Daydreaming (Kavak Yelleri) Tv Series

Daydreaming (Kavak Yelleri) Tv Series


Original Title: Kavak Yelleri
English Title: Daydreaming
Also Known As:
Genre: Youth, Comedy, Drama
Episodes: 175
Broadcast Network: Kanal D
Broadcast Period: May 31, 2007 – August 30, 2011
Production Company: Tims Production
Director: Kerem Cakiroglu
Screen Writer: Gokhan Horzum, Ekin Atalar, Yilmaz Sahin


Asli (Pelin Karahan), Deniz (Ibrahim Kendirci) and Efe (Daghan Kulegec) are close friends and go to the same high school. Asli is an idealistic and forceful girl who wants to go to the university after high school although her family faces with some financial difficulties. She tries to be strong all the time but deep inside she loves Deniz and wants to be loved.

Deniz has a wealthy life and likes to be a film director. On the other hand, Efe has a relax personality and doesn’t care about anything. Even though they have different characters, they live happily in a small town but soon the arrival of a new girl, Mine (Asli Enver), changes everything forever.

Daydreaming (kavak yelleri) tv series story, you will explore four young people who eager to grow up with hurricanes inside. Additionally, you will see loves, failures, mistakes and friendships. How will the arrival of Mine affect the lives of Asli, Deniz, and Efe? Will they achieve their ultimate goal: pass the national university exam and get an university education? Will their friendship stand for all the rifts between them?

Daydreaming (Kavak Yelleri) Tv Series Cast

  • Pelin Karahan as Asli Zeybek
  • Daghan Kulegec as Efe Kaygisiz
  • Ibrahim Kendirci as Deniz Akca
  • Asli Enver as Mine Ergun
  • Sarp Apak as Guven Karakus
  • Ceren Moray as Su / Sultan
  • Cemil Buyukdogerli as Atakan
  • Emre Ertunc as Halil Donirio Kartoglu
  • Ceyda Ates as Leyla
  • Nurcan Eren as Hafize Zeybek
  • Munire Apaydin as Canan Zeybek
  • Ferit Aktug as Metin Kaygisiz
  • Sebnem Dogruer as Sukran Kaygisiz
  • Emir Benderlioglu as Burak Elibol
  • Tayfun Sav as Salih Kaygisiz
  • Erol Aksoy as Osman Seven
  • Ayten Uncuoglu as Ayse Seven
  • Ege Aydan as Murat Akca
  • Gulen Karaman as Leman Akca
  • Ozan Ozbektas as Yusuf
  • Didem Inselel as Gonul Kara Kaygisiz
  • Yilmaz Gruda as Hasmet
  • Levent Ozdilek as Cem Ergun
  • Isil Dayioglu as Betul Ergun
  • Yasemin Allen as Elena Karakus
  • Fusun Oztoprak as Sevgi Kara
  • Bora Corakay as Yilmaz Kara
  • Suat Usta as Bilal
  • Nil Gunal as Nurgul Karakus
  • Lale Mansur as Lerzan
  • Ata Guloglan as Cinar

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Daydreaming (Kavak Yelleri) Turkish Series Trailer (with English Subtitle)

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  1. Some turkish speaker who watched the series thought it would be a cool idea to write something in english about this series. But if someone is unable to read the very same text in turkish (which was your assumption in the first place as the person who wrote/translated the text above, how am I supposed to watch this series when there is no english subtitled version of the series

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