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Farah Zeynep Abdullah

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Name: Farah Zeynep Abdullah
Birthdate:  August 17, 1989
Height:  cm

Notable Works
Time Flies (Oyle Bir Gecer Zaman Ki)
Kurt Seyit and Shura (Kurt Seyit ve Sura)

  • tasnim

    i love you Farah Zeynep Abdullah

  • Anna

    What will Farah Abdullah be in next? Loved her as Shura.

  • Ahmad

    I luv u farah zeynep +234706668887

  • Ohan Iulia-Anca Romania

    You are so beautiful and talented!
    I saw the film Seyit ve Sura and my opinion about your character is that Sura made a great mistake – she didn’t understand Seyit and although, she loved him very much, she had not trust in him ! Pity…….

  • sandra jones

    never thought I would watch sub titles but cant stop watching ,

  • sandra jones

    great acting love both men Ushan Cakir and Kivhnc Tatlitug those blue eyes hypnotize me cant stop watching , wonderful acting from all , thought I would watch first episode then not bother ,but now up to 44 wish this had been English ,

  • Mafalda Siri

    Ms. Zeynep, check out the Kurt Seit and Sura/Turkish drama site. lots of comments, Loved you and Mr. Tatlitug together, chemestry was unbelievable. I fell in love with you both. I keep watching episode 1-15, I am not Turkish but I watch Netflix, you and Mr. Tatlitug overpower them all. There is no other like u 2. In Kurt Seit and Sura, I did not like it anymore when they brought in Murvet and her Mother, I lost all interest. I fast forwarded them. I knew what the ending was going to be. I cried for Sura missed the passion that you and Mr. Tatlitug had. You r the perfect couple You r great in Kosem (hoping it will come on Netflix soon), if Mr. Tatlitug was there it would be another hit series, unfortunately he went to America, Vikings.I love the song I will never forget you. I think that is u and Mr. Tutlitug. I would love to see u both singing this song. The emotion is unforgetable. Hoping future acting together. I telling all my friend to watch Kurt Seyit & Sura and listen to the song.Best wishes

  • Farida Ghias

    Was overwhelmed with emotion.Like every one, was heart broken about the way it turned out for Sura for it was she who trusted completely. Seit was such a disappointment ,what kind of love is that?Love means respecting the person also,he used and abused her!

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