Burak Ozcivit

Burak Ozcivit - Actor
Name: Burak Ozcivit
Birthdate: December 24, 1984
Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
Height: 184 cm
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Education: Kazim Ismen High School (Kazim Ismen Lisesi), Marmara University Fine Arts School-Photography (Marmara Universitesi Fotografcilik Bolumu)
Talent Agency:
Spouse: Fahriye Evcen (m. 2017-present)
Children: Karan Ozcivit (b. 2019)
Biography: Burak Ozcivit was born in December 24th, 1984, he is actor and model. He is from Gaziantep (a city in the Souteastern part of Turkey). He became the “Promising Model” in 2003 Best Model of Turkey contest. After than he participated to the contest again in 2005 and became “Best Model of Turkey”. He became the second ranking at the Best Model of the World. He worked at different fashion shows including Faruk Sarac, Abbate, Tween and Network.

Burak Ozcivit Tv Series / Movies
2006 – Minus 18 (Eksi 18) (as Murat)
2007 – 2018 Accidental Husband (Zoraki Koca) (as Omer Teksoy)
2007 – Haunted (Musallat) (as Suat) (Movie)
2008 – The House of Father (Baba Ocagi) (as Guven Yorukoglu)
2010 – Betrayal (Ihanet) (as Emir)
2010 – 2011 (as Cetin)
2011 – 2013 (as Malkocoglu Bali Bey)
2013 – 2014 (as Kamran)
2014 – Love Resembles You (Ask Sana Benzer) (as Ali) (Movie)
2015 – Guvercin Ucuverdi (Movie)
2015 – 2017 (as Kemal)
2015 – My Borther (Kardesim Benim) (as Hakan) (Movie)
2017 – My Brother 2 (Kardesim Benim 2) (as Hakan) (Movie)
2018 – Life Sacrifice (Can Feda) (as Firat / Alparslan) (Movie)
2019 – Establishment Osman (Kurulus Osman) (as Osman)


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/burakozcivit/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/burakozcivit
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/burakozcivit/
E-Mail: [email protected]

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Burak Ozcivit Gallery

Magazine Cover

Burak Ozcivit & Inna

Burak Ozcivit & Inna #BurakOzcivit

Burak Ozcivit on the beach

Burak Ozcivit on the beach


Burak Ozcivit - Backstage


  1. For the past year or so I’ve been interested in watching foreign films and series, and though I’m not a real big fan of soap operas or dizis, I seem to be now. I’ve seen many Turkish projects but the first time I saw Burak Ozcivit in Love Bird I was sold! If this criminally handsome man does not get an award for his performance in Kurulus Osman, I will be sorely disappointed. I like many Turkish actors and they’re all great, male and female alike, but my favorite is Burak Ozcivit! He is exceptional! I wish him and his fellow cast members in that series all the best! Outstanding in every way!!

  2. Please, update this Bio. Kurulus Osman is not in Burak`s biography.

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