Legacy (Emanet) Tv Series

Legacy (Emanet) Tv Series


Original Title: Emanet
English Title: Legacy
Also Known As:
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 206+
Broadcast Network: Kanal 7
Broadcast Period: 7 September 2020 –
Production Company: Karamel Yapim
Director: Ayhan Ozen, Serkan Mut
Screen Writer: Basak Yazi Odasi
Filming Locations: Istanbul, Turkey


Seher (Sila Turkoglu) is a young and beautiful girl who lives together with her father. Her sister Kevser (Meltem Kilic) is not allowed to visit her parent after she got married to the heir of Kirimli family. Her father cuts all ties with Kevser after then and cannot forgive her.

Seher longs for her sister too much but cannot persuade her father to make peace. She does not see her sister and does not know anything about her new life.

The life of Seher turns upside down when her sister passes away due to an accident. Just before she dies, Kevser says that “I entrust my son Yusuf to you. Don’t leave my son to those people in the Kirimli house.”

After her sister passes away, Seher gets devastated. Her nephew Yusuf is a 5 years old boy who becomes all alone after his parents pass away.

Now, Seher has a mission of protecting her nephew. She is determined to do whatever her sister has requested. Thus, she wants to be the custodian of her nephew.

Seher goes to Kirimli house and meets her nephew Yusuf. She wants to live together with her father and her nephew all together. However, this is not so easy.

Yaman Kirimli (Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan) is a young and strong businessman who does not trust women. He is Yusuf’s uncle. After his brother passes away, Yaman considers himself as a custodian of Yusuf.

Yaman is known for his harsh rules and mercilessness. He is determined not to leave his nephew. When he learns that Seher has taken away Yusuf, he gets so angry. He immediately finds their address and takes his nephew back.

On the one side, there is Seher who is Yusuf’s aunt. On the other side, there is Yaman who is Yusuf’s uncle. Both claims to be the custodian of this little child.

Seher takes her courage from her innocence and patience. She starts to fight against strong, powerful and cold-hearted Yaman Kirimli.

Little Yusuf finds himself in the middle of this fight. He becomes devasted upon learning that his mother has passed away just like his father. He lives in Kirimli house together with his uncle Yaman. His other uncle Ziya (Tolga Pancaroglu) and his wife Ikbal (Gulay Ozdem) also live in that house.

Kirimli house is full of vicious people. Even though there many people in the house, Yusuf lacks affection and love. Even though he is well protected in his uncle Yaman’s care, he needs sympathy and tenderness.

Seher wants to open a custody file in order to live together with her nephew. However, she soon realizes that she cannot win any case against Kirimli family.

Seher has nothing to do but to live in Kirimli house in order to protect her sister’s legacy. She moves into Kirimli house in order not to leave her nephew alone. By this way, she could take care of her nephew closely.

Legacy (Emanet) tv series story is about a young girl Seher and a powerful man Yaman who come across each other while taking care of their 5-year old nephew. Will Seher start to take care of her 5-year old nephew after her sister passes away? Will Yaman manage to trust Seher? Will Yaman and Seher give up fighting and start to collaborate while raising little Yusuf? Will Seher manage to protect her sister’s legacy? Will Yaman manage to protect his brother’s legacy? Why Seher’s father does not approve Kirimli family?


  • Seher (Sila Turkoglu): She is a young and beautiful girl who takes her courage from her innocence and patience. After her sister passes away, she wants to protect her sister’s legacy. She tries to do her best to take care of her 5-year old nephew.
  • Yaman (Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan): He is a young and strong businessman who does not trust women. He is strong, powerful and cold-hearted. He is known for his harsh rules and mercilessness. After his brother passes away, Yaman considers himself as a custodian of his 5-year old nephew. He does his best to give a decent life for his nephew.
  • Ikbal (Gulay Ozdem): She is Ziya’s wife and Yaman’s sister-in-law. She does not have a child for this reason, she cannot have power to control Kirimli family. Ikbal wants her sister to get married to Yaman.
  • Ziya (Tolga Pancaroglu): He is Yaman’s brother.
  • Zuhal (Hilal Yildiz): She is Ikbal’s sister. She studied in London with the help of her sister. She has some feelings towards Yaman.

Legacy (Emanet) Tv Series Cast

  • Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan as Yaman
  • Sila Turkoglu as Seher
  • Berat Ruzgar Ozkan as Yusuf
  • Gulderen Guler as Kiraz
  • Melih Ozkaya as Ali
  • Tolga Pancaroglu as Ziya
  • Gulay Ozdem as Ikbal
  • Osman Aydin as Selim
  • Hilal Yildiz as Zuhal
  • Gozde Gurkan as Begum
  • Omer Gecu as Cenger
  • Ali Cakalgoz as Arif Baba
  • Binnaz Ekren as Adalet
  • Hayat Olcay as Nadire
  • Oguz Yagci as Nedim
  • Adnan Mehmet Ali Aslan as Ibrahim
  • Derya Oguz Ertun as Firat
  • Zeynep Naz Eyuboglu as Neslihan
  • Ozge Agyar as Karanfil
  • Volkan Yildirim as Ziya
  • Atilla Pakdemir as Osman
  • Meltem Kilic as Kevser
  • Ferda Isil as Sultan
  • Ilker Yavuz as Melih
  • Goksel Kayahan as Bora
  • Mehmet Basturk as Ozan

External Links
Official Site: https://www.kanal7.com/dizi/yeni-dizi-emanet
English Wikipedia:


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emanetkanal7/
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuUkNVVb-RsLBeW05v3J21Q

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Legacy (Emanet) Turkish Series Trailer

Emanet Dizisi Yakında Kanal 7'de | 6. Tanıtım

Legacy (Emanet) Turkish Series Trailer (with English Subtitle)

Legacy (Emanet) Turkish Series Trailer (Eng Sub)

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  1. Kindly add more episodes with proper English subtitles…..we need this

  2. Legagy emanet Hindi dubbed

  3. Emanet is a series that made history in Turkish drama . It’s a series of values, that showed how much a family means to the life of human beings. This was so beautifully presented by the love of Yaman , the hard faced person but kind hearted towards his mental,y I’ll brother Zia.It showed the value of love in healing deep rooted wounds of childhood emotional abuse and neglect which Yaman Kirimli suffered from , and the magical effect of Seher’s love of him in breaking the hard shell around his beautiful heart. Emanet demonstrated the great effect of love on the life of a vulnerable little orphan , Yusuf and how all the ups and downs affected his behaviour , brilliantly performed by the wonderful budding superstar Berat Ruzgar. Yes there was evil and miseries , sometimes a bit too much, but in all fairness , and from a specialist in Safeguarding of children, Emanet stands out as one of the best Turkish series, and Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan’s performance is beyond excellent, I cried watching some of his reactions, I saw parents I have dealt with in my working life watching some of Halil`s reactions , so was Sila Turkoghlu as Seher . It’s a series I have watched with great interest and admiration to all in it . I am already watching some of its episodes again and that magical wedding song and dance I save d and watch when I am feeling down. Bravo Halil, bravo Sila bravo Ayhan and bravo Berat .

  4. Emanet has wonderful actors and initially a good plot… but I found it went astray with too many back to back miseries that just seemed for prolonging the series, it became long, boring and depressing… I finished season 2 but I dont think I will watch season 3 especially after seeing how it ended. The writer didn’t know how to keep it interesting unfortunately.

  5. I love EMANET , it is a wonderful series for open minded people interested in understanding different cultures and traditions.
    The negative comments might come from people who only want to watch movies in… English and without consideration towards others.

    EMANET definitely opens a door for people who have interest in learning new things and in discovering the symbolistic of the characters beyond talking, just through gestures, eyes and acting.
    And even more, we can discover the taste for cooking , serving the meals, or a coffee in an elegant way,
    rituals of respect for the elderly and graves and much more.

  6. Emanet is a great drama but some episodes were not realistic because they didn’t suite in today life . Look you cannot face problems continuously without noticing a pushing agent or even not knowing what the people you are leaving with are up to.

  7. I have watched emanet with english subs till episode 230. I cannot find more episodes, 231 and up, with english subs anywhere. On you tube there are no English subs!!
    Where can I find more emanet episodes with english subtitles?????????

  8. Agree with you. They are disgusting. What kind of life ate they creating for Yusuf. He would have been better off in state custody
    So sad they destroyed this beautiful concept

  9. I do not get you people from the very..very .. good show – the best to go to be the worst. You don’t care or what ? You did the same with Yemen Promise now lake is not important you are doing to Emanet and ruin the life of to beautiful people Sila and Halil who make you good name on the beginning. It is your lost not there – Sila and Halil. Every body know them now and they can have popularity with other production houses but you are loosing your credibility. I live in USA for 45 years I never see or hear samting lake this . Actress they can take legal action tours you . good lake .

  10. I agree with Francine….in the beginning I was hesitant to started because it has so many episodes. I was so excited when I saw the story unfold and when that they got married…..but then the stupidity started flowing…..with all the drama and negativity. This director and writer are mentally sick. Thank God for the fast forward button. This series could have been one of the best in turkish industry since they are all the same. But noooo they had to ruin this one as well with 200 episodes of nothing and so many important details are missing that I stopped watching it. Yaman and Yusuf both had such a troubled childhood that they really deserve to be happy and live a great life especially Yusuf being so young…..like I said for me this series is a disaster and I can definitely say that the director and production company need professional help. Mental help. One ⭐ and this one is for the actors not the series itself

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