1. Sonia Menezes Gomes

    Eu sou muito fã do Cansel Elçin pela pessoa e ser humano maravilhoso que ele é. Acompanho seu dia a dia pelo Instagram. Assisto todas as séries dele e filmes .

  2. I did not like Yalanchi Bahar & Kötü Yol series. Cansel Elcin like so many other actors for sure tries to make a living and continue his professional life as well, but I don’t think that his characters and plays are good enough to make it worth to watch these series.

  3. Cansel elcin luvuu..watched all ur series .my favouites r 1-gonucelen 2-kirik kanatlar 3-yalanci bahar ..ur performance and acting is always impressive ..im even going to download ur french movies .waiting for ur next series..
    hope u devote ur life to give us as much work as possible.ur my favourie actor ever

  4. I appreciate the art you present to our society. I also like the fact that when you play a beautiful note of music you say the name which allows the viewer to go and research it and enjoy it.

    I have been in the USA for almost 30 years and this is the first time that I show off my TV series that I watch becaue it is exciting and brings in joy to the heart. I love you as an actor and don’t care much about your personal life but I beg you to hurry and bring us more series. I LOVED your bad boy character in Yalanchi Bahar. Keep it up.

  5. hi mr elcin i watch your series and i love them and your performanc

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