Mehmetcan Mincinozlu

Mehmetcan Mincinozlu Turkish Actor

Name: Mehmetcan Mincinozlu
Birthdate:  February 24, 1984
Height: 1.80 m

Notable Works
2003 High School Notebook (Lise Defteri) (as Alp)
2006 Two Families (Iki Aile) (as Arda)
2007 Life Apartment (Hayat Apartmani) (as Yakup Kadri)
2008 Angels Bless You (Melekler Korusun) (as Sarp)
2009 Breath (Nefes) (as Deniz)
2010 Little Secrets (Kucuk Sirlar) (as Aslan Cem)
2011 Daytime Has Become Evening (Gun Aksam Oldu) (as Tarik)
2012 Lightning Within The House (Eve Dusen Yildirim) (as Sait)

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