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Tozluyaka (One More Chance) Tv Series


Original Title: Tozluyaka
English Title: One More Chance
Also Known As:
Genre: Youth, Drama, Romance
Episodes: 26 (each episode is 110 minutes)
Broadcast Network: Now TV
Broadcast Period: June 27, 2022 – December 25, 2022
Production Company: NTC Medya
Director: Semih Bagci
Screen Writer: Yekta Torun
Filming Locations: Istanbul, Turkey


Ali (Kaan Mirac Sezen), Zeyno (Serra Pirinc), Arap (Can Bartu Arslan), and Vefa (Durukan Celikkaya) are childhood friends who have been raised together in the same neighborhood. They can do anything for their friendship. Even though they come from poor families, they still know how to have fun and enjoy themselves.

While Ali, Zeyno, and Arap go to the neighborhood high school, their intelligent friend Vefa goes to a private college with a scholarship.

The happy life of Ali and his friends turns upside down all of a sudden with a tragedy. The intelligent guy of the group, Vefa, passes away at the college party. The police consider Vefa’s death as a suicide case without investigating it in detail.

On the other hand, Ali and his friends do not believe that Vefa has committed suicide. They suspect that their childhood friend has struggled with peer bullying at the school and has been murdered by his schoolmates.

When Ali, Arap, and Zeyno do not give up and try to investigate the reason behind their childhood friend’s death, they find out that Vefa was involved in a fight with his schoolmates at the college party.

Berk (Ulvi Kahyaoglu), Ege (Ozgur Daniel Foster), and Cagri (Ahmet Haktan Zavlak) are the students who bully Vefa at the school. When they cannot control their anger at the college party, they beat Vefa to death. In order to protect themselves, they tell that Vefa has attempted to rape Hazal (Cagla Simsek) and for this reason, they have beat him. However, they say that they have not killed him instead Vefa has committed suicide.

Ali and his friends do not believe that Vefa has attempted to rape Hazal. They try to do their best to reveal the truth at the college party. Fortunately, they find a way to pass the scholarship exam and start to study at the private college where Berk, Ege, Cagri, and Hazal go.

Ali, Arap, and Zeyno find themselves in a new world that they have not got used to. They try to adjust to their new school life and at the same time, they try to find the culprits behind their childhood friend’s death. In this difficult journey, Ali encounters a beautiful girl Cemre (Ecem Calhan).

Tozluyaka (One More Chance) tv series story is about three high school students who come from poor families and attend a private college in order to learn the truth about their childhood friend’s death. Will Ali and his close friends learn how their childhood friend has passed away? Will Ali, Arap, and Zeyno get used to their new school and their new classmates from wealthy families? Will Cemre understand her true feelings? Will Cemre continue her relationship with Berk or start a new love story with Ali? Will Zeyno eventually reveal her feelings toward Ali? How do students react when they learn that Hazal comes from a poor family? Will Hazal admit that she has slandered Vefa?

Tozluyaka (One More Chance) Tv Series Cast

Additional Cast Members

  • Begum Birgoren as Nesrin Kocak
  • Ozgur Daniel Foster as Ege Simsek
  • Ahmet Haktan Zavlak as Cagri Kocak
  • Ogulcan Arman Uslu as Bilal Narinses
  • Nur Yazar as Kader Sari
  • Nebil Sayin as Vedat Narinses
  • Kadim Yasar as Osman Akin
  • Durukan Celikkaya as Vefa Akin
  • Duygu Ozsen as Ayla Yilmaz
  • Doga Lara Akkaya as Duru
  • Egemen Almaci as Ferdi
  • Bulent Alkis


Derya (Dolunay Soysert):

Derya is Ali’s mother. She has raised her son by herself. She has a cozy bakery in her neighborhood and does her best to give a good life to her son. She is an honest and reliable person in the neighborhood.

Onder (Tayanc Ayaydin):

Onder is the father of Cagri. He is a good school teacher who tries to do his best to support his students. He is a successful coach who is loved and respected at school.

Kenan (Emre Kinay):

Kenan is the father of Berk. He is the school principal of the private college where students from wealthy families study. He is good at manipulating people. He can do anything to protect the image of his school.

Ali (Kaan Mirac Sezen):

Ali is the childhood friend of Arap, Zeyno, and Vefa. He is cheerful, fearless, and clever. He can do anything for his loved ones. After his best friend Vefa passes away, he wants to find the reason behind his death. He finds a way to study at the private college where his best friend has passed away. While solving this case, Ali starts to develop some feelings towards Cemre.

Arap (Can Bartu Arslan):

Arap is the childhood friend of Ali, Zeyno, and Vefa. He is natural, angry, and reckless.

Zeyno (Serra Pirinc):

Zeyno is the childhood friend of Ali, Arap, and Vefa. She is the only female member of the group. She has been in love with Ali for a long time but she cannot find the courage to reveal her feelings. Her father is a driver while her mother Kader is a housewife. Zeyno does not care about her appearance, a total opposite of her mother. She is not aware of beauty yet.

Vefa (Durukan Celikkaya):

Vefa is the childhood friend of Ali, Arap, and Zeyno. He is shy, well-intentioned, and intelligent.

Cemre (Ecem Calhan):

Cemre is the girlfriend of Berk. She knows that she does not love Berk because she feels that something is missing in their relationship. Cemre starts to develop some feelings towards Ali as they spend more and more time together.

Berk (Ulvi Kahyaoglu):

Berk is the boyfriend of Cemre. He is the son of Kenan. He believes that he can do anything that he wishes without considering other people’s feelings. He does not get along well with his father.

Hazal (Cagla Simsek):

Hazal is the best friend of Cemre. However, she has some feelings toward her best friend’s boyfriend Berk. She secretly hangs out with Berk even though she knows that he does not love her. Hazal, in fact, comes from a poor family but she hides her family background and behaves as if she comes from a wealthy family. Her father is a driver while her mother is a handmaid. Hazal can do anything to get power.

Ege (Ozgur Daniel Foster):

Ege is a loyal friend of Berk and Cagri. He spends most of his time with his friends because his parents work non-stop.

Cagri (Ahmet Haktan Zavlak):

Cagri is a loyal friend of Berk and Ege. He has been struggling to get over his parents’ divorce.

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