Little Women (Kucuk Kadinlar)

Little Women (Kucuk Kadinlar) Tv Series Poster

Original Title: Kucuk Kadinlar
English Title: Little Women
Also Known As: Micutele domnisoare (Romania)
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 120
Broadcast Network: Kanal D, Star TV
Broadcast Period: June 10, 2008 – March 13, 2011
Production Company: D Production
Director: Hakan Arslan
Screen Writer: Deniz Akcay

Elif (Ekin Turkmen), Armagan (Hande Soral), Yeliz (Fulya Zenginer), Bilge (Elit Iscan) and Cansu (Selin Ilgar) are five sisters with different characters. The biggest sister Elif is 20 years old and goes to Law College.

Rebellious Armagan is 17 years old and goes to high school. Thoughless and fancyful Yeliz is 15, responsible and hardworking Bilge is 12, and sensitive Cansu is 6 years old. They live happily in a small house with their parents but soon the shattering revelation changes these people forever.

One day, they lose both their mother and their father. After losing their parents, they encounter the hardship of this world and experience the most difficult test of life. At first, they receive assistance from their neighbors but later they try to struggle to fend for themselves. They start to fight to avoid falling down while growing up together.

In little women tv series story, you will explore the resistance of five sisters to social and economic conditions. Will Elif manage to keep her sisters together despite all the hardships? Will five sisters completely fall apart?

Little Women Tv Series Cast
Ekin Turkmen as Elif Gezici
Hande Soral as Armagan Gezici
Fulya Zenginer as Yeliz Gezici
Elit Iscan as Bilge Gezici
Selin Ilgar as Cansu Gezici
Ozge Borak as Eylul
Ali Il as Ali
Burak Sagyasar as Utku Deviren
Simge Selcuk as Tezer
Ezgi Bakiskan as Fatmagul
Halim Ercan as Cemalettin Er
Ahmet Levendoglu as Hulusi
Birsen Durulu as Bade
Hulya Sen as Sevkiye
Deniz Kurtoglu as Nalan Gezici
Mehtap Bayri as Mihrace
Ceren Canakci as Irem

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  1. Don’t waste your time. Please they are not going to wait for you in turkey that our fan is here to visit us. They don’t even know you exist. Take my advice and don’t waste your time. I believe that Turkish writers are the worst writers in the world. Their stories does not make sense. Their stories are based on adultery, nonsense, bullshit stuff. All their stories are the same. A girl and a boy falls in love they get marry, than both cheat on each other than they break up, than they get back together, than they live happy. Teaching the viewer how to cheat on your partner. Teaching women it is okay to have more than one love. Women is okay to have ten husband. Showing people drink alcohol it is okay. They way British and European poison them with alcohol and women and change their alphabet from Arabic to English. Same thing they want to do to Afghanistan any one who watch these shows are doing nothing but harming themself and their family.

  2. my name is wali mohammad from Afghanistan
    i really this drama every night i see this drama in my country and i really enjoy it i really like the five sisters which work in this drama and i like all of them too much i really to meet them and in turky and i like to get visa for turkey and see them in turky but i do not know where they living and how i will meet them ,,,,i want to see them from near ,,,plz reply me and tell me how to meet them thanks

  3. plz accept and stay message to me

  4. Munawar khan Munawar

    Munawar khan Munawar form Khost-Afghanistan
    this is vert good serial I have really love with it and all night I watch this serial from Lmar TV in Pashto language I most like the act Ms.Armaghan

  5. Munawar khan Munawar

    Munawar khan from Khost Province Afghanistan
    This is very good serila I love with this serial specially with Armagha in my life yet this is a good serial for i have love it and I also I got news that Armahgan is came to Afghaistan if this is true hope to give me some info about heer to get it
    +93 795 68 99 67

  6. from Ghana , is the any turkey love drama call mended hearts? please help me out .thanks

  7. i want to join u guys . i hope you will receive me with kind heart n mind.i need more site for series downloading .

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