One Child That I Loved – The Girl I Loved (Bir Cocuk Sevdim)

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The Girl I Loved (Bir Cocuk Sevdim) Tv Series
Original Title: Bir Cocuk Sevdim
English Title: One Child That I Loved
Also Known As: The Girl I Loved (U.S.), Το Κορίτσι που Αγάπησα (Greece), Момичето, което обичах (Bulgaria), Meenay – Mera Pyaar (Pakistan), Девојката која ја сакав (Macedonia), أحببت طفلة
Genre: Romance, Drama, Family Relations
Episodes: 39
Broadcast Network: Kanal D, Star Tv
Broadcast Period: September 9, 2011 – June 18, 2012
Production Company: TMC Film
Director: Cevdet Mercan
Screen Writer: , , , ,

Mine (Gulcan Arslan) is a young and beautiful girl who has a modest life. Sinan (Hakan Kurtas), on the other hand, is a handsome guy who comes from a rich family. These two young lovers do not care about their different family backgrounds and want to live together in harmony for a long time.

When Mine becomes pregnant from Sinan, their tender love story turns into a tragic love story. Both of their families disagree of their relationship. Sinan’s family does not tell Sinan that Mine is pregnant and send him to USA for his master’s degree. After her lover breaks their marriage promise, Mine becomes totally alone and tries to handle the emotional pain of her family by herself.

Mine has a conservative family who does not approve of pregnancy before marriage. Mine’s father Turan (Cetin Tekindor) devotes his life to leave good values to his wife and his three children. He tries to teach them on moral values, justice, honesty, and trustworthiness. For this reason, when he learns that his little daughter is pregnant before marriage, his life turns upside down. His sadness also affects the life of Timur (Bulent Inal) who is the boss of Mine’s father. Timur is a young and rich widow man who owns a big car store and lives happily with his 13-year old daughter. Since Timur respects for Mine’s father, he wants to do something good for him. In order to save the life of Mine, Timur accepts to get married to her and take the responsibility for the baby. Although it is an arranged marriage agreed only on paper, Mine and Timur become attracted to each other as the story develops.

In this story, you will explore a romance, family relations, hope, anger, conflict and betrayal at the same time. Will Mine and Sinan who come from different family backgrounds overcome all the obstacles in front of their ways? Will Sinan eventually learn that he has a baby from Mine? Will Mine and Timur learn to love each other in a marriage agreed only on paper?

as Timur
as Turan
as Mine
as Sinan
Onuryay Evrentan as Emine
Sefika Umit Tolun as Esmahan
Arzu Gamze Kilinc as Sureyya
Inan Ulas Torun as Erdal
Cansu Koc as Funda
Ilayda Alisan as Merve

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  1. I too am sad that we were left hanging after season
    One of the girl I loved. Please give us season two. Who cares if the actors are older. Where can I find season one now that it is not on Netflix? Also any other series with Bulant Inal? I really liked him!

  2. Paul and Katy kantor

    Please give us season 2 of the girl I loved. We were heartbroken when season 1 ended. Please just do it!!!

  3. I hated the ending .. hopefully there’s a part 2 series.. there’s still so much to discover.. please where can I find season 2??

  4. Love this show. So sad there’s no season 2. The little boy who played Mine son is in another Turkish drama called Intersection. Please bring back season 2

  5. The best I have ever seen. How can this be the end? Please let us know if is is to continue. Timur is such a good man, unbelievable. Is that series availlable on DVD? In netflix it is only availlable until 31.10.2019.

  6. Pls bring back Season 2!!!! So many loose ends .. not fair to the fans, leaving it in the middle of no where…. 🙈

    Please work out the difference’s & please bring the show on again Bulant!.. love the guy so much! 💕… Miss it so much…. Please, please, please!

    • Sadly there probably won’t be a second season…the actors are older now and most likely won’t do another season..I wish it would come back too..

  7. I think Timur is a really geniune good guy. He is so generous and a caring guy. He grew up and had to work hard for everything got. He is always helping someone. Sinan on the other hand is a spoiied brat. Always got what he wanted. Never had to work for anything. It was all handed to him. Very childlish, selfish and immature. Sinan always just thinks of hisself. I think Sinan was killed by his father. Timur will get blamed for it since he left for a short before his wedding. I think the hangup calls were done by Sinan to Timur but to Merve it was her mother. Why Timur left before the wedding, I do not know. But it might have picked up something for Mine or something to do with his daughter. They just did that to make it look like Timur shot Sanan. Timur had no reason to shoot Sanan. He is too mature, smart and caring to shoot someonel. He was happy so why would he take a chance on getting charged with murder. The x-wife is a puzzle to me. She sounds a little evil to me to come back right at a perfect timing to enter the scene.

  8. So disappointed to find out there is no season 2 being shown on Netflix of ( the girl I loved ) was there a season 2 made ?

  9. José Enrique Robledo

    …Desde Bogotá, Colombia, les escribo. La serie nos tiene atrapados a mi pareja y a mí. Un comentario les hago sin embargo: ¿por qué sólo nos muestran la situación de sufrimiento y desdicha de Mine, y no la que con seguridad debe también estar pedeciendo Sinan, su contraparte en la relación amorosa? Pareciera que fuese Mine la única afectada por las infortunadas circunstancias de la separación.

  10. Bella .me encantó, pero necesito saber por la 2 temporada por favor .😡😡😡🙄🙄 necesito ver esa boda QUE tanto esperé. Amo esta serie

  11. I also am a fan of Turkish drama tv and was devastated how this one ended. The acting was good so was the plot. The saga of Sinan and Mine was so sad. Timur I hated. I don’t think he was a good guy at all. It broke my heart what they all did to Sinan they basically stole his life. Mine was not a great support to him either and could have helped him more with bonding with his son. I created my own ending which has Sinan surviving and finding someone that will truly love him, Timur’s wife showing exposing him for what he is, a manipulative and controlling person. Mine will not be able to marry him and hopefully will realise that she is better off. But she will have to come to terms with the choices she has made and will have to go in alone raising Hasan. I think a 2nd season was intended. So hey listen up Netflix! There’s a lot of Turkish tv fans out here get us a second season!

  12. Where can I find Season 2? At this point I don’t care if it is not translated

  13. bir-cocuk-sevdim Producer, Directors please let us know if it to be continued at least…

  14. The little boy who played mine’s son was a great little actor, I love the Turkish movies

  15. Best Drama series hands down!!!!

  16. No puedo creer que jueguen así con las personas q los apoyan y ven sus series. De ahora en adelante se acabaron las series turcas, ya han sido 3 series que he visto y han terminado sin concluir, dejando al televidente en el aire. Eso es una falta de respeto. NO LAS APOYO MÁS 🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😤😤😤😤

  17. Totalmente decepcionada con el episodio 79 👎 Sinan merecía quedarse con Mine y estar con su hijo no fue justo para el que como quien dice le robaron a su hijo y aparte Mine siempre siendo egoísta y no dejar que Sinan fuera el padre que el quería ser con Hasán. Aparate que es eso de terminar de esa bañera tan horrible, como es posible que Sinan muera y que no se supiera quien le disparó y la supuesta esposa muerta aparezca justo el día de la boda. 👎👎 espero que hagan una nueva temporada porque la verdad no quede para nada contenta con este fin 🤢

  18. I find season 2 of the girl I loved but it is in Turkish no English subtitles

  19. Marie Villanueva

    Please please finish the story!!!
    What everyone else said is true. We need to have answers.
    Too many things left undone.

    • Francoise Boucher

      Seems to be a trend in many scenarios. Sometimes, as with 1001 or Gönul, Netflix just does not deliver all episodes, which is very frustrating, and viewers end up watching bad quality videos on YouTube. On the other hand, there may not be a point in getting all answers as we expect it. Life does not provide answers to everything.

      Turkish series are totally addictive and surpass many others I have seen. America has a few things to learn.

      • Totally agree! The Turkish show are very captivating and very romantic and alluring. Love watchig them.

      • I second that, i have watched many turkish shows now – come on Netflix!! Show us ALL the seasons, it is not fair to leave us hanging like this – The girl I loved is hands down the best show i have seen yet and the music is amazing – is there a soundtrack and am I able to buy all seasons on dvd and if so where do i find them?

    • Marie Villanueva

      Any chance of another season?

  20. I kept looking for Season 2 . Too much unresolved issues. Can’t belueve Episode 79 was the last!!!Too much time invested to keave me in the air!!! Am I supposed to make the ending????

  21. I cannot believe we are all left hanging… what is the deal? Does Sinam die? Who is the mother? Does that jerk, Turin, get the girl? Does sh e finally wake up to see who loved her, Sinan?? Very disappointed in the endin!!! Bring it back and you will have a huge following!!

    • Truly agree… I totally flipped seeing the end!

      What happens to the poor mad Sister??

      Loved the bond Timur had with Miné though🙈

      Not fair to fans at all…

  22. I think Timur shot Senan – the hand with the gun was definitely a man’s hand and where did Timur have to go right at the moment he was to be married? Why did he have to park away from wherever he went to? And how in the world did a supposedly dead first wife show up? What’s the secret there? I don’t think Timur was a good guy at all – for all the reasons stated by others before me. And I am really disgusted that they did not finish this series after 79 episodes. I seem to remember watching one other Turkish series that did not end properly. I may have to stop watching them if this is how they do – I also watched a BBC production that was not ended (show was cancelled) – it was about a poor girl that started working in a department store in London and ended up married to the owner – it was really good but can’t remember the name of it right now.

    • I agree. Very frustrating ending

    • I agree with all you have said. Do you think that the uncle of the little girl staying with Sinan shot him, or could it have been Derin? And does anyone know if there is a book that this story was taken from?

    • It seems most likely that Timur shot Sinan, as the hand on the gun was a big man’s hand, and Sinan recognized him, if it had been Derin, Sinan would not have been calm. If it had been the uncle of the little girl, he would not have been calm and talking to a seemingly familiar person. Timur likely was not as good as he appeared, especially considering some of the things he did to separate Mine and SInan, very unethical, also the way he married her not allowing her a chance to reconnect with Sinan. Sinan was the noble, helpful person who could sacrifice himself in order to help, but he had poor circumstances. The mother did not die, there was a one time mention that she had left and never appearead again. Very frustrating last episode..

      • This is the best Turkish drama on tv. The ending is so upsetting. Timur did not shoot Sinan. He had no reason to. It had to be Memo. I can’t believe that Netflix cancelled it.

    • I believe that the show you are referring to is : The Paradise. I loved it very much and it was cancelled and ended after season 2 which left a lot to be desired. It was originally on PBS Masterpiece, but moved to Netflix. Have a great day!

  23. Que lastima. los turcos me parecen en general muy buenos actores, pero los finales dejan mucho que desear, ya son varias series, esta en especial, detesto a Timur, un hombre en apariencia bueno, pero no, no me convence para nada, obsesionado con una joven, a la que practicamente compra, sabe que su novio no la dejo voluntariamente y aun asi se aduena de ella y no solo de ella de su hijo, no le hace ningun bien porque si hubiera querido con su poder que tanto alardea hubiera encontrado a Sinan, incluso ella le da el pasaporte , pero no que sentiria que le robaran a su hija, o que un viejo la acapare, el padre de Mine otro viejo odioso, a Mine la encierra per al final anda de alcahuete para que se quede con Timur, y ella Mine segun dice que madura mucho, con lo que la vida le enseno, pero anda al tin marin dedo pingue, un amor hermoso no puede acabarse, como ella pretende, luego se excusa em el nino que porque esta acostumbrado a Timur segun ahi cuando regreza Sidan tiene dos anos, pequeno para que reconozca y ame a su verdadero papa, no creo que sea tan relevante, especialmente por el gran amor que le tiene Sinan, Sinan es joven y a sufrido mucho , no tiene padre que lo aconseje, ni amigos ni nada pobre es logico que se desespere, pero Mine es muy dura para juzgarlo en fin todo un chasco

  24. Just watched episode 79 and very upset that I’m left hanging on. Surely theres got to be another season. I’m going to stop watching Turkish dramas from now on as I spent all my spare time watching this and neglecting my house. Disgusted at the ending

  25. This is my third disappointing Turkish tv drama, love bird then intersection and now the girl I loved.
    The storyline is encouraging but you go off track quite often. You lost me in so many side stories that i had to fast forward half of the episodes. Adding to that it’s typical Turkish tv, unfinished story. Unfinished book doesn’t pass the publishing approval, hmmm.
    It was great to see Mine’s choice of Timur. Mature character that supported her from the start. He lost his patience few times with her but fortunately his maturity got him back on track. He was aware of the fact that Mine’s decision has to be made on her terms, it was emphasised when he tore apart her photo with sinan in a moment of loosing patience, next minute he put it back together and told her only you can tear it up.
    While sinan had no patience for her, still living in the past, ignorant that life moved on, he was demanding/selfish character putting his needs over his son and Mine’s. Not even a thank you or any appreciation for Timur who took care of his ex girlfriend as an abandoned pregnant teenage.
    Mine’s choice of Timur was expected from the start. I was just waiting for it to happen, glad it did.
    But what just happened in the last ep? Getting frustrated with the Turkish drama. It’s maybe time for me to learn my lesson and stop watching the Turkish drama all together.

    • Omg …. I cannot believe that there is no season 2 ???? This is unbelievable….😪😡whst happened did they run out of money ?? How can this be ?

  26. I can’t believe how Turkish writers leave so much unresolved— the worst characters who cause the most pain just walk away!! In Intersection & Girl I Loved there is so much pain inflicted on the innocent & perpetrators just walk away! Episode 79 is a disgrace– so many unresolved issues. I love TUrkish actors but I am DONE watching Turkish drama!

  27. I am addicted to your Netflix movies, but this one isn’t complete. It isn’t available on You Tube,and it leaves you hanging. Did Sinan die? Did Derin shoot him? Does Turan’s dead wife show up at the wedding? Did he ever get to marry Mine? Was the “dead wife'”, the secret caller? Would someone please answer these questions. Is the rest ever going to be available?
    Thank you

    • Francoise Boucher

      As frustrating it may be, get yourself involve and imagine what could happen next. Do not allow yourself to be lazy. Imagining life unfold has always been one of the purpose of movies.
      Watch Ezel, 1001 nights, Filinta – they go to the end and we are still left with questions.

  28. From the comments, there are many different viewpoints about how they would like to see the series end. Living in the USA, I am used to having all the ends tied neatly with not much left to my imagination and I feel unsettled when, after watching a long series like this one, so many issues that captivated me are not resolved. It would be nice if at least there were two alternative final episodes so more of us could be happy. In any event, I think the Turkish movie industry has captivated the entire world with these long running human interest series, and I for one say thank you for the many hours of entertainment they have provided me.

  29. Dreadful ending – were is season two? Sinan was just a spoilt little rich boy – Taimur was a rich man but was used by her family even though he was much older than her – all in all was a good series but I hope my family never becomes that mixed up!

  30. Wow wow wow! I’m done done and done! I can you put that much time in 79 episodes And leave viewers hanging! That’s it no more! I hope no one watch these movies again ! I’m very emotionally upset!

  31. I am done with Netflix. I watched 79 episodes of The Girl I Loved to be left hanging. At least another few to wrap up the loose ends. Very disappointing.

    • im done with netflex also there is a season two for The girl I loved they just did not pick it up, this is the third one why would you get a get them all does anyone know where i can get
      second season english sub title

  32. I can’t believe that there will not be a continuation to this story. Was there a wedding Timur never finished his vows. Sinan is laying there dying and no one calls 911. I believe it was Derin who shot him. It was a very poor ending. Moving on to Interception. Hope it’s a better ending!

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