1. I can’t believe how everyone thought Kurt should have stayed with Farah Abdullah. She was nothing but a common mistress and looked common. I was happy to see him, Kurt, marry the virgin. I’m so over the shows that show nothing but bedroom hopping and sex. Thank you for the second part of the above movie. It was so enjoyable and funny in sections and loved the ending. What a great story!

  2. Loved Farah Zeynep Abdullah in Kurt Seyit and Sura. Believe me, I was so upset when Seyit married that fifteen year old virgin that he did not love. I was pulling for Sura the entire time. From reading the book, the real Seyit became a womanizer and was miserable for the rest of his life. He deserved to be miserable.

    Would love to see Farah in other series. She is a beautiful woman and a good actress. Five stars from me!

  3. Farah, I really enjoyed watching you on KURT SEYIT VE SHURA!!! you are great! play your role wonderfully!!!
    Beautiful love story but sad, very sad at the end…. everybody was hoping Seyit and Shura were going to be together forever and ever!!! you can not change the end of a real story!!!! life turned around differently… but I am more than sure that both of them kept that love inside their hearts until their ends.. such a deep and huge love can not be forgotten, how can you forget the person you have loved so much??????

  4. Was overwhelmed with emotion.Like every one, was heart broken about the way it turned out for Sura for it was she who trusted completely. Seit was such a disappointment ,what kind of love is that?Love means respecting the person also,he used and abused her!

  5. Ms. Zeynep, check out the Kurt Seit and Sura/Turkish drama site. lots of comments, Loved you and Mr. Tatlitug together, chemestry was unbelievable. I fell in love with you both. I keep watching episode 1-15, I am not Turkish but I watch Netflix, you and Mr. Tatlitug overpower them all. There is no other like u 2. In Kurt Seit and Sura, I did not like it anymore when they brought in Murvet and her Mother, I lost all interest. I fast forwarded them. I knew what the ending was going to be. I cried for Sura missed the passion that you and Mr. Tatlitug had. You r the perfect couple You r great in Kosem (hoping it will come on Netflix soon), if Mr. Tatlitug was there it would be another hit series, unfortunately he went to America, Vikings.I love the song I will never forget you. I think that is u and Mr. Tutlitug. I would love to see u both singing this song. The emotion is unforgetable. Hoping future acting together. I telling all my friend to watch Kurt Seyit & Sura and listen to the song.Best wishes

  6. great acting love both men Ushan Cakir and Kivhnc Tatlitug those blue eyes hypnotize me cant stop watching , wonderful acting from all , thought I would watch first episode then not bother ,but now up to 44 wish this had been English ,

  7. never thought I would watch sub titles but cant stop watching ,

  8. Ohan Iulia-Anca Romania

    You are so beautiful and talented!
    I saw the film Seyit ve Sura and my opinion about your character is that Sura made a great mistake – she didn’t understand Seyit and although, she loved him very much, she had not trust in him ! Pity…….

  9. I luv u farah zeynep +234706668887

  10. What will Farah Abdullah be in next? Loved her as Shura.

  11. i love you Farah Zeynep Abdullah

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