Mehmet Aslantug


Name: Mehmet Aslantug
Birthdate: September 25, 1961

Notable Works
Sicak Saatler (Hot Target)
Bir Istanbul Masali (An Istanbul Fairytale)
Hanimin Ciftligi (Lady’s Farm)

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7 Responses to “Mehmet Aslantug”

  1. Redouan yacine says:


    • fatima from iran says:

      merhaba ben iran fatima ve ben turkce konusmuyorum hanimin chyftlygy birturk tv kanali gordum, ama ben cok seviyorum ve bu dizi bu serinin yonetmeni gelen serisi havalandirma icin tesekkurederim bu sernin son bolum gormedim iec very much and thank you for airing the series from the director of this series.

  2. shariffa Mohammed says:

    Your BLOG is GREAT I have browse many blogs for Turkish series this one is the best. Great Job keep it up. Again I highly appreciate your work.

  3. Raha says:

    Very Dear Mehmet Aslantug,

    I am not really in to movies and series;but I love the series,Hanimin Ciftligi.Your attractive personage there is not comparable to all that I have ever seen.Many thanks to you all.
    In health,
    Raha from Iran

  4. Faisal Rao says:

    mehmet Sir, you are my most most most favorite actor. i really wish to met with you, but how it possible???????? because you are in turkey and i am in Pakistan…. but my best wishes will always with you. Allah keep always happy and smiling you.

  5. Faisal Rao says:

    Very Respectable Mehmet Aslantug,
    Assalam u alaikum Sir, you cannot think how much i love you. I have no words to describe my feelings abuot this. you are such a great actor. aala aala. marhaba marhaba.i know my words are not importent for you but what can i do??? I have only words words and word… plz accept my poor words and best wishes..

    your Faial From Pakistan.

  6. Faisal Rao says:

    Dear sir,
    i am waiting your response if my feelings are important for you………. Allah bless you Always….

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