Turkan Yilmaz

Turkan Yilmaz - Actress

Name: Turkan Yilmaz
Birthdate: 1989
Birthplace: Hannover, Germany
Height: cm
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Education: International Information Management (Uluslararasi Bilgi Yonetimi)
Talent Agency:

Turkan Yilmaz Tv Series / Movies
2013 – 2014 Tatar Ramazan (as Sureyya)

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Burak Yamanturk

Burak Yamanturk - Actor

Name: Burak Yamanturk
Birthdate: December 23, 1983
Birthplace: Sivas, Turkey
Height: 176 cm
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Education: Istanbul State Opera and Ballet – Modern Dance (Istanbul Devlet Opera ve Balesi Bolumu Modern Danslar); Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory – Modern Dance (Mimar Sinan Universitesi Devlet Konservatuari Modern Dans Bolumu)
Talent Agency:
Spouse: Ozge Ozpirincci (m. 2021 – present)
Children: Mercan Yamanturk
Biography: Burak Yamanturk studied underwater technology and took diving lessons. However, he decided to change his career and studied modern dance at Mimar Sinan University. Burak Yamanturk made his debut with his role Kemal in Turkish drama Farewell (Veda). He is still the member of Istanbul Opera and Ballet Community.

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Life Goes On (Hayat Devam Ediyor)

Life Goes On (Hayat Devam Ediyor) Turkish Tv Series

Original Title: Hayat Devam Ediyor
English Title: Life Goes On
Also Known As: Life Continues
Genre: Drama, Family Relations
Episodes: 46
Broadcast Network: ATV
Broadcast Period: October 18, 2011 – January 20, 2013
Production Company: Boyut Film
Director: Cemal San
Screen Writer: Mahsun Kirmizigul

“Life Goes On” Synopsis
Ismail (Fikret Kuskan) who works as a potter has 2 wives and 7 children. He has 4 children from his first wife Kudret (Rozet Hubes) whom he was forced to marry and has 3 children from his second wife Cennet (Senay Gurler) whom he fell in love with at first sight. Since İsmail no longer earns enough money from pottery, he decides to immigrate to Istanbul.

On the other hand, Hayat (Meltem Miraloglu), 15-year-old daughter of the family, has a secret love affair with Kerem (Sezgi Mengi), who is the son of one of the old families of the region. Since they love each other to death, they make love before marriage. However, Kerem’s family does not this relationship. Meanwhile, Hayat’s family learns the situation and has no choice but to accept the offer of 70 year-old-man. Although Hayat is just 15 years old, she is forced to get married to 70 year-old-man.

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Onur Tuna

Onur Tuna - Actor

Name: Onur Tuna
Birthdate: July 2, 1985
Birthplace: Canakkale, Turkey
Height:  195 cm
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Education: Dokuz Eylul University – Economics (Dokuz Eylul Universitesi Ekonomi), Ege University State Conservatory – Art Music (Ege Universitesi Konservatuvari Sanat Muzigi Ses Egitimi)
Talent Agency: Black Listt Management
Biography: Onur Tuna was born in 2 July 1985 in Canakkale. He got his bachelor degree in economics from Dokuz Eylul University. After then, he studied Art Music education at Ege University State Conservatory. Onur Tuna, whose height is 1.95 m., played professional basketball and volleyball since secondary school. while he was going to secondary school and high school, he took part in theatre plays. While he was studying at university, he worked as a model for 4 years. After graduating from university, he took acting lessons from Izmir Mujdat Gezen Art Center for 2.5 years. After then, he took acting lessons in Istanbul from Uc Mota, Ayla Algan, Craft and Saim Guveloglu. In 2011, Onur Tuna started his acting career professionally with his role in Turkish drama Life Goes On (Hayat Devam Ediyor). Besides acting, he is interested in music. He plays guitar and piano. He also writes songs and has EP consisting of 4 songs.

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Meltem Miraloglu

Meltem Miraloglu - Actress

Name: Meltem Miraloglu
Birthdate: January 13, 1987
Birthplace: Diyarbakir, Turkey
Height: 160 cm
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Black
Education: Mujdat Gezen Art Center (Mujdat Gezen Sanat Merkezi)
Talent Agency:
Spouse: Tayfur Aydin (m. 2016–2017), Patrick (m. 2019 – present)

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Sezgi Mengi

Sezgi Mengi Turkish Actor

Name: Aykut Sezgi Mengi
Birthdate: June 18, 1985
Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
Height: 180 cm
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Education: Bilgi Universitesi Management of Performing Arts (Bilgi Universitesi Sahne ve Gosteri Sanatları Yonetimi)
Ajans: Icon Casting
Biography: Sezgi Mengi was born in Istanbul. He started to be interested in theatre while he was going to Isik high school. He attended to theatre club during high school. After then, he studied at Pera Fine Arts High School. He took acting lessons from Sahika Tekand Studio Actors Theatre and then started his career on TV.

Notable Works
2002 – Asli and Kerem (Asli ile Kerem)
2003 – Hurrem Sultan (as Sehzade Mehmet)
2004 – 2 Girls (2 Genc kiz) (as Erim) (Movie)
2005 – European Side (Avrupa Yakasi) (as Alican)
2004 – Swallow (Kirlangic) (Movie)
2005 – I Missed You So Much (Seni Cok Ozledim) (as Bulut Ertunc)
2006 – 29-30 (as Ata)
2006 – Ahh Istanbul (as Tahir)

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Fikret Kuskan

Fikret Kuskan - Actor

Name: Mehmet Fikret Kuskan
Birthdate: April 22, 1965
Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
Height: 170 cm
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Education: Istanbul University State Conservatory – Theatre (Istanbul Universitesi Devlet Konservatuvari Tiyatro); Berlin Goethe University
Talent Agency:
Spouse: Bahar Kerimoglu (m. 2005–2009), Arsevi Ozkara (m. 2014-present)
Biography: Mehmet Fikret Kuskan was born in 22 April 1965 in Istanbul. His father migrated from Albania and his mother migrated from Bulgaria. His childhood passed in Istinye, Istanbul. While he was 4 years old, his father became paralyzed and when he was 13 years old, his father passed away. After then, he quit the school and started to work at plumbery. After working for 1 year, he went to Tokat together with his uncle-in law and started to have a village-life. He lived in Tokat for 3 years and then came back to Istanbul to study high school. He studied at Haskoy High School. While going to high school, Fikret Kuskan also started to be interested in theatre. After graduating from high school, Fikret Kuskan founded a photography studio together with his friends. However, he wanted to do theatre and for this reason, he applied for Mimar Sinan State Conservatory but he did not manage to succeed it. The next year, Fikret Kuskan manage to get acceptence from Istanbul University State Conservatory.

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Dila (Dila Hanim) Tv Series

Dila (Dila Hanim) Tv Series

Original Title: Dila Hanim
English Title: Dila
Also Known As: Lady Dila, دیلا خانم
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 62
Broadcast Network: Star Tv
Broadcast Period: September 14, 2012 – April 25, 2014
Production Company: Gold Film
Director: Nihat Durak, Aydin Bulut, Onur Tan
Screen Writer: Zulkuf Yucel

Dila (Hatice Sendil) is a beautiful bride of Barazoglu family. Her life turns upside down when her lovely husband is killed by the older son of the Karadagli family, Riza (Erkan Petekkaya).

Dila swears to take revenge of her husband and swears to kill Riza. She moves out Istanbul and starts to live in a big farm house of her father-in-law in order to exact her vengeance.

When Riza meets Dila, he is immediately drowned to her without knowing that she comes from Barazoglu family. At the same time, Dila falls in love with Riza but she does not know that Riza is the killer of her ex-husband.

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Necip Memili

Necip Memili - Actor

Name: Necip Memili
Birthdate: May 27, 1980
Birthplace: Adana, Turkey
Height: 186 cm
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Education: Cukurova University Theatre (Cukurova Universitesi Tiyatro) (2003-2007)
Talent Agency: Ahmet Koralturk Management
Spouse: Didem Dayicioglu (m. 2020 – present)
Children: Asya Memili
Biography: Necip Memili was born in 27 May 1980 in Adana. He has two brothers named Ozkan and Bahtiyar. Necip Memili went to Vocational High School (electrics and erection of machinery). He started to play in an amateur way at Adana Seyhan Municipality Theatre. In 2007, Necip Memili moved into Istanbul with his childhood friend Caner Cindoruk.

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Ayfer Donmez

Ayfer Donmez Actress

Name: Ayfer Donmez
Birthdate: January 1, 1982
Birthplace: Manisa, Turkey
Height: 164 cm
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
Education: Anadolu University Cinema-TV (Anadolu Universitesi Sinema-Tv); Kadir Has University Acting Master’s Degree (Kadir Has Universitesi Oyunculuk Yuksek Lisansi)
Talent Agency:
Biography: Ayfer Donmez was born in Manisa in June 7, 1982. Beyong her undergraduate and graduate study, she also took acting lessons at Ayla Algan and Sahika Tekand Studyo Oyunculari. While she was going to Anadolu University, she took part in the backstage of popular Turkish drama An Istanbul Fairytale (Bir Istanbul Masali) and started to take role in this tv series with the help of director Omer Atay.

Ayfer Donmez Tv Series / Movies
2003 – An Istanbul Fairytale (Bir Istanbul Masali) (as Ceylan)
2006 – Men Don’t Cry (Erkekler Aglamaz) (as Rabia)
2006 – 2007 Remember Darling (Hatirla Sevgili) (as Isik Unsal)
2007 – Unforgiven (Affedilmeyen) (as Ayse)
2008 – Birds of Exile (Gurbet Kuslari) (as Fatos)
2008 – Black Dogs Barking (Kara Kopekler Havlarken) (as Ayse) (Movie)

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