everything for the safety of their loved ones. Even though they are not happy with the current situation, they do not want any dispute with their boss.

Ramo makes a plan to become the leader of Adana. His war against his boss would not be easy but he is determined to get what he and his family deserves. In order to fulfill his goal, he thinks everything in detail and starts to execute his plan step by step.

As a first step, Ramo retains the drugs which are supposed to be delivered to the mafia leader in Istanbul. By this way, he aims to put his boss in a difficult situation.

However, one mistake made by his childhood friend Boz (Gorkem Sevindik) makes things complicated.

Boz cannot control his anger and beats Neco (Ilhan Sen) who is the son of Cengiz. For this mistake, Ramo is ordered to kill his best friend Boz and to prove his loyalty.

Ramo finds himself in the middle of chaos. He would either choose his close friend or he would continue to execute his plan step by step.

Ramo cannot sacrifice his friend and choose to protect all his loved ones. When he goes to the meeting point, he rebels against his boss and kills him right away.

The competition for becoming the leader of underground world in Adana radically changes all the equations. Yavuz (Yigit Ozsener), who is the trustworthy man of the mafia leader in Istanbul, comes to Adana and starts to know Ramo more closely.

Meanwhile, Ramo comes across his first love Sibel (Esra Bilgic) throughout this process. Sibel is a well-educated, strong and beautiful woman who is the daughter of Cengiz. She finds herself in the middle of the war between her father and her lover.

Ramo tv series story is about an ambitious guy who does everything to protect his loved ones on his way to becoming the leader of underground world in Adana. Will Ramo manage to become the leader of the underground world in Adana? Will Ramo manage to protect all his loved ones or need to sacrifice them one by one? Will Sibel forget about her father’s death and continue to love Ramo? Will Ramo eventually live in peace?

Ramo Tv Series Cast

as Ramo
as Sibel
as Hasan
as Yavuz
as Boz
Ruzgar Aksoy as Halef
Idil Firat as Fidan
Cemre Baysel as Fatos
Ilhan Sen as Neco
Sacide Tasaner as Sabahat
Ilkay Kayku as Neslihan
Macit Koper as Durdu
Hakan Salinmis as Suleyman
Efsane Odag as Afet
Leyla Kader Ilhan as Neriman
Volkan Yosunlu as Dogan
Gurur Cicekoglu as Sahin
Deniz Gurzumar as Bucur
Dogu Can as Arap

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