That Is My Life (O Hayat Benim – That Life is Mine) Tv Series

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That Is My Life (O Hayat Benim - That Life is Mine) Tv Series Poster
Original Title: O Hayat Benim
English Title: That Life is Mine
Also Known As:
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 131
Broadcast Network: Fox TV
Broadcast Period: February 14, 2014 – May 2, 2017
Production Company: Pastel Film
Director: Merve Girgin
Screen Writer: , ,

Bahar (Ezgi Asaroglu) is a young and naive girl who has a modest life in Istanbul. Because of financial difficulties, she quits her school and starts to work in a cake shop in order to help her family. Bahar is a thoughtful, optimist, and hardworking girl whereas her sister Efsun (Ceren Moray) is quite the opposite. Although Bahar does her best to make her sister happy, Efsun purposely hurts Bahar due to her jealousy.

Even though Bahar has been raised in this family, she is not the real daughter of that house. Her supposed mother Nuran (Yesim Ceren Bozoglu), father Ilyas (Suleyman Atanisev ) and sister Efsun are all strangers for her. In reality, Bahar is the daughter of Mehmet Emir (Sinan Albayrak) who is a rich businessman. However, that fact has been concealed by everybody.

Years ago, Bahar’s real grandfather does not want her daughter to get married to Mehmet Emir. He sets apart them and conceals the fact that her daughter is pregnant. While giving birth, Bahar’s mother passes away. After that, Bahar is given to the servants of the house and is raised by them. This secret has haunted Bahar’s grandfather for most of his life and becomes a heavy burden on his shoulders. He decides to tell everything to Mehmet Emir. That’s why; he goes to Mehmet Emir’s workplace and tells him that he has a daughter who has been raised by the servants.

However, a tragic thing happens in Bahar’s house. Before disclosing all the truth, Bahar’s grandfather dies by accident. Nuran and Ilyas get anxious and bury the dead body in their garden secretly. After then, they change Bahar’s destiny again. They decide not to tell Bahar about her real family, instead they want Efsun to take her place. They start to execute their devil plan and introduce Efsun as the real daughter of Mehmet Emir. Therefore, Bahar, without knowing anything, continues her own modest life while Efsun starts a new life that does not belong to her.

In that is my life (o hayat benim – that life is mine) tv series story, you will explore the tragic life of Bahar, who has been raised by a poor family although she is the daughter of a wealthy family. Will Bahar get her own life from her so-called sister Efsun? Will Bahar and Mehmet Emir learn the truth at the end? What will Ates do when he learns that Bahar is the real daughter of Mehmet Emir?

That Is My Life (O Hayat Benim) Cast
as Ates
as Bahar
as Efsun
as Mehmet Emir
as Nuran
Suleyman Atanisev as Ilyas
Ahu Sungur as Hulya
Erol Aksoy as Yusuf
Didem Inselel as Fulya
Turgay Aydin as Asim
San Bingol as Alp
Oya Basar as Sultan

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  1. Where can I watch with English subtitles

  2. In Indonesia the voice change to be Indonesia with the title Efsun and Bahar

  3. Can you please tell me the link to watch o hayat benim.. It just air in my country this week n i fell in love with the drama already….. Thanks..

    • Di youtube ada de yg dari channel fox itu, skrg udah dapet subnya? saya juga masih blm nemu sampe skrg. kalo udah dapet tolong kasih tau ya

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