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Tozluyaka Tv Series

Original Title: Tozluyaka
English Title:
Also Known As:
Genre: Youth, Drama, Romance
Episodes: 7+ (each episode is 110 minutes)
Broadcast Network: Fox TV
Broadcast Period: 27 June 2022 – Present
Production Company: NTC Medya
Director: Semih Bagci
Screen Writer: Yekta Torun
Filming Locations: Istanbul, Turkey

Ali (Kaan Mirac Sezen), Zeyno (Serra Pirinc), Arap (Can Bartu Arslan), and Vefa (Durukan Celikkaya) are childhood friends who have been raised together in the same neighborhood. They can do anything for their friendship. Even though they come from poor families, they still know how to have fun and enjoy themselves.

While Ali, Zeyno, and Arap go to the neighborhood high school, their intelligent friend Vefa goes to a private college with a scholarship.

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My Better Half (Sol Yanim – My Left Side) Tv Series

My Better Half (Sol Yanim - My Left Side) Tv Series

Original Title: Sol Yanim
English Title: My Better Half
Also Known As: My Left Side (literal title), Mi Lado Izquierdo
Genre: Drama, Romance, Youth
Episodes: 12
Broadcast Network: Star TV
Broadcast Period: 26 November 2020 – 17 February 2021
Production Company: BKM
Director: Serdar Gozelekli
Screen Writer: Melis Civelek; Ozlem Cadirci
Filming Locations: Istanbul, Turkey

Serra (Ozge Yagiz) is a young girl who studies architecture at Kuzey University in Istanbul. She is a mature, responsible and beautiful young girl. She and her mother Nilgun (Esra Bezen Bilgin) live in a small shanty house and try to survive without the help of other people.

7 years ago, Serra and her family had a wealthy and happy life. However, their perfect life turned upside down when her father’s business went bankrupt. The sequence of tragedies happened after then. Her father left his family behind and disappeared. Her brother committed suicide and died. Her mother could not handle the situation and suffered from physiological problems.

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The Teacher (Ogretmen) Tv Series

The Teacher (Ogretmen) Tv Series

Original Title: Ogretmen
English Title: The Teacher
Also Known As:
Genre: Psychological Mystery, Youth, Drama
Episodes: 9
Broadcast Network: Fox Tv
Broadcast Period: 4 March 2020 – 15 November 2020
Production Company: Med Yapim, MF Yapim
Director: Koray Kerimoglu
Screen Writer: Merve Girgin
Filming Locations: Istanbul, Turkey

The Teacher (Ogretmen) is a Turkish adaptation from the Japanese original series “Hiiragi’s Homeroom”.

Akif (Ilker Kaleli) is a physics teacher in a public high school in Istanbul. He seems to be silent and introverted person. After his fiancée Zeynep (Ceren Moray) falls into a coma due to an accident, he is transferred to this high school as a physics teacher. Since then, he has been working there without taking so much attention from his students and teachers at school for 6 months.

After Akif starts working at this school, one of his students commit a suicide. Akif is determined to reveal the truth behind the suicide of his student Ruya.

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Love 101 (Ask 101) Tv Series

Love 101 (Ask 101) Tv Series

Original Title: Ask 101
English Title: Love 101
Also Known As:
Genre: Youth, Romance
Episodes: 8+
Broadcast Network: Netflix
Broadcast Period: April 24, 2020 –
Production Company: Ay Yapim
Director: Ahmet Katiksiz, Deniz Yorulmazer
Screen Writer: Meric Acemi, Destan Sedolli
Filming Locations: Istanbul, the school scenes of Love 101 were shot in Istanbul Macka Akif Tuncel Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi while the backyard of school scenes were shot in Istanbul Cihangir Munir Ozkul Ortaokulu.

The story takes place in 1998 in Istanbul.

Sinan, Kerem, Osman and Eda are 17 years old and go to the same high school. They are all troublemakers:

Sinan (Mert Yazicioglu) lives in an old mansion along the Bosporus together with his grandfather who is not capable of providing good care. Since his parents got divorced and started their own lives, Sinan has been struggling to survive without the love of his parents. Even though he is very clever, he does not care about the school and his grades. Most of the time, he drinks alcohol to forget his loneliness and acts as an arrogant student.

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