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My Fair Lady (Gonulcelen)

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Original Title: Gonulcelen
English Title: My Fair Lady
Also Known As: Heart Stealer 
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 56
Broadcast Network: ATV
Broadcast Period: February 25, 2010 – June 24, 2011
Production Company: Sis Yapim
Director: Cevdet Mercan
Screen Writer: Sertac Ergin, Nilgun Ones, Kerim Ceylan, Gul Dirican, Dilek Edwards

Murat (Cansel Elcin) is a young but a successful musician. After spending many years in abroad, he returns to Istanbul where he was born and raised. One day, while he is wandering around with his friend Levent (Onur Saylak), he comes across a young girl who makes her living by selling flowers and occasionally singing in a band. Murat hears potential in her untrained voice and takes a bet that he can transform this unrefined, flower girl Hasret (Tuba Buyukustun) into a lady. This bet changes not only the life of Murat but also that of Hasret. While Murat is trying to turn this gypsy girl into a lady by teaching her to speak, sing and act properly, he encounters with the other side of Turkey. During the process of transformation, both Murat and Hasret discover a love and a different world.

In this story, you will explore a huge transformation of a free spirited young woman with a foul mouth. Will Murat manage to transform Hasret and win the bet? Will Hasret learn the secrets of music via classical training? Will respected, rich and noble Murat fall in love with poor Hasret?

Tuba Buyukustun as Hasret
Cansel Elcin as Murat
Onur Saylak as Levent
Oyku Celik as Nazar
Ayda Aksel as Nesrin
Evrim Alasya as Balcicek

External Links
Imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1618952/

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  1. How i watch it with english subs?

  2. How do I do to see the second season until chapter 56?

  3. how or where can i watch this series with english subtitles?

  4. Very well done

    Loved the music,songs and i think that Cansel played piano. He is a very very talented actor and desserve to be known as so. Tuba performance was also very well.
    It is a pity that this Tv series. Is not distributed in all Europe with English subtile or translaterd.

  5. gonulcelen cok guzel bir diziydi

  6. whoever said that Tuba can’t act is mistaken, she is very talented indeed.

  7. Amazinggggg lames keep it up and as fo murat speech less really very nice

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