Love Reserved (Cam Tavanlar) Tv Series

Love Reserved (Cam Tavanlar) Tv Series


Original Title: Cam Tavanlar
English Title: Love Reserved
Also Known As: Glass Ceilings (literal title)
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 8
Broadcast Network: Show TV
Broadcast Period: 9 June 2021 – 4 August 2021
Production Company: Ojo Pictures
Director: Fehmi Ozturk
Screen Writer: Meric Acemi
Filming Locations: Istanbul, Turkey


Leyla (Bensu Soral) is a hardworking, detailed oriented, and beautiful young girl who has achieved everything in life through her hard work and effort. After becoming an orphan when she was 8 years old, she has been raised by her school teacher. After then, she always studies hard and does her best to become successful.

Leyla finishes her undergraduate education successfully in 3 years. On her last semester at university, she bumps into Cem (Kubilay Aka) out of pure coincidence. While Leyla tries to increase her extracurricular activities in order to improve her CV, she comes across Cem.

Leyla and Cem fall in love with each other at first sight. They spend a day together and eat dinner in a fancy restaurant. However, they have to break up due to misunderstanding.

Leyla and Cem do not communicate properly to solve this misunderstanding. Leyla believes that Cem has a girlfriend named Suna (Sifanur Gul) and never listens to Cem’s explanation.

When Leyla graduates from the university, she decides to work at her own company instead of working for a monthly salary. She decides to create a restaurant brand and finds funding for her work.

8 years later, Leyla becomes a successful career woman who has achieved to create a well-known restaurant chain through her hard work and effort. She is strong and beautiful woman who is determined to put her ambition ahead of romance.

Cem, on the other hand, goes to London after graduation and stays there. He also becomes a successful businessman who has achieved to make an ordinary brand to a well-known international brand.

8 years later, the destinies of Leyla and Cem intersect again.

Leyla plans to open an international branch of Asude Restaurant. She believes that she can eventually become a business partner of the company. After all her hard-work, she expects to get a recognition and promotion.

However, the company owners decide to bring an outsider as a CEO for Asude Restaurant. They think that Leyla cannot achieve to handle Asude Restaurant anymore and cannot achieve to create an international brand. Leyla runs into the glass ceiling.

Cem returns Istanbul in order to work as a new CEO of Asude Restaurant. After the arrival of Cem, the company owners want to send Leyla away. They offer her a new position: field manager.

Leyla understands that she is not wanted anymore. Instead of accepting this unfair position, she decides to create another restaurant brand and prove her credentials. She does her best to compete with Asude Restaurant.

Leyla opens a new restaurant just across Asude Restaurant. She goes to war with her former company. She persuades a landowner Sureyya (Hatice Aslan), finds a successful cook Aylin (Beril Kayar), and starts her own business immediately.

Love Reserved (Cam Tavanlar) tv series story is about a successful career woman Leyla who has achieved everything in life through her hard work and effort. Will Leyla manage to create another restaurant brand and prove her credentials? Will Leyla and Cem manage to finish a war and start a peaceful life together? Will Leyla manage to break glass ceilings?

Love Reserved (Cam Tavanlar) Tv Series Cast

Additional Cast Members

  • Alper Kut as Levent Kumcu
  • Gizem Erdem
  • Ismail Karagoz
  • Sehnaz Bolen Taftali as Gulten
  • Cevdet Aricilar as Tevfik Kumcu
  • Ayhan Isik as Ziya


  • Leyla (Bensu Soral): When she is 8 years old, her father abandons them and her mother passes away. She has been raised by her school teacher since she becomes an orphan. She thinks that if she becomes hardworking and silent, she can find a place to sleep. Thus, she works so hard and becomes successful. She is smart, hardworking, detailed-oriented, and disciplined. She wants to be known by her work rather than her beauty. She does not like to fail. After graduation, Leyla dedicates all her time and effort to Restaurant Asude and manages to make it a well-known restaurant in Istanbul. However, she has to break glass ceilings in order to reach a success.
  • Cem (Kubilay Aka): He is young, handsome and successful businessman. After his parents got divorced, he becomes so lonely. He comes from a wealthy family. After graduation, he stays in London for a long time and achieves to make an ordinary brand to a well-known international brand. He is social and has strong interpersonal skills.
  • Sureyya (Hatice Aslan): She is a rich woman who used to date with Cem’s grandfather Tevfik. It is not known how she has become so rich. She is the landowner of Leyla’s new restaurant. She is supportive and talkative.
  • Iskender (Utku Ates): He is a successful cook of Asude Restaurant. He is a close friend of Leyla.
  • Aylin (Beril Kayar): She is a successful cook of Lajure Restaurant. She is very good at her job but she gets angry so easily.

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