Lovebird (Calikusu – Wren) Tv Series

Lovebird (Calikusu) Tv Series


Original Title: Calikusu
English Title: Wren
Also Known As: Love, Lovebird
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 30
Broadcast Network: Kanal D
Broadcast Period: September 24, 2013 – May 17, 2014
Production Company: TIMS
Director: Cagan Irmak, Dogan Umit Karaca
Screen Writer: Sevgi Yilmaz
Filming Locations: Istanbul, Turkey


The story takes place in the early twentieth century.

Feride (Fahriye Evcen) is an orphaned girl who lost both her parents when she was a little child. She starts to attend a boarding French school in Istanbul and stays with her aunt’s family during the summer holidays. Feride reflects her pain belligerently. For this reason, she is given the nickname “wren” during her time at school for being mischievous and vivacious unlike other girls.

Although Feride has grown up without the love of her parents, she does not feel that she is lonely at all. She has many friends at school and at the same time, she has a chance to stay with her aunt’s family. Her aunt has two children, a charming young man Kamran (Burak Ozcivit) and a young girl Necmiye (Ebru Helvacioglu). Necmiye is jealous of Feride and could not stand to see her parents show affinity towards her cousin. On the other hand, Kamran is a young doctor who is very successful, hardworking, calm and cool. It seems that Feride and Kamran could not get along with each other because they often argue without any reason. However, in reality, they are in love but are not aware of that fact.

Feride always shadows her love through harsh treatment towards Kamran. For instance, when she learns that Kamran is in a relationship with a young woman, she tries to hurt him. However, as the story develops, both Feride and Kamran realize their love. They get engaged but Feride leaves Kamran the night before their wedding, upon discovering that he has been unfaithful to her. After that, Feride leaves everything behind and escapes from Istanbul. As a young school teacher, Feride tries to start over a new life but never forgets her first love.

In Lovebird (Calikusu) tv series story, you will explore the difficult life of a young school teacher, Feride. Will Feride live the rest of her life peacefully? Will Feride eventually forgive her only love, Kamran?

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  1. I have been searching for a DVD version for the US and have not found anywhere. Full episodes are on YouTube. The book this was based on continues the story, however it has not been translated into English. Netflix ran the full series, nothing more was filmed.

  2. Simply crushed to find it taken from my netflix list!!!!
    I want the series in DVD , can I get a response to this question. I only requestt…. English subtitles and color
    Put it back on Netflix! My escape is gone, bring it back love the actors

  3. Netflix has just cancelled this show today. Does anyone know where I can find it, buy it or download it?

    • Just noticed this also. Why would they cancel it?? Grrr

    • I would like to watch more series with Deniz Bolisik. Or, it could be better to watch a second part of Broken wings with the same actors in the main characters. I think many people loved Nefise. She is lovely. It wasn’t fair that the writer made her die. It wasn’t wise because that series was a worldwise success! The series just ended here in Bolivia.
      Isn’t that possible?

  4. I’m fresh off watching the ending, and I wish to leave my thoughts on this series. Absolutely *perfect* as it could be. I read all the little criticisms in this forum. But they have no effect on me.

    You know when a song plays that’s so beautiful & perfect…but the world is either too busy or stuck up to appreciate it? Well, that’s how I feel.

    I was excited *every* episode. There are other series that have highs and lows. But this was a great opera. The highs and lows were emotional…not related to the quality or pacing of the series. That’s why I feel it was perfect.

    Now, some people here are confused or anxious about the ending. I won’t give away any spoilers. But I feel that’s a personal choice you’re making. You all know what expression was on Kamran’s face. And we know there’s only one reason, in the circumstances, he would have that expression.

  5. Calikusu (Lovebird) is a beautiful movie that touches the core of one’s spirit. The characters have a tendency to jump to conclusions and this complicates the story. Feride (Fahriye Evcen) may be naive as a young girl but her studies included the Life Sciences which she appeared to have mastered so that her teacher had her lecture the class at the 38:38 mark of final Episode 30:

    “Just as no great sailors come from a dull sea, humans also need storms to grow-up.”

    38:48 “Harsh winds and strong waves for sure wear out the ship but clean the deck.

    The storm sweeps away the dirt and dust.
    My favorite paragraph. I know it by heart, my sister.

    39:15 The relation between humans and fate…”

    The Sufi poetry continuously reminds of tolerance and patience. Faride’s decision to escape the wedding suggests unclarity in her thinking and therefor more evolution to complete her understanding.

    Ferede’s love for Kamran and the family enlivened her being but at the same time was the source of her struggle to determine her own life. However, life is not complete without family which she already had. Once, she had acheived her independence through her career as a teacher, there is no doubt, she would re-unite with Kamran and the family. Kamran was not going to marry anyone else.

  6. I loved this series but was so dissapointed with the ending!

  7. This was a beautiful love story without an ending. One was left hanging looking for season 2. I know that some of the comments say that one could watch another version on YouTube however I want to see season 2 of what I already started to watch and spent quite a bit of time watching. Netflix should not have accepted to show something incomplete.

  8. Hello FI, It would appear that the story line was cut (low ratings) as the book had her going to Anatolia to teach and she adopted this child. You hear when Kamran is speaking through the door of the lodge, the child asks him if his little girl, Munise, is also adopted. I am glad I read all 73 comments and found my answers, as I was like WHAT???? However, there is no doubt in my mind that she joins him at the station. Having watched this 10 consecutive times (yes 10), his face says it all. and, I guess the book has them joined together, too.
    Have a lovely day.



  10. I didnt understand the end, her with the child but they have never been together. Can someone explain lol

  11. LoveBird is the best love story I have ever watched on Netflix You never can predict what happens on the next episode. Kamran and Feride were just perfect for each other, they played their role superbly and am so happy to know they both married in real life. I fell in love to both of them. A story like this from a different part of the world shows us a glimpse of their beliefs, culture and tradition and gave us a positive perspective outlook of their life, there love and sacrifices for the sake of their family. I would love to see Lovebird nominated and win an International Globe Award for the best love story, best actor and best actress for Burak and Fahriye.

  12. I was so disappointed that such love could just be lost due to a passion for love .it’s been a week and I’m so depressed with the sad sad ending.

  13. beautiful story, but who wants to watch this for so many hours and see the passion and all the deep feelings for each other and finish the way it did, it is ridiculous.

  14. I’m so disappointed that season 2 is cancelled. It was a magnificent story.

  15. Burak Oczvit was not in Magnificent Century. I watched about an hour or so of that show and was bored to tears.

  16. I loved this series but wished it would continue. Is there more episodes then 72? If so how and where do I find them?

  17. Lovebird, does anyone know how it ends in the book.
    So disappointed in the end. Just like Kurt Seyit nd Shura.

    I had to take a breather after watching KS&S.

    I’m 2 days out from finishing Lovebird nd I’m still spent. I will have to take a breather.
    these Turkish shows are excellent but can I get that ends happy. So I can atleast watch them again

    • Hi Mildred,

      *****spoiler alert*****

      I read Resat Nuri Guntekin’s famous novel Lovebird (Calikusu) when I was going to secondary school. The book has the largest section about Feride’s adventures in Anatolia. Just before Feride and Kamran are getting married, one lady comes and talks to Feride. She says that Kamran has an affair with another woman. Feride runs away from Istanbul without listening to anyone and applies for a job in Anatolia. Feride becomes a teacher and goes to small villages far away from Istanbul. As a young and unmarried woman, she encounters with some difficulties but she never returns to Istanbul. She even has to get married to an old man on paper in order to end gossips about her.

      Kamran, on the other hand, tries to do his best to find Feride.

      Years later, Feride and Kamran reunite. Kamran reads Feride’s diary and understands that she has been fall in love with him all the time. They become happy and Kamran becomes determined not to let Feride go again.

      *****spoiler alert******

      There is also another version of Lovebird (Calikusu) tv series that is totally in accordance with the novel. Turkish audience, and of course I, loved this version more. Please check the link below that gives the link for watching this version and tells more about Lovebird (Calikusu):

  18. He also played in the Magnificent Century. Another good Turkish Series. On this one, I don’t know if the rremaing episodes have been released with English Subtitles

  19. I just finish watching Lovebird on netflix and I laughed I cried, I love the characters.
    But the ending left me heartbroken.
    This is ridiculous it’s a day since I watched the end of Lovebird and I’m still hung over,

    This is my 2nd Turkish Drama (Kurt SEyit & Shura). that show also left me heart broken.

    I can’t believe how emotionally invested I get watching these shows.these shows.

    Keep it up but can I have happy ending

  20. Directors and writers of Turkish Porgrams, please keep this shows with the traditions of respect, I watch your shows because there is not a lot of foul language and no explicted sex content. The passion is always implied but not demonstrated.

  21. Can anyone explain who the young girl Munise is that appears with Feride in the final episode?

  22. Can anyone tell me who the young girl is that appears in the final scenes with Feride? Did I miss something in the prior episodes?

  23. I agree with most of your points. I didn’t find Kamran as objectionable however. But I did think Feride’s reaction to the comment from Azelya to be ridiculous, unfair and immature. She has no right to be so upset, and not to even ask Kamran about it and run away after supposedly such a deep attachment to him just seems unbelievable and foolish, and it eroded my respect for her character a lot.

  24. i agree…she didn’t want to hurt feride and intended to the same by sleeping with kamran…so lame! that’s how you take revenge?…by being immoral?…that was pretty cliche (for a drama…seen it in other dramas before) and ott. And when she blurted out to feride about sleeping with kamran…why didn’t she just run to kamran to tell him what happened instead of sitting there like a statue. He would have ran to stop her/ give an explanation. And seems like kamaran didn’t learn his lesson in the neriman matter…he should have just confessed to feride about that night…and why it happened! (although it was pretty immoral and wrong of him to do so. He hated his sister for having a physical relation with selim and easily “fell into the trap” like a child!

  25. i get everything you are saying but they were just being authentic…they were just showing what happened in turkish muslim culture back then

  26. It’s so obvious that the series was cancelled before it’s intended completion…when this happened they should have just deleted the ‘future’ scenes of feride and munise and ended with a happy wedding for the sake of netflix/dvd/youtube etc. It was an extraordinary/beautiful show where I grew attached to the characters and the ending was disappointing and to be very honest…annoying! The show was already becoming a bit of a drag after about the 35th episode with never ending plot twists…and to have a disturbing end was just upsetting. And you would think after all that feride and kamran went through…all the promises they made to each other they would learn their lesson and handle the situation more sensibly and realize they are meant to be together…but NO! same old…same old. Netflix should have taken responsibility and refused to air an incomplete drama. Any one who has watched can say that the show was made with a lot of effort and heart and soul…they ruined it!

    • Yes, Lovebird (Calikusu) was cancelled before completion due to low episode ratings. Even though Resat Nuri Guntekin’s book has the largest section about Feride’s adventures in Anatolia, in this Turkish drama we could not see Feride became a teacher and lived in Anatolia.

      I already watched another version of Lovebird (Calikusu) that is totally in accordance with the novel. Please check it out if you want to learn how original story of Lovebird develops:

  27. Have you watched Turkish drama Wren (Calikusu) which is also known as Lovebird? This Turkish drama was adapted by Resat Nuri Guntekin’s famous Turkish novel
    For details, check it out:

  28. Excellent points you make and though yes Turkey has been way more progressive than other muslim countries, with the last prime minister though they are seeming to go back to the old fashioned ways again and I am not sure if people will do that so freely. I have enjoyed the series as I have enjoyed Kurt and Sura. And I do love the sound of the Turkish language.

    There is another beautiful Turkish movie on Netflix that I saw today Sadece Sen, watch it, it is well done

  29. Well, I don’t know how much of the spoon feeding and whining involving Kamran was due to comic relief or due to a real cultural emphasis on the behavioral expectations one might expect from Turkish men.

    My assessment of Azelya was based on her encounter with Besime in taking that as a moment of truth behind why she wanted to avenge her sister…because she believes that a young lady shouldn’t be spurned or romantically tricked as we find out later that she believes Kamran did to her own sister. That is the inherent justice I speak of. Her means of executing justice is just deceptive, wrong, and devalues her cause. She was deceptive throughout even to the last minute slip to Feride, so she was a static character and her idea of justice is not one to be admired, as she hurts Kamran, she hurts Feride who had nothing to do with her sister and the supposed Kamran love jinx.

    Yes, the only characters that were true to who they were and wanted to be were Mushgan and Necmiye. They were more honest and strong characters.

    Beyond this, out of all the countries with majority Muslim population, I would think that Turkey is one of the most progressive despite the extremes or stereotypes we see in soap operas. The country has managed to maintain a considerable degree of secularisim in government or separation of church and state. Back to the series content, same themes of punishing dishonorable behavior is dotted throughout the history, especially those strange 80s and 90s films, of American cinema with abusers of European, African, and mother immigrant order ancestry. So, I would not put too much emphasis on this scene with Necmiye and her father as the barometer for the culture or religion if we want to be fair across the board.

  30. I just finished the series today and once again I am surprised and not surprised at all that the whole relationship didn’t end the happy dream. We still don’t know for sure, for the ending leaves it kind of in the middle. But serious, I saw this in the series of Seyit and Sura too, THEY DON”T COMMUNICATE!!!

    Feride responds super immature, and sure she still is after all a very very young woman. But serious? When she finds out that Kamran has been with Azelya she walks of?? Truly she doesn’t even want to find out why and when and what really happened. And they were NOT together at the time that it did happen, so what right did she had to be upset? She had told him she was going to marry Murat and though seeking comfort that same night with Azelya is totally stupid and wrong, to leave Kamran for that on your wedding nite?? Talking about a rash decision…..

    I have seen over and over that somehow in Turkish culture, one has to assume, find out truths thru gossip. That no one really tries to communicate in an honest matter on a consistent basis.Women manipulate back and forth with men. I think its because they are not allowed anything in the Muslim culture that doesn’t please or is agreed upon by a man. Strangely Feride stands up to her teachers, her friends, even Murat, her boss, but she fails to really find out from Kamrans lips what really happened. She believes Azelya naively all the time and I disagree that she is fighting for justice. Does luring Kamran in her bed have anything to do with justice for her sister??? No she too is a manipulating woman who plays silly and needy and pouty when she wants to. The only person I see not do that is Mujghan and even Necijimeh is more honest and direct. Those two women have my true love for they are more real and honest. The characters in this series all tend to believe lies way faster then anything else cause this culture somehow has not learned to openly communicate or be honest with one another.

    The whole family is dysfunctional. Mujghan seems to be the only one who has her head together. Though I would never want to marry a hot head like Yusuf, I would not want to marry Kamran either. He too is hot headed, stubborn and possesive and controlling.

    The father…The whole dumb divorce, 2nd wife, divorce again is seemingly ok in their culture. Women can be done away with as a piece of property and indeed are treated as such thru out these series as they were in Seyit and Sura as well. That is really bothersome to me.

    Kamran is ridiculously jealous for no reason, but again as a man he is allowed do to what he pleases, talk to he wants to, but women are not given that right. Kamran is spoiled as well, he can be childish and a whiner. But then again it seems normal in the Turkish culture to pamper their man in such a way that boggles my mind. Illness or aches and pains are treated like they are little children. Feeding someone with a spoon when they are having a little ache…. come on. I love nurturing, but many a time this goes too far.

    I have enjoyed the series, and yet have gotten also great insight to some of the cultural differences that I could NEVER live with myself. I wish there was a Turkish show that showed a better treatment of women but I doubt that exists it being a Muslim culture. And I am not meaning to get down on Muslim culture, Its their right,and belief, however I could not live that way.

    I had hoped that Feride would not be so stupidly stubborn and full of pride. For pete’s sake, if you love each other that much, then TALK things thru. She promises she will stay with him thru thick and thin, but then leaves him on the drop of a head by finding out an infidelity that wasn’t truly one, since they were not together. Neither one give each other the time or the respect to hear each other out. The only thing they do is assuming from gossip and making a decision based on that.

    I am tempted to watch another Turkish series that is on Netflix, however I think I need a big break from this 🙂

    Maybe there will be a second series? Then again, they would dramatize it out so much again that I think I would be bored with it. I think their ending could have been better instead of this wondering if she did show up or not. Its a movie, so hey nothing is lost, but as viewers you do wish to know for sure.

    • Hi Yvonne,

      I suggest you to watch Turkish drama Winter Sun (Kis Gunesi) that portrays a love story in today’s world. Lovebird (Calikusu) takes part during 1900s, therefore, there are more traditions, customs, superiority of men etc.

    • Thank you Yvonne, for your assessment..I only watched 45 minutes of LoveBird and it feels more like cartoon characters than the deep complicated characters I saw in other turk tv shows. Behzat Ç has very complex multilevel men and women, and by that I mean, they are good and bad, each of them, at the same time (and I watched the whole series 3X and I will again). I don’t like watching one good character playing opposite to one bad one (which I call a cartoon and is typical of American tv which is boring and predictable). What I love about turkish tv is the depth of inner conflict in each character. I agree with Zahra that Winter Sun is a good one. Intersection (Kördügüm ) has strong females that have interesting contrasts. I just watched Ezel which had a female lead that was so wicked and didn’t show a good side so I didn’t like the simplicity of it and had to take a break for several months. Karadayi has a very strong female judge but there is no ending plus the psycopath guy was hard to watch, he was so sinister; voice, gestures and all, (but the music is great). I watched Gonul, best show to show psychopathy and the depth of the writer was awesome! The women were very interesting in Gonul, showing contrast of strength even in light of amnesia of the female lead. The only show besides Ezel and this one (Lovebird) that I won’t go back to is Subat because the leading lady is so whiny and pathetic, and I wanted to scream listening to her scream Subat a million times and also the ending was a rush job and not good (but the music and narration were awesome I have to say). It is very frustrating to not have endings for some shows because of how they market to netflix. Kaçak was a great show I have watched twice even though I had to go find the ending on youtube with no subtitles and had to guess how it turned out.

  31. There is no season 2. Just the 72 episodes. Show was cancelled, unfortunately.

  32. Introduction

    So, it took me a very long time to get through this series. For some reason or another, I dragged through episodes 57-72. Nonetheless, I’d like to comment on what was a wonderfully shot Turkish Drama series.

    Now, I’ll be honest that at first, I did not want to watch this series because the lead actress played Murvette in Seyit and Sura, but I gave in and soon forgot the opportunistic Mushka.

    The Love Birds

    Feride Hanim is a static character, and I rarely see her act out of character. She is too trusting of Azelya and too Naive to plots and traps laid by Selim and Neriman. Time and time again she hands her fate over to others by physically placing herself in the presence of those who wish to do her and/or Kamran harm. The visit to Neriman’s bedside when it was known that she could make a complaint against him was utterly ridiculous. Forgive me if I am not remembering correctly if she knew that Neriman could make a malpractice complaint or not, but why on earth would you place yourself in a position to be guilted or manipulated even further from the manipulation of breaking up with Kamran for Neriman’s child’s sake.

    Kamran Bey is dynamic in that he starts out as a character who is ok with hiding the truth. In the beginning, he hid his undying love for Feride and at the series end, he has learnt to hide the truth about his betrayal with Azelya. He is static in the end because he believed Feride when she said she was to marry Murat Bey. He still has not learned from the past that not everything can be taken for what is said or seen. And this is in the last three episodes of the series. What a huge disappointment!?!

    Love Rivals & Hinderers

    Speaking of Murat….he was a great catch and a man of great integrity as he did not manipulate Kamran’s complaint situation to win Feride by default. I hope Murat and Necimye find love. However, I’m not too sure how Necimye will feel raising a stepdaughter that wished Feride was her mother. Poor Necimye. Evil Necmiye. Redeemed Necmiye. Now, Necmiye is a truly dynamic character. She has a great backstory of having the orphaned cousin steal her spotlight as the only princess in the house. Then the obsession with Selim took her on a dangerous roller coaster that she survived. What a mark of fortitude and commitment to be happy on your own terms and out of the shadow of childhood pangs. Unfortunately, Feride’s shadow followed her to her marriage with Selim who was a monster in the end. Selim could have turned his life around, but as much as Necimye was obsessed with him, he was obsessed with Feride just as much. So much that he’d poison her to get her dependent upon him and scared that she turns to the only one who could help her supposedly…Dr. Selim. His dad or slave buying father figure was horrendous. Selim really missed his opportunity of redemption when he didn’t follow through with he plan to help the Turkish ‘lost boys’ that his so called Papa led astray. Necmiye was ready to help him and he just couldn’t rise to the occasion. What a waste of time, space, energy, breath…

    Azelya is a static character. Many of you will disagree because she apologizes to Kamran for believing her sisters lies and punishing him for it. However, Azelya believes in justice. Everything she did was for the ultimate goal of justice being executed in an effort to aveng her sister’s supposed (fake) long suffering of Kamran’s unkept promises of marriage. She was going to accomplish this by exposing what she believed to be the truth if Kamran fathering Neriman’s baby and with Kamran’s actual affair with herself. She had only two lies that she did not wish Seyfettin/Besime’s child(ren) harm and that she did not have an affair with Kamran in an attempt to atone for the wrong she did towards Kamran, but she seemed to have slipped the beans on purpose because she inherently must be honest about any injustices towards women.

    Neriman the Hag.

    I have nothing to say but you knew this little boy was surprised that it was you asking for a date and you knew he wasn’t writing to you. You are a desperate and disloyal friend to Besime for luring Kamran in. You are disgusting for trying to get Selim to rape Feride. Neriman be happy with what you have, a beautiful baby who loves you because they don’t know any better…..just yet.


    It was a rocky road for Yusuf and Kamran, but they made it through when Yusuf gave up his attachment to Feride and began to see Mushgan differently. Why didn’t anyone believe Mushgan about her assessment of Azelya’s suspicious interest and intention towards the family. Mushgan was too good for any of them, but I’m happy she found love with Yusuf. They seem to be happy.

    The Parents

    If Kamran and Necmiye’s Mom, Besime Hanim, cried hysterically one more time in any episode of 69-72, I promised that I would cancel my Netflix subscription. Ok, we got it. You are a bad mother and just now realizing that you are a bad mother who sits in the house and yells and does not pay enough attention your own daughter that she became so desperate after being raised by servants that she’d marry a man who hated her guts. We get that you are just now realizing that you don’t obey your husband on his good point s that you bring your family ruin by introducing unsavory characters like Neriman Hanim into your family’s inner circle. We got it, ok. We do not need to see your eye pop, because you are just now getting this. Get control of your house. Tell your servants to keep their mouths closed. They are telling all your family’s business, putting you in deeper trouble.

    Seyfettin Bey…I have no words. You divorced your wife for Neriman Hanim’s word. Something tells me that you wish the singer was your second wife and so the idea to make Neriman your bride to cover your son was a test run for Besime. Also, you banged your daughter’s head against a wall. Well, if you weren’t so busy licking behind someone else’s daughters boots then your daughter would not have compromised herself because she’d have a standard for her dignity to protect.

    Closing Remarks

    I’m sorry, but I’m confused on who the mansion belongs to. Was it Feride’s, as it appears that it was her inheritance from her father, but somehow it felt like Seyfettin and Besime’s first. Hmm…confusing. I’ll assume it was Feride’s as the series shows latterly. Is everyone sucking up to Feride because she is the little naive heiress to keep her happy or less attached to the mansion and more attached to the people living in the mansion. That would explain why they were so keen on her marryin Kamran, as the rights to the mansion would revert to him in Muslim law, no? And although I’m an American Southerner, the whole cousin love thing is a bit much for crossing over to the American market. I get it. It’s a cultural hunk and normalized in other religions and countries, but I hope that the market for Turkish film and tv expands because of the talented individuals who work so hard on their craft. The subtitles could have changed the relationship from neice/cousin to goddaughter/god cousin so the Turkish drama is not limited or shunned by certain audiences.

    • Hi,

      They just want Feride and Kamran to be happy. It is not related to inheritance. Feride is an orphan child and that’s why, family tries to take care of her better than other.

      In the past, it was so common to see marriages between cousins. The girl’s parents become more comfortable if their daughter gets married to someone whom they know their family closely. If the girl is married to her cousin, she can become more comfortable in her new life. It was also so common in the past that newly married couple lives together with groom’s family. Thus, if the girl gets married to her cousin, she can become more comfortable living with her relatives.

  33. thank you for that input. I did not know there was another series. Neither did I know that in Turkish tradition orphans are treated better then their own children. Overall these kind of series show and teach you a lot about the culture and that is always enlightening to me, regardless whether I agree with it or would want to live that way..
    Thanks again, will check on Youtube

  34. well, this series is an adaptation of a novel called wren. and it’s dropped because of low ratings. people don’t like the story ruined by writers. in novel, and in turkish tradition, family treats an orphan child better than the others. because she lost both her mom and dad, she was spoiled by her granny and aunts. and in the real story, there were no things like selim, having affairs etc. there is also miniseries of the novel made in 1986 so you may watch on youtube and see how the story actually goes on.

  35. Elenita Jaramillo

    Does anybody know when season 2 is going to be on netflix?
    Thank you

  36. Yvonne van Eijk

    Well I am only on episode 26 and these series, like Seyit and Sura get you sucked into a love story that truly is filled with intrigue and one sees how pride and stubborness can never hold a relationship together period. Be it love or friendship.

    I have to kindly disagree with Dina tthat this series has a positive impact on the west due to our tensions with Muslim regions. Though I love the series, there are so many intense conflicts that are just wrong.

    Though Lovebirds, uncle is shown predominately as a soft kind man, and understanding, he is NOT toward his own flesh and blood daughter. Neither is Besime, the mother, and Kamran. They all act atrociously WRONG toward Necimiye. The girl made some huge mistakes, however to treat your daughter with such disdain and dislike is crazy. She was beaten by her own father, her hanged banged against the wall cause she was thought to have been with the awful Selim. No one tried to even find out what really happened, he just walked in and bashed her head. The only one who tried to came to her rescue is Lovebird. But her own mother did not even try, neither did her brother. In Muslim culture it is ok to hit, beat and shame a woman who has overstepped their cultural boundaries.

    That same nite that Necimiye got beat up by her own father, Kamran goes to his lover, a widow, whom he is not married to, but has sex with and that is somehow ok?? Ok by his father, who doesn’t like it, but it is ok. Really the hypocrisy is sad and painful.

    Lovebird, I love her, yet within this whole dysfunctional family she clearly gets the better treatment by EVERYONE and then its not wonder that Necimiye feels left out, unloved, unwanted. Even on the nite that Kamran and Lovebird return from their aunt, and her uncle knows about the ‘so called’ marriage to Selim. He now is suddenly kind, understanding, sats her down at the dinner table, and asks actually what went on? Necimiye never got that privilege. Her head was bashed in, lip busted and everyone in that whole household thought that was ok. If they had followed their cultural rules, Lovebird would not have gotten that kind of treatment at the table. I am thankful her head wasn’t bashed against the wall, but it was a very unfair treatment. And for Kamrann to be so dark and cold, and never giving his sister a loving understanding, and completely ignoring her is just as wrong as chairming as he may be.

    In many ways, this series shows the huge differences of culture, I respect them for them, but I could not live that way, nor is it right to treat women that way, no matter what wrong they may have done.

    I don’t know about all who watch these series, the treatment of women is still confusing, and downright sad. I have no respect for the “kind” aunt, who treats Lovebird better then her own daughter and gives her more privileges as she also does with her son. So does the father, its a pretty dysfunctional ordeal.

    Both Kamran and Lovebird are super naive. Kamran has played around with Lovebirds feelings a lot, yes he loves her deeply, but he toyed with her. Maybe it is cultural too to be so sweet and coy and then act like nothing has happened. Sometimes Lovebird is mature, and then she goes back into her naive manipulation and pride. Their whole communication ( and I think a lot gets lost here in translation) gets stuck in their stubbornness and unwillingness to really “talk”

    After all this is a movie, and not real life, however these kind of communications go on in real life a lot like that. And no wonder then that love never truly blossoms.

    These drama’s, like Seyit and Sura have a beauty, and yet indeed a deep sadness that culture can screw up true love so badly.

  37. It seems in Turkish soap operas lovers never end up together. There is all this love, missing each other, misunderstandings and in the end
    it is all for nothing.

  38. In this time of so much controversy about muslim religion and what is going on in the middle east and USA, I think this TV show is really refreshing and tell us a lot about the sensibility and love in that region of the world. Probably the authors and actors have not realized the positive deep impact they have done in the world with this show. Another aspect is the quality of the actors, excellent. And the scenery, photography, music, etc. all put together made a wonderful film. I would like to see more of them.

  39. I’ve just seen this on Netflix, and there was so much to love, but the ending really really really sucks! I don’t understand why Feride runs off without even giving Kamran the chance to explain or defend himself, without even getting a real explanation from Azelya either. And furthermore, the “infidelity” is only 1 night, after Feride has told Kamran to get lost. I’m sorry, but if you give your lover the boot, you’ve lost the right to control their life afterwards. I think Feride is hasty, impulsive, unfair, and fundamentally unwilling to trust. And I don’t understand why you would take a stranger’s word over someone you’ve known your whole life. And, she doesn’t even bother to talk to her parents. It’s so rushed, I felt that the ending spoiled everything in the series. I also don’t understand why she has to leave Istanbul to be a teacher. Are no teachers needed in the city?

  40. you have to finish the novel.make a secound season. we want to see them togather

  41. can you tell me please if there second season? I already finished the first season and I’m anxious for to know if there finished the serie in the episode 72 or there have more ?

  42. I too would love to purchase this series on DVDs that play I the United States. Excellent series. I loved it!!

  43. I would like to be able to purchase the series on DVDs that play in the United States. Love, love,love this series.

  44. Where can i watch it with english subtitles

  45. please is there a second season of çalikusu

  46. Is there a season 3? Or the series ended with season 2?

    • can you tell me please if there second season? I already finished the first season and I’m anxious for to know if there finished the serie in the episode 72 or there have more !?

  47. Im been wanting to watch this for the longest time1 Anyone can tell where i watch for free or i dont mind paying to watch too haha

  48. I have been trying to find a place to watch this with English subtitles and cant find it anywhere! Viki not only didnt finish it but now they are all unavalible. Does anyone know how to see it?

  49. Shame they won’t continue this great and well performed series next season. It was truly a great story, well acted by all its cast but particularly by Feride and Kamran who were superb throughout. The costumes and production was also of great quality.

    • I agree, such a beautiful series, heroes… I wish I could watch it on TV channel…as well as Magnificent century.

      • So agree! Pray it isn’t due to politics! It gives us a nice understanding of historical Turkey and Ottoman/Islamic culture and life in that era.

  50. how many episode are in calikusu and how many season that drama has

    • There are 72 episodes, and I believe that is the end of the story. I could tell because of the way it ended. I wanted to see them together again, but the ending hinted that they DID get back together.

  51. Hey all, does anyone know how many episodes has this movie? How many should we expect?

    • hey, im sorry to say but it will stop and the 30th episode will be the last episode of this series. i am really upset that they are going to stop it because it is a really nice show.

  52. im a big fan of that sort of series.

  53. hey i watched the first 7 episodes in english subs this is the website but than they stopped subbing so I started to watch it with arab sub titles.

  54. This is an amazing series, everything from the quality of the production, to the script, to the exceptional performances. I urge anyone who hasn’t checked this show out to do so. You’ll absolutely fall in love with Kamran and Feride.

  55. great series, and all of them are acting very well i am enjoying it very much

    • Hello, can you tell me how can I watch the episodes on this site…>?????I do not know where I can find the episodes to watch them
      thank you

  56. abi ya çali kuşu ya

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