Magnificent Century (Muhtesem Yuzyil) Tv Series

Magnificent Century (Muhtesem Yuzyil) Tv Series


Original Title: Muhtesem Yuzyil
English Title: Magnificent Century
Also Known As: Suleimán – El Gran sultán, Hareem al Sultan, حريم السلطان (Hareem Elsultan), حرم سلطان (Hurrem Sultan), Sulejmani i Madhërishëm, El Sultán, Σουλεϊμάν ο Μεγαλοπρεπής (Souleiman o Megaloprepis), Szulejmán, HaSultan, Hürrem Aur Sultan
Genre: History, Drama, Romance
Episodes: 139
Broadcast Network: Show TV & Star Tv
Broadcast Period: January 5, 2011 – June 11, 2014
Production Company: Tims Production
Director: Yagmur Taylan, Durul Taylan
Screen Writer: Meral Okay, Yilmaz Sahin
Filming Locations: Istanbul


Suleyman (Halit Ergenc) is a young man who is very handsome and fond of study. He learns the death of his father while he is hunting with his close friend Ibrahim (Okan Yalabik). Upon the death of his father, Suleyman enters Istanbul and accedes to the throne as the tenth Ottoman Sultan. His life changes radically, he becomes the tenth and longest-reigning Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, from 1520 to his death in 1566. Also, he will be known in the West as Suleiman the Magnificent and in the East, as the Lawgiver for his complete reconstruction of the Ottoman legal system.

Upon succeeding his father, Suleyman begins a series of reforms in the palace. He makes his boyhood friend Ibrahim the royal falconer although Ibrahim is originally Greek Orthodox and educated at the Palace School under the devshirme system. Under his reign, he makes some changes in the legal system that would affect the current staff in the palace.

One day, Suleyman comes across one of the harem girl, Alexandra (Meryem Uzerli), and is infatuated with her. Alexandra is the daughter of an Orthodox Ukrainian priest and is a slave in the Ottoman Palace. Although she is rebellious and doesn’t obey the rules at the beginning, she decides to take revenge of her parents through gaining the heart of Sultan Suleyman. After that, Alexandra tries to attract Sultan Suleyman and wants to be his woman not for just one night but for 1001 nights.

Eventually, Alexandra reaches her goal and Sultan Suleyman falls completely into Alexandra and starts to call her as Hurrem. The love between Sultan Suleyman and Hurrem not only affects the girls in the harem but also affects the future of the Otoman Empire.

In magnificent century (muhtesem yuzyil) tv series story, you will explore passion, love, jealousy, controversy, intrigue, power struggles and secrets revolving around Ottomon Palace while going to the enchanting world of Ottoman Empire. Will Sultan Suleyman achieve his ultimate goal: building a world empire that would encompass the east and the west? How will the arrival of Alexandra/Hurrem affect the future of Ottoman Empire? Will Alexandra/Hurrem rise through the ranks of the harem and become Sultan Suleyman’s favourite?

Magnificent Century Tv Series Cast

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Magnificent Century Tv Series Trailer (with English Subtitles)

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  1. YouTube has Magnificent Century and Magnicent Century:Kosem with English subs.

  2. very good series and i love it so more….

  3. Hi where can I get/purchase the whole episodes of season 2 DVD is okay with English subtitles and if there is season 3, 4 already. I’m willing to buy.

  4. I would be willing to pay for all seasons with English sub-titles. Us there any such thing available? Thank you for your time!

  5. I absolutely love this show! Thank you Netflix for Season 1 and then shattering my heart into a million pieces. YouTube began the healing process but sadly, I have relapsed. Season 2 Episode 32 no English subtitles…how fast can I learn Turkish?

  6. Im going insane trying to find the rest of Magnificent Century with english subs does anyone know of any site
    please and thank you =)

  7. Well, I have spent an entire week of binge watching Magnificent Century on YouTube. I had a horrible time trying to find all of the episodes for season 2, 3, 4. I could only find about half of them with English Subtitles so I watched the actors/actresses speaking Turkish. (I only speak English-American) It was so hard trying to keep up with the story when I could not understand what they were saying. I printed out the synopsis for these season which helped me to understand what was happening and helped a little. I have to say that this Series was all that I could hope for. It made me feel every emotion of love, sadness, anger, frustration, fear and hope. I cried all day as I watched the deaths of Hurren and Sulyman. What a love story! Now that it is over, I just feel depressed. I think I am in mourning for Hurren and Sulyman. I think I will take a break for a little while before I watch another of these wonderful Turkish Dramas because I don’t think my heart will take anymore right now.

    ADMIN: By the way, what happened to Bali Bey in the story. He left to go find the kidnapped Hurren and never returned. (unless I missed a episode) I am still looking for that beautiful man. Can you answer this question?

  8. I have managed to find season 2 on YouTube but almost half of the second season does not have English subtitles. Do you know how hard it is to follow a story when you are only watching the actors and not understanding a single word that they are saying. It is just terrible. I want to finish watching this show if I can find the episodes but I have made a promise to myself. I am not watching another Turkish Drama Television series on Netflix because of this problem

    The Turkish Dramas are fantastic and the American ladies are loving every minute of them but we must have English subtitles and all of the seasons. PLEASE DON’T SELL NETFLIX ONLY ONE SEASON WHEN THERE ARE FOUR SEASONS. PLEASE! Also, if you want to send Suleyman and Bali Bey to America, send them on. We ladies will be waiting to greet them.

    • Netflix is the real issue they can’t get themselves together. Magnificent century is not the problem they stopped 2ö14 lol

  9. I just finished watching season 1 (48 episodes) on Netflix of Magnificent Century. It ended with the harem girl holding a knife to the neck of Suleyman!!!!! I have discovered that there are over 100 episodes but Netflix is not showing the rest. This is the fourth Turkish Drama that I have watched and all of them are really good. However, Netflix leads us to the watering hole and refuses to give us a drink. Why are they buying only one season. It is like going to a movie and only getting to see half of it. I cannot believe that I will have to go to YouTube again searching for other episodes of this drama. NETFLIX – SHAME ON YOU!

    Halit Ergenc does a fantastic job playing Suleyman!

  10. I’ve watched seasons 1 and 2 and I would love to finish season 3 and 4 with English subtitles. Does anyone know where I can find these episodes? Thx

  11. Kercelia Fletcher

    I hope the rest of this wonderful show will be on Netflix. I enjoyed it so much. Kudos to the actors!

  12. I have watched season 1 and 2 with English subtitles. Does anyone know where I can watch season 3 and 4 with English subtitles?


  14. barış özkalkan

    ı wanna buy all episodes of megnificient century if they are english subtitle..
    where can ı buy them.. please help..

  15. This series finished at episode 48. Rather abrubtly with kadika holding a knife to sultan suleyman and hurrem and Leo in the palace distraught on who will eat the poisoned sweets??? Will there be a continuation.????

  16. As a Turkish, I highly recommend you not to watch this disgraceful tv series. Most of the Turkish people do not like this tvseries which twists the facts and reflects the Turkish history as completely wrong. Even its existence is a big shame to our country. Please do not watch it. Instead you can watch Diriliş Ertuğrul.

    • Diriliş Ertuğrul da tarihi çarpıtıyor. Günümüze uygun politik mesaj verme aracı olarak kullanılıyor. Ben sevmiyorum ve tavsiyede etmiyorum.

    • Im Turkish born and raised and I love this drama. Keyword :DRAMA. It is a made up show thatdoes not claim to be true but based of only part true. So I’m sure you don’t speak for all of turkey considering the large amount of REAL Turkish fans… Lol.

  17. New Turkish tv series with the same topic from the same production company: Magnificent Century Kosem starts in November 2015. You can watch the teasers here:

  18. Where can i get the English subtitles for Muhtesem Yuzil?

  19. i like this serial owsom magnicifent century ,specially huram and suleman

  20. Loved everything about this series.

  21. Hi where can I watch season 3 with English subs ?

  22. What a pitty history does the Turkey have. Their greatest sultan was fooled by a girl of Ukrainian priest. Alexandra was a Christian angel. She revenged many Christians blood. This is what I learned from the series.

  23. i watch on youtube first 2 seasons,can you please tell me where i can found the rest in english 3 and 4 ,please?

  24. Hi,

    I am from Malaysia and love the drama so much. Where can i watch season 3 and season 4 with english sub titles online. Would very much appreciate if you can give me the link. thanks.

  25. Salam.
    Anyone tell me the link in english subtitle. I’m ver excited with this film.
    I’m from indonesia

  26. Hi! can you send me the one with English subtitles I’m dying to see the rest of season 3

  27. I first saw a Polish voice cover of the program in Poland and would like to find out if an English DVD may be available some were.


  28. So in reading everyone’s comments, it appears impossible to find english subtitles starting with episode 50 on. So disappointing. I really got hooked and then left out to dry.

  29. How can i watch this drama in English or Turkish language with complete series.

  30. I live Pakistan. I watch(Mera sultan)Muhtesem Yuzily keenly interest thoroughly…but i listen that this drama has been completed in turkey & here in Pakistan…many episodes are remaining to completing the story…. How can i watch this drama with complete serials in English or Turkish… I like all the characters so much…

  31. I miss old hurrem

  32. Anyone knows where I can find it in turkish and english subs?

  33. YOU made nice story but muhtesem yuzil is nothing without hurrem sultan

  34. Muhtesem yuzil is nothing without hurrem sultan hurrem plz come back

  35. This is a sickening serial, i think it was funded by europeans to tarnish sultan sulymans image.this serial should have been named as conspiracies of Hurem Sultan.

  36. Saw it by mistake in, which surprisingly took my breath away and being looking every site. Unfortunately not in English subtitle!!!! Please advice with lots of gratitude from Magnificient Century fan.

  37. I fell in love with this while visiting Beruit. Where can I find with english subtitles? I want to share with students.

  38. Excellent tv serie! But I can’t find more episodes with English sub title… Can anyone knows where can I watch it with English subtitle??? Thanks.

  39. awesome wonderfull interesting prelexing drama i have ever seen in my life

  40. Dear Siham,

    The link what you provided is amazing and I m very Thankful but from episode 41 there are no English Subtitles Could you please provide me any other link with English Subtitles

  41. Could anyone here please provide me Magnificent Century with english subtitles from episode 41 .

  42. me n my whole family see this wonderfull drama everyday very children are very happy to see this drama.please tell me which website will give this season in english.

  43. I want to watch magnificent century in english can u please share the link….

  44. me &my family see drama every day .the story of drama amazing my children like huram sultan acting .

  45. hey guys i am damn crazy about this season can you please tell me which website will give this season in english…

  46. Could anyone please tell me where I can find the show with english subtitles? I don’t mind if it is dubbed in arabic I just want to be able to see the subs. I’ve tried in the site mentioned above but no luck!

  47. I am from Kuwait and I speak Arabic . I want to watch (Magnificient Century ) or (Muhtesem Yuzyil )in the Arabic language which wesite online will give me this opportunity to watch this execellent production of work. Thank you for your assisstance .

  48. Hi
    I really wan watch the serie but I can’t find in English or arbic cause I am egyption and I don’t understand Turkish so plz help me and tell where can I watch.

  49. I’m not capable of view this web site properly on opera I think there is a drawback

    • Hi Bob, I’ve already check whether there is a problem in this web site or not. I think, you would be capable of viewing this site properly when you upload the latest version of opera. Thanks for your comment, I hope you will come back to visit my web site in the future, take care

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