Child Bride (Kucuk Gelin)

Child Bride (Kucuk Gelin) Turkish Tv Series

Original Title: Kucuk Gelin
English Title: Child Bride
Also Known As:
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 92
Broadcast Network: STV
Broadcast Period: September 8, 2013 – November 8, 2015
Production Company: Bosphorus Film Makers
Director: Ozan Uzunoglu
Screen Writer: Erhan Ciplak

Zehra (Cagla Simsek) is a 14-year old promising girl who is very successful at her school. However, her life turns upside down when she is forced to get married to a young guy from a rich family. Zehra wants to continue her education and does not want to leave her little sister and her parents. However, her father uses the excuse of traditions and beats her daughter to death. Zehra has nothing to do but to get married to the guy whom she has never seen before.

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Love Me As I Am (Beni Boyle Sev)

Love Me As I Am (Beni Boyle Sev) Tv Series Poster

Original Title: Beni Boyle Sev
English Title: Love Me As I Am
Also Known As:
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Youth
Episodes: 89
Broadcast Network: TRT 1
Broadcast Period: February 11, 2013 – February 27, 2015
Production Company: BSK Yapim
Director: Cem Tabak
Screen Writer: Hakan Haksun, Mujdan Kayserli

Aysem (Zeynep Camci) is a young and beautiful girl who is in her first year at the university, math department. She comes from a small city but starts to live with her uncle in Istanbul after she is accepted to her school. Her father, Nail (Guven Kirac), still lives in that small city and makes a living by cooking meatballs in his small restaurant.

On the other hand, Omer (Alper Saldiran) is young and handsome guy who goes to the same university with Aysem. Omer is a second year student at the architecture school. He belongs to a rich family and lives with his parents in a big house in Istanbul.

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Burcu Biricik

Burcu Biricik Turkish Actress

Name: Burcu Biricik
Birthdate: May 4, 1989
Birthplace: Antalya, Turkey
Height: 170 cm
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Education: Ege University Archeology (Ege Universitesi Arkeoloji Bolumu)
Talent Agency:
Spouse: Emre Yetkin (m. 2016 – present)
Biography: Burcu Biricik was born in My 4, 1989 in Antalya. She became Mediterranean Beauty at the Beauty Contest organized in Antalya in 2006. After Burcu Biricik won an award at theatre fest while she was going to high school, she decided to do theatre professionally. While she was studying at Ege University, she also took acting lessons at Bornova Municipality City Theatre. Burcu Biricik started her acting career at Bornova Municipality City Theatre as an intern. She took part in various theatre plays such as Burada Ikinin Biri, Yasli Hanimin Ziyareti, Gozlerimi Kaparim, Vazifemi Yaparim and Yedi Kocali Hurmuz. Burcu Biricik started her acting career on TV with a supporting role in Turkish drama named Macolar (broadcasted in tv channel Show TV). In 2011, Burcu Biricik attended a TV show “Actor School” (Artiz Mektebi) which is a competition about acting skills and she became the 1st ranking. Burcu Biricik took part in many tv projects but she became very popular with her role in popular Turkish drama Flames of Desire (Hayat Sarkisi).

Burcu Biricik Tv Series / Movies
2006 – Machos (Macolar)
2012 –
2012 – Enemy Brothers (Dusman Kardesler) (as Derya)
2013 – 2014 (as Seda)

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The Noble Of Today – Today’s Palace Owner (Bugunun Saraylisi)

The Noble Of Today - Today's Palace Owner Tv Series (Bugunun Saraylisi)

Original Title: Bugunun Saraylisi
English Title: Today’s Palace Owner
Also Known As: The Noble Of Today
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 36
Broadcast Network: ATV
Broadcast Period: November 10, 2013 – October 11, 2014
Production Company: Avsar Film
Director: Kudret Sabanci
Screen Writer: Erkan Birgoren, Betul Yagsagan


The story is based on the work of foremost Turkish author Refik Halit Karay .

Mr. Ata (Selcuk Yontem) lives in a beautiful shore house with his wife and two children. He comes from a well-known family having a big reputation among high class people. Mr. Ata works as a jewelry designer and his designs are appreciated by many people. Although Mr. Ata has an incredible talent, he is not successful in commercial terms. He works at a small atelier with a few craftsmen and does not want to use his talent for profit purposes.

Even though Mr. Ata has some financial problems, he does not want to sell his brand name. For this reason, he has no choice but to sell his beautiful shore house. However, the decision for selling the shore house is not easy at all. This is because, neither Mr. Ata’s wife nor his children want to leave the life they used to. According to them, moving into an apartment will decrease their social status.

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