Destan Tv Series

Destan Tv Series


Original Title: Destan
English Title:
Also Known As:
Genre: Historical drama, Action
Episodes: 28 (each episode is 140-150 minutes)
Broadcast Network: Atv
Broadcast Period: November 23, 2021 – September 15, 2022
Production Company: Bozdag Film
Director: Emir Khalilzadeh (1-6), Fethi Bayram (7-27), Metin Gunay (7-27), Ali Aytac Sakal (28)
Screenwriter: Nehir Erdem, Ayse Ferda Eryilmaz
Filming Locations: Beykoz, Istanbul, Turkiye


The story takes place in the 8th century in Central Asia when Turkish clans are not united yet. Sky Clan and Mountain Clan are two important Turkish clans which are fighting with each other.

Alpagu Khan (Selim Bayraktar) is the leader of Sky Clan. He is a strong soldier who is married to Ulu Ece (Deniz Barut) and Tilsim Bike (Hilal Uysun).

While on their way to attack China, Alpagu Khan and his soldiers are ambushed by a Chinese-led-trap. More than two hundred soldiers are killed due to this Chinese-led trap. Alpagu Khan becomes successful and manages to survive. However, he is shocked once more when he finds a letter on a Chinese soldier. The letter reveals that Alpagu Khan’s wife Tilsim Bike has betrayed him and made an alliance with China to destroy Sky Clan.

After learning of this betrayal, Alpagu Khan kills his wife Tilsim Bike. He goes to Mountain Clan to leave the dead body of his wife. There, he also kills his father-in-law who is the leader of Mountain Clan. He exiles the people belonging to Mountain Clan and makes lots of enemies for himself.

Alpagu Khan cannot tolerate treachery. He even kills all the people who belong to Mountain Clan but live under the control of Sky Clan. One of these people is his own son Batuga. Even though Batuga is disabled and cannot use his left hand, he is seen as a potential traitor.

Batuga understands that he is going to be killed by his father. In order to save himself from death, he pretends to be insane. Since then, he pretends to be insane.

15 years later, Alpagu Khan starts to fight against an invisible soldier who is known as “Paw of the Two Headed Wolf”.

Akkiz (Ebru Sahin) is a strong woman who is the “Paw of the Two Headed Wolf”. She wants to take her revenge from Alpagu Khan because her father was killed by Alpagu Khan 15 years ago. She frees the slaves of Sky Clan, uses their wealth for the poor, and becomes a real trouble for them.

When Akkiz shoots Alpagu Khan, this becomes the last straw. Alpagu Khan and his soldiers attack the Mountain Clan and take Akkiz and many other girls as prisoners.

Akkiz and Batuga (Edip Tepeli) reunite after briefly meeting 15 years ago. Batuga reveals to Akkiz that he is actually not insane. Akkiz then reveals that she is the “Paw of the Two Headed Wolf”. Batuga and Akkiz cooperate to bring justice and unite all Turkish clans.

Destan tv series story is about an orphan girl Akkiz and a disabled man Batuga who try to bring justice for Turkish people in Central Asia. Will Akkiz take revenge on her father? Will Batuga pretend to be insane after meeting with Akkiz? Will Alpagu Khan learn the truth about Ulu Ece? Who will be the next leader of Sky Clan? Will Akkiz and Batuga manage to unite all Turkish clans.

Destan Tv Series Cast

Additional Cast Members

  • Hilal Uysun as Tilsim Bike
  • Esra Kilic as Mei Jin
  • Elif Dogan as Tutkun
  • Ecem Sena Bayir as Gunseli
  • Ahmet Olgun Sunear as Yaman
  • Bilgi Aydogmus as Kircicek Bike
  • Buse Meral as Sirma
  • Evren Karapinar as Calayir
  • Engin Benli as Obar
  • Sema Simsek as Alaca
  • Meltem Pamirtan as Yibek
  • Aysel Yildirim as Kam
  • Sevil Aki Saner as Ulu Kam
  • Alper Duzen as Danis Ata
  • Faruk Aran as Kuzu Beg
  • Gurkan Colaker as Kirac
  • Cihangir Kose as Otaci
  • Mert Ogut as Pars
  • Mehmet Sertakan as Tayangu Yalvac
  • Osman Albayrak as Vargi Beg
  • Muharrem Ozcan as Taizu
  • Seca Naz Karabulut as Ilay
  • Sahin Erguney as Kun Ata
  • Muge Duygun as Tilbe
  • Berna Uckaleler as Efil
  • Onur Yenidunya as Evren Alp
  • Doruk Sengezer as Oktem
  • Doganay Unal as Yula Beg
  • Umut Temizas as Kamaz
  • Ozgur Koc as Marsur
  • Ayhan Isik as Ozmen Beg
  • Berik Aitzhanov as Emperor of China


Akkiz (Ebru Sahin):

Akkiz belongs to the Mountain Clan (Dag Hanligi). After her father is killed by Alpagu Khan, she vows to take her revenge. Years later, she becomes a very strong warrior and becomes trouble for the Sky Clan. She cooperates with Batuga who is the son of her enemy.

Batuga Tegin (Edip Tepeli):

Batuga belongs to the Sky Clan (Gok Hanligi). He is the son of Alpagu Khan and Tilsim Bike. He is disabled and cannot use his left hand and his left foot. After his mother is killed by his own father, he understands that he is also going to be killed. In order to save himself from death, he pretends to be insane and never talks. Even though everyone disrespects him due to his disability and insanity, he still continues to behave as if he is insane. He cooperates with Akkiz and wants to bring justice to his people.

Alpagu Khan (Selim Bayraktar):

Alpagu Khan is the leader of the Sky Clan (Gok Hanligi). He is the husband of Tilsim Bike and Ulu Ece. He is the father of Batuga, Kaya, and Temur. He is a strong, fearless, and sometimes ruthless man. He becomes Khan rather than father to his children and never forgives their mistakes.

Temur Tegin (Burak Tozkoparan):

Temur is the son of Alpagu Han and Ulu Ece. He is the brother of Kaya and Batuga. He is the husband of Mei Jin. In order to bring peace between Sky Clan and China, he gets married to a Chinese princess. He cannot accept this marriage and considers his wife as a prisoner instead of a wife. Temur is a strong soldier who has fighting skills. He is upfront and merciful. Even though Batuga is disabled and insane, he takes care of his brother and wants everyone to respect him.

Kaya Tegin (Burak Berkay Akgul):

Kaya is the son of Alpagu Han and Ulu Ece. He is the brother of Temur and Batuga. He is the husband of Gunseli. He is sneaky and ambitious. He wants to be a leader of Sky Clan after his father passes away.

Ulu Ece (Deniz Barut):

Ulu Ece is the first wife of Alpagu Khan. She is the mother of Kaya and Temur. She is the daughter of a Russian ruler. She knows how to manipulate her husband.

Tilsim Bike (Hilal Uysun):

Tilsim is the second wife of Alpagu Khan. She is the mother of Batuga. She belongs to Mountain Clan (Dag Hanligi) and she is the daughter of Alpagu Khan’s enemy. Alpagu Khan kills Tilsim Bike because he thinks that she is a traitor.

Colpan Khan (Ipek Karapinar):

Colpan Khan becomes the leader of Mountain Clan (Dag Hanligi) after her father is killed by Alpagu Khan. She is the aunt of Batuga. She wants to destroy Sky Clan.

Balamir Yabgu (Teoman Kumbaracibasi):

Balamir is the younger brother of Alpagu Khan. He is loyal to Alpagu Khan but he does not support the leadership of his nephews, Kaya and Temur.

Saltuk Beg (Kanbolat Gorkem Arslan):

Saltuk is the right hand man of Alpagu Khan. He has a close relationship with Colpan Khan.

Yaman (Ahmet Olgun Sunear):

A close friend of Akkiz. Yaman is a good soldier who is faithful to her. He is the husband of Sirma.

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