The Poor Road (Kotu Yol) Tv Series

The Poor Road (Kotu Yol) Tv Series


Original Title: Kotu Yol
English Title: The Poor Road
Also Known As:
Genre: Romance, Drama, Historical
Episodes: 13
Broadcast Network: Kanal D
Broadcast Period: September 17, 2011 – November 6, 2012
Production Company: Gold Film
Director: Nisan Akman
Screen Writer: ,
Filming Locations: Istanbul, Turkey


Nuran (Sukran Ovali) is a beautiful and innocent girl who lives in a small village in Adana (a city in southern Turkey). She lives with her mother, brother and sister in a small house. She works as a cleaning lady but she never complains about that. She is in love with Resat (Ilker Aksum) who works as a driver at a big farm.

Nuran dreams to have a happy life with Resat just like in romantic movies. However, her brother wants her to marry the rich village aga who offers a lot of money in return.

Nuran strongly refuses that and for this reason, she is constantly abused by her brother. Eventually, Nuran decides to leave her family behind. She goes to Resat and tells him everthing. They make a plan and decide to go to Istanbul. But, out of pure coincidence, Nuran discovers that Resat has an affair with another woman.

That’s why, Nuran becomes all alone in this world and understands that she cannot trust Resat. She never gives up, she still wants to escape from her destiny but she realizes that it would not be so easy. At that night, Nuran escape from her house and goes to the train station.

Nuran is alone and she does not know anybody in Istanbul who can help her. But, at some sense, she is lucky enough because there is someone who can help her: Kenan (Cansel Elcin) who is a young producer and director in Istanbul.

In the poor road (kotu yol) tv series story which is based on the foremost Turkish author Orhan Kemal, you will explore a dramatic story of a beautiful and innocent girl and her struggle to become a famous tv actress in 1950s. Will Nuran manage to become rich and famous at the same time, save her innocence? How will Nuran’s life change when she comes to the big city Istanbul from a small village?

The Poor Road (Kotu Yol) Tv Series Cast

as Kenan Yilmazer
as Nuran Oguten
as Resat Kurtoglu
as Leman Aksular
Gokce Akyildiz as Canan
Nergis Corakci as Ayse
Ayse Nil Samlioglu as Gullu
Nursel Kose as Bedia
Tuncer Salman as Fikret
Ferit Kaya as Ihsan
Ali Erkazan as Sulhi
Nilufer Acikalin as Ayten

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