The Promise (Yemin) Tv Series

The Promise (Yemin) Tv Series


Original Title: Yemin
English Title: The Promise
Also Known As:
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 392+ (season 1: episodes of 1-70; season 2: episodes of 71-245; season 3: episodes of 246-350; season 4: episodes of 351-)
Broadcast Network: Kanal 7
Broadcast Period: 18 February 2019 – (season 1: 18 February 2019 – 31 May 2019; season 2: 9 September 2019 – 8 May 2020; season 3: 7 September 2020 – May 2021; season 4: 17 September 2021 – 2022)
Production Company: Karamel Yapim
Director: Ayhan Ozen (director of season 1-2); Hakan Arslan and Reyhan Peker (director of season 3)
Screen Writer: Nazmiye Yilmaz
Filming Locations: Istanbul, Turkey


Tarhun family is a wealthy and well-known family in Istanbul. The head of the family, Hikmet Tarhun (Berkant Muftuler), is diagnosed with a terminal disease and therefore, starts to worry about his family’s future.

His wife Cavidan (Gul Arcan) is a greedy woman who just wants to cement her place among Istanbul’s high society. His brother Kemal (Can Verel) is a successful lawyer but he is trying to settle back after his wife’s death. His son Emir (Gokberk Demirci), on the other hand, is an adventurous young man who prefers to take risks and does whatever he likes rather than work in the family business.

Hikmet wants to organize everything before his death so that he could not leave a disjoined family behind. He thinks that his son should get more responsibility as soon as possible. Thus, he wants him to get married soon. His nephew Reyhan (Ozge Yagiz) is a perfect bride for himself.

Reyhan is an innocent, humble, kind, and beautiful young girl who lives in Erzurum and has been grown up in a traditional style. After her mother passes away, she becomes all alone and tries her best to survive. She gets surprised when she learns that her uncle wants her to get married to his son Emir.

At first, Reyhan does not want to get married to Emir because she does not know him very well. However, she decides to accept the marriage proposal when she learns that her uncle Hikmet does not have so much time due to his terminal disease.

Reyhan leaves her life behind and goes to Istanbul together with her uncle. She starts to live in Tarhun house and her life changes all of a sudden.

The life of Tarhun family turns upside down. Cavidan does not accept Reyhan as her bride. She looks down on her due to the fact that she comes from a poor family.

Cavidan thinks that Emir’s childhood friend Cemre (Ceyda Olguner) is a better match for him. Cemre comes from a wealthy family and has feelings towards Emir for a long time. Cavidan wants to see Cemre as her own bride because by this way, she can increase her popularity among Istanbul’s high society.

Emir, on the other hand, does not want to get married to Reyhan. He does not know her and also, he does not have any marriage plans soon. He does not understand how a person can accept an arranged marriage.

When Reyhan comes to Istanbul, she soon realizes that she cannot get used to her new life. She wants to return to her hometown but eventually, she cannot oppose to her uncle. As his death wish, Hikmet wants a promise from his nephew so that he would be sure that Reyhan would do her best for this marriage.

Reyhan promises that she would get married to Emir and she would not give up no matter what. However, things get complicated when she realizes that she will not have a real marriage with Emir.

Cavidan promises that she would make Reyhan’s life miserable in Tarhun house and she would do anything to send her away.

Emir, on the other hand, eventually accepts to get married to Reyhan. However, he promises that he would make Reyhan’s life miserable to the extent that she will get a divorce. Emir wants to prove his father that he has made a wrong decision by forcing his son for this marriage. After showing this, Emir wants to get his freedom back and start to make his own decisions in life.

The Promise (Yemin) tv series story is about a young girl Reyhan who comes to Istanbul and gets married to a wealthy young man Emir in order to keep her promise. Will Cinderella story become real for Reyhan? Will Reyhan manage to keep her promise and endure all the things for her marriage? Will Emir make Reyhan’s life miserable in order to reach his freedom? Will Emir start to have feelings for Reyhan? Will Reyhan get used to her new life in Istanbul? Will Cemre eventually reveal her feelings towards Emir?

The Promise (Yemin) Tv Series Cast

Additional Cast Members

Mustafa Simsek as Talaz
Derya Kurtulus Oktar as Sehriye
Melahat Abbasova as Munevver
Elif Ozkul Elsayit as Kumru
Gozde Gunduzlu as Oya Tarhun
Hulya Aydin as Songul
Miran Efe Achilov as Yigit Tarhun
Can Caglar as Taci
Yagmur Akdag as Nigar
Yavuz Ketenci as Resit
Emre Kerem Ketenci as Semih


  • Emir (Gokberk Demirci): He is adventurous, handsome, and womanizer. He is keen on his freedom and wants to do whatever he enjoys such as driving cars and motorcycles. Emir studied architecture and did his master’s degree abroad in order to please his father. After studying abroad, he returns to Turkey and goes on his care-free life rather than taking responsibility. Emir does not want to work at family business and he does not want to get married to a person whom he does not know. When his father wants him to get married to Reyhan, Emir accepts this to prove that his father has made a wrong decision. He eventually wants to make his own decisions in life and get his freedom back.
  • Reyhan (Ozge Yagiz): She has grown up in Erzurum (a city in the Eastern part of Turkey) in a traditional way. She is modest, humble, kind, and innocent. Reyhan has a strong personality and has courage to endure all the hardships just because she has made a promise to her uncle. She cannot reveal the fact that Hikmet has been diagnosed to a terminal disease.
  • Cemre (Ceyda Olguner): She is Emir’s childhood friend and has feelings towards him for a long time. Cemre does anything to stay close to Emir and get his attention. Cemre does not give up her feelings even though Emir considers her as a friend, not a woman.
  • Cavidan (Gul Arcan): She is Emir’s mother. She is greedy and wants to cement her position in Istanbul’s high society. She looks down on Reyhan just because she does not come from a wealthy family.
  • Hikmet (Berkant Muftuler): He is Emir’s father and Reyhan’s uncle. In order not to leave a disjoined family behind, Hikmet wants to give more responsibility to Emir. He wants Emir and Reyhan get married soon. Even though his wife and his son do not approve this marriage, Hikmet wants to see Reyhan as his bride and supports her all the time.
  • Suna (Sila Turkoglu): She is Emir’s sister. She cannot walk due to her disability.
  • Suheyla (Tugce Ersoy): She is Cemre’s mother. She is reasonable and charismatic.
  • Kemal (Can Verel): He is Emir’s uncle. He works as a lawyer at the family business. After his wife passes away, Kemal tries his best to support his daughter who has been talking. He is very picky when it comes to his daughter. He does not get along well with Cavidan.

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The Promise (Yemin) Turkish Drama Relationship Chart

The Promise (Yemin) Turkish Drama Relationship Chart

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The Promise (Yemin) Tv Series Trailer

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