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War of Roses (Gullerin Savasi)

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Original Title: Gullerin Savasi
English Title: War of Roses
Also Known As:
Episodes: 1+
Broadcast Network: Kanal D
Broadcast Period: July 8, 2014 –
Production Company: MED Yapim
Director: Merve Girgin
Screen Writer: Melis Civelek


Gulru (Damla Sonmez) is a young and beautiful girl who belongs to a poor family. Her father works as a gardener at a rich mansion where the owners give them a small living place at the garden. Her older sister also works as a cook at the same rich mansion. Gulru lives with her father and two sisters at that small house built for the staff and sometimes she helps her sister to do house chores. She cleans the house and carries out the orders of the residents.

Gulru has been dreaming of becoming just like the daughter of the rich mansion: Gulfem (Canan Erguder) who has been living abroad for a long time. Gulru admires Gulfem so much that she wants to become a successful designer just like her. For this reason, she goes to university with a scholarship and she plans to work with Gulfem after she graduates.

When Gulfem’s father dies, Gulfem comes to Istanbul to attend her father’s funeral. Soon after, she discovers that her father’s last wish is keeping his children together in Istanbul. That’s why; Gulfem starts to live with her little brother Cihan (Sercan Badur) although she does not want to stay by his side. Gulru becomes so happy because she thinks that she would have a chance to see her role model everyday. However, nothing happens as expected.

Without a rational explanation, Gulfem fires Gulru’s sister and father and gives them just five days to find a new house. Because of this stress, Gulru and her family have so much difficulty. Moreover, Gulfem accuses Gulru for stealing the necklace. Therefore, Gulru wants to get her revenge from her role model and swears to take everthing that Gulfem has. Omer (Baris Kilic) who is Gulfem’s first and only love will also become a part of the story when he bumps into Gulru out of pure coincidence.


In this story, you will explore a love triangle which is surrounded with a class difference between rich and poor families. You will see the struggle of a poor girl among rich people. Will Gulru eventually reach her dream of becoming rich, powerful, admirable and respectable? Will Gulru loose her innocence while she is trying to get her revenge?

Damla Sonmez as Gülru
Baris Kilic as Omer
Canan Erguder as Gulfem
Yiğit Kirazcı as Mert
Sercan Badur as Cihan

External Links
Official Site: http://www.kanald.com.tr/gullerinsavasi

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  1. I find this description wrong. Gulru had never been good girl. She is very ambitious and angry girl which wear the mask of innocence and sweet. She sacrifice everything in her life to become Gulfem Sipahi and become “monster” at the end.

  2. Could you say me what the little girl said to Gulru in the last scene of the final episode?
    Thank you!

    • gülru ask to little girl “what will you become when you grow up?” she answers “i want to be gülru sipahi”

  3. oh.I like this serial if omer &gulrou will marry.and if they will die or Gulrou will be with tibet I hate this serial at least final episode.no no no no no nono any way

  4. Will omer and gulrou marry or not.if they dont marry .this serial is not reasonable.and it would be a time waste at all.

  5. If one can get hold on any subtitles (of any language), that would be enough. We can use the online subs translator. I have subs in turkish till 37 epis but not more than that. The tenses and grammar is very poor but beggars cant be choosers. So if anyone have subs for more epis, that would be awesome. Anyone, plz???

  6. Loved this serial. When will they come out with a new season?

  7. someone knows where I can find this serie with english subtitles ?

  8. but not with subtitles

  9. Do you know which series I can watch in English?

  10. i have friend who would like to watch War of Roses (Gullerin Savasi) but he does not speak Turkish. Where he can find this show with English subtitle? I know it’s available in Arabic subtitle but I need it in English.

    • I have some parts in english subtitle (E13 to E37).
      But I dont have Turkish subtitle more than E38 To translate ,If you send me ( or find me Turkish sub. from e38 and later)
      I will send you the english sub.

  11. They Could have Asked Seckin Ozdemir to take the main male role in this movie they are a very beautiful couple on the screen with damla sonmez

  12. Hello, i really loved this turkish drama seriesand it’s my best turkish drama in 2014 cause it have the best performance، so yes keep going i love you guyss.

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