Buddy Istanbul (Ulan Istanbul)

Original Title: Ulan Istanbul
English Title:  Buddy Istanbul
Also Known As: 
Action, Comedy
Episodes: 39
Broadcast Network: Kanal D
Broadcast Period:  June 23, 2014 – March 23, 2015
Production Company:  D Productions
Director:  Murat Onbul
Screen Writer: Ugras Gunes


Derya (Sevtap Ozaltun) is young girl who comes to Istanbul to study acting. However, she cannot continue her acting career when her father is being imprisoned for no reason. In order to free her father and clear their family name, Derya has to find one million Turkish Lira. Luckily, her way intersects with her father’s old friend Kandemir (Ugur Polat) who decides to help Derya to raise enough money.

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Sevtap Ozaltun

Sevtap Ozaltun - Actress

Name: Sevtap Ozaltun
Birthdate: September 12, 1984
Birthplace: Artvin, Turkey
Height: 162 cm
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Education: Halic University State Conservatory – Theatre (Halic Universitesi Devlet Konservatuvari Tiyatro Bolumu)
Talent Agency: Abdullah Bulut Management
Biography: Sevtap Ozaltun was born 12 September 1984 in Artvin. She started to take part in theatre plays in 2001 at Bakirkoy Actors’ Association (Bakirkoy Sanatcilar Dernegi). In 2009, she graduated from Istanbul Halic University State Conservatory. After graduation, she worked at various theatres for 2 years. She started her televison career with a popular Turkish series My Dear Family (Canim Ailem). In 2012, She founded a theatre group named Oyun Sandali.

Sevtap Ozaltun Tv Series / Movies
2008 – 2010 My Dear Family (Canim Ailem) (as Ahsen)
2010 – 2012 What Is Fatmagul’s Fault? (Fatmagul’un Sucu Ne?) (as Asude / Hacer Ovacikli)
2011 – After Revolution (Devrimden Sonra) (as Elif) (Movie)
2013 – L.O.V.E (A.S.K.) (as Ece)

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Sebnem Bozoklu

Name: Sebnem Bozoklu
Birthdate: August 20, 1979
Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
Height: 160 cm
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Education: 9 Eylul University Fine Arts School – Theatre (9 Eylul Universitesi Tiyatro) (1996-2000); Mujdat Gezen Art Center – Acting (Mujdat Gezen Sanat Merkezi Oyunculuk Bolumu) (2000-2004)
Spouse: Emre Izer (m. 2010-2016)
Biography: Sebnem Bozoklu’s mother is of Egyptian descent while her father is from Isaprta, Turkey. After graduating from 9 Eylul University, she studied at Mujdat Gezen Art Center – Acting. Between 2005-2006, she worked at Cisenti Theatre. Sebnem Bozoklu became very popular with her role Meliha at popular Turkish drama Dear Family (Canim Ailem).

Notable Works
2006 – Selena (as Ceylan)
2008 – 2009 Dear Family (Canim Ailem) (as Meliha)
2008 – Remedy (Derman) (as Vildan)
2008 – Yes Sir (Emret Komutanim)
2011 – Our Aunt-In-Law (Bizim Yenge) (as Filiz)
2012 – Happy Family Book (Mutlu Aile Defteri) (Movie)

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Erkan Kolcak Kostengil

Erkan Kolcak Kostengil - Actor

Name: Erkan Kolcak Kostengil
Birthdate: January 16, 1983
Birthplace: Bursa, Turkey
Height: 180 cm
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Education: Mimar Sinan University Theatre (Mimar Sinan Universitesi Tiyatro Bolumu); Bursa Ataturk High School
Talent Agency: Yasemin Ozbudun Talent Management
Spouse: Cansu Tosun (m. 2018-present)
Biography: Erkan Kolcak Kostendil wrote and directed the first facebook movie Mukadderat (2009). His short movie Vakit also won “Best Scenario – Best Image” award at Galatasaray University Sinapark Short Movie Contest; “Best Movie-Best Director” award at Kral Midas Short Movie Contest; and “Best Scenario-Best Director-Best Image-Best Movie” award at 47. Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival. Drugs of Dealer (Torbacinin Esrari) is another movie that he wrote and directed. He also acted in short movies like “Tarot” and “Inside the Door”. Erkan Kolcak Kostendil became popular with his role in popular Turkish drama Mercy (Merhamet).

Erkan Kolcak Kostengil Tv Series / Movies
2008 – Fall Sorrow (Guz Sancisi) (as Numayisci) (Movie)
2009 – M.A.T. (as Emre)
2009 – 2010 Sakarya Firat (as Mahmut Karakum)
2012 – Fathers and Their Children (Babalar ve Evlatlar) (as Ayhan)
2013 – Mercy (Merhamet) (as Mehmet)
2014 – One Night in Istanbul (Movie)
2014 – Buddy Istanbul (Ulan Istanbul) (as Karlos)

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Ugur Polat

Ugur Polat - Actor

Name: Ugur Polat
Birthdate: September 4, 1961
Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
Height: 178 cm (5′ 10″)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Education: Mimar Sinan University Theatre (Mimar Sinan Universitesi Tiyatro Bolumu)
Talent Agency: Yasemin Ozbudun Talent Management
Biography: Ugur Polat worked at Ankara Art Theatre (1978), Adana State Theatre (1985), and Istanbul State Theatre (1987) for a long time. He gave lectures in Eskisehir Anatolia University – Theatre Department for 3 years. Ugur Polat took part in more than 30 theatre plays including Hamlet, Kuva-i Milliye, and Kafatasi. Ugur Polat started to take part in movie sector with his film Fog (Sis) in 1988.

Ugur Polat Tv Series / Movies
1988 – The Fog (Sis ) (Movie)
1989 – Cahide
1990 – All Doors Were Closed (Butun Kapilar Kapaliydi) (as Ates) (Movie)
1991 – Other Side of The Water (Suyun Ote Yani) (Movie)
1991 – Stars Grow at Night (Yildizlar Gece Buyur) (as Doctor Orhan)
1992 – Daylight Dreams of Mrs. Cazibe (Cazibe Hanimin Gunduz Dusleri) (as Kursat) (Movie)
1995 – Anatomy of a Woman (Bir Kadinin Anatomisi) (as Metin) (Movie)
1995 – Fake Worlds (Sahte Dunyalar) (as Yilmaz Kilic)
1996 – Anatomy of a Man (Bir Erkegin Anatomisi) (as Taner) (Movie)
1996 – Salvation (Kurtulus) (as Mr. Veli)

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Strawberry Smell (Cilek Kokusu) Tv Series

Strawberry Smell (Cilek Kokusu) Tv Series

Original Title: Cilek Kokusu
English Title: Strawberry Smell
Also Known As:
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Youth
Episodes: 23
Broadcast Network: Star Tv
Broadcast Period: June 24, 2015 – November 27, 2015
Production Company: Gold Film
Director: Filiz Gulmez Pakman
Screen Writer: Asli engin
Filming Locations: Mugla & Istanbul, Turkey

Asli (Demet Ozdemir) is a young and beautiful girl who works at a pastry shop and loves making delicious cakes. While she is delivering a strawberry birthday cake to the customer, she is involved in a car accident and ruins her cake.

The person who is driving the car is Burak (Yusuf Cim), a famous womanizer belonging to a rich family.  They start discussing from the moment they bump into each other and wish not to see each other again.

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Ekin Mert Daymaz

Name: Ekin Mert Daymaz
Birthdate: December 2, 1990
Height: cm

Notable Works
2014 Notepad (Not Defteri) (as Egemen)
2015 Strawberry Smell (Cilek Kokusu) (as Volkan)


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Gozde Kaya

Gozde Kaya - Actress

Name: Gozde Kaya
Birthdate: November 7, 1988
Birthplace: Antalya, Turkey
Height: 165 cm
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Education: Yildiz Teknik – Compound Arts, Baskent Academy – Acting Education, Mota Acting Atelier, Istanbul Univercity – Musical Theatre
Talent Agency:
Biography: Gozde Kaya was born on 7 November 1988 in Antalya. She graduated from Yildiz Technical University, Department of Unified Arts. Then, she graduated from Istanbul University, Department of Musical Theater. Gozde Kaya, who was discovered by photographer Nihat Odabasi in Izmir; started her acting career in 2011 with tv series Kalbim Seni Secti. After then, she took part in various tv series, tv commercials as well as theatre plays.

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Yusuf Cim

Yusuf Cim - Actor

Name: Yusuf Cim
Birthdate: September 26, 1991
Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
Height: 188 cm
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Education: Istanbul Arel University Radio and Theatre (Istanbul Arel Universitesi Radyo ve Televizyon Bolumu)
Talent Agency: Icon Talent Management

Yusuf Cim Tv Series / Movies
2014 – Ezra (as Mustafa)
2015 – Strawberry Smell (Cilek Kokusu) (as Burak Mazharoglu)
2016 – Ladyville (Hanim Koylu) (as Ferit Sabit)
2017 – Glass Mask (Icimdeki Firtina) (as Emre Bademli)
2017 – Seven Ne Yapmaz (as Ozan Ekinsoy)
2018 – Wealth (Servet) (as Can Yigit)
2019 – Sing a Love Song for Me (Bana Bir Ask Sarkisi Soyle) (as Emre Akin) (Movie)

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Little Secrets (Kucuk Sirlar)

Original Title: Kucuk Sirlar
English Title:  Little Secrets
Also Known As: 
Romance, Youth
Episodes: 55
Broadcast Network: Kanal D, Star Tv
Broadcast Period:  July 14, 2010 – September 2, 2011
Production Company: Tims Production
Director:  Kerem Cakiroglu, Cevriye Demir
Screen Writer: Nukret Bicakci, Aylin Aliveren


Su (Sinem Kobal) is a beautiful, intelligent and sportive girl who belongs to a rich family. She lives with her granny and is always at the center of attention. Each student at school considers Su as a perfect girl and each boy wants to be her first boyfriend. Even her close friend Arzu (Ipek Karapinar) is jealous of her success and her perfect life.

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