Remember Darling (Hatirla Sevgili)

Past Times - Remember Darling (Hatirla Sevgili) Tv Series

Original Title: Hatirla Sevgili
English Title: Remember Darling
Also Known As: Past Times, Stormy Love (English)
Genre: History, Romance
Episodes: 68
Broadcast Network: ATV
Broadcast Period: October 27, 2006 – June 6, 2008
Production Company: Sis Yapim
Director: Ummu Burhan, Faruk Teber
Screen Writer: Nilgun Ones, Sebnem Citak, Aylin Aliberen

Sevket (Avni Yalcin) and Riza (Engin Senkan) are childhood friends but they develop opposite political views as they grow up. Sevket becomes a public prosecutor who supports the leftist Republican People’s Party whereas Riza becomes a member of a right wing Democratic Party. This situation results in an animosity between them although they are childhood friends and close neighbors.

Sevket’s son, Ahmet (Cansel Elcin), who is a young, handsome and well-educated lawyer, heads back to Turkey after studying abroad. Ahmet meets Riza’s older daughter, Yasemin (Beren Saat) after years of absence and falls in love with her who has a crush on him for years. Their tender love story turns into a tragic love story when both of their families disagree for their relationship.

In this story, you will explore a tragic love story of Yasemin and Ahmet, two young people from confronting families in the political era of Turkey from late 1950s to the military coup in 1980. Will Yasemin and Ahmet who come from opposite families overcome all the obstacles in front of their ways? Will their families supporting rival political parties eventually approve their marriage?

Past Times Tv Series Cast
Cansel Elcin as Ahmet
Beren Saat as Yasemin
Okan Yalabik as Necdet
Avni Yalcin as Sevket
Engin Senkan as Riza
Ayfer Donmez as Isil
Ezgi Asaroglu as Ruya
Ipek Karapinar as Emine

Past Times Tv Series English Trailer

Past Times - Remember Darling Tv Series English Trailer

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English Wikipedia:ırla_Sevgili

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  1. Please where can I buy the DVD for the Turkish series Hatirla sevgili with english or arabic subtitles

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  3. where can i watch hatirla sevgili with english subtitles? thank you

  4. Really i like the 5 sister sireal of Turkish and has olot of benefits for ours like a bout educated and love etc but i want from your to continus it in the future to see from TV thankes

  5. Please I would like to buy the Complete DVD of Hatirla Sevgili either with an English translation or Arabic Translation

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